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Date: April 18,2014

To: Edmimdson P.D. —Sergeants and I^trolmen
Subject; Traffic tickets

In the past several weeks, the Board and I have noticed a marked downturn

in traffic and other tickets being written by your department. It is correct thatwe
l^ve no quotas ajwl want only "good tickets" written. However, we do have a
record ofyour pastperformance to compare"to your current performance and the
picture tliat I seeis a verydisappoindo^ one.
I wish to tak«f this opportunityto remind you that tiie tickets that you write
do add to the revenueon which the P. D. budget is established and will directly

affect payadjustments at biK^et time.
It is andhas always been the desire ofmyselfandthe Boardto provide a
safe and pleasantwori^ place with good compensation and benefits for everyone.
However, ourabili^ to continue doingthis is being compromised by your work
slow down. I realize that your woik production records are directly affectedby
many ext^uating circumstances and those factors are alwaysaccouiUed for as
your work records are reviewed by myself and human resources.

As bud;get time^proacfaes, pleasemake a selfevaluation ofyour work
habits andmotivations, ^en makethechanges that youseethatwill be f^ to
yourselfand the city.
Thank you

•'"i ,0



Mayor John Gwaltney