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Unisky Technology is one of the first globally competitive technology companies to emerge from West

Africa and penetrate the global information technology (IT) market.

Our company will act as a vehicle for promoting technology as a tool for development in a global
society where knowledge is the currency of exchange
The Unisky Technology and Hardware Ltd model is a unique adaptation of the now well-known ASP
model. Our on-the-ground knowledge and ability to tailor solutions to our market makes Unisky
Technology and Hardware Ltd a leader in eGovernment, eEducation, and eHealthcare solutions across
Africa and other emerging markets.
Unisky Technology and Hardware Ltd is successfully implementing a new paradigm that is based upon
world-class, cutting-edge applications development and delivery. Its software as service business
focuses on:
Financial Intermediation
Consumer Aggregation
Application Service Provision

Unisky Technology and Hardware Ltd Limited is an Application Service Provider (ASP). Our model
provides institutions with quick and easy access to mission-critical applications, and removes the need
for these institutions to bear directly the total cost of ownership of business applications and/or the need
to engage in expensive ICT infrastructure acquisition.
The ASP model is a highly innovative, realistic and economically sound approach, specifically tailored
to the challenges presented by developing markets. The Unisky Technology and Hardware Ltd business
model is a bold commercial initiative; we do not simply offer solutions, we create new markets by
leveraging the benefits of network economies and the economic advantages of rapid, frictionless,
information flow.

Zero Cost/Vendor Financing Model

Unisky Technology and Hardware Ltd provides a service in which our projects are completely vendor
financed, with investments recoverable on a subscription (or pay as you use) basis.

This model means that, unlike in the traditional software industry, our clients do not pay any upfront
fees for the solutions we provide. Rather, the cost of the solution is borne by the users of our clients
products, spreading recovery costs over a long period of time and a large number of users. This is an
innovative and valuable model for developing countries, which typically have limited ICT budgets and
extensive ICT needs.

Public - Private - Partnership (PPP)

One of Unisky Technology and Hardware Ltds key focuses is Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP), an
increasingly utilized model that fuses government social responsibility with private business acumen
and discipline.

Our objective in this space is to provide effective software solutions based on proven global
technologies, allowing a cost-effective manner for the developing countries to enjoy the same
efficiencies obtained in developed industrial economies.

Social Responsibility
Unisky Technology and Hardware Ltd is proud of our deep sense of social responsibility, and is
motivated by an awareness of the context in which our Company operates. Our Company was founded
out of a commitment to improve the lives of people in developing countries, and our business plan is
informed by the kind of social responsibility required to expeditiously move these countries into the
digital age.

The heart of our social commitment and our main business objective are one and the same: to provide
effective software solutions to the developing world. Unisky Technology and Hardware Ltd not only
provides software which aids in development, it further commits to social entrepreneurship by giving
back to educational client institutions a percentage of its revenues for use as funds, grants, or

Strategic Partnerships
The list below highlights some of Unisky Technology and Hardware Ltds current partners and the
nature of our partnerships:

Google (Transaction Processing)

Google currently provides the transactions processing facility for Unisky Technology and Hardware
Ltd projects.
International Finance Corporation (IFC)
The IFC is a long-standing partner of Unisky Technology and Hardware Ltd, and assists in the areas of
business development and project financing.
L1 (Identity Management)
Unisky Technology and Hardware Ltd and L1 have agreed to a co-marketing Master Service

Agreement for Identity Management Solutions projects.

Unisky Technology and Hardware Ltd is at the forefront of using technology to bridge the digital
divide between developing economies and the developed world. We continue to grow our services and
along the way create new career opportunities for talented individuals from across the world. We hire
people who have a passion and commitment to excellence. We are always seeking great people to join
our Company on its quest to become the number one brand out of Africa.
At Unisky Technology and Hardware Ltd we ask the big question Are you committed? Unisky
Technology and Hardware Ltd employees are united by their passion for work and our mission to bring
Africa and the rest of the emerging economies into the information age. Even on an ordinary day at
Unisky Technology and Hardware Ltd, you are part of an extraordinary mission to change the way
Africans and people all over developing countries live their lives. This drive is what we are looking for
in our people.

We invite you to explore career opportunities available in our company.