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Aniver Diaz-Maysonet

Assignment I
Technology, internet and social media: Its impact on the Human Resources
Administration process

I chose to study Labor Relations because it has always been interesting to me

the relationship and dynamics within companies, and of course I wanted to have a
closer perspective from the workforce side. Now I am pursuing a masters degree in
Human Resources, which studies that same relationship, but from a different point
of view. I myself as an employee in different industries and having experienced the
job hunting process. I also find it interesting that the search for a job or for a
candidate, in essence is the same which is to find the fittest candidate for the specific
position, or to find the job that better fits my skills and knowledge. But the approach
and the processes have changed. Handing out copies of your resume is something
almost nonexistent, the good old face to face interview most of the time is the
shortest and the last step in the recruiting/hiring process. There is a plethora of
candidate-search tools available for recruiters and job seekers as well: computerbased tests, on line screenings, video interviews, job matching questionnaires,
automated voice interviews and job boards to mention a few. I believe it has sped up
the process, but is it better? Does it really help to bring the best human capital to the

companies? Is it effective and also efficient? Those are some of the questions that I
will attempt to answer with this research.
There are different areas of human resources, with different processes, this
research tries to answer how information technologies can facilitate and have
affected these processes. As common practice, the Department of Human Resources
of a company has various responsibilities, such as recruitment and selection,
education and training, performance evaluation and consultancy, among many more.
With regard to education and training, emphasis is placed on the need to create
individualized training or courses for each employee of the company, since each one
has specific needs that we must try to meet. Technologies can help the Human
Resources Department to make decisions. There are several systems that can help
fast and up-to-date information from various aspects. With regard to recruitment and
selection, information technologies have helped to streamline and to spread the
process. It is now easier to have valuable information in a shorter
time. Information technologies have revolutionized one of the most important
departments of a company. We should also take into consideration the role of social
media in the head hunting process, since many companies are surfing the internet in
the search of the next star employee

I intend to complete this research with using the available information on the
internet, books and databases.

Keywords and terms: Human Resources, information technology, talent acquisition,

training and development, social media, recruiting and selection

1. Will traditional HR processes be substituted by technology? As it has happened in other

segments of companies, the HR Department will disappear and all processes will be completed
2. Is the HR processes are replaced by technology, will this reduce the administrative burden?
HR processes being replaced by technology will reduce the administrative burden.
3. Do this technology in the HR processes field help the employees as well as the company?
Technology in the HR Department will only help the company, not the employees.
4. If the HR department implements an all or almost all recruiting and selecting process
electronically (over the internet), will it attract a better array of candidates? If the recruiting and
selecting processes are done in its entirety electronically, it will attract the better choices of
candidates that are up to date with technology.

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