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“Curriculum Vitae “

Name: Mariano Hernan Gatica Gómez.

Age : 37

Born in : CHILE.

Nationality : Chilean.

Marital Status : Single.

Studies: Formed in Universal History at the

“University Maritima of Chile”, plus 3 years of Law Studies at
the “Adolfo Ibañez University” and 3 years of Architecture Studies at
the “Viña del Mar University”.

Languages: Spanish (Native tongue), English(Fluent speaking and

writting ) , Portuguese.


I ´m the third generation in the Pure breed Dog´s Sport.My

grandfather used to practice Hunting with his sporting dogs on his
native Spain (Irish Setters, Pointers, English Cocker Spaniels).
My Mother had always English cockers and Labrador Retrievers at
home, and I grew up between them since I was born.
Our kennel name, EASTMAN´S had bred more than 130 Champions
Worldwide in several breeds.
Since I was a kid, I remember been at dog shows for the weekends, but
I didn´t start showing dogs until I was 16 at a Labrador specialty
where we won Best Male and Best bitch, so our Handler didn´t have an
extra hand to take the bitch in for Best of Breed, so I was forced to
show her.
After that I started to get more and more involve on showing dogs,
and later, when I started to develope my handling skills, I started to
show for friends and then clients .
We finish over 30 Labradors Retrievers in Chile, plus the first chilean
born Labrador to become American Champion, and one Japanese
Champion, 4 Argentinian champions, 4 Paraguayan Champions, 3
Uruguayan Champions, Multiple Speacialty Winners and Group
winners on Several countries.
By 1996 I started to develope some interest in Terriers, and I bought
my first Show qualtiy Scottish terrier the same year.
I was very lucky to get a very good
specimen, so I won several BIS and
Groups with my dog on a very
“basic” trimming and grooming as
nobody tough me how to do it
properly, and there was no way to
learn the technyques on my country
at the time.
I decide to improve my handling
and trimming skills , so I went to
Los Angeles , California to work
and learn with Gabriel Rangel
during the weeks while I was living
there for 3 month during the
Holidays that I had at the
University while I was studing.
I came back home with a Top
Scottish terrier who was BIS winner in the US and was retired from
showing at the time.I lease the dog for a year, and I make him
champion in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Peru , plus Number 1
Terrier in the Country and number 6 All Breeds that year.
I went back to the US to return the dog, and I stayed 3 more months
there working for Mr. Larry Cornelius & Mr. Davin Mc Ateer in
Florida. At the time they were a very successful couple of All Breeds
Handlers , but they also
showed a good amount of
Top terriers , so my time
there was very productive.I
did great contacts and I meet
some top breeders in the US.
The next year I was focus one
learn more about Sealyhams
and Kerry Blue Terriers, so I
went to Philadelphia to work
and learn from Mrs Margery
Good, one of the most well
known Sealyham breeders in the country , and well known Terrier
handler as well .I stayed there for 3 months and I got the chance to
purchase my first Sealyham terriers from Canada.
The following year I went to work with Mrs Tracy Tzaras & Mr Lance
Deloria, today well known by their “Delzar Lakeland Terriers”
winners of the BIS at Montgomery County 2004.With them I improved
my trimming skills on Wire fox Terriers, Airedale Terriers, Lakeland
terriers, Soft Coated Wheaten terriers, Welsh terriers, Smooth fox
Terriers and some other breeds .
I must confess one of the biggest proffits of being working in the US for
a while it the people that you had meet, and the contacts that you had
made.That opens to you a whole new World and helps you in the
future giving you the chance to purchase and buy some very good dogs
from Top kennels as they had meet you before and know the kind of
work that you do.Also, you meet on a daily basis a good number of
Judges from all over the country , and that gives you the chance to
know what they normally look for on a specific breed , or how they like
you to show under them.
While I was living in the US , I started to be in touch with a good
friend of mine who was Top handler in Brazil at that moment, and he
invited me to work in partnership with him in Brazil .I didn´t think
twice and we meet and did the final arrangements at the World show
in Oporto, Portugal.After that I went back to the US and then to work
in Brazil.
We worked togethere very successfuly, handling a good amount of Top
dogs for clients from Brazil, USA,latin America and Europe.
Been there I handle my
Norwich terrier dog to number
7 All Breeds, and we put over
15 Best In Shows wins and 60
Groups first during his show
career in Brazil.
I stayed there for almost 2
years and then I returned
back to Chile to work here on
my family bussiness .
In the mean while I had being
showing my own dogs in latin
America, US,Asia and Europe.
Every year I try to go to
Montgomery County wich is
the biggest Terrier Specialty in
the US .
At least once a year to europe to see and participate at some big shows
like the Eurodog Show, or championship show in the UK.
On 2005 I went to Cruft with my
Norwich Terrier dog and got Reserve
Ticket at the competitive Open Class,
been beat just by the Best of Breed dog
who was on the same class.
We also won the BIS at the Norwich
terrier Club Annual Show in Sweden,
and we were Number one Norwich of
the year on 2005.
Also won the breed at the Eurodog
Show in Barcelona 2005, and multiple
group winner in Spain, Portugal and
Gibraltar the same year.
I had breed or own over 100 terriers
Champions in countries such
Sweden(1), Spain(2), Gibraltar(2),
Portugal (1), France (2),USA(15 homebreds , including winners at
Specialties and Group Winners),Canada(1),Mexico(3), Cuba (1), Costa
Rica (2), Colombia(5), Venezuela(3), Ecuador (3),
Peru(5),Paraguay(6),Uruguay(7), Argentina (9), Brazil(2), Japan (1),
Corea(1), Thailand(2) and of course Chile (45) where I don´t show as
much my dogs(I preffer to focus on the international shows in the
US,Europe and Asia.)They had reached the highest awards like Best in
Shows, Best in Specialty Shows (including the US) and multiple group
wins all over the World.
Handling dogs I had the chance to show and win in countries like
:USA,Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela,Ecuador, Brazil, Peru,
Paraguay, Argentina,Uruguay,Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal, France,
Holland,Sweden,Denmark ,Finland,Italy,India, Thailand, Singapore
and The UK.
I have done grooming
and trimming Seminars
about “How to groom
and condition a Terrier
for Show” in several
countries as: Venezuela
(invited by the “Merida
Terrier Club”),
Colombia (invited by the
“Medellin kennel
Club”)Ecuador,and I
have invitations from Japan, Thailiand,Singapore and Corea for 2010
As breeder I have been invited to participate with my Articles about
Scottish terriers and terriers Breeds by:
-The Scottish Terrier Club of America, with my article “The South
American Show Scene”Printed by “The Bagpiper”, Scottish terrier
Club magazine 2004, giving a view of our shows and the bloodlines we
work with.
-“THE WORLD TERRIER BOOK 2006” on their very First edition,
printed in Italy by “24 Carats Multimedia & Publishing” by Marina
Guidetti & Marco Vignato.”Terriers in South America” does a
comparison and shows a view of the different show Scenes around the
World compared to our Local ones, plus some highlights of our South
American Top Terriers winning abroad
-“La Revista del Perro”(The Dog´s Magazine) of Spain,edited by
Carlos Salas & Ana Mesto. “Type in short Legged terriers”where I
explain differences between them and the Long legged ones.
BREED MAGAZINE in CHILE, article published on 2008.
CHILE, on 2009.

As a handler I had shown or work successfully breeds like:English

Cocker Spaniels, Springer Spaniesl, American Cocker Spaniels,
Labrador retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Pugs, Brussels
Griphons,Pekignese,Lhasa Apsos,Afghan Hounds (I had bred 7
Champions),Salukis(I own 2 of them, and I had finish 3 for
friends),Whippets,Shetland Sheep dogs, Schipperkes, Bearded Collies,
Rough collies,Boxers,Dobermanns,Giant Schnauzers, miniature
Schnauzers,Great danes,NewFoundlands, Shar-peis (I had bred 4
champions),Airedale terriers, Welsh terriers, Lakeland Terriers,
Kerry Blue Terriers, Soft Coated Wheaten terriers,Bedlington
Terriers, Border terriers, Norfolk Terriers, Norwich terriers (bred a
couple of them as we just start with the breed, but my male dog Holds
the world record as the most titled Norwich terrier in the Breed
History with over 25 championship titles around the world to his
credit)Sealyham Terriers(I have bred BIS winners in this
breed)Scottish terriers, Staffordshire Bull terriers (on 2004 I showed
the World record and top winning Staffy all times, and I finish him in
the US (Montgomery weekend), Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay,
Paraguay and won his first CC´s in the UK), Yorkshire Terriers, Skye
Terriers, Mini Bull terriers, Cairn Terriers, Wire & Smooth fox
terriers(I had the pleasure to show and work with
BIS.BISS.Am.Braz.Ur.Jap.Intl.Ch.Santeric Y to K at Kathrich
(Ricky)top winner in the US, and Number One Terrier in Japan on
2005.)West Highland terriers, Irish terriers, Dachsunds Standard
Wire and Smooth,Basenjis ,Pomeranians,Siberians Beagles(I had bred
4 champions)Rhodesian ridge Backs, Setters (Irish & English), English


-I love all kind of dogs , but I must confess terriers are my

passion.They are so much fun to live with , and nothingh compares to a
Well conditioned dog with the right Terrier Spirit! No wonder why
they are such a big winners all over the Dog World history(terriers had
won the BIS at Westminster and Cruft more times than any other
breeds).That is a fact!Terriers are like a Religion, and you must spend
part of your time working on them to reach the best results.
-I like to travel (with or with out dogs) and see different places and dog
Show Scenes.Travel gives you a more “Global View” of the Dog World,
and helps you open your mind about where good dogs and breeders
are.Not all the Best breeders are located in America or Europe based
on my travelling experience.There are good ones everywhere, and you
won´t be able to meet them if you don´t travel away from the places
that you normaly visit.
-Day by day the Global net allowed us to exchange and import dogs
from abroad to improve what we have.It is the key to succeed have
right contacts and know the right people to bring the best dogs into
our breeding program.Conections and cooperation between breeders
Wordwide are today more important that they ever were.

-SCOTTISH TERRIER Breed Seminar by Mr.Fred Stephens(Glenby)

on 2000, in conjunction with Scottish Terriers Specialties.
-PUGS Breed Seminar by Mrs Charlotte Petterson (Ivanwoold Pugs)
at the Raleigh Circuit 2001.
JUDGES held in Montevideo , Uruguay,on 2004.


I was named and recognized judge for the Scottish Terrier Breed by
the Chilean Kennel Club on 2008.
Recognized as a Scottish Terrier Judge by FCI(Federation
Cynologique Internationale , based on Belgium) at the beginning of
On 2009 I also gave and approve exhams for Yorkshire terriers.
On 2010 I approve the exhams for Cairn Terriers as well.
Now I´m recognized by the Chilean Kennel Club as a TERRIER
GROUP judge (all terrier breeds recognice by FCI) since 2010.

If you have questions or any doubts please feel free to contact me at
Or Phone me at : 00+56+986 336 12


Mr. Mariano H.Gatica Gómez.