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Creative Problem Solving Training Outline
Module 1 : Getting Started
 Training Objectives
 Ground Rules

Module 7 : Generating Solutions, Part Two

 The Morphological Matrix
 The six Thinking Hats
 The Blink Method

Module 2 : Problem Solving Method

 What is a Problem?
 What is Creative Problem Solving?
 Steps in the Creative Problem Solving Process

Module 8 : Analyzing Situations

 Developing Criteria
 Analyzing Wants and Needs
 Using Cost/Benefit Analysis

Module 3 : Information Gathering

 Understanding Types of Information
 Identifying Key Questions
 Methods of Gathering Information

Module 9 : Selecting a Solution

 Doing a Final Analysis
 Paired Comparison Analysis
 Analyzing Potential Problems

Module 4 : Problem Definition

 Defining the Problem
 Defining Present State the Desired State
 Stating, Restating and Analyzing the Problem

Module 10 : Planning Your Next Steps

 Identifying Tasks
 Identifying Resources
 Implementing, Evaluating, and Adapting

Module 5 : Preparing for Brainstorming

 Identifying Mental Blocks
 Removing Mental Blocks
 Stimulating Creativity

Module 11 : Recording Lessons Learned

 Planning the Follow-Up Meeting
 Celebrating Successes Identifying

Module 6 : Generating Solutions, Part One

 Brainstorming Basics
 Brainwriting and Mind Mapping
 Duncker Diagrams

Module 12 : Wrapping Up
 Lessons Learned
 Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations


Training Details
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1 day
Live / In-person

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Creative Problem Solving Training Outline

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Expert ise
We have technical and domain experts with 10-20+ years of
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delivery style based on attendees' experience and aspirations
and keep them engaged through creative ways.

Customizatio n
We don't believe in cookie cutter approach and understand that
each client's needs are unique. We work with you to customize
our curriculum and training materials so that participants have
the best learning experience.

Post T raining Support

We offer up to 4 hours of support for attendees post training
sessions. This is to help them clarify doubts/question as they
start applying their newly acquired skills on projects and need
expert opinion.

Training Effect iveness Evaluation

We offer the option of conducting pre and post training
assessments using our growing question bank. This helps us
measure learning progression of individual attendees and overall
training impact.

Our Training Services

- Delivery of customized training programs to meet your organizations specific learning objectives; we offer
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- Development of training curriculum / program for new and experienced employees
- Measuring training effectiveness
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Creative Problem Solving Training Outline

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