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ASSURE Model Instructional Plan

Ms. Horne
Third Grade
50 minute lesson
Analyze Learners
-15 students
-7 Males/8 Females
-Family Background: Middle Class
-Ethnicity: Caucasian, African American
To establish the students prior knowledge, I will have them line up around the room, by
order of: boy, girl, boy, girl, etc. After the students have done that, I will explain to them that
what they just created out of themselves was a pattern. The pattern of: boy, girl, boy, girl,
-Different learning styles in the classroom include:
State Objectives
NC Standard Course of Study Objective:
(Third grade math)
Competency Goal 5: The learner will recognize, determine, and represent patterns
and simple mathematical relationships.
Objective 5.02: Extend and find missing terms of repeating and growing patterns.
The learner will be able to recognize, determine, and represent patterns and simple
mathematical relationships by extending and finding missing terms of repeating and growing
patterns by using the fruit loops as a guide.
Select Methods, Media, , and Materials
-The Smart Board will be utilized by showing the students examples of different types of
-Plastic zip log bags and fruit loops cereal will be used as the materials for an activity the
students will participate in.
-A patterns worksheet will be provided for the students to assess their knowledge of
patterns after participating in the activity.

Utilize Media, Materials, and Methods

The smart board will be utilized during the lesson by showing different examples of patterns.
I will demonstrate examples of other patterns for the students. I will show them patterns that
I come up with using numbers and shapes. I will give several examples of how to finish a
pattern or how to fill in the missing pieces of a particular pattern.
Require Learner Participation
I will allow the students to work in groups of two. Each group will be given a bag that
contains fruit loops. Each student will take turns starting a pattern. Each partner will have to
finish their partners pattern and/or fill in missing pieces of their partners pattern using the
fruit loops cereal. Each partner must create at least two different patterns for their partner to
finish or fill in missing terms for. After each partner is done they will be allowed to eat the
To assess each individual student, I will hand out a worksheet that involves filling in missing
pieces for patterns or finishing them. The worksheet will involve patterns with numbers,
colors, and shapes. Each student will be expected to complete the worksheet on their own
to turn in for a grade.
Evaluate & Revise
-Working in the cooperative groups will help students to learn the material by interacting
with other students. Using the fruit loops as a guide to create the patterns and finish them
will assist the tactile and visual learners by providing them with something to see and touch.
-The media used in the lesson provided the students with a visual of what different types of
patterns can look like.
-I will explain to the students that patterns are very important to mathematics. I will also tell
them that using the fruit loops is a great way to visualize a pattern and being able to create
their own pattern using them is a great way to show their understanding of patterns. I will
also ask for the students input on whether or not they liked doing that activity.