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USA National Astrology Dynamic Horoscope of the USA by http://lulu.



While predicting national issues is easy in perusing the real sky; superstition will remain
puzzled as devoid of any results but flattery. So it was prosperity for the nation on 9-11
for the USA.
9-11 offers an excellent example in predictability, with Moon in Orion 1 not just

anywhere in Orion, but precisely as reflecting the natal position (and star) of a known
terrorist: the horoscope not only predicts the fall of the twin Gemini 2 towers, but also

clearly points at the foe.

What happened? On 9-11 there was not a single trusted astrologer on the continent who
would usher timely predictions such as e.g. via social media. The USA much as the rest
of the world never adopted the lunar zodiac at all. And yet, said zodiac was online since
1972. The few much less than five in estimation western astrologers on the American
continent were probably offline for good at the time when the omens were copiously
posted. As concern Eris, we are speaking of terabytes over 5000 specialized
publications about the X-Zodiac solely. At the time, the Academic Zodiac divulged
through no less than 45000 publications. The online world was rather informed usually

Eris 0 altitude W in Cetus NYC

Osama Moon 1 Orionis = WTC 9-11.

Varuna and Jupiter in Gemini. Jupiter was of course not in Cancer as superstition wanted prosperity for the

years ahead as to the major stellar and thus terrestrial events of record. Thus, WTC fell
due to sheer superstition on the part of those who would perhaps fain to profess national
defense but offer nothing less than asinine stupidity for all.
As copiously over-published 3, the ascendant of the USA is Serpens Cauda. Alternatives

such as Ophiuchus and even Aquila have of course been taken into account. Let it be
noted that Scorpius and Sagittarius do not rise at east for the epoch at hand: in other
words, no one has a Scorpio or Sag ascendant at all those have been but nave
conjunctures by non-perceptive minds.


Already calling them errors is generously condescending those discrepancies being

mostly gigantic non-linear gaps between candid superstition and unpardonable real sky.
As e.g. concern Gemini ascendant said error is 90 degrees, thus #QuarterSky and can
thus not be called or tolerated as mere error. One degree may have been considered as
error within some dark and remote ages. In order to fail calculation by 90 degrees at or
epoch, one has to be determined as adamant in asinine stupidity.
Humanity never had a zodiac at all. The zodiac was invented through the seventies while
being published along with scientific record. Belief in 12 ascendants is of course mere
superstition nothing like that ever happened in the real skies at all. This superstition is
good enough for people who never registered the existence of any sky at all. The wanted
result is demoniac obsession, since the real sky ascendants are guardian angels but faux

ascendants are counter-demons. In other words, belief in 12 ascendants is demon worship.

Apart from common 7 sign shift, there are myriads of considerations that make
superstitious zodiacs not only useless but harmful in the human race, just as Jahveh in
strongly admonishing the Levites.

The alleged Gemini ascendant forms a fine example in human non-observance:
humanities were apparently disinterested in any skies at all for the past 5000 years or so.
Only rare initiates truly observed the horizon, perhaps through larger China or Egypt
Let it be noted that for the past 5000 years Gemini never rose at east. Nobody noticed.
Despite all scientific means at their disposal, even observatories sink into superstition:
such is the negative power of default mind.