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Profile of a G.A.N.G.

The position of a G.A.N.G. leader is one that requires spiritual authority, a
shepherding heart, leadership skills, and administrative abilities. The
effectiveness of a ministry will be dependent on the ability of the Youth
Leader to lead the young people.
An evaluation of the Youth Leader will be done monthly, or when necessary,
by the local G.A.N.G. Pastoral Team.
I. Leadership Qualities:
The G.A.N.G. Leader should strive to grow and develop in the following
Spiritual Life:
Spiritual Authority: Is god given and recognized by those the Youth
Leader leads and is essential to his/her leadership ability. It should be
maintained and cultivated.
Spiritual Disciplines: His/Her life should show evidence of consistent
devotional bible reading, prayer, and fasting.
Sound Doctrine: Know and adhere to the sound doctrines of our Victory
Outreach Statement of Faith. He/She should promote a well-balanced
biblical truth that will solidify our christian foundation.
Personal Life:

In developing a godly life, these are some of the qualities to be found and
exercised in a Youth Leaders life.

Should model a maturity in his/her actions, decisions, and the way he/she
carries themselves, should be a responsible individual, with his ministry
and his young people as well.
A Youth Leader should show godly wisdom in all of his/her personal ,
family, business, and ministry affairs.
Hard Worker:
In growing and developing the Youth Ministry, hard work is required.
Therefore, a Youth Leader should show strong evidence of a hard working
In ministry a good testimony is essential to bear a good report with your
family, ministry, community, and city. Should be a person of their word, an
individual that follows through, a finisher of what they start. Therefore, a
Youth Leader should care about his/her reputation, his/her name, and
his/her testimony.
Loyalty is a heart quality that should be found in a Youth Leader. He/She
should be loyal to God, to the vision of Victory Outreach, to his/her family,
and to the Youth, It is important for the overall welfare of the ministry and
fulfills the purpose of unity.

II. Expectations of a G.A.N.G. Leader

1. Participation in all Local, Regional, and International G.A.N.G. events
Visibility: Introducing yourself to key leaders within Victory Outreach.
Sitting as close to the front as possible during services.
Availability: Make yourself available before and after each service and
throughout the entire event.
Accountability: You are expected to be accountable to G.A.N.G.
Leadership (Pastor Tim & Sister Jen) via: email, text, phone call, or any
other means of communication.

Connection: It is important and beneficial to you to be at all afterglows

and any other opportunities that arise for you to spend time with the
family of God and the leadership of Victory Outreach San Diego.

2. Attend all Local G.A.N.G. Leader meetings

It is important for a Youth Leader to be present at all Youth Leader
There are 2 main purposes for attending these meetings:
- To receive direction and vision for yourself.
- To receive direction and vision to be able to transmit to the young people
within your Youth ministry.
III. Victory Outreach Philosophy of Ministry

It is important that the Youth leader ensure the transmission and exercise of
A. Statement of Faith
B. Mission Statement
C. Five (5) Es
D. Three (3) Cs
-Corporation (Business)

Financially StableThe Youth leader should be financially stable in the following areas:
Integrity in managing both personal and local youth finances.

He/She should maintain a good personal credit history.

He/She should be responsible for his/her personal financial responsibility
to Victory Outreach International (i.e. pledges, etc.).

He/She should be an active church tither within their local church Malachi 3:10

Should be at least a $1 a day UWC covenant partner - Victory Outreach

International places a high value on world evangelism.

Leading by example - A Youth leader should not expect others to do what

he/she is not doing themselves.