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Before you do the Tara Mahavidya sadhana or any other sadhana in the coming
days it is very important that you first know and understand all the rules to do a
Tantric Ritual/ sadhana.
No sadhana or mantra chant can give you success if you do it without complete
presence of your mind..... Many people say that while mantra chant although I try
but my mind gets involves into other thoughts. I dunno how it is possible that you
call yourself and how you will get success in sadhana in this way, even a 10 lakh
mantra jap will be all useless if you do it in this way. Because, while sitting on
sadhana you are not a household, you have nothing to do with the worldly affairs, if
you want successs then for some time you will have to keep yourself mentally away
from all these things.

Now, how will you do this ??

As I told earlier and in this video Gurudev has instructed that Mantra jap should be
done continously in Krodh Mudra..... with red face, Fire... anger.... strength in the
eyes, the whole bodies power should be concentrated in your eyes and you have to
keep yourself strong and think that whatever mantra you are chanting it is
happening and you are getting benefit of it. Your fingers, hands will be tight, whole
body errect with anger.

If you cannot do that, then another option is that you perform TRATAK.
Tratak means looking at the tip of the oil lamp with a constant gaze. You do not
have to close the eye lid or blink, even if tears come you will not blink and while
doing this do the whole mantra jap. This activity also rises the Praan tattva in you
and reach you to high level success, sure short guarantedd success... Also if you do
not do it you will have to face sure short failure, because if you do not know how to
concentrate and focus what you are doing then how do you think you will cause a
change in Brahmand, because Tantra sadhana means you are creating a new scope
in Brahmand.

2. Celibacy/Brahmacharya. It is the base of all sadhanas that you save your semen
and also keep good thoughts in mind, because if you do not have that nothing can
give you success, your body is not powerful enough then. Lord Hanuman is known
as the most powerful Lord only because he has akhand Brahmacharya, not only

this.. even during life time it should be kept in mind that try never to loose out
semen, you should understand how just a few seconds temporary pleasure is
obstructing your whole future scope and you life.

3.Eat pure satwik food and that too try to eat food from good people's house. Keep
friendship with good people. Those buisinessmen and low quality people who speak
lies all the day and cheat others, or who are not of good thoughts like you, please
avoid their company,. They will ruin you in no time. Neither they will rise, nor will let
you, so... Avoid liquor, beer-alcohol, cigaratte, speaking lies, non-vegetarian, telling
lies during the sadhana period till the completion of the ritual.

Tantra sadhana is a very effective sadhana, not very complex also, but its very
important that you do it in the correct way. If you fail to do it you will get nothing,
then don't do it. And if you try once then there is nothing as good as this in this
world, both both male or female.

Tantra Safalya Mantra- 5 mantra or its sound should come to you while the sadhana,
it is useful in all kinds of Tantra sadhana.


Raksha Vidhan Mantra- No obstacles/hurdles come in between. Take some Rice

grains in hand and move it around your reading this mantra throw Rice in all
directions by rising your hand above you.

Om Rakshou Hanam Balwahanam Bishnabi Nijamaham Tam Rakshom Purvaaha,

Sataam sah shriyam sa chaitanyam purvaaha Paschimottaro Dakshinom Purv
Aagniyaam Indram Bhargyaam nivrityam sa adintya purvaah ataasmaanam urdhwo
adhamsaam Sarv Raksh-Raksh Saam Purvaa ataasmanam Dikpaal pujanam
Saam tubhyam samparkdeh

Watch and listen from pujya Gurudev Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali's video above he
has explained to do sadhana, and it is useful for any kind of sadhana.