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Declaration of

Know all men by the evidence herein that a grave mistake of biblical proportions has
been made and must now be rectified. It has recently been revealed to me that I have
become possessed by an evil entity and exiled from the land, name, and inheritable
blood of my father by inadvertently pledging allegiance and accepting title to an unHoly alliance far removed from the grace and glory of God. As a living being filled
with divine light, love, and absolute forgiveness, never would I deliberately and in
good faith, with actual knowledge, intent, or foresight, consent to such heresy - for to
do so would be an abandonment or selling of the soul - a mortal sin.
The title to which I refer and heretofore renounce has been since its inception the
illegitimate child and creature of the State described and recognized by the agnomen
- Kurtis Richard Kallenbach. This particular libelous subject-matter of considerable
immorality represents nothing less than: a hospital decedent, legal person, or ward of
the court subject to probate or estate administration; an eleemosynary gift and article
of citizen franchise subject to public trust, interest, and policy; a criminal misnomer of
fiction or fraud subject to United States Code; a constitutional corruption of blood
subject to attainder and ecclesiastical anathema; a conspiratorial covenant and overt
act of sedition against a Sovereign; and ultimately, a beast, heretic, and anti-Christ
condemned to reside within the confines of Hell. Any mark, signature, or seal, ever
made by my body and affixed to said title, derivative, or denomination thereof, is a
gross mistake of identity and blasphemy against God requiring complete obliteration
intending revocation - with all writings or deposits having the character of said title
withdrawn and returned to its creator - for this is the true testament of My Will.
Let the Book of Life reveal I am - on the Nineteenth Day of September in the Year One
Thousand Nine Hundred and Sixty - now for then - alive in breath, body and soul whole in the lawful land, name, and inheritable blood of my father - here to finally
acknowledge, claim, and consolidate into one sovereign state of being, all that is the
true inheritance, natural life, and dominion of Kurtis Richard.

Let this writing evidence the Revelation

I AM, Absolute

I, a living soul manifest, now bear witness with my own eyes and attest through my
own hand this Declaration of Truth is the free will writing correcting the Record now for then - and Executed by the living soul Kurtis Richard on this Fourth Day of
July in the Year Two Thousand and Twelve