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Friday Jan 23, 2015

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January 23, 2015

PM Bainimarama Hits Back

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama

hit out at political opponents and
challenged them to serve instead of
criticising all the time.
Mr Bainimarama said: I want to
make an appeal today to our political
opponents make yourselves a New
Years resolution.
Instead of being obsessed with
yourselves and fighting all the old
battles that the Fijian people rejected
at the last election, start thinking
yourselves about the best way to
deliver and to serve. Because all we

have heard since the start of the year

is how hard done by they are in terms
of the money they are getting for
He was referring to the Opposition
refusal to accept the new parliamentary
political party office funding system.
Mr Bainimarama was speaking at
the opening the new extension of the
Sigatoka Hospital.
When are they going to turn their
attention away from themselves and
start concentrating on the needs of
ordinary people? he said.I welcome

any constructive suggestions about

how my Government can serve the
Fijian people better. But no one is being
served by the petty arguments that we
keep hearing from the opposition the
cheap political point scoring that is
getting in the way of us agreeing on
genuine outcomes for the betterment
of ordinary people the betterment of
our beloved nation.
When the Parliament resumes next
month, I ask the opposition rising
above petty politics and personalizing
issues and help the Government


address the great issues of our time

how to improve our economy, attract
investment, create jobs and generate
the prosperity upon which the future of
every Fijian depends.
The Opposition has criticised among
other issues the late introduction of
milk to class one in primary schools
and hiring of retired teachers.
I want to make this point that while
our opponents carp and criticise from
the sidelines, we are continuing to do
what we have always done: we deliver,
we serve.

Friday Jan 23, 2015

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Fiji News

Fiji Airways Logo 'With

Trademarks Office'
Fiji's national airline, Fiji Airways has
declined to comment on claims by the
people of Moce saying their trademark
application was still with authorities.
The people of Moce claimed that
some of the masi motifs used in the
rebranding of the airline belong to
Responding to queries, the airline's
outgoing Managing Director and chief
executive (MDCEO) Stefan Pichler
said they would not be able to comment
until the outcome of their application
process, with a view to trademark the
masi motfis, has been processed.
All our trademark and patent
applications are with the relevant
authorities at this time," Pichler said.
The airline had applied in January 2013
indicating its intentions to trademark

15 masi motifs that appear in its logo/

rebranding. An article on the airline's
website referred to the masi design as
"unique". In February the same year,
the Fiji Trademarks Office confirmed
receiving objections from various
parties. There has been no other news
Claims by the people of Moce were
highlighted by Ministry of iTaukei
Affairs Permanent Secretary Savenaca
What the designer of the Fiji Airways
Teteva did was put together a number
of designs just to make it look good but
it has now caused problem, because the
people of Moce are now demanding
that they be paid for the use of their
designs, Kaunisela said in an earlier

Fiji's Social Welfare Department

projects to assist 33,000 pensioners
under the revised social pension
scheme which comes into effect July 1
this year.
Under the current age eligibility
criteria of 70 years, the department
assists 11,000.
The three-fold increase is expected
when the age eligibility is reduced to
Permanent Secretary for Women,
Children and Poverty Alleviation Dr

Josefa Koroivueta said: "By July 1,

we will be moving the age category
down to 68, so from Jan to July 1, its
70-years-old and theres an increase in
the pension allowance from $30 to $50
effective right now, Dr Koroivueta
At the moment we have 11,000 on the
scheme and these are people and with
no other form of pension, so when the
age category is reduced to 68years,
we project that there will be 33,000

Social Welfare Expects

33,000 Recipients

Friday Jan 23, 2015

Nurses Admit
Inappropriate Actions
Nurses at the CWM Hospital in Fiji's
Capital City who posted threatening
and derogatory comments via social
media to relatives of a man accused of
stabbing his wife early this month in
Suva, have admitted their actions were
The victim is also a nurse who is still
being admitted at the hospital.
In a letter obtained by the media,
Medical Superintendent Dr Jemesa
Tudravu informed relatives via the
complainant that the nurses were
sincerely remorseful and have vowed
to stop posting further comments on
social media.
The nurses in question at CWM
hospital have admitted to me that
they have acted inappropriately in
responding to what they perceived
were unfair remarks against a very
close colleague and flat mate of theirs
who they had just witnessed been
brutally attacked and injured badly,
Tudravu said.
He said the nurses were under
significant emotional trauma from the
incident and were not fully cognisant
of the consequences of their actions.

We have since asked the nurses to

remove all derogatory comments they
had posted on the subject and have also
provided counselling to them for their
actions and for the emotional trauma
they have gone through.
I would like to apologise to you and
your family on behalf of our staff for
what had transpired and hope that
you will understand that your family,
as well as our family at the hospital
the colleagues of the victim, have
both been affected by this incident,
Tudravu said.
Furthermore he assured the family of
the accused they would be served with
the best of care should they visit the
We wish to assure you and your
family that you will continue to receive
from us our very best care when you or
any family members present to CWM
The relatives were prompted to raise
their concerns with the Health Minister
after one of the nurses warned her
colleagues via Facebook to keep a look
out for relatives of the suspect when
they visit hospital.

Alleged Wife-Stabbing
Case Adjourned

Missing Woman Found,

Safe In Lautoka

A woman aged 20 who has been missing

for a week from her home in Visama in
Nausori has been found safe and sound.
Ashwini Rohmita Kumar presented
herself to the Natabua Community
Post to inform police officers she was
staying with a friend in Lautoka.
Kumar was reported missing by her
husband on Monday, January 12.
Police are further appealing for

information on the whereabouts of

Etasa Vakasoko, 21, who was also
reported missing.
She was last seen leaving her home in
Nasilai, Rewa before Christmas last
year, on December 17, 2014 to collect
her scholarship in Suva. Etasa is of fair
complexion and is slim built. Checks
made with all relatives and friends
have so far proved negative.




The case of attempted murder suspect,

Etonia Vosa, will be called again in the
Suva Magistrates Court on January 30.
The case could not be heard because of
the unavailability of the magistrate.
Vosa, 29, had allegedly stabbed his
former wife at Howell Road, Suva on
January 2.
The incident took place at the victims

advertise on

flat in Howell Road, Suva where she

was renting with her two children and
other flatmates.
The 28-year-old victim, who was
allegedly stabbed in the stomach,
neck and head by the accused
was admitted in the Colonial War
Memorial Hospitals Intensive Care
Unit (ICU).

Friday Jan 23, 2015

Fiji News

Fiji Airways Call Centre Creates New Jobs

With the launching of the Fiji Airways
Global Reservations Centre in Suva,
45 new jobs were created.
Fiji Airways Managing Director
and Chief Executive Officer Stefan
Pitchler, who officiated the opening,
said this would contribute to the growth
for Fijians and the development of the
local economy.
The Call Centre is a joint venture
between Pacific Call Comm. Ltd
(a wholly owned subsidiary of Fiji
Airways) and Australian-Maltese
Company Centre Com Pacific PTY
The Shift
Fiji Airways contracts expired with
previous call centre, Mindpearl leaving
the company to go out for tender.
Mr Pitchler later added the company
needed a move for the betterment of
the airline.
Our customers deserve better. We
didnt have a very good call quality,
we had more abandoned calls, the calls
lasted more than we think, and people
couldnt get through so we had issues.
The company wanted to be more in
control of the service they provide and
if we get it right we make money out of
it which led to the shared interest with
our current partner.
In response to the loss of employees,

General Manager of Mindpearl, Mark the Fiji Airways call centre.

Mahoney said the 45 staff members The staff has been trained on selling
who joined Fiji Airways were replaced as well as servicing and to keep to the
with new workers at the call centre.
standard Fiji Airways will set incentives
Its all in the nature of business. Our in place to let the company grow and
contract ended so they have opted to for the improvement of service.
join elsewhere but that has not affected We do invoice processing online,
the company whatsoever, we have online support, we also advise them
about 650 staff with us and the 45 have 4
already been replaced, Mr Mahoney
Meanwhile Pacific Centrecom is now 4
receiving calls from Fiji and New
Zealand for the reservation of flights.
We are fully operational and now
taking calls from Fiji and New Zealand
before we fletch out the full range of
calls and admin services of the call
centre for the next number of days,
Mr Pitchler said.
We think call centre is a great as part
of the service industry where Fiji as
the centre of in the South Pacific can
benefit and take some labour and calls
from overseas because people in Fiji
speak perfect English.
Fiji Airways brought in the former
General Manager from Qantas Airlines
call centre to assist in the development
of the newly opened Centrecom.
General Manager Shane Collins said
customers can expect improved service
levels and lower call wait times from

on the prices of the products and assist

our customers with whatever they need
from the services we provide, Mr
Collins said.
The estimated setup of the Pacific
Centrecom at level 6 BSP Life Centre
Building cost more than a million

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Fiji News


Friday Jan 23, 2015


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Vijay Nath Warns Students

On Illicit Drugs
The Ministry of Education has warned
students that there is a zero tolerance
on illegal drugs in schools.
The warning comes before the school
starts on Tuesday and in the wake of
Police raids on marijuana farms around
the country.
Assistant Minister for Education Vijay
Nath, who gave the warning, said
students should heed the warning.
He said, in the past, cases were brought
to the ministrys attention.
This is a warning for students to
refrain from engaging in drug related
activities as it will jeopardise their
career dreams, Mr Nath said.
We have introduced a new system
this year where all parents will
have to sign an undertaking in the
beginning of the school year that
they are fully responsible for their
childrens behaviour. The ministry has
a behaviour management policy that
clearly states the consequences of this
There are various classifications of
drugs and the consequence depends
on the severity of the case. There are
drugs that are deemed illegal under
the Crimes Decree and there are those
that harm the health of students. Both
classification warrant suspension from
Mr Nath said the decision for the

expulsion of the students for such

behaviour was only determined
through an internal and external
investigation by a committee at the
National Substance Abuse Advisory
Upon the decision of the committee,
the ministry would then act if it was
necessary to expel the student.
He, however, reminded the students to
fully utilise the free education initiative
by the Government to pursue their
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education
would be recruiting 40 retired teachers
this year to be employed under their
National Substance Abuse Advisory
Council (NSAAC) to assist them
in their advocacy and awareness
programmes on drug abuse.

Free Water Starts Next

Month: Bainimarama

Free water promised to low income

Fijian earners rolls out next month,
beginning on February 1.
Making the announcement while
opening a refurbished Vatukarasa
Health Centre in Nadroga, Fiji's Prime
Minister Voreqe Bainimarama said ads
will be put out soon requiring qualified
households to register with Water
Authority of Fiji (WAF) before the "1st
of the month, to take advantage of this
"I urge everyone who qualifies to do
so, because this is one of the most
important things we are doing to
alleviate the cost of living pressures on
ordinary Fijians, and especially lowincome earners," Bainimarama said.
The free water program applies to
every household with a combined
income of less than $30,000 a year and
are connected to WAF. Each person in
the family will get an allocation of 50
litres of water free daily.

"Each household, based on an average

of five people a house, will get up to a
maximum of 250 litres free a day. Of
course this only applies to people who
are connected to the Water Authority of
Fiji," Bainimarama said.
"But for the rest, I can assure you that we
are working to get every Fijian connected
as soon as possible so that they too can
take advantage of this initiative. Though
this could take some time."
Meanwhile, the upgrading of the health
centre in Vatukarasa was made possible
via a $160,000 contribution from the
Fijian Government.
As a result of renovation works, the
people of Vatukarasa and those living
in nearby areas including Navibuli,
Malevu, Namada and Sovi benefit
from a refurbished waiting reception
area, an operating theatre, a restroom
for both staff and patients, a computer
room, and better standard of health



Vijay Nath


Fiji News

Friday Jan 23, 2015

Khaiyum Speaks At India Summit


Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum

has called on the private sector and in
particular the Indian private sector to be
a facilitator to help achieve Millennium
Development Goals (MDGs/SDGs).
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum, in his keynote
address at the Confederation of Indian
Industry Partnership Summit in Jaipur,
India, discussed the reasons for the lack
of achievement of MDGs and proposed
how the post-2015 Agenda be made
workable and goals achievable.
He reiterated that many countries did
not have the financial capacity or the
right structures in place to achieve the
MDGs and its successor the SDGs.
Furthermore, this was worsened by the
fact that tangible support through cooperation to help achieve these goals
were not in place.
These goals, while being apparitional,
need to be realized in relation to the
capacity of individual countries or
regions Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said.
In order not to repeat the failure to
achieve such goals, we need to address
the problem at hand and we need to

The Fiji

understand them. Therefore, financial

and the infrastructure capacity of these
countries need to be enhanced he said.
Greater co-operation within the South
countries is the key to achieving these
goals. Countries such as India have
the capacity in technology, renewable
energy, as a market destination and
indeed as a market source that many 6
developing countries would look up
to added the Minister.
He further added that future cooperation 6
needs to be driven through private
sector and commercial activities as
opposed to simply a Government to
Government initiative.
Because this is the only sustainable
way of improving the capacity and
delivery of these goals, whilst the
the facilitative role that provides the
enabling environment.
We call on the Indian businesses to
make similar commitments as made
by Prime Minister Modi to Fiji and
the Pacific, in supporting the efforts
towards sustainable development,
especially for the South countries.

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Friday Jan 23, 2015

Fiji News

Kadavu Drug Suspects In


Six people fronted court following the

recent drug raids carried out by Police
in Kadavu.
They appeared before Chief Magistrate,
Usaia Ratuvili in the Suva Magistrates
Melani Raitiqa of Vunisea is charged
with one count of unlawful possession
of illicit drugs.
Raitiqa was granted a $500 bail upon
producing two suitable sureties, her
uncle and aunty Simione and Lynda
The sureties were reminded that the
suspects failure to adhere to bail
conditions would result in their paying
$500 each.
Raitiqa would stay with her sureties
at Ragg Avenue, Namadi Heights and
was not allowed to travel to Kadavu.
She is to report to the Nabua Police
Station every Monday and Wednesday
between 8am to 6pm.
Isei Mana of Nabukelevu, was charged
with one count of unlawful cultivation

Khan Buses Invests $1.2m

In New Coaches

Khan Buses Limited is investing $1.2

million in four new buses it says it
expects this Easter.
It comes as the company launches
services between Lautoka and Suva.
Managing director, Naved Khan said
this would meet the added demand
it was approved a Suva8 after
Lautoka service which it started on
January 2.
addition, the bus company is already
8 In
constructing a new bus hangar at its
existing depot in Navutu, Lautoka.
of illicit drugs.
The Suva-Lautoka service leaves at
He was alleged to have cultivated 0.4 5am daily from both cities.
kilograms of marijuana.
Mr Khan said this was once again a
He is to appear again in court today and new chapter for the company.
produce two suitable sureties in order
to be granted bail.
Mana informed the court he would be
seeking legal aid assistance.
Meanwhile, the case of Veramu
Naivaluvou, Isikeli Tamani, Iliesa
Nabana and Laisa Cavuilagi was
transferred to the High Court.
The four are charged with one count of
unlawful cultivation of illicit drugs.
It was alleged that 59.9 kilogrames of
marijuana was cultivated by the four
Mr Ratuvili said because of the quantity
of the drugs alleged to have been
cultivated the matter was transferred to
the High Court.
Their case would be called again on
January 30 at the High Court in Suva.
The arrests have been a result of the
Polices Operation Sasamaki.

We are the first bus operator out of

Lautoka to service the Suva route
departing from Lautoka and Suva at
5am and the last bus at 7.30pm from
both sides, he said.
The application was first filed back in
2000 but was rejected.
The company was also given approval
to provide 24 hours bus services along
the Lautoka-Nadi corridor.
Khan Buses is an affiliate of Khan
Group of Companies which started
in 1996 with only four buses, after
acquiring the route from Ram Dayal
Today the company boasts 15 buses in
its growing fleet.

Fijian soldiers at Camp Ziouani in

Israel are safe despite rising tension in
the Golan Heights after the killing of at
least six Hezbollahs at Quneintra.
Republic of Fiji Military Forces
(RFMF) Land Force Commander,
Colonel Sitiveni Qiliho, gave this
An Israeli air strike killed the
Hezbollahs in the Syrian sector of the
Golan Heights on Sunday during a
Hezbollah operation.
Among those reported dead were the
son of a late military leader, a current
commander, and at least one Iranian.
Israel said it would not comment.
Colonel Qiliho said Quneintra was
where the Fiji soldiers were held

hostage last September.

This was an area of operation for our
soldiers in Syria but after that incident
they were all moved to Zamp Ziouani
at the Israeli side of the border.
They are far away from the shooting
and are all safe, he said.
Colonel Qiliho said the Fijian soldiers
were carrying out their daily routines
and were looking forward to their
redeployment to the United Nations
Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).
Colonel Qiliho had earlier said that the
RFMFs reconnaissance team made
up of Commander Humphrey Tawake
(Fiji Navy) and Lieutenant- Colonel
Alipate Vosaicake (RFMF) had left for

Fijians Safe Despite Killing

Of Hezbollahs

Friday Jan 23, 2015

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Fiji News

Fiji Police Uproot More


Two people are in Police custody

following the uprooting of 484 plants
believed to be marijuana at a farm in
Nabulini Village, Wainibuka, Tailevu.
This is after the Fiji Police Force
started their Phase three of Operation
Sasamaki in the Eastern Division.
Chief operations officer Assistant
Commissioner of Police Rusiate
Tudravu said the two in custody were
alleged to be involved in the cultivation
of marijuana.
While acknowledging the publics cooperation in providing information
about marijuana cultivation around
the country, ACP Tudravu expressed
his concerns and disappointment that

someone who was wanted by Police for

over a year had yet again been allegedly
involved in this illegal activity.
Mesake Tabaka was evading Police
since last January when a drug raid
was conducted on his farm at Delasese
Settlement in Tailevu. More than 70
plants believed to be marijuana were
This is someone who is known in his
community so to say that no one would
have seen him or know that he was in
the area is hard to believe, which is
why I am requesting those who know
of his whereabouts and his movement
to come forward and help us locate
him, ACP Tudravu said.

Mick Beddoes Told To Pay

Nadi businessman Mick Beddoes has
been told to pay up money owed to
Fiji Ports Corporation Limited or face
Mr Beddoes is a prominent member
of the Social Democratic Liberal Party
(SODELPA) and has been running the
Opposition office at Parliament.
Mr Beddoes company, Powersavers
Limited, had supplied the corporation
800 amp energy saver units instead of
1600 amp units. He was to pay back
more than $60,000, according to Fiji
Sun sources.
Mr Beddoes entered into an agreement
with the corporation to repay the
money in installments. He defaulted on
the first payment of $3000 which was
due on January 15.
According to the arrangement, Mr
Beddoes was to pay the corporation
$3000 on the 15th of every month
till April and increase the repayment
to $4000 for May and June. He had

assured the company that by June, he

would secure a buyer for the 800amp
units and pay back the outstanding
The corporation had given Mr Beddoes
time till 3pm to pay up. But he failed
to do so.
Mr Beddoes, who is normally found at
the Opposition Office in Parliament,
was in Nadi.
Mr Beddoes said he accepted that he
was to pay back $3000 by January 15
but did not wish to say anything further.
Look, I am not going to make any
comments about this. If you want to do
something about this, go ahead, Mr
Beddoes said.
Online company search shows Mr
Beddoes as the managing director of
this company formed in January 2006.
It operates out of Luvuci in Sabeto,
His personal mobile number is the only
contact listed for the company.

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Friday Jan 23, 2015

Bainimarama Support
Retired Teachers

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama

has backed the hiring of retired
Mr Bainimarama said there would be a
big increase of teachers in schools this
Retired teachers would be hired on the
basis of their experiences since we do
not want anyone to be left behind, he
He said the Opposition had criticised
the move.
A lot of Opposition talk is nonsense.
They do not realise that at one point in
time there was no job for these teachers
once they reach their retirement age,
he said.
He said all those teachers who were

brought back to teach would be

monitored on their performance and
would be paid accordingly to what they
If they work hard then there will be a
raise in their pay accordingly but the
whole idea is to give our youngsters a
bright education, he said.
Mr Bainimarama has warned parents to
take their responsibility seriously because
of Governments various assistance.
Schools have started and it is very
important that parents know their
responsibility very well. They need
to attend to all their needs. It has been
made easy in terms of free bus fare,
free education, and free textbooks.
There should not be any complaint.

Fiji's Ministry To Move

Beggars Into Home
Fiji's Ministry of Poverty Alleviation
plans to start moving beggars into
the newly constructed Rehabilitation
Home in Colo-i-Suva soon.
Those identified in the West are
expected to be moved across to the
home coinciding with the Minister for
Poverty Alleviation's round of public
consultation in the division.
The ministry's Permanent Secretary, Dr
Josefa Koroivueta those identified are
able-bodied and could be rehabilitated
to be eventually self-reliance instead of
being dependent.
These are able-bodied people who

will be able to be rehabilitated and

build up a means to self-reliance to
win off of the life of misery of begging
on the streets and in more so to take
them out of the evil activity such as
begging and to also have a future, Dr
Koroivueta said.
Meanwhile, with regards to the
consultation, he said it would look at
issues that are relevant to shape the
ministry in a better stance to look into
public concerns and complaints.
The feedback they receive from the
consultation he says will assist the
ministry in their reform services.

Friday Jan 23, 2015

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Fiji News

Top Meetings In India

Continue To Build Ties
Trade, investment and tourism ties
between Fiji and India and Fiji and
Bangladesh are set to continue to develop.
This follows a series of top-level
meetings in recent days at one of Indias
most important business summits.
The meetings came on the margins of
the Confederation of Indian Industrys
Partnership Summit to which Fiji was
invited following Indian Prime Minister
Narendra Modis recent visit here.
Attorney-General and Finance Minister
Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum was also invited
to deliver a keynote address in the last
session in the Rajasthan capital, Jaipur.
More than 1500 delegates from 51

countries were in Jaipur. The summit

marked the 120th anniversary year of
the Confederation of Indian Industry.
The Fijian delegation also held
discussions with Indian business
leaders attending.
Notable amongst these was the
executive vice-chairwoman of Apollo
Hospital Enterprises of the impressive
Apollo hospital and health services
group, Shobana Kamineni.
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum, and Industry,
Trade and Tourism Minister Faiyaz
Koya and their delegation will now
have further meetings with the Indian
Government in New Delhi.

Attorney-General and Minister for

Finance, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and the
Fijian delegation met with executives
and members of the India-Fiji Business
Promotion Association on Monday
The Association was founded in 2014
and was launched by Mr SayedKhaiyum during his bilateral visit to
India last year in January.
The India-Fiji Business Promotion
Association was launched as an
organisation to promote and facilitate
trade and investment between the two
countries said the Attorney-General.
Since its establishment last year,
the Business Promotion Association
has grown and is providing new
links in improving the business and
commercial relationship between Fiji
and India said the Attorney-General.
The Fijian and Indian bilateral
relations are at a new high after the
Indian Prime Ministers visit to Fiji
and his discussions with the Fijian
Prime Minister Hon. JV Bainimarama
as a consequence there are now many
opportunities available for both Fijian
and Indian investors and commercial
interests that could be explored added
Minister Sayed-Khaiyum.
Mr. Sayed-Khaiyum told the gathering
that, There is a new wave of optimism
in Fiji with the election of the
FijiFirstGovernment led by Hon JV
Bainimarama, which has a very healthy
majority. This has led to enhanced
stability and confidence. This has led
to a number of international agencies

and foreign investors and traders

wanting to make inroads in Fiji. This
is also the time for Indian commercial
interest to take advantage of the new
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum highlighted a
number of key areas that have been
streamlined or improved to facilitate
opportunities between the two countries
including the Double Taxation Avoid
Agreement, attractive taxation regime,
visa processing and exploration of
better airline connectivity.
The Founding member of the
Association, Mr. Monish Dhawan,
stated that Fiji is an important, exciting
and growing market for tourism,
trade and investment destination for
Indians. After one year of existence,
the Business Promotion Association, is
realizing and facilitating this potential
and growth, said Mr Dhawan.
Today we have over 65 companies
who are members of the Business
Promotion Association, and this
number is set to increase. In the coming
years this number will grow added
Mr. Dhawan.
The Fijian High Commissioner to
India, Yogesh Karan, stated that
the India-Fiji Business Promotion
Association has provided the High
Commission with support in terms of
identifying and linking to potential
and genuine investors, he thanked
the Attorney General and the Fijian
Government for providing the impetus
for the Associations success.

India-Fiji Business
Association Strengthens

Friday Jan 23, 2015

France Thanks Fiji

The French Embassy in Fiji has

acknowledged all those who turned up
in solidarity with the people of France
following the recent Paris shooting.
The President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau,
Government ministers and senior
public officers, heads and members of
missions, journalists and members of the
public turned up at the embassy in Suva
to sign the condolence book in memory
of those who died in the shooting.
Twelve people were killed during the
terrorist attacks while 11 more were
The French Ambassador, Michel
Djokovic, commended the efforts of
Ratu Epeli by leading the nation in
solidarity with the French people.
In the wake of the January 7 Paris
terror attack, we are grateful for the

expression of sympathy, condolences

and solidarity, that we continue to
receive from the people of Fiji, Mr
Djokovic said.
We appreciate the messages of
comfort and the continuous and
spontaneous displays of solidarity that
are expressed in the condolence book
and through our embassy website and
the social media pages.
Ratu Epeli, in his condolence message
wrote, While it is my great honour
to express the deepest sympathy of
the Government of the people of Fiji.
I take this opportunity to voice our
total support to the Government and
the people of France during this most
trying time.
The condolence book signing closed
last Friday.


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Fiji News

Sugar Cane Payment

THE cane payment system in use has
to be reviewed, says National Farmers
Union general secretary Mahendra
Citing a decision by the Fiji Sugar
Corporation not to make a blanket
special cane payment prior to the
start of school this year, Mr Chaudhry
said the answer to growers' financial
issues lay in increasing the number of
payments made in a year.
"I don't understand why farmers are not
being granted a special cane payment
because it is simply an advance on
money that is rightfully theirs," he said.
"However, if we look back in time,
initially there were three payments
made per season.
"The NFU negotiated this to five a year
but ultimately industry stakeholders
need to work towards a system where
there are more payments across one

"This would give farmers a regular

income at reasonable intervals and
assist them in budgeting and meeting
financial obligations."
Fiji Cane Growers Association general
secretary Bala Dass said the cane
payment system was "the worst in the
"Nowhere else in the world farmers
have to wait up to 15 months to receive
all that is due to them," he said.
"This has got to change."
FSC executive chairman Abdul Khan
said there had been some discussion
on making changes to the sugar master
award and the payment system to
"There are thoughts to change the way
farmers are paid to better suit today's
environment," he said.
Mr Khan said widespread consultations
with all stakeholders would be conducted
before changes were introduced.

Four Illegal Thai Masseurs

Four masseurs from Thailand have been deported from the country for
working without a work permit.
Nemani will continue to raid similar businesses
Vuniwaqa says officers conducted a as they have previously found
raid at a spa in Nadi on Monday after foreigners illegally working in massage
they saw an advertisement about the parlours.
business in the newspaper.
The managing director of Thai Spa
There were six all in uniform and we and Massage at Port Denarau in Nadi,
found out that four out of the six are Rongneng Fan who also goes by the
working without a valid work permit name of Frank could not comment
they were with a valid visa or valid saying he did not speak English well.
permit but a visitors permit. They were An employee Saleshni Prasad has
supposed to be here traveling around confirmed the raid and the deportation.
and be here as a visitor or as a tourist She says two employees from Thailand
but they were found working.
are still at the spa and they have valid
Vuniwaqa says Immigration officers work permits.

New National Minimum

Wage Expected To Come
Into Effect In July

The new national minimum wage of

$2.23 is expected to come into effect
in July.
Minister of Employment, Productivity
and Industrial Joji Konrote said they
are now waiting for cabinet to rectify
the proposed national minimum wage
before it comes into effect.
Konrote said they will also be
monitoring employers to make sure
they follow the new national minimum
wage when it comes into effect.
He added that employers that do not
follow the new national minimum
wage when it comes into effect will
face the full brunt of the law.

Minister of Employment, Productivity

and Industrial Joji Konrote

Friday Jan 23, 2015


FICAC To Appeal Mau,

Pratap Acquittal

The Fiji Independent Commission

Against Corruption (FICAC) will
be filing in written submissions
on its appeal against the acquittal
of Tevita Peni Mau and Dhirendra
The High Court in Suva had acquitted
Pratap and Mau, former Post Fiji
Limited executives, of charges of
abuse of office and extortion by Public
Officers respectively in 2013.
Both the respondents were present
before Justice Suresh Chandra and

represented by Barbara Malimali.

Ms Malimali said that FICAC should
withdraw the appeal.
Rashmi Aslam appeared on behalf of
FICAC and responded that it would
not withdraw the appeal and continue
and will get opinion from the Court on
legal matters it argues.
In view of the above, Justice Chandra
gave FICAC four weeks to file in the
written submissions.
The matter has been adjourned to
March 2 for mention. FICAC


Fiji News

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the Paper

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Friday Jan 23, 2015

Fiji Water Redesigns Bottle

And Label

Fiji Water has big plans for 2015 and the first thing on their to-do list is to
redesign its iconic bottle and label.
The company launched its newly
changed product at Governors
Restaurant in Suva.
Fiji Water Global Company President,
David Ricanati it is time for a change.
I think this is clearly one of the most
exciting things we have done in the past
few years and its a new fresh modern
look. It stands out in retail shelves and
thats why packaging is so important
because you want consumers to walk
down the aisle, stop and grab your
product. And that was really out intent
was in the kind of rebranding efforts.
We are very excited about its prospects
not only in Fiji but around the world.
The company plans to explore more
markets in the international arena.
Our goal is to grow double digits in the
international markets where we see a real
future for Fiji Water in regions of the world
like Asia where China is a fast-growing
market for us. Followed by Singapore,
Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and areas
in the Middle East where we are very
enthusiastic about growth opportunities.
And frankly here in the South Pacific
where we see lots of growth opportunities
all throughout the region.
Last year the company exported 12,000
containers of Fiji Water overseas.
Ricanati says this year they are aiming
to exceed that amount.

Kava Ban In UK

PEOPLE who send kava to their

families in the UK will not be able to do
so now following stricter enforcement
of their already-existing kava ban.
According to the UK Department of
Health, the kava ban has been in place
since January 2003 and enforcement
will become stricter.
"The Kava-kava in Food (England)
Regulations 2002 came into force on
13 January 2003 banning the sale,
possession for sale, offer, exposure or
advertisement for sale," UK Health
Department press officer Gillian
Capewell said.
"In addition, the regulations also ban
the importation into England, of any
food consisting of, or containing,
However, despite this ban, there are
some cases of kava imports from Fiji
that have managed to get into the UK
undetected; this has forced the UK
authorities to take stricter measures on
their approach to banning kava from
entering the country.
"There has not been a change in the
legislation recently. It appears that
the enforcement action has raised
awareness of the legislation."
Ms Capewell said the kava ban in
the UK, also on foods containing
kava, was because of the risk of the
containing kava, being a risk of severe
liver damage to humans.

The UK Government's kava ban has

also forced British Army officials to
ban the consumption of kava on any
military compound.
"In rare cases, the use of kava has been
associated with severe liver damage
and the occurrence of liver damage is
unpredictable and the mechanism is
unclear," a memo issued by the BA HQ
Army-Amy Medical Directorate last
August stated.
"Because of the unpredictable
occurrence of liver damage, the
Government and the Devolved
legislation prohibiting the sale,
possession for sale, offer, exposure
or advertisement of sale and the
importation of kava."
The memo also stated any kava found
in possession of personnel may also
result in legal action by the enforcement
The Biosecurity Authority of Fiji
maintains, however, they are not aware
of any kava ban in the UK.
"Kava for personal consumption is
allowed into UK. If there would have
been a ban on personal consumption of
kava to UK then BAF would have been
informed of this through its counterpart
in the UK which is the National Plant
Protection Organisation in UK," BAF
executive chairman Xavier Riyaz
Khan said.

Friday Jan 23, 2015



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Canada News

Former Notary, Rashida

Samji, Fined $33 Million
For Ponzi Scheme
B.C. Securities Commission panel finds former notary committed
$100-million fraud

Rashida Samji
Rashida Samji, a former Vancouver According to the panel, Samji told
notary accused of committing investors she would hold their money
$100-million fraud involving at least in trust, using it only to secure letters
200 investors, has been fined and to help finance a B.C. winery.
permanently banned from B.C.'s "Investors were to earn fees for
capital markets.
securing the letters of credit. None of
Samji has been fined $33 million by this was true," stated the release.
a B.C. Securities Commission panel Samji has already been charged with
for running a massive Ponzi scheme, 28 counts of fraud and theft, relating
according to a release from the panel to $17 million that was allegedly
defrauded from 14 people.
She is also ordered to pay the Police have alleged there were at
commission $10.8 million, which is least 100 victims in what may be the
the amount determined to be owing to largest Ponzi scheme uncovered in
the defrauded investors.

Two Young Boys Seen Jokingly

Describing Different Ways To Kill
A Teacher

The unidentified stars appear about 10

or 11 years old.
Mounties investigated a video titled
'How to kill your teacher' that was
posted to YouTube on Jan. 12.
Teachers and police in B.C. were alerted
about the video in part because one of
the boys wears a Vancouver Canucks
sweatshirt, and on Wednesday school
officials confirmed the RCMP had found
and contacted two students from Castlegar.
We are working with the local RCMP
to help in their investigation into the
matter, said Greg Luterbach, District
20 Superintendent.
At the same time weve started our
own violence or at-risk assessment into
the matter, which will determine where
we go from here.
Mounties said because of the boys

aren't facing any charges because of

their age.
West Vancouver child therapist Alyson
Jones said the boys still need a lesson
about the consequences of their actions.
My sense wasnt that these children
were making a serious threat, Jones
said. But they need an understanding
that what you say and what you do has
a consequence.
Jones said its natural for boys to test
limits, but some of the more aggressive
parts of the video suggest the students
may have real anger and frustration
toward some of their teachers.
Theyre probably good boys but
they need some help. They need some
assistance, she said.
The video has been removed from

Friday Jan 23, 2015

Marcus Dass, 18-YearOld Fijian With Autism,

Missing In Vancouver

Dass lives was last seen Monday, when he left for school from his home near
East 49th Avenue and Tyne Street
Police are searching for Marcus Dass, said a statement issued by police.
an 18-year-old boy with autism, who Marcus is described as:
has been missing from southeast 18-year-old Fijian male
Vancouver since Monday.
Five feet 10 inches tall, 165 pounds
Vancouver police say Dass was last Black, collar-length hair and
seen when he left for high school from
brown eyes
his home near East 49th Avenue and Usually wears glasses
Tyne Street, but he never arrived at Last seen wearing a black hoody
school and has not been seen or heard
and green track pants
from since.
Police are asking anyone who sees
"Marcus may appear confused or Marcus Dass to call 911 immediately
disoriented. He is known to use transit and and stay with him or keep an eye on
frequent quiet places such as libraries," him until an officer arrives.

Marcus Dass

Man Pleads Guilty To

Committing Indecent Act

One of two people charged with

committing indecent acts on board an
Air Canada flight last year has changed
his plea.
Jason George Chase had pleaded not
guilty to the charge in Dartmouth
provincial court but changed his plea
to guilty and waived his right to a trial.
Chase's lawyer says he will seek a

conditional discharge and his case has

been adjourned until March 27.
Alicia Elizabeth Lander has pleaded
not guilty and her trial is proceeding.
Lander has also pleaded not guilty to
charges of assaulting a police officer
and committing an act of mischief at
the Halifax Stanfield International

A 60-year-old British Columbia man died

from a medical condition while driving a
semi on Highway 9 near Badger Road
early Wednesday, Jan. 21, according to
the Washington State Patrol.
Arnold A. Eakins was driving north
on Highway 9 around 5:30 a.m. when
the semi went off the road into a ditch,
Trooper Mark Francis said. A truck
driver from the same company, Triton
Transport, heading southbound saw the
semi on the side of the road and found

Eakins unresponsive inside, Francis said.

Eakins, who is from North Vancouver,
suffered a sudden medical problem and
died from that, not the crash, Francis
The semi was hauling an empty flatbed
trailer. Damages to the truck were
minimal, Francis said. Both directions
of Highway 9 around the crash site
were closed for about four hours for
the investigation. The semi was then
driven from the scene.

B.C. Man Dies From

Medical Condition While
Driving Semi On Highway 9

Canada News

Canadian Dollar Drops

To 81 Cents; Could Slow
Cross-Border Shopping

The Canadian dollar tumbled on

Wednesday, Jan. 21, and that could
mean fewer cross-border shoppers in
Whatcom County.
In what many investors and economists
consider a surprise move, the Bank
of Canada lowered the benchmark
interest rate target from 1 percent
to 0.75 percent. This led to a weaker
Canadian dollar, dropping to around
81 cents compared to the U.S. dollar.
Thats down 5 cents from a month ago
and down 13 cents since July.
Much of what is driving the move by
the Bank of Canada and the loonies
decline is falling oil prices, said Chris
Lawless, chief economist at British
Columbia Investment Management
Corp. in Victoria. If oil prices remain
around $45 a barrel, the Canadian
dollar will probably stay in the 80-cent
range, he said.
Fundamentally, things have changed,
Lawless said. If oil prices go back up
to $60 (a barrel), the Canadian dollar
could bounce back. But its hard to say
what will happen with oil.
Lawless said having the Canadian
dollar this low would slow the number
of Canadians coming into Whatcom
County to do some shopping, but he
said it would take some time. Residents
not watching the currency numbers
every day may continue to come down.
Other factors would continue to attract
B.C. residents into Whatcom County,
such as pricing and product selection.
One example is Target, which is closing
all its stores in Canada. Once those
stores shut down, the nearest Target for
many Lower B.C. shoppers will be in
The summer will be the test, Lawless
said, noting that is the busiest time of
year for cross-border travel.
Hart Hodges, director of Western
Washington Universitys Center for
Economic and Business Research,
agreed that the most recent drop
probably will mean measurable
declines in southbound border
crossings. He expects northbound
crossings to increase as Whistler
and other destinations are now less
expensive for Americans to visit.
I think on balance well see a decline in

crossings, he said.
The strength of the loonie tends to go
in cycles, and Canada has had a long
stretch with a strong currency. Except
for a five-month period during the
global financial meltdown in late 2008
and early 2009, the Canadian dollar
has been above 80 cents since June
2005. Its peak during this run was in
November 2007, when the Canadian
dollar was $1.07 compared to the U.S.
A weaker Canadian dollar is not all
bad news for the Whatcom County
economy. Recently Canadians have
been making more inquiries about
expanding into the U.S. market by
opening a facility in Whatcom County,
said Guy Occhiogrosso, president of
the Bellingham/Whatcom Chamber of
Commerce & Industry. The reason for
this interest is because Canadian firms
can collect the stronger U.S. dollar by
selling products in this market.
Jim Pettinger is expecting an uptick
in interest from Canadian companies
seeking to enter the U.S. market.
Pettinger, president of International
Market Access in Ferndale, regularly
organizes seminars in Canada about
doing business in the U.S. He said
having the Canadian dollar in the
low 80-cent range is ideal for this
trend. Anything below 80 cents and
it becomes challenging for Canadian
companies to pay for the initial capital
costs.Our message to Canadians
interested in entering the U.S. market
is to do it now, Pettinger said, noting
that it takes time to get everything in
place to make it happen.
If the Canadian dollar stays low,
Occhiogrosso believes retailers can
sustain the drop in Canadian traffic.
What he hopes will happen is that
local residents will pick up some of
the expected drop-off in retail sales.
He noted the U.S. economy continues
to improve, and local residents are
benefiting from the low gas prices. With
fewer Canadians at Whatcom County
stores, it also might mean that those
who went to shop in Skagit County
because the local big-box stores were
too crowded would return to shopping
in Whatcom County, he said.

Friday Jan 23, 2015


Canadians Going To U.S.

For Long Stays Need To Be
Mindful Of Changes, Says MP
Officials can now track Canadians' exit
dates and re-entry dates into Canada
A B.C. MP is warning people about a
new information-sharing agreement
between Canada and the United States
that could put travellers who spend a lot
of time in the U.S. at risk of significant
The Entry Exit Initiative allows
officials to track how many days
Canadians have spent in the U.S. Prior
to the agreement, the country could
only track re-entry dates, not exit dates.
"We were specially wanting to alert
people that this could potentially be a
problem for them if they were being
careless about their travel," said Gail
Hunnisett, constituency assistant
for Alex Atamanenko, MP for B.C.
Southern Interior.
Hunnisett said she's been fielding a
lot of calls since her office put out the
She said a common misconception is
that Canadians can spend up to 182
days, or six months, in the U.S. It's

actually 120 days, or four months, and

that includes all trips to the U.S. in a
single year.
Hunnisett said that to extend their stay
to 182 days, Canadians have to fill out
a special form.
People who overstay their welcome are
at risk of:
-being considered a U.S. resident and
having to pay taxes on worldwide
-losing their Canadian residency and
their health care
-being deemed illegally in the U.S.
and being banned from the country for
three to 10 years.
"Anyone who travels to the U.S.
regularly should keep a log and make
sure they're accurate if they're asked
to substantiate their time across the
border," said Hunniset.
She said the rules of length of stay
haven't changed; only the information
that can be shared between borders.
Hunniset says so far she hasn't spoken
with anyone who's been caught.

Online Pilot Aims To Simplify

Event And Festival Licensing

Liquor licensing for special events is

moving online, beginning with a pilot
program in Vancouver and Burnaby, as
government continues cutting red tape
for British Columbians.
The pilot, which launches on Feb.
2, will test a new online application
convenience and speed up approvals
for small, low-risk events. During
the pilot, applicants hosting events in
Vancouver or Burnaby will be able
to skip the paper application and can
apply for a Special Occasion Licence
(SOL) on their computer or mobile
device - they will no longer have to
visit a BC Liquor Store multiple times,
or make trips to police stations and
municipal halls.
The online application will also
enhance public safety by providing
officials with information in realtime about events happening in their
communities - as police and liquor
inspectors will be able to run searches
from their office or mobile devices.
The goal is to have any bugs worked
out and the online system fully
implemented starting in early April - in
time for B.C.s busy festival season.
Once the website is fully implemented,

moving to an online system will save

over 100,000 pieces of paper each year
- the only paper involved will be the
printed, approved licence that needs to
be in plain view during events.
B.C.s government processes up
to 25,000 SOLs every year - from
small weddings, club meetings and
fundraisers to sports tournaments,
music festivals, and food and beverage
events - many of which can be
approved immediately once the new
online system is fully operational.
Larger festivals will be able to use one
online application and pay one fee for
an event that covers multiple locations,
rather than having to submit multiple
applications and fees. To ensure
continued public safety, large-scale
events will still be required to submit
a site security plan, and will be able to
do so online.
One of the first larger festivals to switch
to the online application system will
be the Vancouver International Wine
Festival - a multi-day, multi-location
event that attracts some of the biggest
industry names from around the world.
The festival, which raises funds for the
Bard on the Beach Theatre Society, will
be an integral participant in the pilot.





World News

Doctor 'Performed FGM On

New Mother In Hospital'

Friday Jan 23, 2015

Man Beheaded In Busy

Shopping Mall In China

In a rare incident, one person was

beheaded inside a busy shopping mall
in Yannan city of China's Shaanxi
province. Another person was stabbed
to death, and a third person seriously
Chinese social media sites carried
several photographs of the blood filled
scene including one picture showing a
policeman putting the severed head into
a forensic bag. Initial reports suggests
that the violence was the result of a
quarrel between shop keepers in the
shopping mall.
Chinese news sites published gruesome
photographs taken by eyewitnesses,

which showed two persons lying in

pools of blood. Athird person was seen
on an escalator. One man died on the
spot and another injured person died on
reaching the hospital.
The man suspected of carrying out
the attack has been caught, and sent to
police custody, reports said. Hundreds
of people gathered outside the mall as
policemen surrounded it, and launched
an investigation.
China has not seen a case of beheading
over personal quarrels in the past many
years. This is a rare incident because
beheading usually involves political or
religious clashes.

Indian Man Abul Hussain

Tries To Bury Daughter

Dr Dhanuson Dharmasena
A British doctor performed female well-being".
genital mutilation on a young mother "It can lead to severe health problems
after she gave birth in hospital, a court and, in some cases, to death. FGM
has heard.
causes gynaecological, urological and
Dhanuson Dharmasena, 32, is accused obstetric problems in women, chronic
of carrying out the illegal procedure pain and sexual dysfunction," she said.
at the Whittington Hospital in north "It increases the risk of death in
childbirth to both mother and baby."
The junior registrar, of Ilford, Essex, Jurors heard the woman would have
denies the charge in what is the first been most exposed to these side-effects
prosecution of its kind in the UK.
when the surgery was first performed
A second man, Hasan Mohamed, 41, when she was six.
denies encouraging and abetting the Dr Dharmasena's stitches would not
have carried the same risks, but should
Female genital mutilation, often not have been sewn at all "unless
abbreviated to FGM and also known medically necessary", Ms Bex said.
as female circumcision, involves 'Changed tack'
procedures that include the partial or The hospital trust launched an
total removal of the external female investigation into the incident within a
genital organs for cultural or other non- few weeks.
medical reasons.
In a statement, Dr Dharmasena said he
It is practised in 29 countries in Africa had carried out the procedure because
and some countries in Asia and the he thought the woman wanted him to.
Middle East, but is illegal in the UK.
He also said Mr Mohamed had urged
Carrying out female genital mutilation him to do so.
carries a maximum sentence of 14 He said: "At no point in time did I
years in prison.
intentionally or deliberately want to
cause any harm to the patient. I had
The mother-of-two, who cannot be obeyed all of the patient's wishes."
identified, first underwent FGM aged But jurors were told he had changed his
six in Somalia, London's Southwark justification when he was interviewed
Crown Court heard.
by police in August 2013.
She was 24 and living in Britain when Ms Bex said: "It would seem that Dr
she give birth to her first child in Dharmasena had familiarised himself
November 2012.
with the law and you may feel that he
The court heard that during labour, changed tack as a result."
her FGM stitches were torn and Dr Ten months after the operation, he
Dharmasena, a junior registrar in raised the possibility that it had been
obstetrics and gynaecology, sewed her "medically justified", she told the court.
back up in a procedure that amounted Dr Dharmasena denies one count of
to FGM.
female genital mutilation.
The prosecution alleges the doctor did Mr Mohamed denies one count of
so at Mr Mohamed's "insistence or aiding or abetting the procedure, and
one count of intentionally encouraging
Kate Bex, prosecuting, told jurors or assisting the commission of an
that FGM was "very dangerous for offence.
a woman's health and psychological The trial continues.

INDIAN police have arrested a man for allegedly trying to bury alive his
nine-year-old daughter.
Neighbours alerted the police after Bhaumick said.
they saw Abul Hussain trying to bury The girls mother was not at home
his daughter in a pit on Friday in the when the incident took place.
backyard of home in the north-eastern When his wife returned home, Mr Hussein
state of Tripura, local police official allegedly placed a bamboo vessel over his
Uttam Bhaumick said.
daughters head, aiming to obscure her
The neighbour said Abul Hussain tied until he could bury her later.
the girls hands, taped her mouth and Police cited neighbours saying Hussain
buried up to her neck, Mr Bhaumick disliked having a girl. Many Indian
families consider girls as economic
The man was arrested and charged burdens and sons as breadwinners,
with attempted murder.
which leads to abortions of female
The girl was admitted to hospital foetuses or discrimination against girls
and her condition was serious, Mr by denying them access to education.

Nine-Month-Old Boy Shot

Dead By Five-Year-Old

A 9-month-old boy has died after he

was shot in the head by his 5-year-old
brother in their grandfather's Missouri,
United States, home, police say.
The 5-year-old found his grandfather's
.22-calibre revolver in the bedroom
and was playing with it and ended up
shooting his brother, Nodaway County
Sheriff Darren White said. The baby was
in a playpen in the same room and the
bullet struck him in the head on Monday.
mother, Alexis
Wiederholt, said that she had just put
her 9-month-old son down for a nap
when she heard a strange "pop" come
from the bedroom.
When she went to investigate, her
5-year-old son appeared and said: "I'm
sorry, Mum. I shot Corbin." When
Wiederholt checked on her youngest
son, she found him bleeding.
Wiederholt called the police just
before 9am and her son was flown to
Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas
City, where he later died.

Wiederholt and her children were

staying at her father's home in Elmo,
Missouri, so she could report for the
National Guard. Wiederholt, a resident
of North Dakota, told the media she
hadn't known that her father kept a
loaded pistol in the home.
"I don't know why someone would
have a loaded gun in the house while
the kids were around," she said.
Wiederholt's father told the media he
had the gun for security and target
practice and that he kept it in a locked
case, but the case could be opened with
a screwdriver or random key.
Firearms are common in the rural area,
White said.
"Firearms are great, it's when
people start leaving them loaded
and unattended that things like this
happen," White said.
Police are investigating the incident,
but it appears that the shooting was
accidental, according to a sheriff's
press release.

Friday Jan 23, 2015






GML Fraser Foods Ltd 604. 277. 0988



World News

Friday Jan 23, 2015

Man walks into petrol station with metal rod impaled in

INCREDIBLE footage has emerged of a young man calmly walking into a New Zealand petrol station with a metal rod sticking out of his head.

CCTV footage showed the 23-year-old

man arriving at the Caltex to call for
help after being assaulted.
Staff and customers initially thought
it was a prank. I was like, Man is
this a TV show? Is this guy for real?
Katikati Caltex owner Lester Gray
It looked like a Halloween stunt
where people wear those Halloween
costumes over their heads, but it was
pretty real when he turned around and
blood was coming down the side of his
The man was allegedly punched in the
head and hit with the steel rod while he
sat in his parked car about four blocks
He managed to drive himself to the
petrol station, where people couldnt
believe what they were seeing. Witness

Dylan Shea was at the counter with his

friends when the man walked in.
He just walked in with the rod in his
head and I was just like, Is that a drum
stick in your head? he said. And he
was like, Nah, its a rod.
Mr Shea said the man was remarkably
calm. He wasnt freaking out or
anything. He knew what had gone
wrong and he said he knew his first-aid
and that, so he didnt try to rip it out or
anything, he said.
The sharp part of the tire iron was in
his temple. Hes real lucky, lucky that
it didnt go any deeper. All my other
mates were freaking out. I stayed
reasonably calm, but they dont really
like that gory stuff.
The victim was taken to a local hospital
to have the rod removed and is in a
serious but stable condition.

Mother Of Fire Baby Returns With Another Burned

AN INDIAN woman whose baby boy allegedly spontaneously combusted, has had another child go up in flames.

K. Rajeswari, then 22, was put under

heavy public scrutiny in 2013 when
it emerged that her first son, Rahul,
burst into flames four times, leaving
the infant with burns to his head, chest
and thighs. The fires started happening
when he was just nine days old and
continued for about two months.
While doctors carried out numerous
tests, they were never able to prove
whether it was spontaneous human
combustion. A theory put forward that
the child produced combustible gases
that led to his burning up was debunked
when tests could not find any feasible
No feasible amount of methane or
ethanol gas emission from Rahuls
body has been found, Dr R Narayana
Babu, head of the pediatrics department
at Kilpauk Medical College, told the
The mysterious fires stopped after
doctors advised the parents to keep
Rahul hydrated, in an air-conditioned
environment, and to dress him in
cotton clothes.
But doctors have had to revisit the case

after Rajeswari once again turned up in

emergency with another burned baby
boy who reportedly caught on fire on
January 15 at her home. Tests are being
run on her nine-day-old baby and he
will be monitored by surveillance
cameras for a month while he is in
the neonatal intensive care unit of
Kilpauk Medical College and Hospital
in Chennai in south India. Doctors are
also treating him for 5 per cent burns
on his feet.
The mother said she found him on fire

after returning from the bathroom.

I had gone to use the bathroom
which is just behind the house. When
I was coming back, I heard my baby
screaming and ran in to find his feet
on fire. I quickly doused him with
water and rushed to the local hospital,
Rajeswari said.
The family, who also have a threeyear-old daughter Narmadha, were
driven out of their village in Villipuram
district, 200km south of Chennai after
news of their first burning baby

became public. Neighbours suspected

them of deliberately setting fire to
the baby, and the fathers family also
kicked them out after Rahul went up in
flames for the third time.
Doctors have previously suggested
that claims of spontaneous combustion
usually involve child abuse in cases of
Munchausen by proxy syndrome, where
the primary caretaker exaggerates or
fabricates illnesses.
While doctors raised concerns that
Rahul could have been the victim of
abuse, there was reportedly no evidence
of damage to his internal organs.
Another explanation for the burned
children could come from the building
material used in the familys village.
Several homes burned to the ground
in 2004 because of highly flammable
phosphorous used in the buildings, a
fact reportedly confirmed by local fire
The mother has now been asked to
undergo counselling at the hospital
and a four member team has been
formed to investigate the burns on her
youngest son.

Record Payment For Turkish Boy Who Lost Penis In

Botched Circumcision

A Turkish court has approved a record

compensation payment for the family
of a boy who had a large portion of
his penis removed and burnt off in
a botched circumcision operation,
Turkish media has reported.
The boy, who is now six, underwent
the operation when he was one-yearold in a mass circumcision ceremony
for boys from disadvantaged families
in the southeastern city of Batman.

The upper portion of the penis was

mistakenly cut and burnt off during the
operation and the boy was still receiving
care for his wounds, private as reported.
A Batman court ordered the health
ministry to pay the boy's family a record
600,000 Turkish Liras ($AU313,000)
in damages, Dogan said.
The family of seven claimed the
operation was carried out only by a health
technician because no qualified doctor

was present during the circumcision.

The boy was sent off with burn creams
and was told to "have some rest to heal
The parents, however, are not satisfied
with the amount, claiming their
child may require further treatment,
including treatment abroad.
They are still seeking over 2 million
more Turkish liras ($1.04 million) in
damages, Dogan said.

Circumcision is widely practised in all

Islamic countries, including predominantly
Muslim but staunchly secular Turkey.
But it is an expense that many families
find difficult to afford, with the operation
costing hundreds of dollars and the
ensuing celebrations even more.
Therefore many parents choose to pay
unskilled circumcisers or barbers, who
perform the operation with unsterilised


Friday Jan 23, 2015


Children With Access To Smartphones, Tablets In

Bedroom Get Less Sleep, US Study Finds

Children who have access to tablets or

smartphones in their bedrooms get less
sleep than children who do not have the
devices with them at night, according
to a recent study.
A study from University of California,
Berkeley found that having a small
screen within reach was slightly worse
than a television set when it came to
sleep deprivation in a group of 2,000
children aged 9 to 13.
Overall, those with access to
smartphones and tablets got nearly 21
fewer minutes of sleep per night than
children whose rooms were free of
such technology, and they were more
likely to say they felt sleep deprived.
Those with a TV in their bedroom got
18 fewer minutes of slumber than kids
without televisions in their rooms.
"Presence of a small screen, but not

a TV, in the sleep environment, and

screen time were associated with
perceived insufficient rest or sleep,"
said the study, led by Jennifer Falbe
of the UC Berkeley School of Public
"These findings caution against
unrestricted screen access in children's
bedrooms", Ms Falbe said.
It follows a growing set of data finding
electronic device use before bed leads
to poor quality sleep, including a
November study that found adults who
use eReaders before bed have greater
trouble falling asleep than those who
read print books.
The University of Texas study found that
the light emitted from eReaders disrupts
the natural circadian clock by suppressing
levels of melatonin, the hormone that
controls the day-night cycle.

Cinnamon Can Prevent

Food Poisoning

Cinnamon can not only tickle your

taste buds, the ancient cooking spice
is also an effective anti-bacterial agent
and can help prevent some of the most
serious food-borne illnesses caused by
pathogenic bacteria, says a study.
Cinnamomum cassia oil can work
effectively as a natural anti-bacterial
agent in the food industry, the findings
"The oil can be incorporated into films
and coatings for packaging both meat
and fresh produce," said Lina Sheng
from the Washington State University.
"It can also be added into the washing step
of meat, fruits or vegetables to eliminate
micro-organisms," Sheng added.
In the study, the essential oil killed
several strains of Shiga toxin-producing
Escherichia coli (E coli), known to the
US Centers for Disease Control and

Prevention as "non-O157 STEC."

The study looked at the top six strains
of non-O157 STEC.
The cinnamon cassia oil is effective in
low concentrations, Sheng said. About
10 drops diluted in a litre of water
killed the bacteria within 24 hours.
Rising health concerns about chemical
additives have strengthened demand
for natural food additives, Meijun Zhu,
an assistant professor at the Washington
State University noted.
"Our focus is on exploring plant-derived
natural food bioactive compounds as
anti-microbials to control food-borne
pathogens, in order to ensure safety of
fresh produce," she added.
Cassia cinnamon is produced primarily
in Indonesia and has a stronger smell
than the other common cinnamon
variety, Ceylon.

How Stress Leads To Weight

Gain Among Women

The next time you order a pizza topped

with extra cheese to bust your stress,
think again!
Eating a single high-fat meal a day after
experiencing one or more stressful
events can slow the body's metabolism,
potentially contributing to weight gain,
almost five kg a year, says a study.
"We know from other data that we are more
likely to eat the wrong foods when we are
stressed, and our data say that when we
eat the wrong foods, weight gain becomes
more likely because we are burning fewer
calories," said Jan Kiecolt-Glaser, professor
of psychiatry and psychology at The Ohio
State University in the US.
"This means that, over time, stressors
could lead to weight gain," KiecoltGlaser added.
For the study, researchers questioned

study participants about the previous

day's stressors before giving them a
meal consisting of 930 calories and 60
grams of fat.
On an average, the women in the study
who reported one or more stressors
during the first 24 hours burned 104
fewer calories than non-stressed
women in the seven hours after eating
the high-fat meal - a difference that
could result in weight gain of almost
11 pounds (4.98 kg) in one year.
The study was conducted on 58 women
with an average age 53.
The stressed women also had higher
levels of insulin, which contributes to
the storage of fat and less fat oxidation
- the conversion of large fat molecules
into smaller molecules that can be used
as fuel. Fat that is not burned is stored.

Children use a tablet in bed

For A Healthier Kidney

Excruciating stomach pain, kidney stones, renal or bladder infection, kidney
failure it has been found that there has been a marked upward surge in
such cases in the last few years.
Adequate water intake is essential:
For the optimal functioning of your
kidneys, we must have plenty of water
around 8 to 10 glasses a day. Without
water, the kidneys cannot perform their
function of elimination efficiently. It
has to work harder to get rid of the
waste and this overwork and pressure
may lead to other kidney related
problems. Our kidneys act as filters but
if toxins build up and there isn't enough
water pressure to push them through to
the urinary tract for excretion, it may
be a problem. However, drinking too
much water when it's not needed, also
puts extra stress on kidneys and can
lead to renal damage.
Go for a cleansing detox: Our daily
lifestyle does not include a cleansing
routine for our internal systems; so,
we end up having sugar, packaged and
refined foods, fatty and fried things.
Also, there is nicotine and caffeine and
pollution etc which we cannot really do
away with. And that is why we need to
cleanse our system. Taking a day off
food and going for a cleansing juice
diet flushes out toxins and is great for
our system.
Have fiber-rich foods: Fruits and
vegetable that have fibre and are rich in
antioxidants are good for your system.
Cleansing foods have the property of
removing excess acids from the body.
Avoid having a high-protein diet:
These days everyone has protein
supplements along with the usual
dietary intake of protein and this
increases the levels of protein to high
levels. Also, there are people who want
to lose weight and they feel that less of
carbs and more of protein will be the
quickest way to lose weight and they
too overdo the protein bit. One should
not overdo the protein intake because

these wastes also have to be excreted

by the kidney. They have to work very
hard to remove that and it puts a lot of
pressure on them. Excess protein could
lead to kidney malfunction. A balanced
diet is a must.
Limit the work load on the kidney:
The function of our kidney is to
eliminate the harmful, toxic and waste
products from our blood. In layman
terms this important organ filters and
strains our blood around two dozen
times a day. And this is what makes it
essential for us to take care to put in as
little toxin as we can into our system.
Have dark green veggies and whole
grains: Dark green vegetables, seeds,
nuts and whole grains are a rich source
of magnesium and magnesium may
help prevent kidney stones.
Keep in mind...
Avoid having more than three to four
litres of water in a day. Experts say that
too much water could put extra stress
on your kidneys.
Did you know?
Kidneys filter the entire body's blood
and remove waste and unwanted water
every thirty minutes.
We have two kidneys but most people
can survive with only one.
If kidneys fail, a transplant is essential.
People die daily in wait for a kidney
Two leading causes of kidney disease
are high blood pressure and diabetes.
Risk factors include family history
of kidney failure, diabetes, high BP,
age (60+), smoking, obesity and
cardiovascular disease.
Kidney disease remains undetected
because there aren't enough symptoms
to detect it. Blood and urine tests can
check if kidneys are working properly,
especially for those at risk.



Friday Jan 23, 2015

Exercise to Lower Blood Pressure - Get Started

Exercise and High Blood Pressure
Exercise is one of the keys to lower
your blood pressure. Working out
also boosts the effectiveness of blood
pressure medication if you're already
being treated for hypertension. You
don't have to be an athlete, either.
Put the Fun Back in Exercise
Find activities you enjoy, and aim
for 30 minutes a day of "exercise" on
most days of the week. If you can't
stand the gym, not a problem. Dancing
counts. So do yoga, hiking, gardening,
and anything else that gets your heart
beating a bit faster. Since you're going
to be making it a habit, pick things
you'll want to do often. Let your doctor
know what you have in mind, so they
can make sure you're ready.
Try a Trainer
If you want a pro to help you get started,
consider getting a trainer to show you
what to do. They can help you do each
move right and get the best results.
Get Stronger
Strength training should be part of your
routine. You can use weights, weight
machines, exercise bands, or your
own body weight by doing abdominal
crunches or curl-ups. You'll lose body

fat, boost muscle mass, and raise your

metabolic rate. Losing as little as 10
pounds can lower or help prevent high
blood pressure if you're overweight.
Dive In and Swim
Doing aerobic exercise ("cardio")
is good for your blood pressure.
Swimming is a gentle way to do it.
Go for 30 minutes, or work up to that
amount if that's too much right now.
How Much Exercise Is Enough?
Do something that's moderate in
intensity -- like brisk walking -- for
at least 30 minutes a day, 5 or more
days a week. That may be enough to
keep you off medications or help them
work better. Exercise can lower your
blood pressure by as much as five to 15
points. Gradually make your workouts
more intense to keep lowering your
blood pressure to safer levels.
Getting Started
Start slowly to prevent injuries. Start
with 10 to 15 minutes of exercise
you enjoy, such as walking around
the block or on a treadmill. You can
gradually make your workouts longer
and more challenging.
Pace Yourself to Avoid Injury
If you're new to exercise, remember

Just a cup of blueberries every day

could help reduce blood pressure and
arterial stiffness, both of which are
associated with heart disease.
The findings suggest that regular
consumption of blueberries could
potentially delay the progression of
prehypertension to hypertension,
therefore reducing cardiovascular
disease risk.
Over an eight-week period, 48 post
menopausal women were randomly
assigned to receive either 22 grams of
freeze-dried blueberry powder -- the
equivalent to one cup of fresh blueberries
-- or 22 grams of a placebo powder.
Participants receiving the blueberry
powder on average had a five percent
decrease in systolic blood pressure,
which is the top number in the blood

pressure reading.
They also saw a 6.3 percent reduction
in diastolic blood pressure, or the
bottom number measuring the pressure
in the arteries between heartbeats.
Additionally, participants in the
blueberry-treated group had an average
reduction of 6.5 percent in arterial
They also found that nitric oxide, a
blood biomarker known to be involved
in the widening of blood vessels,
increased by 68.5 percent.
This rise in nitric oxide helps explain
the reductions in blood pressure.
The findings suggest that the addition
of a single food, blueberries, to
the diet may mitigate the negative
cardiovascular effects that often occur
as a result of menopause.

One Cup Of Blueberries

Daily Reduces BP

Sleeping With Lights On

Increases Obesity Risk In

A new study has revealed that

sleeping with too much light in the
room increases the risk of obesity in
Greater exposure to light at night
raised both Body Mass Index (BMI)
and waist size in more than 113,000
women taking part in the British study,
scientists found.
The Breakthrough Generations Study

followed the women for 40 years in an

attempt to identify root causes of breast
cancer. Obesity is a known risk factor
for the disease, as reported.
Professor Anthony Swerdlow, from
The Institute of Cancer Research
in London, said that metabolism is
affected by cyclical rhythms within the
body that relate to sleeping, waking
and light exposure.

to pace yourself. Select a low- to

moderate-intensity exercise such as
gentle forms of yoga, gardening, or
any other activity that you can do at
a moderate pace. Gradually increase
the intensity and duration of exercise
as you become fitter, to help maintain
your lowered blood pressure.
Make Exercise Convenient
Commit to making exercise part of
your schedule. Find a time that works
for you. You can work out while the
kids are at soccer practice, before or
after work, or even during your lunch
break. If it's hard to get out of the
house, consider getting some workout
apps or DVDs, a yoga mat, and handheld weights you can use at home.
Do Mini-Workouts
Add 10-minute mini-workouts, and
do these throughout your busy day.
For example, you can jog in place or
do calisthenics for 10 minutes. Three
10-minute mini-workouts equal 30
minutes of daily exercise in little bits
of time you won't miss.
Set Up a Home Gym
Pick items that fit in with what you want
to do: a step bench, jump rope, fit ball,
exercise bands or tubes, and weights,
for example. You can store them in a
closet when you're not using them.
If you have more space and a bigger
budget, consider getting a treadmill or
stationary bike.
Warm Up and Cool Down
Warming up before exercise and
cooling down after are important for
people with high blood pressure. These
exercises let your heart rate rise and
return to normal gradually. Walking in
place or on a treadmill for 10 minutes
is fine for warming up before exercise
and also for cooling down.
Try a Heart Rate Watch
A heart rate watch can let you quickly
assess your pulse. Here's how to use
one. Put the band that comes with it on
your chest underneath your shirt. By
looking at the watch during exercise,
you can see your actual heart rate. This
is a good alternative to taking your
pulse manually. Ask your doctor to
recommend the best target heart rate

zone (or training zone) for you.

Medication and Heart Rate
Some heart medications such as betablockers or calcium channel blockers
can slow your heart rate. Talk to your
doctor and ask what your target heart
rate zone should be during exercise if
you take these medications.
Know the Safety Tips
No matter what exercise you do,
be aware of your limitations. If the
exercise or activity hurts, then stop! If
you feel dizzy or have discomfort in
your chest, arms, or throat, stop. Also,
go slower on hot and humid days, or
exercise in an air-conditioned building.
Beyond Exercise: The DASH Diet
You can lower your systolic blood
pressure (the top number) by switching to
the DASH diet. The DASH diet is based
on 2,000 calories a day. It's rich in fruits,
vegetables, and low-fat dairy products. It's
also low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and
total fat. According to studies, adopting
a DASH diet can reduce systolic blood
pressure by eight to 14 points. For those
over age 50, a systolic blood pressure
higher than 140 is a greater risk factor
for heart disease than the diastolic blood
pressure (lower number).
Beyond Exercise: Lose 10 Pounds
If you're overweight, losing 10 pounds
can help reduce or prevent high blood
pressure. To lose weight, take in fewer
calories than you use each day. Ask
your doctor or a registered dietitian
how many calories you need daily for
weight loss. Exercise helps you burn
even more calories.
Beyond Exercise: Watch Out for Salt
National guidelines recommend not
getting more than 2,300 milligrams of
sodium a day (about 1 teaspoon of table
salt). The limit is 1,500 milligrams
a day for some people, depending on
age and other things. By staying on a
sodium-restricted diet, your systolic
blood pressure (top number) may drop
two to eight points. Salt-restricted diets
can also help enhance the effects of
most blood pressure medications.
Tip: Substitute herbs for salt when
cooking, and avoid processed meats
and canned foods.

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Live Muscovy Ducks

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How To Deal With A Lying Teen

My 17 year old son lies all the time,
a mother said to me recently. He lies
about his schoolwork, what he ate for
lunch and whether or not hes brushed
his teeth. He also exaggerates to make
his stories more dramatic or to make
himself sound bigger. Its come to the
point where I dont take anything he
says at face value. Hes not a bad kid,
but I just dont understand why he lies
so often, especially when telling the
truth would be easier. What should I
Dealing with lying is frustrating
and confusing for many parents.
Unfortunately, teens and pre-teens
often lie or tell only part of the truth.
James Lehman explains that kids
lie for many reasons: to cover their
tracks, to get out of something they
dont want to do, and to fit in with
their peers. Sometimes kids tell white
lies to protect other people. Ive heard
my stepson claim a bad connection
while speaking to a relative on the
phone, rather than simply telling them,
I dont want to talk right now. When
asked, he says he doesnt want to hurt
that persons feelings by saying he
wanted to get off the phone. Simply
put, it was just easier to lie.
Some teens develop the habit of telling
half-truths or exaggerating about things
that seem completely irrelevant or
unnecessary. They might think it will
get them what they want, or get them
out of a sticky situation. Like many
adults, kids can also be less than honest
at times because they think the truth
isnt interesting enough. They may
lie as a way to get attention, to make
themselves seem more powerful or
attractive to others, to get sympathy or
support, or because they lack problem-

How Dare You Lie to Me!

solving skills.
Lying about Risky or Dangerous
Its important to differentiate here
between lies that cover up for drug use
or other risky behavior, as opposed to
every day lies that some teens tell
just as a matter of habit or convenience.
Make no mistake, lying that results
in, or covers for, unsafe or illegal
behavior must be addressed directly.
If your child is lying about things that
might be dangerous, involving drug
or alcohol use, stealing, or other risky
behavior, seek resources and support in
your local community.
Why Doesnt My Child Care that
Lying is Wrong?
Adolescence is such a tough time:
trying to fit in, feeling unfairly judged or
limited, wanting to be seen as powerful
even while you feel completely
powerless. Teens and pre-teens are
navigating some pretty challenging
waters. For some, lying can seem like
an easy way to deal with the stress
of being a teenager. According to the
Adolescent Psychology, an occasional
fib from a child is nothing to get too
concerned about. Chronic dishonesty
and exaggeration, on the other hand,
should be addressed but maybe not in
the ways you think.
We talk with many people on the
subject who feel that lying is a moral
issue. But even so, as James advises,
treating it that way is not likely to
help solve the problem. When your
child tells a lie, giving a lecture about
why its wrong is probably not going
to help them change their behavior.
Most of the time, theyre tuning out
our words of wisdom anyway! On the
other hand, if you feel that your child

is making a habit of lying, you need to

acknowledge what you see happening.
Open a discussion with them and
find out what problem they are trying
to solve. Are they trying to avoid
trouble? Do they think its easier to
lie than to risk hurting someone else?
Do they believe that saying something
dishonest helps them fit in? When they
answer you, listen to what they have to
say carefully.
When Kids Lie to Get out of Trouble
Most kids lie because its expedient
it seems like the best decision at that
time. Once you understand what your
child is hoping to gain from lying, you
can help them come up with a better
problem-solving strategy. If your
child is being untruthful to get out
of troublefor example, telling you
that they took out the trash when they
really didntclearly state the rules
of your house, and the consequences
for breaking those rules. Remind them
that they dont have to like the rules,
but they do need to comply with them.
You might also tell your child that if
they break a rule and lie about it, there
will be a separate consequence for
lying. Once you understand what your
child is hoping to gain from lying, you
can help them come up with a better
problem-solving strategy. If your
child is being untruthful to get out
of troublefor example, telling you
that they took out the trash when they
really didntclearly state the rules
of your house, and the consequences
for breaking those rules. Remind them
that they dont have to like the rules,
but they do need to comply with them.
You might also tell your child that
if they break a rule and lie about it,
there will be a separate consequence

for lying.
Exaggerating and Lying for the Sake
of Lying
If your child isnt simply lying to keep
out of trouble, you might have to dig
a little deeper to find out whats going
on. Start by saying, I notice that you
often lie about things that seem strange
to me. For example, when I asked you
where the phone was, you said I dont
know, I dont have it, and then I found
it in your room. You wouldnt have
been in trouble if youd told the truth.
Can you tell me why you lied about it?
If your child is exaggerating a story,
you might ask, I was interested in
your story, and then it seemed like you
started to add things to it that werent
true. Can you tell me why you decided
to do that?
Now I realize you may not get a great
answer from your child. From some
teens, a shrug is the best response you
can hope for. But by acknowledging
the lie without moralizing or lecturing,
you are sending a powerful message to
your child that being dishonest wont
get them what they want. You are also
letting them know that you are aware
of the fact that they were being less
than truthful.
Kids often dont understand how
hurtful lies can be. Still, you need to
remind them that not knowing doesnt
make it okay. Start a discussion
with your child about honesty and
dishonesty, and why they choose to lie.
And remember, focus on the problem
your child is trying to solve instead of
on the morality of lying. You may not
be able to stop your teen from creating
those every day lies, but you can send
the message that there are other options

How To Strike A Conversation With Your Teen

As a father, you've always been the provider, a never -ending bank of resources. In spite of the love you have for your child, you haven't been able to express it
with clarity.
This time, try and strike a friendly topics for a while.
you can always knock and make the one's father who's also usually a
conversation with your teenage child, Make the first move by showing situation friendly. Start by asking if personal hero to offer companionship
try to make an attempt to understand interest
he/she is comfortable with you being through conversation would make a world
his (or her) world. Here's how you can Teens today are very sensitive, around, appreciate the set-up and try of difference to these awkward years.
go about talking to your teen.
especially about the choices they make not to notice things like the scattered Take a casual walk or explore a
Start the discussion with a topic of in life. Showing interest in your teen's books, the always-plugged-in phone or coffee shop
likes and dislikes might help you get laptop. Then, start with a detailed talk As a father, you need not always
The simplest thing is to start your into the guarded territory. For instance, about life. Give instances from your stop your child from doing things.
conversation based on recent news, while if your daughter likes reading sci-fi childhood if you are at a loss of words. There are times when you can also
going through the newspaper or watching books, start borrowing books from her, Offer to help
accompany them, unless it's not very
updates on a news channel. Ask your discuss them or ask about the things you Getting intrigued by your child's uncomfortable. Go for a casual walks
teenage kid's views about the matter, have don't understand. Giving your child an behaviour is normal, but impatience or and share music, this will draw you
a healthy debate and then drift the topic of upper hand will help him/her come out anger might not be the only reaction. You two closer. The ambience at home can
discussion to your teen's life. The change of their shell and open up with you.
must understand that teenagers undergo sometimes get claustrophobic. People
in discussion should be done effortlessly, Enter his/her room
a lot of issues, be it studies, friends, often open up when taking in some
otherwise the possibilities are that he/ It's true, you paid for the room and you relationships or even habits. Offer help fresh air. In fact, you can also treat him/
she might get alarmed and refrain from have all the right to go in. However, if you see a change in behaviour. This her to a hot cuppa at a coffee shop and
opening up. Remember not to go straight this is slightly tricky, as a lot of kids will open a lot of doors for discussion casually start talking about life. If your
to the point (in case you're having a candid do not like their parents interfering and will draw your child closer to you.
child sounds hesitant about going out,
talk for the first time), ponder on other in their personal space. However, Adolescence is a difficult time and having don't insist. Try another day.



Friday Jan 23, 2015

Foods And Drinks That Make Dentists Worry

It's not just chewy candies and fizzy
soft drinks that are enemies of your
pearly whites. Some of the foods and
drinks that can cause trouble for your
teeth will probably surprise you.
Visiting the dentist isn't a favourite
pastime for most of us. But taking care
with what passes your lips might mean
you can be spared some unpleasant
and often costly interventions when
your next dental trip comes around.
You might know there's a dental sting
with cakes and candies, but did you
realise chips, ice, curries, popcorn
and wine can also cause havoc in your
Some common food and drink items
that many of us aren't aware are
potential troublemakers in the tooth
1. Diet soft drinks They're tempting
for those wanting to sip on something
sweet without the kilo hit of regular
soft drinks. But while there's no sugar
to cause tooth decay, like regular soft
drinks and even fruit juice, diet soft
drinks still have high acid levels that
can erode tooth enamel. This can lead
to exposure of the inner tooth layer,
causing pain and sensitivity, and it can
also cause cavities. Brushing straight
after drinking isn't wise either as the
acid can soften enamel, making it easier
to brush away. If you must drink diet
drinks, swish your mouth with water
afterwards to wash the acid away. You
could also sip them through a straw to
minimise contact with your teeth.

2. Potato chips They might start

out crunchy but once chewed, they
turn into a soft mess that can lodge
and linger in the tiniest crevices on
and between your teeth. What's more,
while we think of them as savoury,
most chips are actually quite high in
sugar, which means their tendency to
stick around on your teeth is even more
of a problem.
3. Ice Do you get to the end of
your ice-chilled drink and find those
remaining ice cubes irresistible? Plenty
of us do. But while sucking them is
fine, biting them is not. Ice is so hard
that biting it can easily chip off enamel
or crack your teeth. If you can't trust
yourself to stop at sucking an ice cube,
don't take it into your mouth in the first
place. Finish your drink and move it
away from temptation.
4. Dried Fruit Fruit is healthy
and packed with vitamins and other
nutrients. But suck the moisture out
of it and you're left with a sticky
product made up of concentrated sugar
entwined with bits of fibre that make
it stick to the surface of your teeth.
Also, some dried fruits, such as dried
mangoes and cranberries, often have
extra sugar added to boot. Eat dried
fruit in moderation and brush well
afterwards. But generally fresh fruit is
a better choice.
5. Popcorn and corn on the cob It's
made from popped corn kernels, so it
can't be too bad, right? Except when the
popcorn is coated with coloured sugar

Easy Ways To Stop

Unhealthy Food Cravings

Who says you can't stop yourself from eating the right food and at the right
time? While exercise plays a crucial role in leveling out your food intake, you
can also do so with a little careful thought. Use these tips to stop bingeing on
those chips, chocolates and fried food...
REALISE WHY: First of all, cortisol is released, which in turn
understand why they occur. Cravings triggers the appetite.
could arise due to a number of reasons TRY '5 A DAY' MEALS: Having
like low sugar levels, lack of key smaller meals through the day with
nutrients and hormonal changes. healthier items is being looked at as a
Knowing this helps you tackle what is good solution to wrong eating habits.
triggering it.
When you eat frequent meals, the
SEE NO EVIL, EAT NO EVIL: By blood sugar won't spike and remains
this we really mean the junk food that steady. This lessens the possibility of
is lying around in the kitchen. So, the cravings.
second step is to get the place rid of USE SUBSTITUTES: Hungry? Have
oily wafers, doughnuts, sweet biscuits, a stand-by at hand, like an apple, pear,
ice cream and more.
nuts or sliced raw vegetables. Instead
KEEP CALM AND SLEEP WELL: of doughnuts reach for wheat cookies
When you are stressed or haven't got and in place of ice cream, have go for
enough shut-eye, the stress hormone chilled, low-fat yoghurt.

The Fiji

Times e-directory

dust or sticky toffee. Then it's a "sugar

bomb". Popcorn with no added sugar
is dentally speaking, not a bad snack.
That's as long as you take care to floss
out any bits that wedge between your
teeth and don't bite on any unpopped
kernels, which can cause cracks and
breaks in teeth. Biting into corn on
the cob should also be approached
with caution if you have crowns or
large fillings on your front teeth, as the
focused pressure may damage these.
You can always cut the kernels off the
cob to eat them.
6. Sports drinks Sports drinks along
with energy drinks are highly acidic
and many are also high in sugar. An
acid attack that can erode the enamel
on your teeth generally lasts for around
20 minutes. Every time you take a sip
of the drink, the acid damage begins
all over again. Bear in mind too that
unless you're having a fairly long and
intense workout, you probably don't
need the extra fuel and electrolytes a
sports drink provides anyway.
7. Granola bars They look healthy
with all those nuts, grains and oats. But
the substance holding all that together
into a bar is generally sugar. The sugar
makes every bite sticky, and it hangs
around the grooves of your teeth a long
8. Wine Wine especially sparkling
and white wine contains erosive acid,
which can soften the protective hard
enamel on teeth. This acid can also
leave teeth more vulnerable to staining,

which can be a problem for those who

enjoy red wine along with other heavily
pigmented foods and drinks such as
curries, coffee and tea. Alcohol, in
general, causes dehydration, which
means your mouth will have less of
the saliva that protects your teeth from
decay. It's worth noting that heavy
alcohol consumption is a risk factor for
oral cancer.
9. Low-fat yoghurts We tend to think
of dairy foods as good for our teeth, but
the low-fat varieties often contain a lot
of added sugar. The only way they can
make yoghurt tasty with so much fat
taken out of it is to bump up the sugar
content. And often the amount they add
is outrageous. The result is a product
that's a disaster for teeth. Some low-fat
yoghurts have less sugar than others
though, so check the labels. You could
also consider choosing natural yoghurt
and adding fresh fruit yourself for a bit
of sweetness.
10. Bottled water Bottled water is
very popular. But when it comes to
your teeth, the water that comes out
of your tap is almost certainly a better
choice. In fact, tap water should be the
primary drink of choice for all of us.
Tap water contains fluoride a natural
mineral that strengthens tooth enamel
and protects against decay. Bottled
water in comparison does not contain
the amount of fluoride needed to
protect your teeth. Choosing tap water
will also save you a bundle as bottled
costs around 2000 times more.

Foods That Fight Acne

Instead of buying countless overthe-counter creams and products, or
trying out expensive dermatological
treatments, incorporate more of the
following foods in your diet, to get rid
of your acne.
- While fresh, leafy green vegetables
like spinach, lettuce, artichokes and
cabbages are good for health and aid
in digestion, they are also beneficial in
lessening acne.
- Cucumbers are a source of vitamins
A, C, E, water and amino acids, which
help to fight against acne.
- You may not like its strong odour
but garlic will help you get rid of
your zits. It has strong anti-bacterial

properties that will improve your

- Instead of drinking regular tea and
coffee, which are high in sugar, opt
for refreshing green teas. These will
cleanse and detox your body from
inside, removing all toxicity.
- Tomatoes are not just a very rich
source of vitamin C; they also have
bioflavonoids that help to repair
damaged or scarred skin. Consuming
them regularly will reduce acne.
- Don't use regular oil in your food.
Opt for olive oil. Since it is lighter, it
will get easily absorbed in the skin,
thus allowing the skin to breathe and
prevent breakouts.




For Women/ Relationship

Natural Tips To Prevent

Hair Loss

It's better to use natural products to stop hair fall than to go in for expensive
parlour treatments, that may not help the problem.
Try the following easy tips at home and circulation in the scalp keeps hair
see how effective they are in reducing follicles active. Circulation may
hair loss!
be improved through massage by
1. Hot oil treatments: Take any natural using a few drops of lavender or bay
oil - olive, coconut, canola - and heat it essential oil in an almond or sesame
up so that it is warm, but not too hot. oil base.
Massage it gently into your scalp. Put 4. Antioxidants: Apply warm green tea
on a shower cap and leave it on for an (two bags brewed in one cup of water)
hour, then shampoo your hair.
on your scalp and leave this mixture on
2. Natural juices: You can rub your for an hour and then rinse. Green tea
scalp with either garlic juice, onion contains antioxidants which prevent
juice or ginger juice. Leave it on hair loss and boost hair growth.
overnight and wash it thoroughly in 5. Practice meditation: Believe it or
the morning.
not, most of the times, the root cause
3. Get a head massage: Massaging for hair loss is stress and tension.
your scalp for a few minutes daily Meditation can help in reducing that
will help stimulate circulation. Good and restore hormonal balance.

Skincare Mistakes To Be

Taking care of the skin is something that

everyone wants to follow religiously
and whilst some women maintain it
pretty well, others still make mistakes.
Expert say avoid skincare mistakes
like too much of moisturiser and wrong
face mask.
Below are skin care regime that could
go wrong if not properly monitored.
- Too Much Moisturiser: If a
moisturiser is correctly suited to your
skin type, it should feel comfortable
on the skin and not leave skin feeling
greasy or oily. A day moisturiser should
always contain an SPF. Night creams
should only be used at night as they
tend to be richer and don't contain any
sun protection. Never put moisturiser
around your eyes as the thinner skin
can easily become overloaded with
product and cause blockages that
appear as little white spots.
- Over Exfoliating: Go easy on
exfoliation. Over-exfoliating can lead
to redness and irritation and constantly
stripping your skin can actually make
the skin greasy. Physical exfoliating
scrubs that have sharp, uneven grains
can tear or damage the skin. Normal to
oily skin only needs exfoliating twice
a week.
- Anti-Ageing creams before your
skin is ready: Don't use anti-ageing
skincare before your skin shows signs
of ageing. If you use potent anti-ageing
ingredients before your skin needs
them, they will either have no effect or
a detrimental one.

- The wrong face mask: As with

moisturisers, select your face mask
according to your skin type. For
instance clay-based masks, or those
with ingredients for oily, spotty skin,
such as salicylic acid will cause
normal-dry skin to flake off. If your
skin is in need of moisture, select
one for dry skin with skin nourishing
and replenishing ingredients like
hyaluronic acid or vitamin E.
- Forgetting SPF: Come rain or shine,
we should all wear SPF during the
day as the sun is the biggest cause of
wrinkles. The trick is to find a sunscreen
that slips elegantly under foundation
and moisturiser and becomes a
seamless part of your morning routine.
Better still, wear a daily moisturiser or
moisturising tint that contains an SPF.
- Using face wipes: Some face wipes
contain harsh chemicals and high
levels of alcohol that can dry the skin
out. When rubbed vigorously on the
skin, particularly around the delicate
eye area, they can cause irritation and
even stinging or redness.
- Sleeping in make-up: Sleeping with
dirt, oil and makeup on can cause acne
and enlarged pores. Think of make up
removal as washing away the day's grime!
- Frequently changing products:
A very common mistake is changing
products too often. It's really important
to try a new product for at least three
months to see the true effect it has on
the skin. If a product doesn't agree with
your skin, stop using it immediately.

Friday Jan 23, 2015



Things That Ruin A

Perfectly Fine Relationship

From obsessing over your career to

being the self-appointed change-maker
in his life, you might be driving him to
call it quits
There are dos and don'ts in a
relationship. If you are finding the
latter list of conventions more common
in your behaviour, then you are most
likely to meet a dead-end with your
happily-ever after dream soon. Don't
ruin your perfectly fine relationship
with these repugnant ways.
Stop nitpicking This is the first
relationship red flag. If you pick holes
about everything from what he wears
to how he speaks, bear in mind nobody
wants to be around a nag, and not if she
is a girlfriend, for sure. You will give
him the impression that he winds you
up more than soothes your nerves. You
may argue that he is nice, but doesn't
meet the criterion of the perfect guy
you always dreamt of being with. That
surely doesn't give you the licence
to be the change maker in his life.
Preventing him from hanging out
with his crazy friends, or stopping his
videogame sessions in an attempt to
stabilise him will one day get the better
of your relationship. We suggest, give
him some space and enjoy yours.
Get a life So, your job is important to
you. Good for you. However, don't let
your business become the centre of all
the conversation that you have with
your man, unless you're facing a crisis
at work and you want him to hear you
out. Calling off dinner dates, being on
a work call and attending to your mails
while you are with your partner is
extremely disrespectful. It shows that
you probably are having a relationship
with your job than with your guy.
Relax, once you are through with the
day's work, switch off. Enjoy your time
with your man and maintain the sanity
of your relationship.
Hold your horses It has been a while
since the two of you are dating, and
you have been waiting for him to
propose marriage since the day you
met him. Then, you would probably be
waiting for the rest of your life. Hold
your horses. Learn to go with the flow.
Don't go about introducing him to your
parents after the second date, and invite

advertise on

him for family dinners after the third.

That said, don't be ambiguous too. If
you are serious then let him know, or
else let him go. Men can gauge the
difference easily when the woman
is playing hard to get, or when she is
playing mean games.
Don't be silly It is okay to speak to
yourself, or tell yourself that you are
pretty in front of the mirror every day.
But don't expose your eccentricities
in front of the potential 'to-be' when
you are only just six months into the
relationship. You may scare him off for
good. Give him the awkward gaze, but
save those crazy eyes when you know
him a lot better.
Learn to trust The basis of any
healthy relationship, besides love,
is trust. Don't be insecure. If you are
constantly wondering whom he is with
or speaking to, then you, perhaps, need
a reality check. Walking on thin ice
is unhealthy, and not when there are
feelings involved. At that rate, you will
reach the shrink before you make it to
the marriage registrar's office.
Stop venting Your boss hates you, your
friends envy you, your mum doesn't
listen to you, you are fat, and your
world is as crappy as it gets. Too bad,
learn to deal with it. But don't make
your partner your vent hole. No guy
wants to sit with a girl and hear how
round her tummy is. People want to
be around happy and optimistic kinds,
not someone who whines the entire
day. Before you know it, your guy
will be complaining about you to his
folks. And even before you realise, he
probably has become the reason you are
whining to others about. Stop playing
the Moaning Myrtle. Occasionally,
give him a patient ear too.
Move on If you are in love with
someone else, then you certainly
cannot give your new relationship all
that it takes. Should you find yourself
in a situation like this, step back and
reason out. Make it clear to your
partner that you are not just that into
him. Better to let him go, than cling on
to someone only to make yourself feel
secure and wanted. It is not fair to your
partner. Be true to yourself and your
feelings. Move on, and allow him too.


Friday Jan 23, 2015

Bula Mai Fiji




Tour Packages, Cruises to all destinations

now available at :

Sunil Sharma

#152 - 12899 80th Avenue, Surrey BC V3W 0E6


Lamb Pulao

Lamb cut into curry pieces
1 cinnamon stick- broken into 2 pieces
1 sprig curry leaves fresh
1 tbs garlic
1 tbs ginger
2 red chilies
3 cardamom pods
7 cloves
1 small onion thinly sliced
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
2 tbs cooking oil
2 tbs punjas pulao masala
2 cups rice
4 cups hot water
2 tbs margarine
1 small onion sliced
1/2 stick cinnamon
1 sprig curry leaves
1/2 tsp cumin
3 cardamom pods
5 cloves
In a heavy bottom pan, heat oil on
medium heat.
Add cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods,
cloves, cumin and curry leaves.
(let all the spices sizzle in hot oil for

about 2 mins)
Add onion, saute it until it is light
golden brown.
Add crushed ginger, garlic and chilies,
saute it until golden brown turn the
heat to low.
Add salt and punjas pulao masala and
mix well.
Add 1/2 cup water and stir the masala
until the water dries up and the oil
Add the meat and mix until the meat
is well coated, cover and cook on low
heat until the meat is tender. (add water
if needed)
In a separate pan, heat margarine on
medium heat
Add cinnamon, cardamom pods,
cloves, curry leaves, cumin seeds,
chopped chilies and chili flakes
Add onions and saute until its light
golden brown, add salt
Add washed rice.
Add meat and mix well
Add hot water and bring it to boil, ,
turn the heat to low and let the rice
cook on low for 20 mins or until rice
is cooked.
Check salt
Garnish with cilantro.

Cashew Chicken

1/2 cup ketchup
4 teaspoons soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
3 tablespoons sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons sesame oil
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/2 cup chicken broth
2 tablespoons cornstarch
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
3 whole chicken breasts, cut into

bite size pieces

1/4 cup cooking oil
2 tablespoons fresh gingerroot,
1 tablespoon minced garlic
1 onion, chopped
2 carrots, sliced thinly
1 green bell pepper, chopped
2 cups snow peas
1 1/2 cups cashews
2 cups cooked white rice
1 Combine Catsup, soy sauce,

Friday Jan 23, 2015


Braised Lamb Shanks With

Pasta And Feta Cheese
4 New Zealand Lamb shanks
Salt & pepper to taste
2 large Onions, sliced
4 Large Cloves of garlic, minced
2-1/2 cups (750 ml) Chicken stock
1-1/4 cups (325 ml) additional stock
1/2 tsp (2ml) each Dried oregano,
rosemary, thyme and Lemon rind
1-1/2 cups (360 ml) small pasta
1-1/3 cups (325 ml Crumbled rinsed
feta cheese
2-1/2 tbsp (30 ml) Chopped parsley,
preferably flat leaf

In a large saucepan, heat oil over

medium-high heat. Brown shanks all
over, sprinkling lightly with salt and
pepper. Remove to warm plate. Cook
onions over medium heat for 3 minutes
or until soft. Stir in garlic, stock,
oregano, rosemary, thyme and lemon
rind. Add back lamb; bring to boil,
reduce heat, cover and simmer for about
2 hours or until meat is very tender.
Raise heat to medium; add small pasta
and cook, uncovered, for about 15
minutes or until tender. Sprinkle with
cheese and parsley to serve.

salt,Worcestershire Sauce, sugar,

sesame oil, cayenne pepper, and
chicken broth and set aside.
2 In a bowl, combine cornstarch, sugar,
and salt.
3 Toss the chicken with cornstarch
4 Heat a wok or frying pan to a high
heat and add cooking oil.
5 When oil is hot add chicken.
6 Add gingeroot, garlic and onion.

7 Stir fry mixture until chicken is

cooked through and opaque.
8 Add bell pepper and carrots, stir fry
until tender crisp about 2-3 minutes,
then add snow peas.
9 Continue to stir fry until tender crisp.
10 Add catsup/soysauce mixture to
chicken and vegetables and cook until
it comes to a boil.
11 Add the cashews and serve
immediately over a bed of white rice.



You will be facing both ups and downs.

You may need to be more calculating in
carrying out your activities. You have to
avoid impulsive tendencies. Try to spend
some useful time on meditation and this
will be good for you. You have to develop
an attitude of making yourself happy.
Involving yourself in spiritual path will
bring relief for you. Do not carry away
the work pressure to your home. You will
not have a satisfactory week as you will
be having job pressure. There may be
relationship problem with your superiors.
You will find the week with both expenses
and gains. You may have to bear additional
burden and this will cause worries for you.
You will face more expenses for the week.
You have to adopt an adjustable attitude
to make yourself comfortable with your
partner. You have to take care of your
health. There will be chances for eye
irritations. You may need to spend money
for the health of your father.


You will be prone to emotional feelings

that you have to avoid. You will find
relief if you engage in recreation and
amusement activities for the week. You
have to be patient in your activities.
You may look for a change in job which
will fulfill your needs. You will not find
good progress in job. You will have less
concentration in work and you may need
to be patient and careful in handling
your work. You will have less money
fortunes for the week. You have to bear
additional unwanted expenses. Though
you may have to take up lot of expenses
for them you will find them unwanted.
You may enter into argument with your
partner. You have to avoid such things
and make your love much happier. You
have to take things easy and be free in
your mind with your partner. There may
be chances for arguments or difference
of opinion. You will have chances for
anxiety. So it will be good for you to
relax and keep yourself in good health.


The week may bring you some

unexpected benefits related to your
prosperity. You will be able to maintain a
balance in your approach. Being cautious
will help you meet your target. You will
gain very good name for the work that
you do. You will find work front not to
be an exciting one. You may face job
pressure for the week. Therefore it is
essential for you to plan and decide your
course of work. You will be lucky for the
week with respect to your finances. You
will be able to build up the same and you
will be comfortable. You will be able to
develop more understanding too. You will
have arguments with your partner. It will
be wise for you to make yourself happy
and take things in a sportive manner. You
will be fully fit for the week. This will
be possible due to high level of energy
present in you. You will not be fit. There
will be chances for irritations in your eyes.
Have a good check up with a doctor.


A sense of progress will prevail for the

Friday Jan 23, 2015

week. You will be able to realize your

potential very well. You will become
famous for your communication abilities.
The determination to succeed in work
will be possible for the week. You will be
able to take the challenges in your work
with ease. You will adopt more flexibility
in carrying out your work. Monetary
progress will be very good for the week.
You will have good flow of money and
enough left for the week. You will be more
comfortable as you will be witnessing
lot of gains. You will be utilizing money
for productive purposes. You will find
more happiness through your partner.
You will be able to satisfy your partner
through your actions. You will have
more satisfaction with your partner. Your
approach towards your partner will be
friendly. You will maintain good physique
and this may be due to your flexible mind
also. You will be able to maintain this by
your easy approach.


You will find the week to be a passive

one. You may have to sacrifice comforts
and find yourself less happy for the week.
You have to do your work systematically
as there may be chances of errors that you
may commit. You may have difference of
opinion with your colleagues. You may
find it little difficult to cope up with the
situations that you will find at work. You
will have less inflow of money for the
week. You may find it little difficult to
manage your funds. You will be having
money but you will not be able to utilize it
for productive purposes and you may spend
too much. You will not be able to maintain
good relationship with your partner. There
will be absence of love within you. You can
avoid talking to your partner for the week.
This is needed as there may be chances for
some uneasy feelings which will disturb
the happiness. It will be good if you resort
to prayers and meditation to keep yourself
in good health.


You will be having sensitive feelings.

There will be anxiety and nervousness
on your part and this you may show it
in your talks. You will have to travel for
work and additional work pressure will
give you burden. You may need to utilize
your intelligence to prove yourself. You
will not be able to finish your tasks on
time. There may be chances that you may
commit errors. So try to be attentive. You
will have chances for unwanted expenses
on the week as this will be made for
meeting your commitments for the week.
You will have some expenses for the
week. You may have to spend for your
family due to your commitments towards
them. You may have ego problem with
your partner. You may have difference of
opinion with your partner over a family
issue. This may even end in some serious
argument. You may be little nervous and
if you do some good meditation, then
you will be fit. You may have eye related
problems and pain in ears.


You will be able to execute your tasks

easily. You will move on well with the

week. You will be in a position to realize

your potential that will increase your
confidence. You will find the week to be
in your favor. You will be fast in your
actions and you will have good confidence
on the week. You will find smooth results
in carrying out your work. There will
be chances for new opportunities that
will keep you happy. You will gain good
name in job. You will be blessed with
more opportunities and this will give you
satisfaction. You will be comfortable with
the money that you have. There will be
scope for good amount of savings also.
You will be witnessing more gains for
the week. You will also be in a position to
invest to increase your bank balance. You
will be able to show good love for your
partner. This will enable you to maintain
more happiness with your partner. You
will find the week exciting with your
partner. You will have opportunity to
travel with your partner. You will be
having good health for the week. Positive
forces will be with you and this will keep
you in good health. You will enjoy fitness
and good health for the week. Happiness
will keep you in fine condition. You will
find the week to be a thoughtful one. It
will be good for you to plan and develop
yourself to achieve the initiative that you
have in mind for the week.


You may face some hurdles in carrying

out your activities. Avoid taking major
decisions. Be open and positive in your
mind. You will find the week ideal for your
progress. You will have good progress in
job and it will bring you satisfaction for the
work that you are carrying out. You will be
having more expenses for the week. The
week will be a situation where you have
to face unwanted expenses and this may
keep you little worried. You will be able to
maintain sufficient funds for the week. You
will utilize your money in a proper manner.
You need to be open with your partner for
maintaining happiness. There needs to be
a lot of adjustment on your part. You will
be sweet in your words with your partner.
This will enable you to maintain better
understanding. You may feel uneasy and
there may be chances for digestion related
problems. This will enable you to maintain
better understanding.


You may need to be careful in handling

your activities with care. Avoid taking major
decisions for the week. There may be some
wavering of feelings in your mind. Involve
yourself in spiritual activities. You may
need to be little cautious in your approach.
Be careful while communicating with your
dear ones. Dont go in for major decisions as
this may not favor your interests. You will
not be able to finish off the tasks on time.
This may be due to job pressure. You have
to plan your work for the week. Scheduling
is vital to make your work easy and this is
very essential. You will be sensitive in your
feelings with your partner. It is essential
for you to avoid such feelings which may
not promote your interests. You may need
to avoid emotional feelings with your
partner. This is essential to build up a happy

relationship with your partner. You will be

having problems related to cold. So it will
be wise for you to avoid taking cold items.


You may have lack of efficiency in carrying

out your activities. There will be chances
for loss of comforts. Avoid taking major
decisions. You may be having stress which
you have to face. This may be due to extra
burden or responsibilities that you have to
face. So you may need to be more attentive.
You will face increasing expenses related
to house and this will be possible for the
week. You will face less money and there
will be more expenses for the week. You
may find it difficult to manage the situation.
You have to be friendlier with your partner.
It is the week for you to sort out differences
and be happy. You may have feeling of
insecurity with your partner. It will be good
for you to avoid such tendencies to maintain
harmony. You may have to incur expenses
for health of your mother. There may be
chances for stomach related problems for
your mother. You will maintain average
health. There may be chances for cough/


You will find the week to be very desirable

for you. You will be able to achieve your
tasks easily. You can devise some useful
plans for the week and this will fetch you
results in your favor. There are chances
for you to gain extra incentives/perks. You
may need to put lot of efforts to achieve
favorable results in your career. Ultimately
success will be for you. You will have
good flow of money for the week. Your
potential to save will be better. You may
not be able to maintain more money for
the week. You may have to bear with lot
of unwanted expenses. You will enjoy the
week with your partner by participating in
a marriage function of your close friend.
This will give you happiness. You may
lose your patience in petty matters and
you may come in direct conflict with your
partner. It will be good for you to develop
patience. Stiffness in joints and back may
be possible. Avoid taking cold items and
this will keep you in good health.


You can make use of this week that may

serve your purpose. There will be chances
for you to get some good opportunities by
means of travel. You may need to stick on
to these opportunities. You will be very
active for the week. You will be having
flexibility in handling your work. You may
have to travel for your job. You will be able
to show and prove your talent well in your
job. This will be possible due to skills that
will be present in you and the confidence
that you have. You will have more money
and there are also chances for you to
gain money from overseas that you have
been waiting for. You can get into some
useful discussion about development with
your partner. You will maintain pleasing
communication with your partner. Your
flexible approach will please your partner.
Health will be generally good but you have
to be careful in taking your food. You will
have the courage and determination to keep
yourself fit.

Friday Jan 23, 2015


John Abraham To Play Blind Man In

Aankhen 2

After much contemplation, Gaurang

Doshi's 2002 hit film Aankhen is
finally set to have a second installment.
However, the film is currently in
the initial stages and the makers are
deciding on the casting coup for the
same. Once again replacing Akshay
Kumar in yet another sequel is John
Abraham, who has previously replaced
Akshay in two of his other franchises
which includes Welcome Back and
Hera Pheri 3.
What is even more interesting is that
the director of the prequel Vipul
Amrutlal Shah has been replaced by
Anees Bazmee. Revealing about the
sequel, Anees mentioned that the
film will be a continuation of the first
part and will start from the sequence
where the previous installment had
ended. Based on the Gujarati play

'Andhalo Pato', Aankhen had Amitabh

Bachchan playing the baddie who pulls
out an impossible bank heist with the
help of three blind men. While the
three of them flee with the money,
Amitabh Bachchan's robbery plan is
exposed with him ending up in jail.
However, from what we hear, the
second installment will have Amitabh
Bachchan playing the role of a baddie
once again as he comes out of prison
completing his tenure, after which he
plans on yet another robbery with blind
men and John Abraham will play one
of them.
It is also being said that Anil Kapoor too
has been roped in to play a prominent
role in the film. However, the details
of the rest of the star cast are yet to be
finalized. Aankhen 2 is slated to go on
floor in May.



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Friday Jan 23, 2015

Calgary Area Plays Host To Bollywood Movie Shoot,

One Of The 'Biggest' In Indian Cinema History

Its a Bollywood blockbuster and its

being filmed just outside Calgary.
Ajay Devgn, among Hindi cinemas
brightest stars, is heading for the
Rocky Mountains and the Calgary area
to shoot one of the biggest Bollywood
movies ever made.
Dubbed Shivaay, little is known about
the production that will be directed by
and star Devgn, with its IMDB plot
synopsis calling it only A high octane
action drama.
With filming set to begin Feb. 27 in
southern Alberta, Devgn tweeted last
Friday hes on his way to Calgary
before heading to Poland for more
shooting, and hinted hes leery about
the local weather.
Leaving for Poland & Canada tonight
to shoot @ShivaayADF in a freezer for
6 months, he told his almost 3 million
That a major Bollywood film will be using
Alberta as a primary shooting location is
a big deal for the provinces burgeoning
film industry, said Jeff Brinton, executive
director of Alberta Film.

The cast from Shivay, described as one of the biggest Bollywood films ever
made, will begin production near Calgary at the end of February.
As far as films from India, weve of this scope and scale, he said. Its
had a number shoot here but nothing a statement to just how hot Alberta is

Big B Remembers
'Deewar', Thanks SalimJaved For Script

Amitabh Bachchan-starrer hit 1975

movie 'Deewar' completed 40-years
and Big B took this opportunity to
thank its scriptwriters -- Salim Khan
and Javed Akhtar -- for coming up with
a "perfect script".
Bachchan, 72, emerged as the 'angry
young man' of Bollywood after the
film, which told the story of two
brothers, who get thrown opposite each
other by fate.
"40 years! 40 years ago, this day,
Deewar was released! 21st Jan 1975..

Thank you Salim-Javed Saheb for the

most perfect script," Bachchan tweeted.
The film was directed by Yash Chopra,
who later became famous as the 'king
of romance. Shashi Kapoor, Parveen
Babi and Neetu Kapoor also starred in
the movie.
The film is known for its memorable
dialogues like 'Mere Pass maa hai', 'Uff
tumhare usool, tumhare adarsh' among
Bachchan will be next seen in
'Shamitabh', 'Piku' and 'Wazir'.

Salim Amitabh- Javed

right now.
The production was boosted by
Coproduction Treaty signed last year,
which builds partnerships between
both nations and ensure local expertise
plays a major role in filming.
With so many Alberta productions
ongoing, including the award-winning
Fargo TV series, Brinton said the local
industry is facing a welcome problem.
Its incredibly busy and one of the
challenges is crew availability, he said.
Our shelves are bare when it comes
to crew.
Shivaay, which will be filming in
the Calgary area until mid-April, is
expected to employ dozens from the
Alberta industry and bring several
millions of dollars into the local
economy, Brinton said.
Devgns movies have brought in
millions of dollars in world box office
sales and he told the Times of India
Shivaay will be the most expensive
film every made by his production

SRK, Kajol To Romance Again

SRK and Kajol, who were last seen
in 'My Name Is Khan' (2010), may
be back together on screen again as
Rohit Shetty is apparently keen to cast
the actress as the lead heroine in his
untitled next with Shah Rukh.
After the success of 'Chennai Express'
(2013), Rohit Shetty is again teaming
up with Shah Rukh Khan for his yetto-be-titled project that also stars Varun
Dhawan in a parallel role. While the two
actors are set to play brothers, rumour
mills suggest that the filmmaker is
trying hard to convince Kajol to accept
the heroine's role.
Speculation has been rife about the
actress' comeback film with several
approached her with their film scripts Kajol was last seen in 'We Are Family'

(2010). Says an industry insider, "Rohit

wants Kajol to make her comeback
with his film, which will go on the
floors soon. He has had many rounds of
discussion with the actress and is trying
his best to rope her in the project."
She was supposed to make her
comeback with a Ram Madhvanidirected film but due to creative
differences, she opted out. Then
there were reports that she would
star in husband Ajay Devgn's home
production which would mark her
Bollywood comeback. But, that too
didn't materialise. If Kajol accepts
Rohit's offer, it will indeed be a casting
coup as she was last seen with SRK in
the 2010 film 'My Name is Khan'.
Rohit remained unavailable for


Friday Jan 23, 2015

PK Accused Of Plagiarism, High Court Issues Notice To

The Delhi High Court on January
21 issued notice to the producers
and directors of blockbuster film
PK, starring actor Aamir Khan, on a
novelist's plea accusing the makers
of the movie of plagiarising certain
portions from his Hindi book Farishta
published in 2013.
Justice Najmi Waziri asked producer
Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Rajkumar
Hirani, who directed and co-produced
the film, their respective production
companies and scriptwriter Abhijat
Joshi to appear before joint registrar of
the high court on April 16 for recording
of evidence in this matter.
"Notice issued. Let them (filmmakers)
say what they have to say in regard to
the allegation before joint registrar,"
the judge said.
The court's notice came on a plea by
Kapil Isapuri alleging that Mr Chopra
and Mr Hirani, their production
companies and scriptwriter Abhijat
have "stolen the characters, expression

of ideas, scenes (sequences) from the

He sought punitive damages of Rs

1 crore from the makers along with

credit for his work.
In his plea filed through advocate

Jyotika Kalra, Mr Isapuri claimed that

in his novel he "has criticised blind
following of so-called godmen" as well
as that "profession of religion is not
natural but is man-made and artificial"
and "in a group of people nobody can
identify their respective religion".
He also claimed that various other
issues raised by the movie have been
"copied" from his book.
"That the novel has many more such
situations which have been very
cleverly copied by the defendants in
the film by making minor changes and
insignificant variations," the petition
PK, also starring Anushka Sharma,
Sanjay Dutt and Sushant Singh Rajput
in pivotal roles, is a satire on godmen.
It narrates the story of an alien (played
by Aamir) who comes to Earth on
a research mission and befriends
a television journalist Jagat Janani
(Anushka) and questions religious
dogmas and superstitions.

Filmfare Awards 2015: 2 States, Haider Lead


The romantic comedy 2 States, starring

Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor is leading
the 60th Filmfare Awards with seven
nominations, followed by Kangana
Ranaut's tragic Shakespearean drama
Haider which has been named in six
different categories.
The sleeper hits of 2014 have left
behind big-budget blockbusters PK,
Happy New Year and Kick.
2 States has been nominated in various
categories, including Best Film, Best
Director, Best Actor in a Supporting
Role (Male), Best Actor in a Supporting
Role (Female), Best Music and Best
Playback Singer (Male).
On the other hand, Vishal Bhardwaj's
Haider stands a chance to win in
categories including Best Film, Best
Director, Best Actor in a Leading Role
(Male), Best Actor in a Supporting Role
(Male), Best Actor in a Supporting
Role (Female) and Best Lyrics.
Apart from Haider and 2 States, the
Best Film category includes Queen,
Mary Kom, and PK.
Abhishek Varman (2 States), Anurag
Kashyap (Ugly), Rajkumar Hirani
(PK), Vikas Bahl (Queen) and Vishal
Bhardwaj (Haider) are in the race for
the award for Best Director.
Despite striking gold at the box office
with Kick and Happy New Year,
Bollywood's leading Khans - Salman
and Shah Rukh - have been neglected
in the Best Actor in a Leading Role
category. However, Aamir has been

nominated for his satirical comicdrama PK alongside Akshay Kumar

(Holiday), Hrithik Roshan (Bang
Bang!), Randeep Hooda (Rang Rasiya)
and Shahid Kapoor (Haider).
Actresses Alia Bhatt (Highway),
Kangana Ranaut (Queen), Madhuri
Dixit (Dedh Ishqiya), Priyanka Chopra
(Mary Kom), Rani Mukerji (Mardaani)
and Sonam Kapoor (Khoobsurat) are
competing for the Best Actress trophy.
In Best Actor in a Supporting Role
(Male) category, Abhishek Bachchan
(Happy New Year), Kay Kay Menon
(Haider), Riteish Deshmukh (Ek
Villain), Ronit Roy (2 States) and Tahir
Raj Bhasin (Mardaani) have been
Competing for the Best Supporting
Actress accolades are: Amrita Singh
(2 States), Dimple Kapadia (Finding
Fanny), Juhi Chawla (Gulaab Gang),
Lisa Haydon (Queen) and Tabu
Although music maestro AR Rahman
has not been included in the Best Music
category, there is a tough fight between
Amit Trivedi (Queen), Anupam Amod,
Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Yo Yo Honey
Singh, Mithoon and Pritam (Yaariyan),
Himesh Reshammiya, Meet Bros Anjjan
and Yo Yo Honey Singh (Kick), Mithoon,
Ankit Tiwari and SOCH (Ek Villain) and
Shankar-Eshaan-Loy (2 States).
For Best Lyrics, this year's nominees
are, Amitabh Bhattacharya for
Zehnaseeb (Hasee Toh Phasee), Gulzar

for Bismil (Haider), Irshad Kamil for

Patakha guddi (Highway), Kausar
Munir for Suno na sangemarmar
(Youngistaan) and Rashmi Singh for
Muskurane ki wajah (CityLights).
Singer Ankit Tiwari for Galliyan (Ek
Villain), Arijit Singh for Mast magan
(2 States) and Suno na sangemarmar
(Youngistaan), Benny Dayal for LochaE-Ulfat (2 States) and Shekhar Ravjiani
for Zehnaseeb (Hasee Toh Phasee) are
in the race for Best Playback Singer

(Male) category.
For the same award in the female
category, the nominees are - Jyoti
Nooran and Sultana Nooran for Patakha
Guddi (Highway), Kanika Kapoor for
Baby Doll (Ragini MMS 2), Rekha
Bhardwaj for Humari atariya pe (Dedh
Ishqiya), Shreya Ghoshal for Manwa
lage (Happy New Year) and Sona
Mahapatra for Naina (Khoobsurat).
The awards ceremony will take place
in Mumbai on January 31.

Stills from 2 States and Haider


Friday Jan 23, 2015

Friday Jan 23, 2015



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Friday Jan 23, 2015

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Friday Jan 23, 2015

Bainimarama Asserts All Fijians Have Right To Watch

Rugby sevens-obsessed Fiji is asserting

that all its citizens have the right to
watch international rugby involving
their team for free on television.
Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama has
brushed off criticism from World Rugby
(WR), which is furious at the way his
government has seized international
sevens television coverage and made it
available to a state-owned network at
no cost.
Speaking at the opening of a health
criticism of his actions that led to WR
blacking out Fiji from the television
feed for the Dubai Sevens.
All I care about is that we were able
to ensure that every Fijian with access
to a television set was able to watch
the rugby for free and will continue to
be able to watch the Fijian rugby team
when it plays in major tournaments,
he said in prepared remarks.
Im not interested in anything other

Rugby Free

than giving every Fijian, no matter

where they live, the right to see our
national team the pride of our nation
compete on the international stage.
And we make no apology as a
government for doing everything
humanly possible to make sure that
Fiji faces a blackout of next months
Wellington Sevens and could miss out
on this years Rugby World Cup in
WR, formerly the International Rugby
Board, says any failure to broadcast
rugby in Fiji will not be its fault but
Fiji lead the standings in this years
Sevens World Series and is passionate
about the game in a way no other country
is. That is how it got into trouble.
In May, while still leading a military
exception to the publicly listed Fiji TV
owning sole broadcast rights.

By military decree, he ordered Fiji TV

to share the broadcast with struggling
state-owned Fiji Broadcasting, which
is run by the younger brother of the
military-appointed Attorney-General,
Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

The Gold Coast Sevens was the first

event to be forcibly shared, and then
the Fifa World Cup.
Then WR found out and blocked Fiji
from the Dubai Sevens, creating a
social media furore in Fiji.

Pa-Modou Kah, Centre Back, Added By Vancouver


Experienced defender played 47 games

for Portland Timbers
The Vancouver Whitecaps have added
another piece to their remodelled
The Major League Soccer club
signed defender Pa-Modou Kah on
Wednesday, pending the receipt of an
international transfer certificate.
The 34-year-old centre back spent the
last two seasons with the rival Portland
Timbers, starting 47 games in all
"Kah is an athletic centre back with a
wealth of experience, both in MLS and
abroad," Whitecaps head coach Carl
Robinson said in a statement. "Not
only does he bring experience, but also
great character, and that will be equally
important to our team."
The six-foot-one, 175-pound Kah has
played more than 300 professional

matches in a career that has included

stops in North America, Europe and Asia.
"I'm very excited about this
opportunity," said Kah, who was born
in Gambia before moving to Norway
with his family when he was eight.
"Vancouver has a great team that is
heading in the right direction and I will
do everything I can to help."
The signing comes a week after the
Whitecaps added centre back Diego
Rodriguez on loan with a transfer
option from his club in Uruguay. The
club also selected fellow centre back
Tim Parker with the 13th pick in the
recent MLS SuperDraft.
Vancouver added Kendall Waston as an
anchor in the middle defence partway
through last season, but recently bid
farewell to veteran Andy O'Brien after
the two sides failed to agree on a new

It will be a tough week for the

Vodafone Fiji 7s training squad
as they undergo intensive training
before the 12-member squad for the
Wellington and Las Vegas tournaments
is announced on Friday.
Coach Ben Ryan said players have
been competing for a spot come the
selection day.
As far as rugbys concern we are going
to have another really big week of training
and there a few things that I am working
hard on for the team to get better, he said.

Ryan confirmed that all players are fit.

Semi Kunatani who got injured has
recovered now from his injuries and
Emosi Mulavura has only an injection
to settle down that ankle problem
but then he is training really well.
Everything is very competitive when
comes to selection which is a good
sign, and we are not scrapping around
trying to find the 12th player,
The Wellington 7s will be played from
February 6-7 while the Las Vegas 7s
will be played a week later.

Tough Week For Ben Ryan

Canucks' Bieksa Sidelined

With Broken Hand

Vancouver Canucks defenseman Kevin

Bieksa will be sidelined indefinitely
with a broken left hand that will
require surgery, the team announced
Bieksa was injured while blocking a
shot in the third period of the Canucks'
4-1 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning on

Tuesday. He left the game immediately

and did not return.
The team did not give a timetable for
the surgery or his return.
Bieksa has three goals, nine points and
63 penalty minutes in 45 games this
season. The 33-year-old has spent all 10
of his NHL seasons with the Canucks.


Weekly Jokes
Browsing marriage and honeymoon
While browsing through the marriage
and honeymoon photographs of the
parents, the Beta asks his Papa:
Beta : Papa, Papa, Jub aap aur mama
honeymoon pe gaye thai, tab main
kahan tha?
Man and son
Baap : Beta, jaate samay tum Papa
ke paas tha, aate samay tum Mama ke
paas tha.
Mrs. Banta Singhs Habit
Mrs. Banta Singh was in the habit
of having long conversation on the
telephone, sometimes going on over an
One day she hung up after 25
What is the matter today? asked her
husband. Today you had less than half
an hour conversation on the phone.
I got a wrong number, replied Mrs.
Banta Singh.
Wrong Flowers
A new business was opening and one
of the owners friends wanted to send
him flowers for the occasion.
They arrived at the new business site
and the owner read the card,. Rest
in Peace.
The owner was angry and called the
florist to complain.
After he had told the florist of the
obvious mistake and how angry he
was, the florist replied,
Sir, Im really sorry for the mistake,
but rather than getting angry, you
should imagine this: Somewhere,
there is a funeral taking place today,
and they have flowers with a note
saying, Congratulations on your
new location!
Airline mealtime
It was mealtime during a flight on
Hooters Airline.
Would you like dinner? the flight
attendant asked John, seated in front.
What are my choices? John asked.
Yes or no, she replied.
Romantic comment
Wife standing in front of a mirror and
telling to her husband, I am fat, old,
wrinkled and no longer pretty. Will you
still give me a romantic compliment?
Husband replied, Your eyesight is still
Know yourself who you are
A young man was sitting in his office
on the thirteenth floor, a man came

running and shouted: Laloo, your

daughter Sweety is badly injured in
Not knowing what to do, the young
man jumped from his office window in
panic to go as-early-as-possible.
While coming down when he was near
tenth floor, he remembered he had no
daughter named Sweety.
When he was near the fifth floor he
remembered he was not married.
When he was about to hit the ground he
remembered he was not Laloo.
Birthday Present
A wife decides to take her husband to a
strip club for his birthday. They arrive
at the club and the doorman says, Hey,
Dave! How ya doin?
His wife is puzzled and asks if hes
been to this club before. Oh! no, says
Hes on my bowling team.
When they are seated, a waitress
asks Dave if hed like his usual and
brings over a Budweiser. His wife is
becoming increasingly uncomfortable
and says,How did she know that you
drink Budweiser?
Shes in the Ladies Bowling League,
honey. We share lanes with them.
A stripper then comes over to their
table, throws her arms around Dave,
and says Hi Davey. Want your usual
table dance, big boy?
Daves wife, now furious, grabs her
purse and storms out of the club. Dave
follows and spots her getting into a cab.
Before she can slam the door, he jumps
in beside her. He tries desperately to
explain how the stripper must have
mistaken him for someone else, but his
wife is having none of it.
She is screaming at him at the top of
her lungs, calling him every name in
the book. The cabby turns his head and
says, Looks like you picked up a real
bitch tonight, Dave.
Im trying to prove a point
A man drinks a shot of whiskey every
night before bed. After years of this,
the wife wants him to quit; she gets two
shot glasses, filling one with water and
the other with whiskey.
She then says I want you to see this.
She puts a worm in the water and it
swims around.
She puts a worm in the whiskey, and
the worm dies immediately. She then
says, feeling that she has made her
point clear, What do you have to say
about this experiment?
He responds by saying: If I drink
whiskey, I wont get worms!




Friday Jan 23, 2015

Attracting and retaining the best

international talent to fill skills
shortages in key occupations is critical
to Canadas economic success.

- Hon. Jason Kenney, P.C., M.P.

Minister of Employment and Social Development

Respond to
Canadas need
for immigrants.
Become a Regulated
Immigration Consultant

Apply online at or
contact a program adviser at 604.899.0803.

604.899.0803 | 1.866.759.6006
Ashton College

we build careers



Friday Jan 23, 2015

Selma (PG) ****

Stand Down!

Politics and history go hand in hand.

Once in a while a leader emerges who
sets the world on fire. One such man
is chronicled beautifully in Selma.
Named after the famous Alabama
city March of the 69s this jarring tale
from Paramount Pictures will make
audiences think at Cineplex Odeon
theatres across B.C.
Cameras take us into the Deep South
as we see one man try to win voting
rights for Afro Americans. Up against
a corrupt stare government and racist
civic officials a mild-mannered
preacher named Martin Luther King
Jr., decides to do something about the
powerlessness of a disenfranchised
community. Sensational on all fronts is
David Oyelowo who captures the
essence of the mighty orator.
In Selma the filmmakers delve deep

Taken 3 (PG) ****

Lone Wolf!

By Robert Waldman

into the civil rights movement with

its various elders and enemies.
Co-producer Oprah Winfrey (The
Color Purple) sets the stage early as
a woman who is victimized by the
Later events including some memorable
marches show the intolerance
embedded in the South egged on by a
bigoted state government,
Memorable performances of the
political powerhouses of the day include
Tom Wilkinson (In The Bedroom) and
Tim Roth as Negro-hating governor
George Wallace. Strong arm tactics by
the authorities hit home as you feel for
the disadvantaged in this monumental
Not to be missed Selma is heading
your way with a full roster of dynamic
dramatic performances.

Being on your own can be a drag.

Desperate times call for desperate
measures. Food for thought involving
a man on a mission highlights Taken 3.
Lucky 20th Century Fox wisely greenlit the third in This impressive series.
Fit for all freedom-loving people check
out this must see actioner at Cineplex
Odeon Theatres around B.C.
Under the radar is how mild-mannered
Bryan Mills likes to live his life.
Mature Liam Neeson (Schindler's List)
is perfectly suited to play the retired
special ops operative. Call Mills the spy
who stayed out in the cold as now all he
wants to do is catch up on some rays in
sunny California. Fans of the first two
Taken films knows that Mills is quite
the family man and will protect his
daughter Kim and ex-wife Lenore with
whom he still remains friendly. Maggie
Grace and Famke Janssen (Goldeneye)
do do justice to thecharacters.
When Lenore left for dead and Mills
hung out to dry as a man with blood
on his hands it sets the stage for a

monumental struggle for survival.

And revenge! With Los Angeles
the battleground the action here is
adrenalin pumping. Thanks to a clever
story by The Transporter mastermind
Luc Besson (The Fifth Element) and
solid direction by Olivier Megaton
Taken 3 simply rocks!
Tension is at an all time high in This
heart-pounding thriller.
Lots of room for surprises and much
wiggle room competes with a very clever
and fresh script and a wonderful good
guy/bad guy dynamic that will keep you
guessing between well choreographed
stunts. Neeson is in top form and is
totally believable (and commendable)
as a man searching for answers, trying
to elude his legion of pursuers and
ultimately saving the day. Perhaps Solid
casting including Oscar winning Forest
Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland)
as a crusading detective make this 109
minute movie fun throughout. Rumour
has it that this will be the final film in the
Taken series. Say it isn't so.



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Friday Jan 23, 2015

Fraser Foods Ltd

Green Pigeon Peas

Net Wt 15 Oz 425g
Imported in Canada
Distributed by
GML Fraser Foods Ltd