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CivilCAD 2008 Simulate

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CivilCAD offers surveying solutions, roads construction and design tools, water engineering features, land volumes calculations and real-time 3D simulation.

Integration of Elements
Design elements, views, calculations, work processes and drawings, are all dynamically linked and instantly updated upon every change, to achieve maximum productivity and speedy project output.

Innovative Work Environment
Supports both AutoCAD and Bricscad (IntelliCAD) An intuitive easy to operate Windows based interface User-oriented functional toolbar menus Flexible bi-directional import/ export capabilities

CivilCAD Simulate
CivilCAD Simulate module provides a life-like 3D simulation at a click to support and assist both the design and the decision-making processes. While the creation of a good quality 3D simulation can take weeks, with CivilCAD Simulate you can instantly simulate and enhance your design.

3D Simulation at a Single Click
Smart tools to identify and overcome design challenges Visualization of side slopes, landscape effects, line of sight etc. User friendly navigation interface with unlimited viewing angles Simulation of actual driving on the designed road, including visibility object Marking critical points in the 3D simulation and presenting them in the design Placement of 3D objects: houses, trees, traffic signals, light poles etc. Urban road simulation: junction, roundabout, parking lot etc. High-way elements simulation: interchange, ramp, bridge, tunnel etc. Water elements simulation: canals, reservoirs, artificial ponds, etc.

CivilCAD 2008/Roads
CivilCAD 2008/ Roads offers roads planning and design, water and earthworks design, and all inclusive surveying and treatment of upper and underground infrastructure. The software combines powerful design options, fully integrated system tools, high-speed results, and supreme usability, setting new standards for roads engineers worldwide.

Horizontal & Vertical Alignment Design
In a complete AutoCAD/Bricscad environment, combining advanced design tools Geometric calculations along roads Complete set of tools for designing the horizontal alignment including transition curves (clothoids or cubic-parabola)

Powerful Cross Section Design
Division of a cross section with up to 30 layers of existing, sub-grade levels and structure levels Side ditches/gutters definition for cut/fill and in- between situations Various side-slopes definition by the height (cut/fill) Automatic projection of parallel & intersecting roads levels Definition of individual superelevation design for each of the cross section segments Automatic side berms design Placing blocks in cross sections Projection of under and upper ground utilities on the cross sections Automatic nearby lots visualization in the cross sections

Advanced Design Features
Superior and unique retaining walls design module Special module for complex urban roads design using extract Sophisticated underground infrastructure handling tool Earthworks calculations and balancing of a road’s layers All road aspects are seamlessly integrated for automatic updates

CivilCAD 2008/Survey
CivilCAD 2008/ Survey package provides surveyors with a professional tool for all their needs from field-to-office.

Direct communication to all possible surveying instruments (RAW & coordinates) Unique solutions for traverse adjustments including poly network & free network Superior coordinates editor for easy manipulation and filtering Extraction of points by filtering elements from the drawing Easy to use setting-out tool from office-to-field Complete menu for geometric computations (COGO) Special feature for computing points relative to centerline User-defined sets of codes and their presentation as blocks in the drawing Special features for drawing division for plotting Unlimited import/export capabilities

CivilCAD 2008/Standard
CivilCAD 2008/ Standard package adds to the Survey package a full set of features for handling contour lines and land development calculations. Work is made simple from field data input and production of area maps, to the successful execution of the final setout stage.

Automatic creation and processing of contour lines Advanced and automatic solutions for handling open and closed breaklines Multiple presentation formats for breaklines on the drawing Simultaneous work with existing and designed 3D- models Creation of quick ground sections between any two points Calculation of quantities between layers and their presentation in either earthworks grid, triangles grid, cross sections or division into lots Detailed quantities reports production Wide range of solutions for handling planes (lots) and their side-slopes Drawing of zero line and earthworks contour lines

CivilCAD 2008/Pipes
CivilCAD 2008/ PIPES offers full design capabilities for sewage, drainage, water pipelines and cable systems. For each system all-inclusive surveying and treatment of upper and underground infrastructures is available with unlimited design options. CivilCAD 2008/PIPES intuitive interface guides the water engineer throughout the design phases.

Pipeline Layout Design
Pipelines alignment and layout – real-sized manholes (or pillars) and pipes Extraction of layout directly from the drawing Coordination of under-ground crossing infrastructures

Detailed Section Design
Tools for definition of the pipeline depth, slopes, drops, manhole's diameters/sizes, depth of manholes etc. Auto design capabilities to shorten the design process Interactive updates between section and layout Simultaneous presentation of existing and designed ground levels Presentation of crossing infrastructures - depth and diameter Special feature for calculating water pressure valves location along the pipeline

Comprehensive Reports
Quantities report production Detailed reports: IPs/manholes, depth and size, designed data table Automatic division of sections according to the paper size for plotting Discharges report

Reservoirs and Dams Design
Unique method for reservoirs, dams and ponds design (combined with the Roads package) Allocation of Earthworks balancing, production of operational plans (scraper plane and sections) and capacity computations for the different levels Multi ponds project design (shared embankments & slopes) Special features for designing the reservoir bottom surface

Sivan Design is a leading provider of user-friendly, Civil Engineering CAD products and GIS/LIS turnkey software solutions. Since its inception in 1999, the company has focused on developing powerful 3D interactive modeling tools for roads, earthworks, water and infrastructure planning and design. Sivan Design’s products and solutions are used by some of the world’s top civil engineering companies and authorities, from Fortune 1000 small and mid-size companies to federal, state, country and local municipalities. The company is rapidly expanding, utilizing operative worldwide distribution channels and long-term strategic partnerships to penetrate new markets.

CivilCAD 2008 Solution Suite:
CivilCAD 2008/Survey
Surveying and COGO calculations

CivilCAD 2008/Standard
Topography, land development and volumes calculations

CivilCAD 2008/Roads
Roads construction and design

CivilCAD 2008/Pipes
Water engineering solutions

CivilCAD 2008/Full Package
The complete package

Simulate module
Real-time 3D simulation at a click!

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