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HRSS at Unilever

Service Architecture- Delivery Model: Outsourced Global

Service provider Accenture
Accenture will deliver the services through its Global Delivery Network, using
multiple centers across the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific.
Named as Unilever PeopleLink
Services Outsourced The scope of the contract includes
Core HR administration
Learning services covering content sourcing and development, program Planning
and delivery
Learning system hosting
Payroll administration, and
Management and administrative services
Key features:
1. As part of the renewed contract, Accenture will closely align the services it
delivers with Unilevers Talent Agenda. With the introduction of a number of
innovations, the services Accenture provides will focus on delivering businessrelevant results in line with Unilevers key business priorities. The program
will drive greater efficiencies and an improved user experience. The enhanced
contract will include a number of new elements.
2. Additionally, Accenture will introduce a more proactive recruiting approach,
including the expanded use of social media. Proactive sourcing tools will
support more effective, forecasting-led recruiting methods and will result in a
broader, more appropriate candidate pool for Unilever.
3. Learning services will be expanded by Accenture to support Unilevers focus
on developing future leaders and will incorporate professional skills building
modules into a refreshed learner curriculum. Through the delivery of courses
from the functional to strategic, Accenture will help develop the next
generation of talent within Unilever.
Contact Person
Naveen Kumar (Sr. Manager - Talent Acquisition and HR Services at Hindustan
Unilever Ltd)
Mo. No 08879221664

HRSS at Wipro
Wividus - Wipro Shared Service Model
Service Architecture- Delivery Model: Captive Shared Services Global
Service provider WIVIDUS, Wipros Shared Services Centre
WIVIDUS is a captive BPO of the Wipro and provides business process services to all
business units of the company.
Services offered
Wipro HR Administration Hiring Management RPO service spectrum:

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Employee changes
Organizational structure changes
Benefits Administration
Payroll services

HRSS employee structure and career progression @ Wipro:

Grade classification - Executive (Entry level employee ) --> Senior Executive -->
Assistant manager --> Manager--> Senior Manager.
Career Progression of Executives (Entry Level employee):
a) Executives are hired from B.Com, B.Sc. Graduates from tier two colleges, Not
b) An executive has to spend at least 18 months in one process. He gets promoted to
Sr. executive level if
1. He has completed two years at that level
2. He has received 3 or more than 3 performance rating out of 5(if he gets less
than 3 then he cant get promotion for next 2 years)
3. There is vacancy at next level
c) Training provided - No specific training. Only shadowing of the process on which
he would be assigned to work.
d) Before any employees leaves the organization, it is necessary to ensure that he
does proper knowledge transfer of his process
Contact Person

1. Service Architecture- Delivery Model: Captive Shared Services Global
2. There are around 30 plus employees in the HR Service Delivery and Business
Support team. The levels are from Band 4 to Band 8, with majority of the
population in Band 6, 7 and 8.
3. Operation handled by this team

Resourcing operations,
Employee life cycle/ People admin,
Settlement operations,
Analytics and Operational Risk are some of the HRSD and Business Support

4. The focus of HR Service Delivery is to deliver to the Business and HR, scaled and
repeatable HR products and services, with reduced risk, increased service quality
and at an optimal cost.
5. Broad-level Responsibilities of entry-level staff are:
Work with the team to ensure process related matrices are adhered to while not
compromising on customer experience.
Ensures that quality takes utmost place while delivering service.
Track own performance to ensure service to external and internal partners is
best at all times.
Drafts plan wherever essential to drive high-class performance.
Demonstrates the highest levels of personal integrity and ethical behavior
while handling business partner and customer data.
Contributes to mitigating operational and financial risks and ensuring
compliance to controls.
Contributes toward translating customer requirements into operational
recommendations and outcomes.
6. Voluntary attrition is in the range of 10% to 12%

Contact Person (09892414247)

HRSS at Citi Bank

1. Service Architecture- Delivery Model: Captive Shared Services Global
In House shared services team handles at entire Asia-Pacific level.
2. Payroll is handled by TCS while other remaining HR functions are handled by
captive shared service team. These functions are

Recruitment administration
Relocation services
Benefits administration
Company car provision
Pensions administration
Employee welfare support
Training support and administration
Absence monitoring
Management information

3. Contact
The SPOC for HRSS is on leave and will be back on 2nd January 2015. We will be
getting the contact details that time only. So would be able to share on 2nd Jan 2015
for sure.

PepsiCo and ICICI

At PepsiCo
Service Architecture- Delivery Model: Outsourced Global
Service provider Aon Hewitt

We still have not received SPOC details about PepsiCo and ICICI as our contact
persons were on Christmas holiday for this whole week. We have dropped mail
seeking the required information and would be able to connect on Monday possibly.