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issue 10 | december 2014

On Ground Analysis: Mathematical Aptitude

Assessment of Class 10 Students:

Programs & services updates:

mother care
The numbers below dont reflect the
time & energy put in by our Call Champions who are willingly reaching out to
their friends from the villages. The good
work goes on as we reproduce some
statistics for the month of December:

Recently, we conducted an assessment of mathematical abilities of Class 10

Students at a High School in Palanga, Phulwari Sharif, Patna. In total 39 students wrote the exam and 36 submitted their responses. Out of 36 submitted
responses, 19 were from girls and 17 from boys. The info-graphic show shows
the results which raise serious concerns on the quality of education being imparted on young minds:

kids care
Our focused approach on rehabilitation of Severely Acute Malnourished Children continues. Presenting some critical statistics on enrollment and treatment of SAM kids:

PS: This assessment becomes much more relevant when the latest private audit
on literacy, education & enrollment, though shows positive development on enrollment of children in schools (almost 96% children between the ages of 6 to 14
are enrolled); whereas, the quality of education is quite questionable as per the

New Sewing & Stitching Training Center:

As we announce the launch of our new Sewing & Stitching Training Center in
Phulwari Sharif block, Patna, we provide a short update on the progress we have
made so far on this front.

*reported status 3 months after discharge

**NRC returned SAM kids

citizen care
As our efforts have been focused on
enabling differently abled citizens to
get the benefits they are entitled
under various government schemes,
we have also been carrying on with
our regular citizen care actions. Some
statistics below for December:

5 months back, in Rajapakar block of Vaishali district, Bihar, we started our first
Training Center, with one sewing machine & Ms. Meena as an employed trainer.
10 girls & women from the local community enrolled in the first batch for a course
designed for 3 months with a nominal training fee. The 2nd batch of 19 girls and
women is currently undergoing training. This unit which started as a training
center is not only training young girls & women from the community but also supplying stitched petticoat & blouses to local wholesalers. Our field staff generate
sales while the skilled girls & women (selected on merit from our previous batch
of training and absorbed in this initiative) along with Ms. Meena, produce around
60-80 units of petticoats & blouses per week after training hours. The surplus
generated is distributed between those involved in the production & field staff of
Seva Setu. Seva Setu as an entity retains a nominal portion of the surplus. Few
more sewing machines have been bought & installed with the surplus generated.
The initiative has enthused our trainer & field staff so much so that they have
brought in their own sewing machines from their homes.
This is just a beginning, on a very small scale, but gives us lot of hope in our
journey of building a problem solving self-sustainable society by connecting,
bridging and joining hands. With this underlying philosophy, we have launched
another center in Phulwari Sharif, with 8 girls and women already enrolled.
Though this time, Seva Setu has not bought any machines, nor rented any
space. The trainer already has few sewing machines & she has agreed to start
the training at her home only. Our tasks are to bring in willing girls & women for
training and also bring in sewing & stitching orders, while providing the required
support & hand-holding. Our future plans on this initiative are:

Scaling up in other blocks/districts of Bihar.

Graduate from an asset based model to asset free model
Evolve as a Platform/Market-Place to connect skilled unemployed girls

Health Awareness
We have so far participated in more
than 600 VHNDs (Village Health &
Nutrition Days) and conducted numerous awareness sessions & meetings in local schools & communities.
Statistics for Dec. are presented here:

Livelihood Support
Below are some statistics for the
month of December 14 indicating
our continued focus on creating opportunities of livelihood generation
within the local community through
self-help groups and trainings :

& women to wholesalers acting as a Setu between the mostly unutilized skilled/semi-skilled workforce & the market.
Training & skill development will remain a focus. The already skilled individuals
as a part of this initiative will be responsible for training as well.

Registered Office:
Arpana Bank Colony, Phase-2,
Ram Jaipal Nagar, New Bailey Road
Contact: Nishant Ojha (+91 9663367484)

Head Office:
54/1, Block-UA2, Jawahar Nagar,
New Delhi-110007
Contact: Neeraj Saransh (+91 9868425466)
Ajay Kumar Ojha (+91 9873738043)

Regional Presence:
Bangalore (Karnataka)
Gurgaon (Haryana)
Alwar (Rajasthan)
Patna (Bihar)

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