Farming Skill Guide

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Intro Starting Out Planting Seeds Avoiding Disease Compost - - Super-Compost Scarecrows Tools Seeds - - Olivia's Store - - Rarity Charts - - Seed Information Farming Locations Gardener Payments Tool Leprechauns Amulet Of Nature Pirate Random Event FAQ

Farming is a brand new skill released on July 11 of 2005 by Jagex. With farming, you can grow fruits, trees, flowers, food, and even herbs. The best place to obtain seeds is in Draynor Village.

Starting Out:

So you want to become a farmer? First you need some seeds. For information on obtaining some scroll down to the Seed section below. After you have lots of seeds you are going to need some items.

Recommended Items: • • • • • • •
Rake Spade At least 500 gp Seed dibber At least 3 watering cans (8) (You can use a bucket of water to refill your watering cans) 4 buckets of compost (or 1-2 buckets if you have already made compost) If you do not have these items, they can be purchased at the nearest farming store or local farmer.

Next, select three different types of seeds. (If you are just starting out bring onion seeds). You should have a vegetable seed, a flower seed that will protect that vegetable, and a herb seed. Marigolds will provide protection over potatos, onions and tomatos, rosemary will protect cabbages, and nasturtiums will protect watermelons. Note: If your making sweetcorn, bring along 3 bronze spears, 3 sacks and 3 watermelons to make a Scarecrow. (Requires level 23 Farming). Now that you have your supplies, you can head over to a Farming patch. The best place to start is at Draynor Village or Falador. Once at a patch, use your rake with the "Allotment" or patch, to rake it out (When raking weeds, the head of your rake may fall off and land on the ground. Use the head on the handle to fix them). Use the weeds you get from raking to fill the compost bin (see the Compost section below). Next, use some compost on the vegetable patches. Now use the seeds you are planting with the patches, followed by watering them with a watering can. If you are level 1, stay with the patches until they are grown, watering them when needed, to advance to level 2. Harvest them, and repeat the process until you can plant Marigolds. Planting Marigolds will allow you to leave the patch, and ensure it will reach adulthood by itself. If you want to save some time and prevent boredom, see Avoiding Disease. Back to Top

Planting Seeds:
Heres a basic outline of how to plant seeds. For a more in depth outline, see Preventing Disease. 1. 2. 3. 4. Weed your garden by using your rake with the patch. Save the weeds to make your own compost. Use compost on your empty garden patch. Use your seed on the patch and water with a watering can. Finally either plant a flower, hire a gardener, stand around and water, or place a scarecrow.

If you are planting trees, there are a few extra steps involved. Trees cannot be planted directly into the ground, they must be planted in a plantpot of soil in your inventory, watered until they grow into a sapling, and then transplanted into the correct farming patch. A plantpot can be filled with soil from any empty farming patch by using a gardening trowel. Trees and herbs do not need watering. Back to Top

Avoiding Disease:
There are three ways to avoid disease: 1. 2. 3. Stand around and water plants when required Plant flowers/scarecrow Hire the services of a local garderner.

All three ways should be used with compost or super-compost. By far, the best way is to plant flowers or to use a scarecrow. Let me explain how this works. Normally, if you do NOT water your plants, they have a higher chance of dieing, so people stand around and water. (If plants die, use a spade to dig them out). This first method is very boring and time consuming! The second method is to plant flowers or place scarecrows. By simply planting a flower or placing a scarecrow along with using normal compost, your plants will need just 1 watering, and then you can leave them to do other things. In the center of each vegetable area there is a flower patch. Flowers are not just there to make the place look pretty, they are used to protect your crops. This means that certain types of flowers will attract the same pests as some crops, enough for the pests to leave the crops alone in preference to the flowers. Marigolds will provide protection over potatos, onions, and tomatoes, Rosemary will protect cabbages, and Nasturtiums will protect watermelons. Sweetcorn can be very attractive to birds, and if attacked their chances of being diseased increase. If you are level 23 in Farming you can build a Scarecrow to keep the birds away. (See the section on making Scarecrows). Note: DO NOT PICK THE FLOWER! You must have a grown flower there in order for it to protect the crops! This, in my opinion, is the best method. The third method, and the most costly method is to hire the services of a local gardener. To hire them, you will have to give them compost, sacks, or baskets of produce. Although expensive, your crops are guaranteed to survive until adulthood. The gardeners payment depends on the seed planted, but usually is one level lower than what is planted. Example: 2 cabbage sacks(10) to watch over tomatoes. (For a full list, see the Seed Information table). If you forget to do one of these methods or for some reason your crops become diseased, simply purchase a plant cure from a local gardener or Farming shop. Back to Top

Compost is very important in Farming. It helps to ensure your plants reach adulthood. You can buy compost from Farming shops, but it is expensive and requires many unnecessary trips. I suggest you make your own, its very easy to make. Making compost saves trips and money. 1. While at a farming patch, take all the weeds you can find, and use them with the nearby compost bin. You can get weeds by raking out the pathes. Look around the floor for people that have dropped their weeds, potatoes, marigolds, etc. and use them with the bin too. If you can't find any weeds or vegetation on the ground, you can go pick cabbage, potatos, onions, etc. from nearby areas. When it is full, close the lid and let it rot for 45 to 70 min, the time it takes to rot is different each time. When the compost is fully rotten (you know this when you are able to open the lid), open the lid, and then you can get compost by using a bucket on it. Using 1 bucket on

2. 3.

the compost bin and getting compost will give you 4.5 farming exp. Treating the soil with compost will give you 18 farming exp.

Super Compost:
Super Compost is better to use whilst farming. Super Compost:

• • •

Lowers the time that your crops will grow in. Will also increase your crop yield (I.E: You will get more Sweetcorn than you would with normal compost from your sweetcorn plant). Will also lower the chance of your crops getting diseased.

However, Super Compost is harder to make. You will need to use 15 of any mixture of the following items on the bin, but if you put anything in that is not as good as these then you will only get normal compost.

• • • • • •

Any tree roots Pineapples, papayas, and coconuts Watermelons Any herb that is avantoe or higher, including toadflax (but not irit) Jangerberries, whiteberries, and poison ivy berries Bittercap mushrooms

An example: If you put 10 Pineapples and 5 Watermelons in to the Compost bin then you will get Super Compost. But if you use 10 Pineapples, 4 Watermelons and 1 Potato with the Compost bin then you will get Regular Compost. There are four easy ways of making Super Compost:

Method 1 (fastest method): Go to any Charter Dock, these are located in: Karamja, Brimhaven, Port Sarim, Port Phasmatys, Port Tyras, Mos le'Harmless, Ship yard, Catherby, and Port Khazard. Note: for prices and requirements please visit our Transportation Guide, this will contain the prices to travel to these docks (using the charter ships). Trade the Crew Members on the dock, now buy 15 Pineapples (only 20 gp each). If you don't want to wait for the shop to restock the Pineapples then simply world hopping can do the trick. When you have a full inventory of Pineapples you can bank them and go for another trip, or you can put 15 into a empty compost bin and wait for it to turn into Super Compost. Method 2: Go to Southern Brimhaven, near Brimhaven Dungeon. Pick all of the Pineapple plants that are around this area untill your inventory is full. Now go to Ardougne and bank the Pineapples. Repeat step 1-3 untill you got the amount of Pineapples you want to have. NOTE: It takes 15 Pineapples to fill one Compost bin. Now use the Pineapples that you have got with a Compost bin.


2. 3.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7.

Wait around an hour for the Pineapples to rot. NOTE: This is an average time! Open the compost bin to find your Super Compost inside. You can get 15 Buckets of Super compost from one full compost bin. Method 3: Go to the Grand Tree which is located in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Go to the second level of the Grand Tree and see Heckle Funch, who sells Pineapples. He's near a bank as well, but his stock probably isn't as much as picking them yourself. You may need to server hop to get a bunch. Keep server hopping and banking untill you got the amount of pineapples you want. NOTE: It takes 15 Pineapples to fill one Compost bin. Now follow steps 5-7 of Method 1 to got Super Compost. Method 4: Simply buy your needed items from other players! Now follow steps 5-7 of Method 1 to got Super Compost.

1. 2. 3. 4.

1. 2.

Super Compost gives you 8.5 Farming experience for every bucket that you fill up, thus giving you 127.5 Farming experience when you fill 15 buckets up with Super Compost. Using Super Compost on a Farming patch will give you 25 Farming experience. Back to Top

Scarecrows are used to protect Sweetcorn from birds. You need to be level 23 Farming to make one. You can remove the scarecrow by using a spade on it. It can then be used again at a different patch. 1. 2. 3. 4. Use an empty sack on a bail of hay. Use the sack of hay on a bronze spear. Place a watermelon on it. Stand him in your garden to scare away birds.

Finished Picture of him:

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Tools are dropped by farmers and can also be purchased in Farming shops. All but the watering can are tradable. Farmers are located in the following places: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. One in the farm south of Falador in the main room. Two in the farm north of Ardounge, one in the field and one in the house. One on the road from Lumbridge to Draynor Village. Two on the way from Lumbridge to Varrock. One north of the road from Lumbridge to Draynor Village, in the large pen.

Name of tool Rake Seed dibber Secateurs Watering can Spade Gardening boots Gardening trowel Empty sack Basket Plantpot
Back to Top


Description Used for weeding your garden. Used for planting seeds Can be used to cut off diseased leaves on trees and bushes. Used to water your plants Used to harvest your plants Worn while farming Used to transfer a patch of soil to a plantpot. Used to carry 10 vegetables Used to carry 5 fruits Used to begin growing a tree from a seed to a sapling.

Where found Dropped by farmers and bought at farming shops Dropped by farmers and bought at farming shops Dropped by farmers and bought at farming shops Dropped by farmers and bought at farming shops Dropped by farmers and bought at farming shops Dropped by farmers and bought at farming shops Dropped by farmers and bought at farming shops Bought at farming shops Bought at farming shops Bought at farming shops

Seeds are what you plant in the farming skill. The main ways to get seeds are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Kill Monsters. Pickpocket Master Farmers (Level 38 Thieving Required). Steal from Seed stalls at Draynor Village (Level 27 Thieving Required). Receive a Bird nest during a random event while cutting trees then find one inside. Pick items (Cabbages, Potatoes, Onions, etc) from farms and you will occasionally get a seed. Run favors for the Wise old man in Draynor Village.

Thieving from the Master Farmers give 43 exp, and thieving from the Seed stall gives 10 exp.

Olivia's Store:
Olivia can be found in the Draynor Village Market. If you have not stolen from her stalls for 2 days, you will be able to trade with her to buy or sell some seeds.

Rarity Charts:
Here are some rarity charts to show how rare each type of seed is.

Seed Information:
Here is all the information you need about seeds. Note on the category "Where it's Found" A = Pickpocketed from Master Farmers, dropped by farmers, stolen from seed stall, purchased from Olivia at Draynor Village marketplace B = Pickpocketed from Master Farmers C = Found in Bird nests

Vegetable Seeds:

Name of Seed

Seed Picture

Finished Product

Where it's Found A

Level Required

Exp for Planting

Exp for Picking

Average Time to Grow (Minutes) 35

Potato seed




Onion seed Cabbage seed Tomato seed Sweetcorn seed Strawberry seed Watermelon seed Flower Seeds:


5 7 12 20 31 47

3 3.5 4 5.5 8.5 16

10.5 11.5 14 19 29 54.5

35 35 35 35 35 35

Name of Seed Marigold seed Rosemary seed Nasturtium seed Woad seed Limpwurt seed Tree Seeds:

Seed Picture

Finished Product

Where it's Found A A A A A

Level Required

Exp for Planting

Exp for Picking

2 11 24 25 26

8.5 12 20 20.5 21

47 67 111 115.5 120

Name of Seed Acorn Willow seed

Seed Picture

Finished Product

Where it's Found C C

Level Required

Exp for Planting

Exp for Checking Health 467.5 1456.5

Average Time to Grow (Minutes 140 220

15 30

18 25

Maple seed Yew seed Magic seed Fruit Seeds:


45 60 75

45 81 145

3403 7069.5 13768

300 380 460

Name of Seed Apple tree seed Banana tree seed Orange tree seed Curry tree seed Pineapple tree seed Papaya tree seed Palm tree seed Herb Seeds:

Seed Picture

Finished Product

Where it's Found C C C C C C C

Level Required

Exp for Planting

Exp for Checking Health 1200 1750 2470 2907 4605.5 6147 10150 1/3

Exp for Picking

27 33 39 42 51 57 68

22 28 35 40 57 72 111

8 10.5 13.5 15 21.5 27 41.5

Name of Seed

Seed Picture

Finished Product

Where it's Found A A A A

Level Required

Exp for Planting

Exp for Picking

Average Time to Grow (Minutes) 70 70 70 70

Guam Marrentill Tarromin Harralander

9 14 19 26

11 13 16 22

12.5 15 18 24


Buy from Shopneed Eadgar's Ruse quest completed A A A A A A A A A A





Ranarr weed Toadflax Irit leaf Avantoe Kwuarm Snapdragon Cadantine Lantadyme Dwarf weed Torstol Bush Seeds:

32 38 44 50 56 62 67 73 79 85

26.5 34 43 54.5 69 87 107 134 170.5 199.5

30.5 38 49 61.5 82 99 120 151.5 192 224.5

70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70

Name of Seed Redberry seed Cadavaberry seed Dwellberry seed Jangerberry seed Whiteberry

Seed Picture

Finished Product

Where it's Found A A A B B

Level Required

Exp for Planting

Exp for Checking Health 64 102 178 284.5 437

Exp for Picking

( 5 7 12 19 29

10 22 36 48 59

8.5 18.5 31 50.5 78

seed Poison ivy seed Hops Seeds: B 70 120 674 45

Name of Seed

Seed Picture

Finished Product

Where it's Found A A A A A A A

Level Required

Exp for Planting

Exp for Picking

Averag Time t Grow (Minute 35 35 45 45 55 65 75

Barley seed Hammerstone seed Asgarnian seed Jute seed Yanillian seed Krandorian seed Wildblood seed Special Seeds:

3 4 8 13 16 21 28

11 9 11 13 14.5 17 23

10 10 12 14.5 16 19.5 26

Name of Seed Mushroom spore

Seed Picture

Finished Product

Where it's Found B

Level Required

Exp for Planting

Exp for Picking

Avera Time Grow (Minut


41 57 (Planting) and 374 (Checking Health) 91 130 (Planting)

57 2/3


Cactus seed





Belladonna seed Calquat tree seed


63 72

512 48.5



and 12096 (Checking Health) 199.5 (Planting) and 19301.8 (Checking Health)

Spirit seed





Farming Locations:
Location (Closest Teleport)
Flowers + Herbs + Allotments + Compost Bin

• • • •

North of Ardougne (Ardougne teleport) West of Port Phasmastys (Varrock teleport or Ectophial, if you have finished Ghost Ahoy Quest) North of Catherby (Camelot teleport) South of Falador (Falador teleport)

Hops Patches

• • • •

North of Coal Trucks (Camelot teleport) Northern Lumbridge (Lumbridge teleport) North in Yanille (Caste Wars teleport) Southwest on Entranna (Falador teleport)

Wood Trees

• • • •

Varrock Castle (Varrock teleport) West of Lumbridge (Lumbridge teleport) Falador Garden (Falador teleport) Eastern Taverley (Falador teleport)

Fruit Trees

• • • •

Brimhaven (West Patch) (Ardounge teleport) West of Gnome Maze (Castle Wars teleport) Gnome Stronghold (Gnome glider or Spirt tree) South of White Wolf Mountain (Camelot teleport)

• • •

West of Champs Guild (Varrock teleport) Rimmington (Falador teleport) South of Ardougne (Ardougne teleport)

Etceteria (West Patch) (Camelot telport)

Special Seeds

• • • •

Mushrooms west of Canifis (Varrock teleport) Cacti northeastern Al Kharid (Duel arena teleport) Belladonna at Draynor Manor (Falador teleport) Calquat Tree at Tai Bwo Wannai (Ardougne teleport)

Spirit Trees

• • •

Brimhaven (East Patch) (Ardougne teleport) Port Sarim (Falador teleport) Etceteria (East Patch) (Camelot teleport)

Here are some maps that summarize all of these locations:

And here. Back to Top

Gardener Payments

These are the costs to have a local gardener watch over your crops.

Potatoes: 2 Buckets of compost Onions: 1 Sack of Potatoes (Can be picked prior or you can farm them yourself) Cabbage: 1 Sack of onions Tomatoes: 2 Sacks of cabbage Sweetcorn: 10 Jute fibres Strawberries: 1 Basket of apples Watermelons: 10 Curry leaves

Bush Patches:
Redberry bush: 4 Sacks of Cabbage Cadavaberry: 3 Baskets of Tomatoes Dwellberry: 3 Baskets of Strawberries Jangerberry: 6 Watermelons Whiteberry: 8 Mushrooms Poison Ivy: 15 Coconuts

Tree Patches:
Oak trees: 1 Basket of Tomatoes Willow trees: 1 Basket of Apples Maple trees: 1 Basket of Oranges Yew trees: 10 Cactus spines Magic trees: 25 Coconuts

Fruit Tree Patches:
Apple trees: 9 Sweetcorn Banana trees: 4 baskets of apples Orange trees: 3 Baskets of Strawberries Curry trees: 5 Baskets of Bananas Pineapple trees: 10 Watermelons Papaya trees: 10 Pineapples Palm trees: 15 papayas

Hops Patches:
Barely: 3 Buckets of compost Hammerstone Hops: 1 Marigold Asgarnian hops: 1 Sack of onions Jute: 6 Handfuls of Barley malt Yannilian hops: 1 Basket of Tomatoes Krandorian hops: 3 Sacks of Cabbage Wildblood hops: 1 Nasturtium

Special Patches:
Spirit Tree: 5 x Monkey Nuts, 1 x Monkey Bar, and 1 x Ground Suqah tooth. Back to Top

Tool Leprechauns
Near every farming patch you can now find little green Tool-Leprechauns. They can store your farming stuff for you. When you want to store your stuff into his Amazing Farming Equipment Store you will see this:

And your inventory will be like this:

To store your tools, simply left-click the item, or right-click the item and select Store. Please note that you can't store plant pots, gardening boots, baskets, empty sacks, or seeds with the leprechaun, and that you can only store secateurs OR magic secateurs at one time.

Type of Tool

Maximum Stored

Rake Spade Seed Dibber Secateurs* Watering Can Gardening Trowel Empty Bucket Compost Super Compost

1 1 1 1 1 1 31 255 255

*You may store normal or magic secateurs with the leprechaun, but you cannot store both at the same time. Back to Top

Amulet of Nature
The Amulet of Nature will allow you to assign it to a farming patch by "using" it with the patch, and will notify you when your seed has fully grown or died. You can only have one amulet of nature at a time, and it can only be assigned to one patch at any time. To make this amulet you will need the following:

• • • •

Level Level Level Level

75 75 19 27

farming (Planting Magic Tree Seeds)* woodcutting (Cutting Magic Trees)* crafting (Crafting Magic Strings) magic (Enchanting Emerald Jewelry)

* These are only required if you wish to grow your own magic tree and get your own magic root. As magic roots are tradable, these skills are optional. These are the following Items Required:

• • • •

Amulet Mould Gold bar Emerald Magic root

How to Craft the Amulet of Nature: 1. 2. 3. 4. Spin the Magic root in any Spinning wheel to get a magic string. Use the gold bar on a furnace to obtain the emerald amulet. Use the magic string on the amulet. Enchant the amulet by using level 27 magic (1 cosmic rune + 3 air runes).

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Pirate Random Event

Pirate's Combination Lock: If you're lucky, a wandering pirate will discover buried treasure in a patch where you're growing crops! Help him get the lid off the chest, and he'll share the booty.

Q: What is the Amulet of Nature used for? A: It tells you the situation of your Plants whether they are diseased or ready to get picked.