Fletching Skill Guide

Bowstrings Bows Arrows (making) Arrows (repairing) Ogre Bows and Arrows Crossbows Darts Bolts Alchemy Values - - Strung - - Unstrung

Materials Needed to make Bowstrings • •
1. 2. 3. 4. Flax A spinning Wheel Go to the Tree Gnome Stronghold. There is everything you need here. Next go to the spinning wheel and outside is some flax. Pick a load of it and then go up the ladder to the spinning wheel. Spin the flax into bowstrings and then deposit it all in the bank. Repeat as many times as necessary.


Materials Needed to make Bows • • •
Logs Knife Bowstrings

*Please Note*: The values shown in the table below are after you have strung the bows! You receive half of the experience when you cut the bow from the log, and the other half once you have strung it! Example: For the Oak Longbow, you will receive 25 experience points for cutting the bow, and 25 experience points for stringing it for a grand total of 50 experience points.


Bow Name Shortbow

Level To Make 5

Experience (Cut and Strung) 10

Range Level To Wield 1

Longbow Oak Shortbow Oak Longbow Willow Shortbow Willow Longbow Maple Shortbow Maple Longbow Yew Shortbow Yew Longbow Magic Shortbow Magic Longbow
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10 20 25 35 40 50 55 65 70 80 85

20 33 50 66.6 83 100 116 2/3 133 150 166.6 183

1 5 5 20 20 30 30 40 40 50 50

Materials Needed to make Arrows • • • •
Normal Logs Knife Feathers Arrow Heads (see Smithing Guide)

To make an arrow, first cut some ordinary logs and use a knife to cut them into shafts. Add feathers and then arrow heads to finish the arrows. Arrow heads can either be purchased from member's archery store, or smithed at an anvil. Feathers can either be bought from the fishing shop in Port Sarim or by killing chickens. NOTE- You make 15 arrows at a time!!


Arrow Name Arrow Shafts

Level To Make 1

Experience (Feather/Making Shafts) 5

Minimum Bow To Wield N/A

Headless Arrows Bronze Arrows Iron Arrows Steel Arrows Mithril Arrows Adamant Arrows Rune Arrows
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1 1 15 30 45 60 75

15 39.5 57.5 95 132.5 165 225

N/A Any Any Oak Willow Maple Yew

Repairing arrows
Materials Needed to Repair Arrows • •
Broken arrow (found searching crates or boxes, stolen from HAM members, or found at Digsite) Repair bench, Whetstone or Armour stand (15 Construction and up)

Use the Broken arrow on the repair equipment. You will either permanently destroy it or get an new arrow (random). Experience gained: 8 Fletching per repaired arrow.

Ogre Bows and Arrows
Materials Needed to make Ogre Arrows • • • •
Achey logs Knife Feathers Wolf bones and Chisel (For Ogre Arrows) or Hammer and Nails (for Brutal Arrows also see Smithing Guide)

You must have completed the Big Chompy Bird Hunting Quest to make Ogre arrows. To make ogre arrows, follow the instructions below. 1. 2. 3. 4. Cut some logs from the Achey Trees in the Feldip Hills. Use a Knife on them to make Ogre arrow shafts (yield varies, from 2 to 6). Add Feathers to make Flighted ogre arrows (at least 4 Feathers per arrow). Finally, kill some Wolves (any kind) and use a chisel with their bones to get Wolfbone arrowtips (yield varies, from 2 to 6). Making Wolfbone arrowtips (using chisel on Wolf bones) earns 2.5 xp each. Though the yield varies from 2 to 6, the xp each is constant.


Add these to the Flighted ogre arrows to make Ogre Arrows.

After the Zogre Flesh Eater Quest, you can make Ogre composite bows and Brutal arrows. The Composite ogre bow is made by using a Knife on an Achey tree log while carrying Wolf bones. To make Brutal arrows, use the desired type of Nails on Headless ogre arrows while carrying a Hammer. (Black nails may be found in coffins or as a Zogre drop. Comp ogre bows and Brutal arrows may also be purchased from Uglag Nor after you've sold him one Relicym's balm as described in the quest guide.) These cause the most damage to Zogres and can also be used to hunt Chompy birds or for regular everyday Ranging.


Bow Name Ogre Bow Comp ogre bow

Level To Make N/A (Quest) 30

Experience (Cut and Strung) N/A (Quest) 90

Range Level To Wield 30 30

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Arrow Name Ogre Arrow Shafts Headless Ogre Arrows Ogre Arrows Bronze brutal arrows Iron brutal arrows Steel brutal arrows Black brutal arrows Mithril brutal arrows Adamant brutal arrows Rune brutal arrows

Level To Make 5 5 5 7 18 33 38 49

Experience (Feather/Making Shafts) 1.6xp per Shaft 0.9 1 1.4 2.6 5.1 6.4 7.6

Minimum Bow To Wield N/A N/A Ogre Ogre Ogre Ogre Ogre Ogre

62 77

10.1 12.6

Ogre Ogre

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Materials Needed to make Crossbows • • • •
Logs Knife Limbs Crossbow string

How to make Crossbows
1. 2. 3. 4. Use a knife on appropriate logs to make a stock. Use the apporpriate metal bar and a hammer on an anvil to make the limbs. (Refer to the Smithing guide for the required level.) Or buy the required limbs from a crossbow salesdwarf (Hirko, Hura, or Holoy.) Use the limbs with the stock to make an unstrung crossbow. Use a crossbow string on the unstrung crossbow to get the final crossbow.

Fletchi Stoc Fletchi Limb Log ng lvl k ng XP s 9 24 39 46 54 61 69
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Unstru Total Fletchi Strin Fletchi Crossb ng Fletchin ng XP g ng XP ow c'bow g XP 6 32 44 54 64 82 100 6 16 22 27 32 41 50 18 64 88 108 128 164 200

6 16 22 27 32 41 50

You must have completed the Tourist Trap Quest to make darts.

Materials Needed to make Darts • •
Dart Tips (see Smithing Guide) Feathers


Dart Name

Level To Make


Bronze Dart Iron Dart Steel Dart Mithril Dart Adamant Dart Rune Dart
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1 22 37 52 67 81

1.8 3.2 7.5 11.2 15.0 18.8

Materials Needed to make Bolts • • •
Unfeathered bolts, made using the Smithing skill. Feathers Bolt tips (optional), to make stronger bolts.

Plain bolts
Name Bronze bolts Blurite bolts Iron bolts Silver bolts Steel bolts Mithril bolts Adamant bolts Rune bolts
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Level Required 9 24 39 43 46 54 61 69

Finished Bolt

Experience 0.5 1 1.5 2.5 3.5 5 7 10


Need to have done The Knight's Sword quest Bolt base is crafted with a bolt mould

Jewel-tipped bolts
Tips Name Opal bolt tip Jade bolt tip Pearl bolt tip Topaz bolt tip Barb bolttip Sapphire bolt tip Emerald bolt tip Mith grapple tip Ruby bolt tip Diamond bolt tip Dragonstone bolt tip Onyx bolt tip
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Type Bronze Blurite Iron Steel Bronze Mithril Mithril Mithril Adamant Adamant Rune Rune

Level To Experience Result Fletch 11 26 41 48 51 56 58 N/A 63 65 71 73 1.6 2.4 3.2 3.9 9.5 4.7 5.5 11 6.3 7 8.2 9.4

Name Opal bolt Jade bolt Pearl bolt Topaz bolt Barbed bolt Sapphire bolt Emerald bolt Mith grapple Ruby bolt Diamond bolt Dragonstone bolt Onyx bolt

Alchemy Values
The following values are based on Low and High Alchemy spells used on strung and unstrung bows.

Alchemy - Completed Bows
Picture Bow Name Shortbow Longbow Oak Shortbow Oak Longbow Low Alchemy (GP received) 20 32 40 64 High Alchemy (GP received) 30 48 60 96

Willow Shortbow Willow Longbow Maple Shortbow Maple Longbow Yew Shortbow Yew Longbow Magic Shortbow Magic Longbow
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80 128 160 256 320 512 640 1024

120 192 240 384 480 768 960 1536

Alchemy - Unstrung Bows
Bow Name Shortbow Longbow Oak Shortbow Oak Longbow Willow Shortbow Willow Longbow Maple Shortbow Maple Longbow Yew Shortbow Yew Longbow Magic Shortbow Magic Longbow Low Alchemy (GP received) 9 24 20 32 40 64 80 128 160 256 320 512 High Alchemy (GP received) 15 36 30 48 60 96 129 192 240 384 480 768