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1. Why do we need Automation?

Automation used when:
To speed up the testing process
To reduce the human errors
To Maintain the Test to reuse
2. What are the advantages of QTP when compared with other functional automation tools?
QTP is an Advanced Keyword Driven Testing.
The Action Parameters allow you to generalize the testing actions for greater reusability
It supports ERP/CRM, .NET, Web Services and Multimedia
It contains an Active Screen which gives the snapshot of the application
It supports the languages such as European, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean
3. What are the limitations of QTP?
QTP does not support Flash
4. Does QuickTest have any debugging capabilities?
5. What are the environments supported by QTP?

Windows Applications
• Visual Basic
• Java
• ActiveX

Enterprise Applications
• Oracle
• PeopleSoft
• Siebel

Web Technologies
• JavaScript

• Netscape

Emerging Technologies
• .Net Win forms,
Web forms, Web services
• J2EE Web services

Terminal Emulators
• 3270
• 5250
• VT100

Server Technologies
• Oracle
• Microsoft

6. Explain Testing Life Cycle

• RealAudio/Real Video
• Windows Media Player
• Flash

• European
• Japanese
• Chinese (traditional and
• Korean

" End If 12. Differences between analog and low-level recordings? Analog Recording Records the Exact mouse movements and the keyboard operations Records with respect to Screen and Window Generates a single statement called a Track in the test script We cannot edit the steps in the Analog recording Low-Level Recording Records all the Run time object as Win Object Records on any object whether QTP identifies or not 9. What is the diff between Wait () and Exist ()? You can enter Exist and/or Wait statements to instruct QuickTest to wait for a window to open or an object to appear. What are the different types of recording? There are three types of recording in Quick Test Standard Recording Analog Recording Low-Level Recording 8. Exist (Timeout) Example: If Browser ("Mercury Tours").Exist Then MsgBox "The browser exists. What is the Syntax for an Exist sync statement? Object. How to record on non standard menus? Record using Analog mode and Low-Level mode 10. How can I record on objects or environments not supported by QuickTest? By creating Virtual Object and Perform Analog recording on those objects 11.Identify the objects to the Object Repository Identify the Reusable Actions Identify the Functions Author the Script for the testing Enhance the Script based on the Requirements Debug the Test Run the Test Analyze the Results Report the Defects 7. Exist statements return a Boolean value indicating whether or not an object currently exists. Wait statements instruct QuickTest to wait a specified amount of time before .

it might take a few seconds:     for a progress bar to reach 100% for a status message to appear for a button to become enabled for a window or pop-up message to open 14. How to change the logical name of a Test Object? The Logical name is the name of the object that QTP identified in the application. along with all its children. Right click on the Object name and select “Rename” to rename the logical name of the object 18. Why do we use ‘SPY’? SPY is used to view the Properties and the Methods of the Object in the application 17. The default properties are also called as the Mandatory properties. What are the different types of views available in QTP? Keyword View Expert View 15. For example. You can add any object as a single object or a parent object. html tag and image type 16. What are mandatory properties? Mandatory provides unique identification of the objects. You can combine these statements within a loop to instruct QuickTest to wait until the object exists before continuing with the test or component. 19. Insert a step in your test or component for a selected object from the Active Screen. your application may not always respond with the same speed. How many ways you can add object in repository? Use the Add Objects option in the Object Repository dialog box.proceeding to the next step. 13. Choose the View/Add Object option from the Active Screen. Why do you need synchronization and explain how global synchronization is implemented? When you run a test or component. For example the default properties for the Web Image Object are alt. What is the use of active screen at least 3 uses? Active screen is used to show the snapshot of the application To insert the Check Points we can use the Active screen To view the Source To add the objects to the object repository .

Check the “Reusable Action” 22. How many types of Check points are there in QTP? Standard Checkpoint Text Checkpoint Text Area Checkpoint Bitmap Checkpoint Database Checkpoint Accessibility Checkpoint XML Checkpoint (Web Frame) . and application crashes during a run session can disrupt your run session and distort results.20. What is Smart identification? Smart Identification is used when there is an Ambiguity between the two objects When two objects in an application contains same properties then identifying the objects is very difficult.qrs > 28. This is a problem particularly when running tests or components unattended—the test or component is suspended until you perform the operation needed to recover. Data table 2. Environmental Variable 30. What is correlation? The process in which the output value of a variable is used as an input to the another variable 25. How to execute VB function? Call Function<Function Name> 31. Can I store functions and subroutines in a function library Yes 21. at these conditions Quick test identifies the object by enabling the smart identification 24. What are the different files available in QTP and their use? Object Repository File – To store the Objects in the application Recovery Scenario File – To store the Collection of the Recovery Scenarios Library File VBS File 23. 26. How to use Environment variable 27. in the Keyword view right click on the respective action and select Action Properties. errors. What is recovery scenario? Do we use this in real time? Unexpected events. What is the extension on recovery scenario file? < . Which method is used to call a function which is in the VBS file? 29. How we make actions reusable? After creating the test action. How many ways can we provide input to an action? Three Ways we can provide input to an action 1.

This is called as descriptive programming. if the link to a dynamically generated URL is an image. can use cookies both to store and retrieve information on the client side of the connection. report event is used to send the messages to the test results 34. For example. 39. without referring to the object’s logical name. QuickTest stores cookies in the memory for each user. What is descriptive programming? You can also instruct QuickTest to perform methods on objects without referring to the Object Repository. For example: Browser ("Window_logical_name"). How does QuickTest handle cookies? Server side connections. Therefore. To do this. How does QuickTest record on dynamically generated URLs and Web pages? QuickTest actually clicks on links as they are displayed on the page. You can use the Exist method to check whether or not a window exists. such as CGI scripts. you provide QuickTest with a list of properties and values that QuickTest can use to identify the object or objects on which you want to perform a method. How can I record and run tests on objects that change dynamically from viewing To viewing? Sometimes the content of objects in a Web page or application changes due to dynamic content. You can create dynamic descriptions of these objects so that QuickTest will recognize them when it runs the test 36. 33.Exist You can also use the Child Objects method to retrieve all child objects (or the subset of child objects that match a certain description) on the Desktop or within any other parent object. rather than the object itself. 37. then QuickTest records the "IMG" HTML tag. QuickTest records how to find a particular object. Where can I find a web page's cookie? 40.XML Checkpoint (File) 32. and the name of the image. 38. This enables QuickTest to find this image in the future and click on it. How to send messages to test the result? Reporter. and the browser handles them as it normally would. How does QuickTest capture user processes in Web pages? 35. How can I check that a child window exists (or does not exist)? Sometimes a link in one window creates another window. such as a link on the page. Is text area check point supported by web application? .

Is there any method to fetch value from 53. 42. For example. How do you call functions in QTP Project without adding test settings. The map has control keys for zooming. Using the bitmap checkpoint. This is one of the main reasons you should create a small group of tests rather than one large test for your entire application. Where do you use Browser(ppLoginBrowser). you can manually edit a test to update it.Exist 52. The correspondent window and object can be viewed. If the change is not significant. What is the difference between application testing and product testing? 50. How do I use QuickTest together with Test Director? 47. Parameterizing an Object doesn't parameterize the steps in the Expert view . 51.Is Add your library path which has all your VBScript files or functions to tools-->options-->folders . How do I maintain my test when my application changes? The way to maintain a test when your application changes depend on how much your application changes. Bitmap Checkpoint checks an area of your Web page or application as a bitmap. You can record the new map that is displayed after one click on the control key that zooms in the map.41. you can specify which properties of the image to check and edit the values of those properties. suppose you have a Web site that can display a map of a city the user specifies. How do you fetch data from search results grid using vb script. How to change the registry? 48. keyword view : Actions performed by the user are shown in tree format along with the input data . In the Image Checkpoint Properties dialog box. Please Explain difference b/w function and Action? 49.Why? 46. resources(library functions). Even window and object details are shown. This dialog box is similar to the standard Checkpoint Properties dialog box.Dialog(SecurityAlertDialog). except that it contains the Compare image content option. How do we add a step to the Action during test run? 45. What is the difference between keyword view and expert view? Expert View: Actions performed by the user are shown in the form of script. This option enables you to compare the expected image source file with the actual image source file. 43. When your application changes. What is the difference between image check point and Bitmap check point? Image checkpoints enable you to check the properties of a Web image. you can check that the map zooms in correctly. . you can rerecord part of a test. How do you handle new objects that appear in a new version of the same software? Adding the new objects in the object repository BY changing the Index property in the repository 44.

vbs file. This has no effect on QuickTest or the browser.Locate("filename.vbs") Call executefile(lib_path) Then u can call functions which are defined in the filename. the client generally does not notice the redirection. "Agents_Name" ) msgBox "val SQL row 1 col Name: " & db_get_field_value_SQL( curConnection . "ORDERS" . 1 ..vbs" 54.password) Login is the function which is defined in the "filename. "Agents_Name" ) db_disconnect curConnectionEnd If General Help Questions in QTP  How does QuickTest handle session IDs? The server. ."Executed query and created recordset ". usually by a cookie or by embedding the session ID in all links.... You need not to have this in Test->Settings-->resources Ex : Login(username. not the browser. This additional script produces the HTML code for the subsequent page to be viewed. 1 ) msgBox "val row 1 col Name: " & db_get_field_value( myrs . 0 .lib_path = PathFinder...  How does QuickTest handle meta tags? . "ORDERS" . SQL ) ' report the query and the connection string Reporter. SQL="SELECT * FROM ORDERS" connection_string="QT_Flight32" isConnected = db_connect ( curConnection .connection_string ) If isConnected = 0 then ' execute the basic SQL statement set myrs=db_execute_query( curConnection . 1 . In most cases. "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ORDERS" ) ' change a value of a field in an existing row rc = db_set_field_value (curConnection. "test". handles session IDs. "Agents_Name" . "Agents_Name". 0 .. and misdirection generally do not occur. the client is redirected to another script on the server. This does not affect QuickTest. "AGENT_TESTER") ' examples of how to retrieve values from the table msgBox "val row 0 col 0: " & db_get_field_value( myrs .ReportEvent micInfo .  How does QuickTest handle server redirections? When the server redirects the client.. 0 ) msgBox "val row 0 col 1: " & db_get_field_value( myrs . How do you connect to database using vbscript ? Here is the sample script of using data base connection."Connection_string is ==> " & connection_string & " SQL query is ===> " & SQL ' show the number of rows in the table using a record set msgBox " Quantity of rows in queried DB ( db_get_rows_count )==> " & db_get_rows_count( myrs ) ' show the number of rows in the table using a new SQL statement msgBox " Quantity of rows in queried DB (db_get_rows_count_SQL ) ==> " & db_get_rows_count_SQL( curConnection .

This technology is completely server-side and has no bearing on QuickTest. QuickTest supports XML and recognizes XML tags as objects. Generally. that enables Web designers to create their own customized tags. what the page is about. QuickTest supports COM objects embedded in Web pages (which are currently accessible only using Microsoft Internet Explorer) and you can drive COM objects in VBScript. QuickTest has no problem handling meta tags. they contain information only about who created the page.asp extension.asp? Dynamically created Web pages utilizing Active Server Page technology have an . frames or files. .  Does QuickTest work with XML? XML is eXtensible Markup Language. and which keywords represent the page's content. You can also create XML checkpoints to check the content of XML documents in Web pages. how often it is updated.  Does QuickTest work with . Therefore. QuickTest also supports XML output and schema validation.Meta tags do not affect how the page is displayed. a pared-down version of SGML for Web documents.  Does QuickTest work with COM? QuickTest complies with the COM standard.