Woodcutting Skill Guide

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Intro Types of Hatchets Types of Trees Logs Canoes - - Canoe stations - - Types of canoes - - How to make a canoe Suggested Places to Woodcut How to Make Money A lot of people in RuneScape think "woodcutting? BORING!", but this is not the case. It is a very useful skill, as some Scapers have found out. I for one have made over 4 million on it. To cut a tree, all you need is an Axe (a hatchet) (Bronze, Mithril, Rune, etc.) and then click on a tree that is labelled "Tree", not Oak or Yew etc. Also, Woodcutting is available on the free servers, but they can only cut Regular Trees, Oak Trees, Willow Trees, and Yew Trees. The following table shows what level attack you need to wield the hatchets, and what level woodcutting you need to use each hatchet. If you cannot wield the hatchet, you can still use it at any attack level, but you must have it in your inventory instead of actually wielding it. WARNING woodcutting has random events also, such as a Tree Ent which can break your hatchet if you do not stop chopping right away. If this happens take the damaged hatchet to Lumbridge and talk to Bob, who will gladly repair it for a few coins. Or you may be attacked by a lovely Tree Spirit (level varies depending upon your level; see Random Events Special Report.)

Types of Hatchets
Hatchet Bronze Iron Steel Black Mithril Adamantite Rune Picture Attack Level 1 1 5 10 20 30 40 Level to use 1 1 6 6 21 31 41

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Types of Trees
Tree Picture Required Recommende Experience Level d Level



1 To 20


Charcoal Tree


1 To 20


Light Jungle


10 or above




20 To 40


Medium Jungle


25 or above




40 To 60 (99 for EXP)




35 or above


Dense Jungle


35 or above




45 To 65 (For cash)


Note: this tree is only found in members areas, but can be traded, burned etc in non members areas.



45 and above


Mahogan y


50 and above




65 To 75 (For cash)




Beyond 75 (For cash)


* Denotes Members Only Tree You get Magic logs at such a low rate that the change in rate between level 75 and 99 is hard to really notice. At level 95 woodcutting and it takes me around 20 minutes to get a full load of Magic logs. Back to the top

Log Regular Picture

Oak Willow Teak Maple Hollow Tree Bark Mahogany Yew Magic
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It is possible to use woodcutting to make canoes for travel along the river Lum, which runs from Lumbridge up to level 35 wilderness. Note that canoes are for members only, and can only be made on a member's server. First of all, you'll need a woodcutting axe with the proper level to use it.

Canoe stations
There are 5 stations where you can travel to. From South to North (you can travel both ways), they are:

• • • • •

Lumbridge, at the east side of the river, just south of the House with the Goblins in it. Champions Guild, at the east side of the river, just west of the wheat field. Barbarian Village, at the east side of the river, south of the bridge to the village. Edgeville, at the east side of the river, south of the bridge. Level 35 Wilderness, the little lake south of where the Moss Giants are, between Red Dragon Isle and the Lava Maze. Only Waka canoes can come here. WARNING: You

cannot go back from this station! Types of canoes Name Log Dugout Stable Dugout Level to Make 12 27 42 Experience Gained 30 60 90 Where it can Go One station away, cannot enter wilderness. Two stations away, cannot enter wilderness. Three stations away, cannot enter wilderness.




Any station on the river, including the wilderness exit.

How to make a canoe
1. 2. Go to one of the stations; you should see an unusal big tree there, cut it down. Now that it's cut down, you can make a canoe from it. Click on the fallen tree and select the canoe you want to make. Now push the canoe into the water by clicking on it. Now you can float on it. Click on the canoe and select where you want to go. Remember, higher level canoes can float further than the others, and give more woodcutting experience, so it's recommended to build the highest canoe you can make.

3. 4.

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Suggested Places to Woodcut
• • • •
There are lots of regular Trees to be cut outside of Draynor Village. Oak trees can be found in many places, but a good location is just outside the Draynor Village bank, where there are two nearby oak trees. There are 5 Willow trees right outside the Draynor Bank for Free Play, and 9 Willow trees just on the shore line of Rimmington. Teak trees may be found in the more remote areas of the map. Nine can be found in Tai Bwo Wannai Village, but 100 trading sticks are required to enter the grove. There are also three teak trees on Ape Atoll, near the entrance to the large underground tunnel, one tree far southwest of the Castle Wars arena, one tree at the very edge of the map in Uzer (eastern part of the desert), and five teak trees in the Kharazi jungle, near the pool of water and reeds used in the Legend's Quest. Teak trees may also be obtained from workers in the kingdom of Miscellania after completion of the Royal Trouble quest. There are 5 Maples at Seers' Village. Please note that there are currently no Maples in F2P areas. Maple trees can also be found along the path towards Rellekka, north of the Seers' Village, and they can be products of labor by the Kingdom of Miscellania after the quest Throne of Miscellania. Hollow Trees (notable for their Dr. Seuss-like appearance with rings around the trunk) are located exclusively in the swamp area East of Canifis (the Werewolf Village). Note that you will be constantly attacked by the Leeches in this area. Mahogany trees can be found in similar areas to teak trees. There are four mahogany trees in the Tai Bwo Wannai Village grove, which requires 100 trading sticks to enter. Ape Atoll has two isolated trees; one is found near the entrance to the city, and the other is in the southwestern part of the island's jungle. Two mahogany trees may also be found at the southeastern corner of the Kharazi Jungle from the Legend's Quest. Mahogany trees may also be obtained from workers in the kingdom of Miscellania after completion of the Royal Trouble quest.

There are 6 Yew Trees South of the Flax Fields for members. Non-members can cut Yews North of Port Sarim, One near Falador's South Gate, One next to Varrock Church, The forest South-East of Draynor Village has four Yew trees. Also behind Varrock Palace are three Yew trees and some next to earth altar). There is 1 Magic Tree near the Gnome Stronghold Agility Center, and some located south west of Lletya (The trees are located close to Eluned, who is An NPC for Roving Elves and Mournings Ends Part 1). There are also magic trees at the Mage Training Arena, near Al-Kharid.

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How To Make Money
• • • • • •
Cut down a lot of Willow, Maple, or Yew Logs and Sell Them. Willow Logs Sell For 50 GP Each Maple Logs Sell For 100-200 GP Each Yew Logs Sell For 250-300 GP Each Magic Logs Sell For 1000-1300 GP Each It is recommended that you cut down Yews and sell them, they give you a lot of experience and sell for a lot.

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