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Name: Galo Recalde

Class: 7 Automotriz

1. What is leadership grid?
It is a tool for development and valuation of leader behavior.

2. Which are the two dimensions of the grid?

Concern for people and concern for the production

3. What does each dimension refer to?

Concern for the production
The creativity of the investigation, the efficiency of the work and the
volumen of the production.
Concern for the persons
It treats of elements as the personal promise the maintenance of them auto
estimate of the workers and to create good relations of work.
4. What is the scale of the grid?
Each axis has a 9-point scale, where 1 represents little concern and 9 great

5. Which are the styles of the grid?


Team Leader
Country Club
Middle of the Road

6. Describe each one of the styles of the grid?

1,1 improvised
The managers care little about people or production, as they have a
minimum participation in its work: for all purposes, have left their jobs and
only set the pace or act as messengers that communicate information from
superiors to subordinates.
9,9 Team Leader
Showing in their actions as possible dedication to both his personal
production and as team .They are the true "team managers" that can
harmonize production needs of the company with the needs of individuals
1,9 Country Club
Have little or no concern for production and only care about people. Foster
an environment in which all are relaxed, friendly and happy and no one
cares to implement a coordinated effort do to achieve the goals of the
9,1 Authoritarian
Who are only concerned to develop an efficient operation, which has little or
no concern for the staff and they are extremely autocratic leadership style.
If these four ends as benchmarks, technical, management style or approach
used, can be located somewhere in the grid
5,5 Middle of the Road
Have an average concern for production and staff. Achieve a moral and
appropriate production, but not outstanding. Do not set goals too high and
usually have a benevolently autocratic attitude towards people.
7. What is the leadership survey?
It is an instrument which together with the leadership grid to measure the
leadership style of a person.

8. How many types of surveys are?

"self assessment" and "evaluated by others"

9. Which are the characteristics of each survey?

Self evaluation .- makes us reflect and think about our behavior, charisma
and attitude in our workplace.
Evaluated by other .- makes the person q evaluates us rate the most
important within the company as partner or boss aspects.

What is the process of the survey to reflect the results
on the grid?
From the questions posed in the questionnaire two scores are extracted

One that values leadership style based on the requirement in the tasks,
duties and productivity.
Another who values the leadership of the individual based on the
permissibility, the ability of delegation, the motivational skills,
communication skills.
Then the calculation of averages is performed to determine where this grid.

What each scale grading represents on the grid?

Low scores in both styles. Depleted leadership.

High score in demanding tasks and low on the democratic style. Leadership
Lower scores on tasks requiring high score in the people-centered
leadership. Leadership social club.
Score average in both styles. Leadership midpoint
High score in both styles. Leadership team.

Whats is coauching?

Coaching is a methodology that gets the highest professional and personal

development of people and resulting in a profound transformation,
generating changes in perspective and increased commitment and
responsibility, which translates into better results.


Write an example about coauching?

Marketing Manager of a multinational company

Take the reins. Stop postponing really important life issues are some of the
Coaching helps you find your true dream list in all areas and what is better,
helps you meet them in the near future.
I highly recommend because it's also nice to know that everything that
happens depends on ourselves with the advantage that it helps to be true
that phrase, sometimes distant, to live the here and now.

What is the difference between in the coaching and
Coaching is a way to guide or motivate people to achieve their objectives or
Leadership is the ability of a person to lead a group of people.
the difference between the two is that both are aimed at meeting the
objectives just that the coaching searches that all team members meet their
goals and leadership only looks that the team's goal is met.

Which are the models of the coaching?


Explain each model


This model Serves to guide and develop some effective meetings


This model leads to the coaches to higher levels of development



What is conflict?

It is a situation in which two or more persons with opposing interests come

into confrontation, or undertake mutually antagonistic actions to neutralize,
injure or eliminate the rival party.


How many types of confict are?

There are two types of conflicts Functional and Dysfunctional Conflict.


Define and explain each one of the types of coaching

1. Personal Coaching
2. Business Coaching
3. Organizational Coaching
4. Executive Coaching
5. Coaching for Leadership
6. Ontological Coaching
7. Attraction Coaching
8. Family Coaching
9. Transformational Coaching
10. Shadow Coaching

Which are the models of the coaching?



What is managing of the conflict?

Conflict management is the development of a behavior that is expressed in:

The ability to listen actively
The ability to analyze problems, identify and separate the issues involved
and take a decision or reach a resolution with respect thereto.

The ability to use neutral language speaking clearly, and if written

opinions are required to.
Sensitivity to the values deeply parties, including issues related to
ethnicity, gender and cultural differences.

Explain the models of the conflicto management. Use

Collaborative style

We saw that the contributor style is one in which we try to defend our
interests and to everyone involved in the conflict. This style is most effective
in cases where we need to seek an integrated solution because the interests
of all parties are so important that they will accept no compromise. It is also
useful when it is important that all parties learn and combine their different
views and perspectives. It is also highly recommended when some parts of
conflict harboring resentments outstanding as a result of previous conflcitos.

Competitive style

The competitive style corresponds to that in which desomos the interests

of other parties and we just defend ours. At first glance it may seem very
competitive, very aggressive and unsuitable if we defend values such as
solidarity and empathy. However, the competitor style is revealed as the
only effective if the other parties to the conflict are not practicing fair play. It
may also be advisable in emergency situations, in which a strong and
effective by the leader, or in cases that require us to take unpopular
measures are necessary, even though these may affect others action is

Style Engagement

The compromise is in the domain of trading. In this space all parties to the
conflict must give up some of their positions to reach an agreement
satisfactory to all. It is the most effective solution when the warring parties
defend interests that are mutually exclusive. Also when these parts are
doomed to failure understood and collaboration or competition. However,
think it's entirely possible negotiation scenario in which the result is not
satisfactory to either party.

Avoidant style

Do not discount the possibility of avoiding the conflict as a way of coping.

Avoid conflict in situations where it revolves around issues that are trivial for
you or simply when its existence does not contribute in any way to
achieving your goals. There are also times that we are not in the best
address conflict or where the cost exceeds the benefit possible moment.
Note also that there are times when you need to create a space and time to
be reduced and possible tensions generated the conflict settle down.

Accommodative style

The fifth position on the conflict, accommodation, was to divest and is a

position that we tend to underestimate. However happens to be the most
appropriate in situations where we must recognize that we have made a
mistake or that we were wrong. It is also very useful when we have passed
and we lost. If so, any aggressive stance only help our cause harm. Consider
also yield when an issue is more important to the other that to yourself.
Remember that politicians know that yield is important in those moments
that interest them "earn points" that give you power in future situations.