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21 January 2015

4.15pm – 6.16pm
Chairperson Calderon
Vice Chairperson Muñoz (late)
Councilors Balagot, de Layola, Reynoso, and Sarmiento
Year Level Representatives Fuentes, Iwarat, and Rayos
AIT Representative Bactol (left early, 4.37pm)
1. Remittance
2. LCC Updates
3. GASC Updates
4. Committee/Batch Updates
5. College GA
6. Recruitment Week
7. AIT Month
8. USC Updates
1. Agenda Approval
USC & College GA first
Semplanning unfinished business
2. USC & College GA
College GA
- still waiting for talk with Sir dela Santa; earliest possible next week
- Ma'am Badilla is the new SA coordinator; meet with her also
- invite USC in college GA

representative from AIT to the USEB: Louise Reyes
All Leader's Conference on January 27: org heads and council
UP Fair ticket selling
gender discussion c/o Tolits Tanaka: Feb 24, 11.30-1 (seminar room or student
lounge); organize mobile gender talk
- AIT projects to partner with USC: Cultural Week
3. Semplanning
Education and Research (c/o Councilor Sarmiento)
- statements
- college election code formulation (Chair Calderon, Vice Chair Muñoz, Councilor
Carbonell): deadline on March 14
- ED on voting (speaker: 1-2 from Tatak Botante, Seminar Room, P1K budget)
- ASEAN Integration ED in partnership with USC, gather as many attendees as possible
- Climate Justice ED
- Social Media as part of Modern Learning ED, partnership with MMC; 2nd week of April,
Seminar Room (2K budget, depending on the speakers), partnership with orgs
- AIT Debate, last week of Feb (move Mobile Gender Talk to 17)

Institute Security (c/o Councilor Sarmiento)
- seminar and workshop on self-defense (speakers 1-2, AIT Seminar Room)
- no bank account turnover yet
- first semester: P1468 left
- P21675 from second semester student fund
Midterm Report Publication
- release on February 2
4. Remittance – next general assembly
5. LCC Updates – meeting tomorrow
6. GASC Updates
- council report (44 SCs)
- resolution building: UP Mindanao USC re: removal of military base in their campus
- UPM USC: “bracketing” of patients in the USC
- CRSRS proposed amendments: 1 council 1 vote, minimum academic requirement,
effectivity clause
7. Committee/Batch Updates
Sports and Fitness (c/o Councilor de Layola and Batch Rep Iwarat)
- 16 total teams competing
- joined men’s basketball, women’s volleyball, and futsal
- color: yellow
8. Recruitment Week
- RTRs
- mixer event on Friday
- pubmat of featured VolCorps members (Jan 25)
- potluck
- games & program c/o Vice Chair Muñoz
9. AIT Month
- will meet for details
- overall theme: Philippine Culture & Tourism
- Mr. & Ms. AIT: regions
- Cultural Week: Indigenous Peoples
- Feb. 6: deadline of participants for Mr. & Ms. AIT
10. Updates
Year III (c/o Batch Rep Iwarat)
- GA on Tuesday, 4PM
Mass Media (c/o Councilor Reynoso)
- college GA pub & rec week pub

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