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SherryYALit wiki 1

Using the YA Lit wiki

Step1 :
the wiki

If you type into the URL of your internet browser, you
should arrive at a page that looks something like this. The first step is to JOIN our YA
lit wiki! Do this by clicking create an account or by clicking join at the top left (if
youve already joined, move on to step 2). Dont worry: joining is free and requires only
an email address.

Welcome to the main page of our YA Lit wiki! Here you can find general information about the
course, including links to the home page agenda with each days activities and homework
assignments. On the side is a navigation bar that allows you to quickly link to important pages of the
wiki. Click Personal pages, find your name, and click on the link. Then click Edit.

SherryYALit wiki 2

Step 2:
Creating a

Below is what you should see on the new page youve created. At the top of the page
is an editing bar, with lots of buttons that should remind you of Microsoft Word, or
other word processing programs. This bar is always there while you are editing a
page. Below it, you should see some text highlighted. Type in back to personal

Highlight the word back, and

then click on the link button
that looks like a chain link.


When you click the Page Name

drop-down menu (a little arrow
next to the page name box),
you should see the names of
pages on our wiki. Scroll down
or start typing Personal pages
and select that page. Now click
Add link. The word back on
your page should now appear in
blue, as a link, but it wont be
official till youve saved your
page. Click save to do that

In the dialog box that pops up,

you have some options for
linking text on this page to
other pages on the wiki (just
like on other webpages youve
used). To link to a page on our
wiki, click on the Page Name
menu box.


SherryYALit wiki 3

Step 3:

Inserting a

This step will come in handy throughout the semester, as you upload drafts of your
assignments or put things on the wiki for us to look at together. For now, well
practice this step by inserting an image onto your personal page. Find a picture of
yourself (Facebook? Or take a quick cellphone pic?) that will help me know you
better as a student/teacher. Save it to your computer desktop for uploading.

On the wiki editing bar, click the

button marked File. This opens a
dialog box for uploading files.

Click the Upload files

button to find a file on
your computer youd
like to upload to the
wiki. In this case,
browse to the desktop
and find the image file
you chose. Then click
upload. You should
see the image appear
among the other files.

Double-clicking the file in the bank above inserts it into

your wiki page. It should appear like the example to the
right. Below the image, type something about yourself as
a student: What helps you learn? What do you like/hate
doing in the classroom? How about outside it? What
would you want to know about your colleagues?

Your page now looks something like this. Click the Save button on the editing
bar. If you want to change something later, you can always click Edit this page
at the top of any page on our wiki.

SherryYALit wiki 4

Step 4:
Making a

When you look at the top of the page

youve just saved, you should see a tab
with the icon
. Find this tab
on the top of someone elses personal
page (Use the personal pages link on
the navigation bar to find someones
To begin making a discussion post, click
this tab. If youve ever posted to BOLT at
Bloom, or posted to a blog online, the
discussion post for our wiki should look
very similar: type a response to that
persons page into the big box and click

Step 5:
Creating a
new page

This step will come in handy each time you complete a homework assignment
and link it to your personal page. Remember to name all pages and files you
create with your name to avoid overwriting someone elses work! So in your
personal page, click Edit and type LastnameYALitQuest (so mine would be
SherryYALitQuest). (if you named your page or file YALitQuest and
someone else did the same, your work would be replaced by theirs.)

Select the text you just

typed and click Link.
Then click Add link.
Youve just created a link to
a page that doesnt exist
yet. Save your personal
page, click on that new
link, go to your new page,
and copy/paste the
answers to the
Questionnaire under
todays date on our Home


Congratulations! By joining the wiki, adding a link, inserting a file, making a discussion post,
and creating a new page, youve earned the title of wiki master for today!