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March 5, 2104

K Hugh Ham, Barrister and Solicitor Municipal Counsellors #1 5508 1 St SE Calgary, AB T2H 2W9 Dear Mr. Secord:

RE: Badlands Motorsports Resort

  • I have had a chance to review the official copy of Kneehil County Bylaw 1657, that being a bylaw to amend Land Use Bylaw 1564.

  • I submitted to you a report on November 21, 2014 which outlines biodiversity considerations with respect

to the Badlands Motorsports Resort. My report was finalized prior to the December 4, 2013 public hearing

held by Kneehill County.

The Badlands Motorsports Resort Area Structure Plan discussed in my November 21, 2013 report is the same one explicitly recognized in the officially adopted Kneehill County Bylaw 1657 in Section 2 (1) Purpose:

"To accomodate a comprehensive motorsports resort as described in the

Badlands Motorsports

Resort Area Structure Plan Bylaw #1597, Sections 3.7 (Development Plan Components) through Section 3.11 inclusive, and including but not limited to driving courses, maintenance and servicign facilities, recreational services, residential uses, park areas, conservation areas and other uses as deemed appropriate by Council."

and in Section 4 Development Standards:

"Those standards as further described in Sections 3.7 to 3.14 inclusive and Sections 3.16 and

3.17 of the Badlands Motorsports Resort Area Structure Plan, as informed by the Conditions

Prior to Development or as approved by Council or its delegate."

  • I am Professional Biologist registered in the province of Alberta with expertise in environmentally

significant features identification, wetland identification, ecological research and species at risk studies. I am personally familiar with the lands in question. I was also the principal researcher on a 1991 Environmentally Significant Areas study for Kneehill County and have conducted other biodiversity research in the surrounding region since the early 1970s.

In my professional opinion, Bylaw 1657 and the Badlands Motorsports Resort Area Structure Plan promote the degradation of a significant natural environment, one identified in county and provincial documents as environmentally significant. The redesignation in Bylaw 1657 to facilitate development of a motorsports resort is not consistent with the stated goal of Alberta's Land Use Policies as outlined in my November 21, 2013 report. Bylaw 1657 and the proposed Badlands Motorsports Resort Area Structure Plan are also not consistent with the Kneehill County Municipal Development Plan, specifically related to guidance and policies dealing with Environmentally Significant Areas and valleys.

Respectfully submitted,

Cliff Wallis, P. Biol. President, Cottonwood Consultants Ltd.