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ICTs in Educa3on Webinar 1

January 27, 2015

Advanced Teachers College: IOL
Paramaribo, Suriname

Because the world is my house

Shrinivsi, Surinamese poet

Omdat de wereld mijn huis is
heb ik tussen anderen gewoond
heb ik andere klimaten geproefd
ben ik op mijn tocht over de aarde
terug naar de boom in de avond
voor reflektie en ongebreidelde rust
sluit ik langzaam de keten van reizen
voor het licht in mij raakt uitgeblust

Because the world is my house

I have lived among others
I have tasted other climates
I have returned to the tree at evening
on my journey over the earth
for reflection and unbridled rest
I slowly close the chain of travel
before my inside light sets in the west

e-Por&olios are

of your teaching excellence using





What do you mean by Nimble?

You are a problem-solver

You are comfortable with low-tech or high-tech

You can personalize learning

You dont just cover the material; you think of

ways to uncover it as well.

What do you mean by Eec*ve?

You are passionate about your subject and compassionate
toward children
You know know which pedagogies and tools work best to
ensure that all students:

Catch up: struggling learners

Catch on: growing learners

Catch fire: inspired learners

What do you mean by Evidence-Based?

You have proof that what you are doing is working

You can measure student progress

Your data is reliable

You can show results (student work)

Other teachers can try your method

What do you mean by Demonstra3ons?

You have proof that what you are doing works

You can measure and show student progress

You can demonstrate an inclusive classroom

You are reaching all learners

What do you mean by Technology?

ORIGIN early 17th cent.: from Greek tekhnologia
systematic treatment, from tekhn art, craft + -logia

High-Tech, High-Touch, High Teach tools

A personal touch and a climate for learning

21st Century Rs are now:

1. Rigor (high standards)

2. Relevance (learning that matters)

3. Relationship (connection to people, content)

What do you mean by Organiza*on?

A coherent design for learning

An inclusive classroom climate for learning

Planning that builds skills

Tools to help students organize their learning

What do you mean by Knowledge?

You know your subject so well that you

focus mostly on the children you teach

You choose appropriate pedagogies that fit

the content and the needs of your students

You know know how to teach the grade

behind you and the grade in front of you

What do you mean by Networks?

You share your work in order to get

feedback and improve your practice

You belong to professional associations

You learn best from and with your colleagues

What do you mean by Openness?

As a professional, you are open to change

You support communi3es of prac3ce that share

Open Educa3onal Resources

You focus on newer, 21st century 3Rs:




What do you mean by Wisdom?

wisdom |wizdm| noun
the quality of having experience,
knowledge, and good judgment

Lets start building our e-PorAolio!