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Oil Price Information Service Information Services

The world’s most comprehensive source

for petroleum information, products and
prices began in 1977 with the award-
winning Oil Express Newsletter, quickly
expanded in 1980 into world’s most
extensive database of U.S. wholesale
petroleum prices. OPIS distributes the
most accurate, reliable and referenced petroleum prices via fax,
newsletter, e-mail, internet, 3rd party vendors, and through one of
the nation’s first commercial online services — PetroScan.
Ben Brockwell Tom Kloza
Director, Rack Pricing Director, Editorial Content

OPIS is comprised of more than 40 information specialists, including the most experienced editors and pricing experts
in the business. OPIS pricing experts track more than 30,000 daily rack prices for heating oil, gasoline, diesel and
kerosene, and thousands of contract prices for jet fuel, LP-gas, residual fuel, and ethanol. More than 85,000 retail
gasoline prices are also tracked daily. Our editors not only cover the market and report breaking stories — but also
provide inside analysis on what the trends mean and how they could affect prices and purchasing decisions. Our client
list is strictly confidential, and includes the top 200 oil companies, thousands of distributors, traders, government and
commercial buyers of petroleum products.

The OPIS benchmark remains the industry’s gold standard.

Nearly 100 billion gallons of fuel are pegged to OPIS rack and spot prices annually. OPIS is the most widely accepted
fuel price benchmark for supply contracts and competitive positioning. It’s used as the benchmark price by the world to
buy and sell U.S. gasoline, diesel, LP-gas, jet fuel, crude, propane, refinery feedstocks, resid, kerosene, ethanol and
MTBE. OPIS is relied on as the benchmark because OPIS remains completely unbiased and independent. OPIS has no
stake in fuel transactions, is not funded by oil industry initiatives, and strictly adheres to antitrust guidelines determined
by independent legal counsel.

Commitment to excellence in customer service.

OPIS is committed to providing the highest level of customer support to our subscribers. For example, during times of
extreme price volatility as in the event of an international crisis, OPIS provides instant updates of news and prices via
e-mail to our customers. In an effort to continually improve our products, we encourage customer feedback and
welcome hearing client questions, concerns and suggestions. OPIS is a division of UCG, one of America’s leading
publishers of specialized business information.

OPIS offers a variety of products and services.

News & pricing services, award-winning newsletters, industry directories, real-time cash prices, spot basis differentials,
retail gas prices and margins & trends, diesel prices and margins & trends, transportation reports, and OPIS
conferences and training classes are just some of our services.

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