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Evaluation Q1

In what ways did your media production use, develop or

challenge forms and conventions of real life media products?
My media production idea was inspired by the BBC Three Drama,
Murdered By My Boyfriend. I was able to develop it further by introducing
their relationship from when they first met, giving the audience an insight
to what entailed behind closed doors- from the good and bad. I believed
this was important as I was able to make the audience become familiar
with the characters, forming a clear understanding of who was playing the
protagonist and antagonist. I used the developed storyline to
communicate the progress of their relationship, which included signs that
foreshadowed the aspects of abuse that were going to be seen, such as
Lukes aggressive behavior when they were arguing outdoors in Waterloo.
The BBC Three drama had a longer duration of an hour and a half, in which
I had only a time frame of approximately 5mins to make my film. This was
challenging and required a lot of planning into how I would edit the
fragments to create a clear journey of time passing in their relationship. I
believe this was achieved through having various locations where my
characters were seen, including their home and when they were out on
dates. The change in costume was an important factor as it kept each
occasion separate so the audience were able to identify their everyday
activities as a couple and the locations they had visited. The costume was
an important factor as it also signified the age of my characters who were
in their early 20s, represented through the mature jackets Faith and Luke
wore when they were outdoors. Having this in comparison to a simple rain
coat made them appear more smart and ready for work and business,
matching the busy scene in central London so my target audience can
identify the link.
There are a variety of conventions I incorporated into my production to
foreshadow to viewers that a tragedy was approaching. Similar to
Murdered By My Boyfriend where the antagonist becomes over protective,
I have a scene early on in their relationship where the characters are
outdoors and Luke becomes quite aggressive and controlling towards Faith
when they are in Leister Square. Small signs such as these were semiotics
for negative aspects in their relationship peeking through. This idea rooted
from other real life media texts such as Michael Apteds-Enough (2002),
where the victim finds that her abusive partner had planned how hed get
her in a sinister way. The change in her husbands behavior seemed to be
quick and merciless. Although the relationship in my production continued
downhill within the narrative, I decided to challenge my viewers as a
director, leaving an unsolved ending for my audience to interpret in their
own way. I felt this was challenging them as well as myself, because it
mirrored the underlying message in the production as Faith asks whether
you would live it all over again for the good moments. Everything is down
to the choices you make.