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How to laugh everyday

Laugh is the best medicine for who that have problem or being sad. Laugh is the
experience or manifestation of mirth, amusement,scorn, or joy. It is one of my
favorite emotions to show everyday, especially the laughter that brings you tears.
They are the good ones. When we werw children, we laugh about 400 times a day.
As we get older and more serious, the amount narrows down. Adults laugh
approximately 15 times per day. We can pretty much laugh at any time of the day
and at anything we want. We all need a good laugh. For me not everyone can make
us happy everyday. To run from sadness we have to fun to happy. In my on opinion
here are some ways on how to make us happy everyday.
Firstly, smiles sincerely can make we happy. Ability to bidders at a time when
you are experiencing grief. Worst of people are those who never smiled and never
smiled others. If possible, 24 hours would be spent with his face wrinkle million.
So people see that it was serious. If you do not know to smile, how people want to
smile at you. So you must smile at people.
Next, we must spend time with funny friends. One things might be funny to
someone but may not be funny to another. Laughter can come from someone else
mistakes such as your friends falling on their behind. You cannot help but to laugh
the minute it happen but you are not trying to be rude. We can throwback our
memories wheather we are in school time or children time. Making jokes also a
ways to make us laugh.
Furthermore, watching funny movies also can make us happy. We can go to
cinema to watching movies with friends, family and the special one. Watching with
family also, can enjoy yourself. Laughter is the main purpose of a comedian and
clownaes job. They hawe to make we laugh because if they donate, they have no
job anymore. Most television shows and movies are classified as a comedy.
Examples Maharaja Lawak Mega, Runnig Man and so on. Their purpose is to try
to make their audience laugh. If you are feeling down, just pop in a good comedy
and hopefully your day will brighten up.

Not just that, read the funny comics also can be a medicine of sad. It can give
our brain to imagine hoe the character art. For example Lawak Kampus, Ujang and
so on. Although, it is funny comics, it can give us a lesson. It also can make us
laugh when you explore the whole of story.
Lastly, we can going to interesting and enjoyable place. Example we can go
carcus to see clown, animals and so on. We also can go to a shopping complexs
and we can go to swimming pool to enjoy your life. It can stabil our feeling from
sad to happy.
There are many things that bring forth laughter and the good part is it helps you
mentally and physically. In a conclusion, we must laugh everyday because it can
forget the problem we faced and it can prevent us from stress.


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