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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to apply for the Erasmus Mundus Masters program in "Embedded Computing Systems"
starting in Septembert 2014. The proper information of technology and its proper utilization gives the
utmost edge for a society and this very drive of being at the heart of development, made me choose my
career ambition towards becoming a successful system engineer, aimed at contributing to research and
development in areas of emerging disciplines of embedded system design and architectures.
Right from my childhood, I recognized myself having a great entice towards the field engineering, for its
versatile and valuable services to the mankind. My inquisitive nature and a strong desire to ingrain the
fundamental principles enabled me to achieve an excellent academic record. I was awarded scholarships
at the National level in the 10th and 12 th standards. My academic performance continued to flourish at
Tribhuvan University during the Bachelor in Engineering Program and I consistently stood among the top
rankers. And in addition, I received five consecutive Semester Fellowship Awards for excellence in the
Academics completing my graduation, with first class degree with Distinction, standing out in the third
position of the batch.
The undergraduate program in Engineering at Tribhuvan University, Nepal not only provided me with a
strong foundation of Electronics and Communication fundamentals along with disciplines of Computer
Science, but also helped me expose to its various fields. The various facets and practical applications of
Electronics and Communication in the course of my undergraduate studies provided the utmost
satisfaction as a student myself and enabled me to encompass technology, society and economics together.
Courses like Digital Signal Processing, Microprocessors and Digital Systems, Control Systems,
Computer Architectures, Communication System, Signal Analysis, Discrete Mathematics and
logics, Telecommunication, Electronic Circuits and Advanced Wireless and Mobile Communication
have been most intellectually satisfying and stimulating. Furthermore, I find the problems in Electronics
Circuits and Control Systems particularly appealing because of the flavor of abstract microelectronic
system design and modern automation fundamentals that I love so much. At the same time, the problems
in this field have a concrete basis, originating from practical problems in the very field. This adds to their
Complementing my strong academic performance are my utmost skills in leadership, commitment and
enthusiasm gained as an Assistant Engineer. I was fortunate to gain some valuable practical experiences,
working in an eloquent yet competitive environment, liaising closely with several medical professionals,
such as doctors and therapists as well as with end-users to ensure the feasibility of a product, in terms of
design and economic viability. I thus loved every minute of my work: especially the fortunate
opportunities to diagnoses sophisticated electronics and optical instruments in commercial laboratories
and cater prompt resolutions on problems. This included detailed processing of control systems,
debugging circuit issues, checking efficiency of system designs through circuit designing and system
testing along with debugging software and hardware modeled architectures, testing of system
functionalities (monitoring vital medical signs) and development of mobility and communication of
biomedical equipments.
But the desire for excellence; that has driven me throughout my life has led to understand the needs of
having advanced knowledge on the subject I have craved for. While searching for a suitable Masters

program that would bolster my ambition, support my career and provide me the necessary diversities,
Erasmus Mundus Program seemed to be the very best I can apply for.
Being an enthusiastic student who likes to take up challenges, the Erasmus Mundus Masters program is
an optimum course as it will equip me with right training needed for developing my capabilities to adapt,
assimilate and add on new dimensions to step me into the embedded system architectures and design
styles which are driven by particular requirements in specific application domains. The program caters
wide range of choices, providing flexibility in the career path. It aims to create strong base on theories
with a Research semester that enables aspirants to extend their career onto the next level; one can simply
go for R&D in companies, extend academic studies towards PHD or even join as solution engineer.
Through high quality and keenly focused courses and seminars, and accessibility to hi-tech experimental
apparatus, the Masters Program aims to provide high-caliber training in an area where advanced
technology and future infrastructures and services merge to pave the way to the emerging disciplines in
the Embedded System design sector. Hence every aspect working as an embedded system engineer in a
wide and heterogeneous spectrum of industries is encouraged by Erasmus Mundus program.
I fully understand the kind of dedication, perseverance and resolve that Erasmus Mundus Masters
Program calls for and I believe that I have the ability and determination to tread on this exciting path,
accepting challenges that a career as an embedded system engineer entails to. I am confident that I have
the requisite aptitude; exposure and motivation to make a meaningful contribution to my chosen field
through the Erasmus Mundus Masters program. I sincerely hope to have a mutually beneficial association
with your program to contribute my best towards making a successful research endeavor.
Thank you for considering my application, and I look forward for your acceptance.
Sincerely yours,
Binod Kachhepati