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- Look at the following exercises in your "Stand out Basic, Grammar Challenge" and do them

in a word file:
* Unit 7 Exercises B page 85.
1. Chen Works. He is a bus driver
2. Louisa works. She is a cashier
3. Vache works. He is a salesperson

* Unit 7 Exercise D page 86.

1. Vache works in a store on first street
2. Louisa and Vache work at Sams clothing
3. I work at a school in Yorba City
4. We work with children
5. You work with children
6. Ben works in the morning
7. They work in a supermarket
8. Chen works for a school
* Unit 7 Exercises E and F page 90.
Complete the sentences with can or cant
1. Carolina can type
2. Emilio can drive
3. Emilio and Carolina can drive
4. Ahmed cant use a computer

5. Carolina can use a computer

6. Emilio can count money and use the computer
7. Emilio, Carolina, and Ahmed can drive
8. Emilio cant type
9. Carolina cant count the money

Complete the sentences, Use can or cant and verb from the box

1. Emilio is sick he cant come to work today

2. Carolina is a good student. She can speak English well
3. Chen is a good driver. He can drive a bus
4. Hue is a good doctor. Lisa is a good nurse. They can help patients
5. Amy is a good receptionist. She can type very quickly

* Unit 7 Exercise F page 92.

Complete the sentences with the affirmative or negative
1. Emilio is not friendly
2. Ahmed and Carolina are not prompt
3. Caroline is careful
4. Ahmed and Emilio are helpful
5. Ahmed is careful

6. Carolina is not helpful or prompt

* Unit 7 Exercises D and E page 94.

Match the jobs with the commands
1. d, I Custodian
2. a, c, j - Receptionist
3. b, f, h Cashier
4. c, K - Doctor
5. f-l salesperson
6. b, e, g, h bus driver

Complete the commands about the receptionist and the student. Use affirmative
and negative verbs from the box.
1. Dont lunch at your desk
2. Answer the phones
3. Talk English in class
4. Dont come to work late
5. Dont take a two hours lunch break

* Unit 8 Exercises D and E page 106.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb
1. John exercises every day

2. They sleep six hours every night

3. He studies in the morning
4. I study three times a week
5. She works in the afternoon
6. We walk to the park on Saturdays

Read the goals to complete the sentences

1. Melinda exercises two hours a day

2. Melinda and Duong study one hour a day
3. They sleep eight hours a night
4. Duong eats two meals a day
5. Melinda studies one hour a day
6. Melinda eats three meals a day

* Unit 8 Exercises D and E page 107.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb
1. Omar eats lunch with a friend every Monday
2. Kenny exercises four times a week
3. They work at night
4. We study every night

5. You have school at 2:00 P.M.

6. I exercise every morning at 5:00 A.M

* Unit 8 Exercise B page 109.

Copy words from the paragraph
Leticia is a manager. She can do many things. For example she can speak English.
She works at Neds Electronics Store. She can help people with problems in the
store. She works every night. She can work on Saturdays. She works six days a