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Assessee Requirement
5 years executive / supervisory experience with 2 subordinates
Evidence 1: Line Management
Based on the subordinates in the respective department / company:1. Communication : Briefing, Meeting, etc
2. Distribution of tasks / responsibilities
3. Staff Motivation & Support Maximize the working output effectiveness
4. Staff Training Improve job efficiency, effectiveness and performance
5. Evaluate Performance - Appraisal

Evidence 2: Finance

Evidence 5:
Staff Development
Based on personal and
staff development:1. Identify own learning
over the past 3 to 5
2. Self-reflection,
especially in dealing
with problems.
3. Identify own staff /
team development
4. How to use problemsolving as a learning

Based on the respective department / company (current / past experience):1. Accounting Allocation of Assets & Liabilities
2. Applies and uses the theories of Economics
3. Money Management Petty cash, inventory, cost savings
4. Budgeting budget, allocation, utilization of budget vs actual expenditures.

Evidence 3: Capacity Building

Based on the respective department / company:1. How to improve the department / company growth, performance and
achievement based on the existing capacity
a. Problem solving
b. Maximize resources
c. SWOT analysis Internal & External factor

Evidence 4: Strategic Planning

Based on the respective department / company:1. What is the future plan (for the next 3 5 years) to make the department
/ company different and gain more profits?
2. How to sustain the business / department in the future? What is the
strategic planning to sustain the business?

Evidence 6: Impact Assessment

Based on the respective department / company:1. What are the changes / improvement from business uncertainty?
2. What are the impacts after the implementation of changes / improvement?
Positive or Negative

Evidence 7: Fault Diagnosis

Based on the respective department / company:1. Identify the fault after the implementation of the changes
2. Identify the problems facing by the department / company
3. What is the solution or problem solving?

Evidence 8: Impact Delivery

Based on the respective department / company:1. What are the independent decision / changes and give a positive impact to
the business / sales?
2. Examples of Successful Change Management

Assessee Application Checklist

Assessee Application Form
Passport Size Photo
Copy of Identity Card
Resume / Curriculum Vitae
Company Offer letter / Confirmation Letter /
Promotion Letter
Copy of Job Description
Copy of Academic and Skill Certificates
Copy of Professional Certificate (if any)
Evidence of Skills
Copy of Training Certificates / Seminar
Letter of Awards, Recognition or Appreciation
Activities in Society Organization
Other Supporting Documents