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MODERN PERIOD 16 Fira So of tis. years winners ofthe Young Concen Arse auditions, is a composer as well as pianist, and he uses both tal- tents, in the words of The Washington Post's Joseph McLellan, to pro- claim “his nationality emphatically at the beginning of {his] program, wittly at the end and with knock-'em-dead technique throughout, ‘Say began with his own Turkish Dances,” continued McLellan, reviewing a recent recital at the Kennedy Center, “music of wild, per- cussive energy and driving, complex rhythms. He ended it, in an encore, with his own adaptation of Mozart's ‘Turkisk’ Rondo, played at approximately three times the usual speed, constantly wandering from Mozar's plan and repeatedly interrupted by irreverent, pop-fla- vored episodes.” We've heard Say's Jazz Fantasy On Mozart, and thought it a fun piece to share with our readers. Thanks to the pianist, and our friends at Young Concert Artists, here itis! JAzz FANTASY ON MOZART Fazit Say é- i = Copyright © 1996 by Bazil Say. Used By Permission, All Rights Reserved. a g fettene —— aot tr 22 Soren \ ag? = eect astaeaaet 8 B a —t z 7. fee apie f i == ; eS le eee eee : SSS —_ ly ry 0 iv> 7