F2014-047 Disclosure

UK FOIA Obtained by Marinka Peschmann
Relevant extract from an internal e-mail dated 2 November 2011
Despite current uncertainties they were still focused on key operational
objectives - priorities being weapon recovery
Relevant extract from an attachment to an internal e-mail dated 13
February 2012
Libya: One Year On
continuing our work on MANPADS: the joint UK/US team has now
disabled, destroyed or confirmed the destruction of close to 5,000
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Further progress is therefore linked
in part to wider disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration of
militias (DDR).
(Withheld S23 and S27)
Relevant extracts from attachments to an e-mail from FCO to DFID dated
13 January 2012
Attachment F - Meeting with Deputy Prime Minister - Mustafa Abushagur
Pleased that the UK has been able to identify support in a number of areas
including: strategic communications, demining, securing and destroying
MANPADs, and policing.
Attachment K - Meeting with Minister of Defence - Usama Juwaili
The UK element of the US-led MANPADS team (3 strong) is currently
based in Misrata. The MANPADS team has most recently been focused on
clearing unexploded ordnance around Misrata, at the request of the Military
Council there.
The MANPADs Counter Proliferation Team (MCPT) consists of three
military personnel currently based in Misrata. Their primary role is to support
the Libyan authorities in the identification and disposal of MANPADs and
The process of locating MANPADS has been very much dependant
on developing good relationships with military councils. XXXXXXXXX
XXXXXXXXXX. To address the changing context of the work, the next phase
of the project will focus on working with the Transitional Government and
militias to facilitate the return of MANPADS. Further progress will need to be

UK FOIA obtained by Marinka Peschmann
part of a wider UN led Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration
process that looks at incentivising militias to hand in weapons. Despite this,
the MCPT remains engaged in more general counter-proliferation tasks by
working with (and mentoring) Libyan militia to help clear and destroy UXO that
is littered in vast quantities in the environs of Misrata.
(Withheld S23 and S27)
Attachment M - Transitional Government & Future Constitutional
On MANPADS, a three-man UK military team currently supporting the
US led quick-reaction force is working in partnership with the NTC to help
secure, disable and destroy MANPADS. The team will soon be replaced by
an internationally-funded team of contractors (the UK is a contributor). In
total, the UK has committed over £1.4m to the total programme of work.
UNSCR 2016 removed the necessary international authorisations for
much of our military support to Libya. This included authority for the presence
of military staff working on securing MANPADs. The Ministry of Defence
subsequently drafted an exchange of letters which would act as the necessary
bilateral authorisations. Although we have had informal agreement via a
contact at the Libyan MOD, we still require formal agreement from the
Transitional Government for our work – XXXXXXXXXXX – to continue in the
longer term.
(Withheld S27)
Attachment N - LIBYA: UPDATE
UK assistance to help secure Libyan MANPADs continues to make progress.
The joint UK/US team has now disabled, destroyed or confirmed the
destruction of close to 5,000 MANPADs. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

The MANPADs project will move into its second phase shortly with the
deployment of a significantly larger number of civilian contractors. A
separate note updating on this will be circulated shortly.
(Withheld S23)