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Math IV 2nd Term

o Passes through point: substitute into equation

I. Combinatorics
(probably as a radius, use distance formula)
a. Fundamental Principle of Counting
b. Parabola
If one event can be done in m ways, the second
Set of points which are equidistant from a fixed
event can be done in n ways, things may be done
point (focus) and a fixed line
in mn ways
Note: y2 OR x2
i. Multiple Principle of Counting
i. Parts
o Multiply number of possibilities for each
o Vertex min or max point
o For same case
o Focus a
o Commonly used: coin, lock combination
o Latus Rectum 4a; passes through focus
o Ex. Lock code with unique numbers = 10 9 8
o Directrix parallel to latus rectum; a
ii. Additional Principle of Counting
ii. Form vertex (0,0)
o Typically for cards
1. Horizontal
o Ex. How many ways can we choose a king or a
Y2 = 4ax
queen from a deck of 52 cards? (4 kings, 4
2. Vertical
queens) ANS. 8
X2 = 4ay
b. Permutation
iii. Vertex Form
1. Horizontal
No repetitions
(y k)2 = 4a (x h)
Order is important
2. Vertical
Commonly used: Rearranging letters
(x h)2 = 4a (y k)
i. Formula
iv. Problem Solving
Typically, just place onto a Cartesian plane
c. Ellipse
Set of points such that the sum of the distances
c. Combination
from two fixed points is constant. Constant sum is
Set in which inclusion of elements is important
Order is not important

Note: x2 + y2
C2 = a2 b2
i. Formula
i. Properties
Curve intersects major axis at two points called
the vertices
ii. Looking for rth term
Midpoint of vertices is the center
Minor axis is the line perpendicular to major axis
Latera Recta passes through the foci
ii. Parts
II. Binomial Theorem
1. Foci = c
In expansion, there are n+1 terms
2. Major axis = 2a
Sum of coefficients are always equal
3. Vertices
a. Formula
4. Minor axis = 2b
5. Latera Recta = 2b2/a
iii. Horizontal Formula
III. Conics
Curve formed by intersecting a plane with a cone
iv. Vertical Formula
a. Circle
o Set of points equidistant form a fixed point called a
o Note: coefficients of x2 and y2 are same
d. Hyperbola
i. Parts
Set of points so that the difference of its distances
o Radius
from the foci is constant
o Chord

Note: x2 y2
o Tangent touches circle at one point
C2 = a2 + b2
ii. Standard Form
i. Parts
o X +Y =R
1. Foci = c
iii. Center Radius Form
2. Vertices = a
o (x h)2 + (y k)2 = r2
3. Transverse Axis line joining foci; 2c
o Center: (h, k)
4. Converse Axis = 2b
iv. General Form
o x + y -2hx +2ky + k + h = r

Curve never touches these lines

v. Problem Solving
Passes through the vertices formed by the
o Tangent Line: Use line perpendicular to tangent
rectangle between the curves
that passes through the center
iii. Vertical Formula

iv. Horizontal Formula