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Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Manitoba, Inc. (AFOA MB.

Association des agents financiers Autochtones du Manitoba

2015 Conference Theme: Financial Capabilities Evolving with the Changes
January 28 & 29, 2015, Victoria Inn, Winnipeg
Aboriginal financial operations have become increasingly diversified and more complex with
continuous changes to the already onerous reporting requirements imposed on First Nations. Aboriginal
financial managers are required to move beyond just financial management and acquire effective
management skill sets. An example of such a change is the First Nations Financial Transparency Act which
received Royal Assent in Parliament on March 27, 2013. The intent of the Act is to enhance the financial
accountability and transparency of First Nations. But for years, the majority of First Nations were in
compliance with that legislation for financial accountability through the 168 + reports they are required to file
Jane Rooney is Canadas first Financial Literacy Leader appointed by the Federal Government in April 2014.
Her goal is to develop a national strategy on financial literacy for all Canadians in terms of improving their
knowledge, their skills and their confidence to make responsible financial decisions. She identifies Aboriginal
Canadians as one of the priority groups that will benefit from the national strategy.
The Aboriginal Financial Officers of Manitoba (AFOA MB) has been in existence for over fifteen years
and together with AFOA Canada has been providing assistance to its own with respect to financial literacy.
AFOA MB focuses on the capacity development and day-to-day needs of those Aboriginal professionals who
are working in all areas of finance and management with today's leaders and those of tomorrow.1 AFOA MB
is a provincial chapter of AFOA Canada.

AFOA Canada (formerly Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada) was founded
as a not-for-profit association in 1999, to assist Aboriginal people to better manage; and govern
their communities and organizations through a focus on enhancing finance and management
practices and skills. AFOA Canadas premise is that one of the keys to successful selfdetermination, creating a better life for Canadas Aboriginal people, and a better future for the next
generation, lies in improving the management skills of those responsible for the stewardship of
Aboriginal resources. We are Building a Community of Professionals2
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Allan Munroe, Board President
Tel. 204-620-2933
Date: 01/26/2015


AFOA Canada

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