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January 2010

Volume 1, Issue 1



Water. Essential, pure, life indirectly from malnutrition Introduction 1

sustaining water. How many induced by unsafe water.

With around 10% of the total The Vision 2
glasses of water have you
had today? How many times burden of disease worldwide
The Filter 3
have you turned the faucet being directly prevented by
on and seen clean, clear, improvements related to The Cost 4
healthy water flow from it? drinking-water, sanitation,
This is a blessing that many hygiene and water resource Donation Form 5
around the world have management [1], it is critical
never known. that we act now to save lives.

At The Answer is Love™ we

Nearly 1 billion people
want to make a difference. By
worldwide lack access to
ensuring people everywhere Water Facts
safe drinking water. This
have access to safe drinking- Portable, simple,
lack of safe drinking water revolutionary, water 3 lives are lost each
water we can and we will
results in the death of 1.4 filtration unit minute due to
improve the quality of life for
million children each year waterborne illnesses
millions of individuals. Our
due to diarrheal related
vision is to provide every Nearly a billion people
diseases alone [1] . That's don’t have access to
person in need with the gift of
three children each minute clean water
clean water and hope through
that will lose their lives due
the use of a revolutionary, 272 million school
to the lack of this most
simple to use, portable water days are lost each
basic resource. year from water-
filtration system, which over
related illnesses
Yearly, 860,000 deaths in its lifetime will cost just
children under the age of pennies a day. Source: WHO

five are caused directly and
The Vision
† To Prov ide a Source of Purified Water to Fam ilies in Need
around the World

Our vision is to end the needless suffering from waterborne related illnesses by
delivering the gift of clean water to those around the world in need. With close
to half of all people in developing countries suffering at any given time from a Water Fact
health problem caused by water and sanitation deficits, clean water is
By 2025, it is expected
imperative to creating a strong, healthy and educated society.
that 3.4 billion people will
be living in countries
Along with each filtration device will come the gift of education. Each recipient defined as water-scarce.
of a water purification device will be educated on the operation and Source: United Nations
Department of Public
maintenance of the device, the health benefits of using the device and good Information
sanitation and hygiene best practices.

† To D eliver Faith and Hope One Bucket at a Time

Delivery of each water filtration system will provide us with an opportunity to

present the living water (Jeremiah 17:13), the Good News of Jesus Christ. It is
only by His grace that we are able to know and have true spiritual health, peace
and hope (Romans 3:24).

Econom ic Benefits of Investing in drinking -water and


“Water and Sanitation is one The estimated economic benefits of investing in drinking-water and sanitation come in
of the primary drivers of several forms*:
public health. I often refer to
it as “Health 101”, which • Health-care savings of US$ 7 billion a year for health agencies and US$ 340 million for
means that once we can individuals;
secure access to clean water
and to adequate sanitation • 320 million productive days gained each year in the 15- to 59-year age group, an
facilities for all people, extra 272 million school attendance days a year, and an added 1.5 billion healthy
irrespective of the difference days for children under five years of age, together representing productivity gains of US$
in their living conditions, a 9.9 billion a year;
huge battle against all kinds
of diseases will be won.” • Time savings resulting from more convenient drinking-water and sanitation services,
totaling 20 billion working days a year, giving a productivity payback of some US$ 63 billion
Dr Lee Jong-wook, Director- a year.
General, World Health
Organization. * [1]

The Water Filtration System
The water filtration are so small (0.1 micron large amount of tubes.
system that we provide absolute) that no This filter is certified
uses Hollow Fiber bacteria, protozoa, or for ABSOLUTE microns.
Membranes, a cysts like E.Coli, Cholera That means there will
technology developed and Typhoid can get be no pore size larger
for kidney dialysis. The through. The filter than 0.1 microns.
filters are comprised of attains the highest level Simply put, it
tiny "U" shaped micro of filtration available is impossible for
tubes that allow water today at 7 log bacteria to pass
Hollow Fiber through the 0.1 micron
Membranes, a to enter into their cores (99.99999%), while
through tiny micro maintaining a very high filter.
technology developed
for kidney dialysis pores. The filters pores flow rate due to the

Ease of Use
Many water systems have proved useless only because of the complexity of the
system itself. Locals will not use a system that proves too complex to setup,
operate and maintain. One true benefit of our filter is its ease of use and
maintainability. Our setup instructions are as follows:

1. Obtain a clean plastic bucket or container.

2. Use the hole cutter to drill a hole 1.5 inches from the bottom of the bucket.

3. Screw the connector, hose, and filter onto the bucket.

4. Fill the bucket with water from any source, lower the filter head below the
water line and let gravity do the rest.

The ease of operating this system makes it self-sustainable and dependable.

Clean Water
for Less Than
a Penny a Maintainability
Maintainable and Longevity
and Extremely Long Life
Maintenance of of this
this filter
filter isis very
very simple.
simple. Since
Whenthe thefilters
filter and purifiers
starts to slowcan
down or
continuously be backwashed
clog, simply back wash it withand re-used
clean waterthey
the an extremely
syringe longinlife.
provided theThe
filter/purifier membrane
The ease of operating thismay never
system needit to
makes be replaced, however
self-sustainable when the
and dependable.
flow rate slows or the filter clogs, simply backwash the unit with the provided
Since the filters
backwashing and to
device purifiers
clear out canthe
pores withbe backwashed
clean water usingandthe
have an extremely
provided in the kit. long life. The filter/purifier membrane may never need to be
replaced, however when the flow rate slows or the filter clogs, simply backwash
the unit with the provided backwashing device to clear out the pores.
Together We Can Help End Waterborne
Illnesses and Deliver Hope
Together, we can make a difference. Let us join together in a line of humanity and sweep through
the world helping those who can't help themselves. With the aid of our contacts in places such as
Iquitos, Peru, you can help us put an end today to the needless suffering of a family from
waterborne illnesses such as cholera and botulism. Your gift of just $100 will provide a needy family
in a developing country with:

A Complete Water Filtration System - filter, hose, backwash syringe, filter hanger, and
Training on how to use and maintain the system
Information on basic sanitation and hygiene
The gift of clean water for YEARS
Access to the "Living Water", the good news of Jesus Christ

Since the filters can continuously be backwashed and re-used, they have an extremely long life
expectancy, 10+ years. That amounts to less than a penny a day to deliver these life
saving systems!

Delivering Hope One Bucket at a Time™

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to
drink ....."- Matthew 25:35

The installation of each water filtration device will present us with a unique opportunity to share
the good news of Jesus Christ, the “Living Water”, with countless unreached families.

Help us deliver the message of health, hope, peace, and salvation to those in need around the
world. Join us as we deliver this message one bucket at a time.

Let us join together in a line of humanity to help

those in need. Will you join with us? 4
Yes! I want to make a d ifference in a family’s lif e today by provid ing them
with a lif e sav ing wat er filtrat ion dev ice that will last years for ju st pennies a day !
I’m sending my donat ion of:

[ ] $100 to provide for one COMPLETE water filtration system to a family in need.

[ ] $75 to go towards the purchase of a water filtration system.

[ ] $50 to go towards the purchase of a water filtration system.

[ ] $______ to go towards the purchase of a water filtration system.

[ ] I’ll stand with you! I would like to pledge $______ on a monthly basis.

Yes, add me to your e-mail list. My e-mail address is ___________________________________

Yes, add me to your standard mail flyer.

Please Make Checks Payable To:
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The Answer is Love LLC
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P.O. Box 1084
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[1] - Prüss-Üstün; Bos; Gore; Bartram, "Safer water, better health", 2008

* The Answer is Love LLC is NOT a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization. Under Internal Revenue Service guidelines, you will NOT be
entitled to deduct the value of your gift, but you will be helping those around the world in dire need.