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Services Marketing [MKTG6033]

Assignment # 1
Section- A
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Arbab Mazhar

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Awais Qadeer

Assignment given on: October 30, 2014

Assignment due on: November 13, 2014

People Processing
In people processing, customers must physically enter the service system in the service factory
(the physical location) to receive the service and benefits. They are "worked upon" by service
providers and must be prepared to cooperate actively with the service operation. For example,
during an eye exam, the optometrist will ask you to submit to a number of tests to check the
acuity of your vision and report what you see on the chart or other display. Managers should be
thinking about process and output from the standpoint of what happens to the customer. They
need to identify the benefits created at each point in the process and the non-financial costs
incurred to customers such as time, fear and pain.
I went to a Dermatologist on 21-08-2014 at Rafiq Anwar Memorial Trust Hospital, Sialkot Road
Gujranwala, for checkup of disease Alopecia Areata and my appointment was at 10:00 AM. As
long as concern with satisfaction of services they provide was satisfying. Followings are the 7Ps
how effectively they were using according to me:

The product was the checkup and description of disease and medicine, and I was
affected by this disease from last 2 years, and had checkup to many other
Dermatologists but did not cured. But after going to this Dermatologist by the
Grace of Allah I got cured. My total checkup was five times and each time they
offer efficient services.

Checkup fee was justifiable as for regular checkup cost is Rs.250/- and for private
checkup cost is Rs.700/- .

Place of Hospital is at convenient as it is situated near to GT. Road Gujranwala
and near to bus stand. People who belong to village can easily access without any

They are using bill boards, banners and TV Ads at cable TV. As it is a trust
hospital they give free treatment for poor and deserve people.

The process of diagnosis was satisfied as compared to past experiences, they
injected medicine on my head with very careful.

Doctor is fully experienced and professional by knowledge and has fully skilled
assistant and other employees under him.

Physical Environment:
Was very neat and clean of overall building, sweeper was present at spot.
Environment was very pleasant; there were proper lighting and sitting
arrangement for waiting room.

Possession Processing
In possession processing, the activities involved do not involve simultaneous production and
consumption. This means that they are separable. For example, customers may drop off an item
at the post office, request a service like hedge trimming, and return later to pay the bill as they do
not have to be physically present during the production. Essentially, their involvement level is
lower. Managers need to take care that they can process customers' possessions satisfactorily,
handling them carefully to prevent any damage. Otherwise, customers will lose confidence in the
Thursday at 11:00 PM, 06-11-2014 and book a currier to send to German. They give me time for
reaching the currier at destination of three to four working days and give me a tracking number
(501716027) to track your currier where it has been reached. And according to their given time
my currier was delivered on Monday 10-11-2014 at 12:22 PM. I was very satisfied with the
services they are providing, and following are the 7Ps how they are effectively using according
to me:

The product TCS is providing is logistics to all over the world in 3500 cities and now
they are offering: International Rate Card, International Freight Express, Red BOX,
Student Express. My product was document which I have to send and was delivered on
given time.

Price is really convenient for students who send their document to any educational
institute but if the destination is some kind of private institute then charges is higher. I
pay Rs.3081/-. But I think price is justifiable according to the services they provide.

Place all TCS service centers are at convenient places all over the Pakistan and in Lahore
are at a 73 places at a significant distance. Everyone can easily access.

TCS using different tools for his promotion, it uses Advertising as Bill Boards, TV Ads,
and Catalogues. TCS use sales promotions as giving by different offers on occasions.

The process experience was quite good, as i give address and documents to receptionist
and he wrote down the address himself on envelop and said me to signature on final

There were two employees on reception and very skillful with good handwriting, they
were as quick as it takes only 10 to 15 minutes for whole procedure.

Physical Environment:
Physical Environment was good, office was clean and well furnished, and there were
proper sitting arrangement and ventilation system.
The whole experience was good.

Mental Stimulus Processing

Mental stimulus processing refers to services directed to people's minds such as education, news,
and entertainment. They have the power to shape attitudes and influence people's behavior.
Perhaps the key feature of such a service is its high application of technology. For example,
entertainment services such as music may be downloaded from the Internet, while educational
lessons may be conducted online. Therefore, customers don't necessarily have to be physically
present in a service factory. Because these services are directed at people's minds, managers must
maintain strong ethical standards.
I went to Raiwind Ijtima on Saturday 9-11-2014 at 12:30 PM; there were bayaan of Maulana
Tariq Jameel after Namaz-e-Zohar. It was not necessary to be there for that bayaan because it can
be later available in recoded form from internet. I was very satisfied by the services they were
provided. Following is the Service Marketing Mix:

Here the product is knowledge and Islamic education was delivered by many Islamic

This event was free of cost.

Place was Raiwind Tableegi Markaz situated near to Raiwind Road.

As this Ijtima is conducted every year and its promotional activities is ongoing
throughout the year by Tableegi Jamaats, by wall chalking and Bill Boards.

The whole event was organized very beautifully, there were about 9 lack people, they
managed it by making sections of every city. There many volunteers who were helping to
the vistors.

At that day main speaker who was going to deliver the bayaan was Maulana Tariq

Physical Environment:
Was quite unique, I cant express it in words. There was a huge crowd but managed in
disciplined way.

Information Processing
Information processing services work on the intangible assets of customers. Some examples
include financial services, accounting, and law. These services are highly dependent on the
effective collection and processing of information. As information is an importance source of
power in many instances, managers need to ensure that the privacy of their customers are kept by
protecting their personal information while providing such services, they also need to ensure that
the integrity of the information is not compromised in any way that can harm their customers.
I went to MCB Chanda Qila Branch Gujranwala on Wednesday 5-11-2014 for opening a foreign
currency account and get the information related opening foreign currency account from bank

Manager. I was satisfied from the services and information they provided to me. Following are
the 7Ps of service marketing mix they are using effectively:

The products and services they offer are: Deposit Accounts, Home
Remittance, Consumer Loans, Cards, MCB Lite, Bancassurance, Investment
Services, Rupee Travellers Cheque, Self Service Channels, MCB Loyalty & Discounts,
and Lockers.

There is no fee for getting information and consulting.

MCB has its branches at convenient places, and the branch where I
visited is near to my home as it is on 5 minutes drive.

MCB is using many promotional tools as Advertising on TV,
Newspapers, Magazines, Bill Boards and personal selling.

Management of MBC is good; everything is managed in a sequence.
There are window counters for every single step.

Employees of MCB is educated and skilled, I was not face any problem,
when I enter one person come to me and ask can I help u sir? There is proper
guidance for every information.

Physical Environment:
Physical environment was good; the building was clean and well
furnished. There was a sitting plan for waiting customers and every customer got
token number. Electronic number machine is fixed on every counter.