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How to Unlock Idea 3G Netsetter
Feb 24th, 2013 | Comments


7.1) Download the cdma workshop and download huawei e1732 downgrader ( disable antivirus before opening the cdma workshop ). cdma workshop free download huawei e1732 downgrader free download 2) Insert a non idea sim to your Idea 3G Netsetter (e1732 ). Right click on your My Computer icon > Properties > Device Manager > Ports (COM & LPT) > HUAWEI Mobile Connect – 3G Application Interface (COM [The port number appear in your system] ) 4) Run CDMA Workshop v2.exe 5) Select the Port that you noted from your Device Manager under the Port option in COM Settings (AT mode) under the Main tab.0. 6) Then click on connect and then click on read 7) Go to the Security tab > Type 000000 in the blank box under SPC > Click on SPC button > Click on Send with Default (nv_read) as SPC. 3) Find the common port to which your Idea 3G Netsetter (e1732 ) modem is connected. .

8) Click on Memory tab > NV Items > Read > Now a Conform box will appear > Click OK > Now a NV Items Backup box will appear > In the box straight to Last NV Item type 9999 > Click OK > Save the file by giving a file name you like (Eg: E1732Unlock) .

7.9) When the buffer reach 100% your file is saved successfully.7.7. 13) Again Plug it to the Computer.0 > A Confirm dialogue box will appear > Click NO 16) Close everything and Enable your Antivirus . Now a Information box will appear > Click OK > Minimise CDMA Workshop v2.0 10) Run E1732 Downgrader8 > accept the agreement > Next > Wait for a few seconds until the search for your modem finishes > (Don’t mark on Auto remove the device after update) Next > (Don’t remove your data card until the process is finished) > Start > At the end of Downloading Programs… you will get a Update Failure! error dialog box (DON’T WORRY & DON’T GET DISAPPOINTED) > Click OK > Click Finish* 11) Restore CDMA Workshop v2.0 > Main tab > Disconnect 12) Unplug your Idea 3G Netsetter (e1732 ) modem from your computer.08 select the Port that you noted from your Device Manager under the Port option in COM Settings (AT mode) under the Main tab as we did before > Click on Connect > Memory tab > NV Items > Click on Write > A Confirm box will appear > Click OK > Open dialog box will appear > Open the file that you saved before > When the buffer reach 100% a Information dialog box appears with a success message > Click OK > Main tab > Disconnect* 15) Now close CDMA Workshop v2. Check the Port again from the Device Manager 14) Go to CDMA Workshop v2.7.

”tata.”IP”.”IP”. Your Idea 3G Netsetter (e1732 )is unlocked successfully. To make new mobile apn settings you can download huawei mobile partner Mobile Partner free download Many people are having problem while connecting to internet with other sim cards now you can connect by any sim card with default IDEA net Setter Dashboard using these steps.”aircelgprs” Airtel : AT+CGDCONT=1.docomo.”IP”. 19) Put a SIM Card other than IDEA to the Netsetter and again Plug it to the” Vodafone – AT+CGDCONT=1. It will detect the SIM card and enjoy browsing with any other SIM.”rcomnet” Tata Docomo – AT+CGDCONT=1.”vinternet.internet” Videocon – AT+CGDCONT=1.”www” If you have any trouble doing this please comment here .”airtelgprs.”internet” Reliance – AT+CGDCONT=1.”IP”. 18) Unplug Idea Netsetter (Modem) from your” BSNL – AT+CGDCONT=1.”bsnlnet” Idea – AT+CGDCONT=1.”IP”.17) That’s it. type phone and modem — click on itb —> modems –> huawei mobile connect 3g modem –> properties –> change settings –> advance –> extra initialization command –> use given commands below and if it asks for Country and area code then set Country to India and Area Code to 91 and leave other fields blank."IP".”IP”. commands/settings Aircel : AT+CGDCONT=1. If your Modem is detecting sim cards and you are getting errors then try this Windows XP Open Control Panel -> Phone and Modem (found directly in control panel or in Printers and other hardware ) –> modem tab –> huawei mobile connect 3g modem (which is present on COM ) –> properties advance –> extra initializing command use given commands below and click OK Windows 7 In the start menu. 20) Wait for Idea Netsetter to Start.”IP”.

."the connection was terminated by the remote computer before it could be completed".. Plz.. Be the first of your friends. Am using vodafone 3g.10... Please help my netsetter not detecting any sim after using this trick.License Paul S Free Software Supporter! Tested in Windows XP...but while connecting an err msg showing like . the signal is showing. Idea. « JOSS Linux 1. unlock Tw eet 0 0 Like Share 17 people like this.....04 » Comments 25 Comments Shaiju Paul : My Personal Blog Sort by Best Login Share Favorite Join the discussion… haroon • 10 months ago after unlocking.35 with Mannasim in Ubuntu 13.. its urgent 6 arun • Reply • Share › • 11 months ago THANXXXX."the connection was terminated by the remote computer before it could be completed". what to do sir? 6 • Reply • Share › paul shaiju Mod arun • 10 months ago ensure that your account is not blocked :) . Windows Vista SP1 and Windows 7 Posted by Your Name Feb 24th.. Netsetter..3 How to install NS2. 2013 3g. what to do sir? 12 Alok • Reply • Share › • 9 months ago Sir. the signal is showing. hacking. Am using airtel 3g. mobile.after unlocking.but while connecting an err msg showing like . tech.

I would like to know weather i can use in India ?? kindly advice 1 • Reply • Share › Deepak Yadav • 5 months ago I forgot to put the non idea sim. No any sim card detected on this data card. I have followed all the steps carefully...the process showing succes.. Thanks. plz give me a reply. • Reply • Share › Rohit Waghmare • 6 months ago Sir when I click on read it says " failed. How to reset it so that at least the idea SIM works find. I am unable to reset it using idea 3g netsetter application. the network is available and i using with vodafone sim... The issue is that APN is set to *99***1#. but .ensure that your account is not blocked :) • Reply • Share › Alok 9 months ago • Sir. 1 • Reply • Share › SIJIN • 4 months ago how to unlock my 3g netsetter modele303d • Reply • Share › SIJIN • 4 months ago pls help me to unlock idea 3g net setter E303D • Reply • Share › Jose • 4 months ago after unlocking. Please help. Please help.. Now idea sim card/any card is not working.. After unlocking there are no signals is showing.. i can't connect to vodafone. what should I do my idea netsettr model no is x230e • Reply • Share › AN • 9 months ago Is this procedure works on idea 3G CE1588 Model . phone does not answer . Also IMEI No deleted. 3 • Reply • Share › nitin 4 months ago • paul shaji i am writing from saudi arabia i have a 3 G netsetter service provider is Mobily . How to resolve this problem please tell me its urgent..

• Reply • Share › VELLAKKAT ANIL KUMAR • 10 months ago Dear Paul Shaiju. Aircel. I am facing new problem now while connecting the data card . Thank U. Thanks for the great information. I a using Vodafone network. Sim is detecting while connecting and error There was a hardware failure in the modem (or other connecting device) this error is showing its now happen all sims Airtel. • Reply • Share › VELLAKKAT ANIL KUMAR paul shaiju • 10 months ago Yes I did waiting for urgent reply .please help me out. it's show “The modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error” please help me on this or mail me ar26082002@gmail. • Reply • Share › mohammad raheem 10 months ago • wonderful post about unlocking E1732 3g netsetter.. • Reply • Share › VELLAKKAT ANIL KUMAR • 10 months ago Dear Paul. the same sim is detected by another datacard. Vodafone. but while connecting it. it is not detecting idea 3g sim. But still it shows while connecting error • Reply • Share › . thanking you • Reply • Share › paul shaiju Mod VELLAKKAT ANIL KUMAR • 10 months ago Did you check it with Mobile Partner free download (Link is posted above).• Reply • Share › pankaj • 9 months ago i am facing problem with my Idea E1732 3G NetSetter . Successfully unlocked and working fine on Aircel sim. after the unlocking the signal is showing now.

say .Like Airtel and aircel both are working fine but the problem with its APN in Vodafone I think. please send me the link and one thing also not showing own number . • Reply • Share › arun • 11 months ago can able to use another idea sim ?? • Reply • Share › paul shaiju Mod arun • 10 months ago SURE.• Reply • Share › paul shaiju Mod VELLAKKAT ANIL KUMAR • 10 months ago Are you sure that your modem model no is e1732.. . • Reply • Share › VELLAKKAT ANIL KUMAR paul shaiju • 10 months ago Hey I did it and its working with other service provider. Also try again as the procedure given above. Thank dear friend Lord Jesus Bless You. :) • Reply • Share › Upender paul shaiju • 10 months ago Paul shaiju bro this type trick use with sim or without simcard use plz..29 (Linux Fedora).unknown and imei unknown • Reply • Share › WHAT'S THIS? ALSO ON SHAIJU PAUL : MY PERSONAL BLOG Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts Mannasim Installation on Windows 1 comment • 4 years ago 53 comments • 4 years ago paul shaiju — Here are a few more(old ones) Jonathan Petit — Hi Paulson!I've installed :Win+L: Lock your workstationWin+D: Display Mannasim on NS2. you can use any SIM. • Reply • Share › paul shaiju Mod Upender • 10 months ago without simcard ! • Reply • Share › Puneet paul shaiju • 5 months ago mobile partner unable to download from you given link. If it is. When I . the method posted above will surely work.

in to paultsr.github. When I want to launch the Mannasim … How to Change Windows 7 Logon Screen Background 2 comments • 4 years ago team setup toolkit. Recent Posts How to install NS2. … Subscribe Domain name India — Previously I don't know about this information. I'm new to globus toolkit.3 . Professor in Department of CSE at Jyothi Engg. Know More. Thanks for sharing. My Mannasim on JOSS linux website paultsr.04 How to Unlock Idea 3G Netsetter JOSS Linux 1.29 (Linux Fedora). Now I had got it.. College.35 with Mannasim in Ubuntu How to Crack/Hack Passwords Latest Tweets Tweets by @spaul GitHub Repos josslinux. Thrissur. But how can we know whether we did correctly or not.github.:Win+L: Lock your workstationWin+D: Display the … Installing Globus Toolkit on Linux 12 comments • 4 years ago Ramesh — Hi. Add Disqus to your site About Paul S Presently Working as Asst.

cesa. Thrissur jecc Jyothi Engg. @paultsr on GitHub On Delicious 50 Extremely Useful PHP Tools | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine imathis/octopress Soure code for http://ir.. Jyothi Engineering College.2013 Batch.35 ns2.PP Sessional Marks (RAW) of CSE 2011 .GitHub Octopress themes and plugins | OctopressThemes My Delicious Bookmarks » My Pinboard My Pinboard Bookmarks » Google+ .IR Sessional Marks (RAW) of CSE 2009 Soure code for CS09 404 . Thrissur ns-allinone-2.. College Files n Formats test For testing purpose only scripts A collection of shell scripts that I intend to add to over Batch.cesa.My Website Hosting programs Programs in C/C++/Java/Clisp/Prolog/. Jyothi Engineering : CS09 L20 ...35 with mannasim patched ir.

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