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Instructions: Choose one of the three locations below that you would like to visit
most. Given the circumstances in each location, write what clothing and other
items you would have to pack for a two week visit. Pretend you are only allowed
to bring two suitcases. The size of the suitcases will be shown to you in class.
You will not have an opportunity to wash clothes during your trip. If you have to
wear an article of clothing more than once, without it being washed, its okay!
1. Seville, Spain: January: The average temperature in January is 51F/11C. During
the month of January, Seville has eight to ten days of brief, yet heavy rain. You will visit
a few of the worlds most famous art museums, including Museo nacional del Prado, the
Prado Museum. In addition, you will take an extensive walking tour of the city to tour the
Roman ruins. You will also visit La plaza de Espaa, a park where you can row a boat.
At night, you will watch an amazing show of dance and song that is famous in Spain
called flamenco. Some of the restaurants will be fancy, where you will try dishes that are
typical of Spain called paella, a rice and seafood dish, and gazpacho, a cold soup.
There is an optional trip to a bull fight. You will be in Spain during a celebration called
Three Kings Day, where there will be a huge, joyous parade where kids will receive lots
of candy (including you).
2. Mexico City, Mexico: March: Temperatures in March in Mexico City are in the mid to
high 70sF/21C. There is very little rain. You will visit Teotihuacan (teh-oh-tee-wa-can),
some of the most famous pyramids in all of the Americas. If youd like, you can climb
the steps onto the top of a pyramid for an amazing view of an ancient part of the city.
You will also visit the Palacio de Bellas Artes, Palace of Fine Arts, a building that
features famous artwork and hosts theatrical shows. In the Palacio de Bellas Artes, you
will watch ballet folklrico, an amazing display of colorful dancers and passionate music.
You will also watch a ftbol (soccer) game live. If you thought Packers fans were crazy,
you havent seen anything yet! Visit a soccer game at el Estadio Azteca, the Aztec
Stadium. Cheer along with the fans. Youll watch a match between Amrica and
Veracruz. By bus, you will also take a day trip to el Santuario mariposa monarca, the
Monarch Butterfly Reserve, where you will see millions of butterflies converge in one
place. There are so many butterflies, if youd like, you can cover your own body with
real, living butterflies. Most of the restaurants you will visit arent fancy, but you will visit
a restaurant where you will listen and watch a live mariachi band while you eat.
3. San Jose, Costa Rica: June: In San Jose, in June, the temperatures are around
80F/26C. This will be during Costa Ricas rainy season, where there is a steady
downpour of rain almost every day in the early afternoon. You will spend most of your
time in the capitol city of San Jose, where you will visit the exciting marketplace. You
will be immersed in people selling everything imaginable, and youll have a chance to
haggle over prices. You will visit a fascinating childrens museum housed in a building
that is built in the shape of a castle. By bus, youll take a day trip to the rainforest where
you will see monkeys in the wild. You will also experience a zip line, where you are
harnessed to a rope and fling through the treetops. (Dont worry. If youre scared, you
can watch other people do it instead of you). After an exciting day in the forest, youll
head to the beach for some fun and sun. Nearby, youll visit a coffee farm where youll
see how coffee is harvested from beginning to end. Youll also be able to taste
chocolate covered coffee beans. Youll take a separate day trip to el Volcn Arenal, the
Arenal Volcano, a weak, active volcano. Adjacent to the volcano, you will relax in the
hot springs, warm pools of water that are naturally warmed by the earth.

Item in Spanish:

Number of items you will need: Write out the entire numerical
word in Spanish. Don not just write the numerical symbol.

1. _____________________________ __________________________________
2. _____________________________ __________________________________
3. _____________________________ __________________________________
4. _____________________________ __________________________________
5. _____________________________ __________________________________
6. _____________________________ __________________________________
7. _____________________________ __________________________________
8. _____________________________ __________________________________
9. _____________________________ __________________________________
10. _____________________________ __________________________________
11. _____________________________ __________________________________
12. _____________________________ __________________________________
13. _____________________________ __________________________________
14. _____________________________ __________________________________
15. _____________________________ __________________________________
16. _____________________________ __________________________________
17. _____________________________ __________________________________
18. _____________________________ __________________________________
19. _____________________________ __________________________________
20. _____________________________ __________________________________
21. _____________________________ __________________________________
22. _____________________________ __________________________________
23. _____________________________ __________________________________
24. _____________________________ __________________________________
25. _____________________________ __________________________________
26. _____________________________ __________________________________
27. _____________________________ __________________________________
28. _____________________________ __________________________________
29. _____________________________ __________________________________
30. _____________________________ __________________________________
31. _____________________________ __________________________________
32. _____________________________ __________________________________
33. _____________________________ __________________________________
34. _____________________________ __________________________________
35. _____________________________ __________________________________
36. _____________________________ __________________________________
37. _____________________________ __________________________________
38. _____________________________ __________________________________
39. _____________________________ __________________________________
40. _____________________________ __________________________________
41. _____________________________ __________________________________
42. _____________________________ __________________________________
43. _____________________________ __________________________________
44. _____________________________ __________________________________
45. _____________________________ __________________________________
46. _____________________________ __________________________________
47. _____________________________ __________________________________
48. _____________________________ __________________________________
49. _____________________________ __________________________________
50. _____________________________ __________________________________

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