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City of Westerville Electric Division

Electric Rates
Schedule GST: General Service Transmission
1) Availability. Available for general light and power service for other than residential use, supplied
through the Citys 69 kV transmission facilities for consumers having a minimum demand of more
than 1,500 kilovolt-amperes (kVA) at a single location and meter.
2) Rates.
Demand charges:
First 1,500 kVA
Over 1,500 kVA

$14,246.00 (Minimum Billing Demand)

$6.305 per kVA

Energy charge:

$0.02101 per kWh

3) Determination of Demand. The Demand shall be the maximum thirty minute integrated kilovoltampere demand recording of an integrating demand meter.
The Demand in any month shall not be less than 1,500 kVA or the Minimum Billing
Demand, if any, specified in the service contract.
4) Power Supply Cost adjustment Charge. In addition to the monthly rates established in subsection (2)
hereof, each consumer shall pay a Power Supply Cost Adjustment Charge established and reviewed
by the City Manager. The Power Supply Cost Adjustment Charge applicable to the rates set forth
herein shall be set administratively by the City Manager on the recommendation of the Director of
Finance and the Electric Utility Manager. The City Manager is hereby authorized and directed to
review the Power Supply Cost Adjustment Charge not less than once each year. The City Manager
may adjust the Power Supply Cost Adjustment Charge to reflect any anticipated increase or decrease
in the Citys cost of power from its suppliers or self-owned generation, or any past over or under
recovery of power supply costs, provided City Council, after first being provided at least ten (10)
days advance written notice, does not object. The Power Supply Cost Adjustment Charge shall not
include power supply costs specifically recovered through any renewable energy or other similar
special rate offered by the City. For bills due after January 31, 2015 the Power Supply Cost
Adjustment charge is $0.05229 per kilowatt-hour.
5) Minimum Monthly Charge. The Minimum Monthly Charge shall be the greater of the Demand
Charge set forth in Subsection (2) hereof applied to:
a) Fifty percent (50%) of the highest Maximum Demand previously established during the
preceding twelve months, or
b) The Minimum Billing Demand or as specified in a written service contract.
6) Service and Contract Provisions. Prior to service being rendered hereunder, the consumer shall enter
into a written service contract which shall specify, among other provisions, the electricity and
capacity requirements of the consumer, pre- and post-term contract ratchet charges if any, termination
and notice requirements, curtailment conditions in the case of emergencies, deposit and payment
provisions, and minimum monthly payment requirements, connection and construction charges,
provisions regarding metering, term of contract, load requirements, and default provisions. Each
separate point of delivery of service by one or more metered services shall be considered a contract
location and shall be metered and billed under a separate service contract. Only one metered service
of each type, as to voltage and phase, will be supplied to a consumer under this schedule at one
contract location. Where two or more services are supplied to a consumer at one contract location,
Ord. 04-40 authorized by City Council December 7, 2004

Revised 12/31/2014

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City of Westerville Electric Division

Electric Rates
Schedule GST: General Service Transmission
the services, within the limitations above stated, may be serviced under separate contracts under this
or other applicable schedules, at the consumers option.
7) Metered Voltage. This rate is based upon delivery and measurement of energy at the same voltage,
thus measurement will be made at or compensated to the delivery voltage. Determination of the
measurement voltage shall be at the sole discretion of the City. Measurement taken at the low-side of
a consumer owned transformer shall be multiplied by 1.01.
8) Term of contract. The term of the contract for service under this schedule shall be as provided in the
individual contract with each consumer, but in no case shall the contract term be for less than one
9) Payment. Bills are due and payable in full on the fifteenth of each month.

Ord. 04-40 authorized by City Council December 7, 2004

Revised 12/31/2014

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