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New ideasIDEAS
from the FROM THE
inspiring YOUR
your success SUCCESS
in 2010 IN 2010

Many off you h
have asked
k d ffor an update
d t on what’s
h t’
happening and what’s next ...

So here is a summaryy of what I’ve been doing,

and what I’m working on right now...

New ideas, new books and new events,

new projects
projects, new ventures
ventures, new tools

You can find more details, videos and downloads,

ideas and blog
g at

I look forward to working with you in 2010

Peter Fisk
IDEAS FOR 2010...

As the world lurched from “credit crunch” to global

recession, we looked for hope ...

.... Barack Obama built on the first social-networked

election victory, with a social-business agenda.

And we began to understand the changing world

order ... seismic shifts, invisible but huge ...

... From west to east ... big to small ... average to

individual ... business to customer ... volume to value.
IDEAS FOR 2010...

In 1876 Edison started GE ...1929 it was HP ...

1975 Microsoft ...1981 MTV ... 2001 the iPod

So how will entrepreneurs in 2010 seize the

opportunities of crisis and change?

Virgin Galactic launched consumer space travel

for algae-powered astronauts...

... Zappos was snapped up for billions, Zipcars

became the norm, and Zopa finance took off ...
IDEAS FOR 2010...

A new generation of market leaders emerged,

playing a different game ...

.... crowd-sourcing, socially networked, small and

virtual, co-creating and customising ...

Air Asia and Alibaba, Current TV and

Live Nation, Tesla and Threadless ...

... fusing physical and virtual, large and small,

sustainablility and high performance.
IDEAS FOR 2010... In 2009 the world economy declined by 1.1%
but is expected by IMF to grow by 3.1% in 2010 ...

B t stockmarkets
Best t k k t in
i 2009 were R Russia’s
i ’ Micex
(+118%), China’s CSI300 (+89%), Brazil’s
Bovespa and India’s Sensex (both +80%)
in 2010

+1.7% G7
in 2009 +1.3%
in 2010

The E7 will continue to outshine the G7,, and likelyy
i 2009
to be twice its size by the end of the decade

E7 is the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and

China) plus Mexico,
Mexico Indonesia and Turkey
IDEAS FOR 2010... Economic recovery will be slow, but opportunities
will emerge faster. Here’s my A to Z of 2010 ...

Ageing (big business) ... Artvertising (ads need to do more for you) ... Brand alliances
Bioplastics ... eBooks (eventually come of age) ... Business models (in every sector)
CHIME nations ... Creative charities ... Crowdsourcing (research, design, communicate)
Debt ... Device convergence ... Digital nomads (wandering in a virtual world)
Energy (where the brains are focused) ... Social Entrepreneurship ... Extreme weather
Fairtrade ... Fractional ownership ... Fuel cells (where the venture capital is focused)
Genetic based services ... GPS devices (the power of mobility) ... Graffiti fashion
Happiness (yes, it really is the new priority) ... Healthcare revolution ... Reid Hoffman
Identity protection (you, your brand, your reputation) ... Inflation ... Islamic finance
Fashion jewellery ... Multi jobbing ... Jumpsuits (yes, they're back with Stella McCartney)
Knowledge clouds ... Korean brands (the new innovation leaders) ... Kazakstan
Licensing ... Life caching ... Location
based marketing (when and where are customers)
Managing complexity ... Meaning (making sense, adding purpose) ... Micropayments
Nanotechnology (from cleaning to clothes) ... Neural networks ... N11 nations
Obesity (whilst half the world still starves) ... Oil prices ... Cautious optimism
Personalisation ... Pop-up retailing (no longer a fad, serious business) ... Privacy
InQBox (fantastic Japanese retail concept) ... Quantum computing ... Quebec online
Realness ... Rental culture ... Responsible business (more than the environment)
Self publishing ... Simplicity (the biggest trend of all) ... Space tourism (Virgin Galactic)
Tablet computers (just wait for MacWorld 2010) ... Tweeting ... Two-speed economy
U e p oy e t ... U Urbanisation
ba sat o ... Use
User ge
e ated ((from
o Cu Current
e t TV to Threadless)
ead ess)
Viral rage (customer complaints just went global) ... Virtual Hybrids ... Volatility
Water scarcity ... Wild weather ... Women consumers (growing faster than China)
Generation X ... X-Prizes (space travel to electric cars) ... XL accessories
Yang Du (Shanghai cool) ... YouTubevertising (one that works) ... Mohammad Yunus
Zespri Gold (amazing kiwis) ... Zipcars ... Zopa (business model for future banking)
New books :

• Creative Genius
Innovation from the future back (2010)
( )

• People, Planet, Profit

Sustainability for smarter innovation (2010)

• The New Market Leaders

Secrets of the new business generation (2011)

Previous books :

• Marketing Genius
The left and right
brain of marketing (2006)

• Business Genius
Leadership in turbulent times (2008)

• Customer Genius
Becoming a customer-centric business (2009)

“People Planet Profit” by Peter Fisk

How to embrace sustainability for smarter

innovation and profitable growth

A practical guide for business managers

16 case studies, 12 expert contributors

3 diagnostics, 10 platforms, 50 resources

Published by Kogan Page, Feb 2010
www PeopleandPlanetandProfit com

“Creative Genius” by Peter Fisk

Innovation from the future back

50 great innovations, 50 creative people

Ideas Factory, Design Studio, Impact Zone

Apple, IDEO, 3M, Pixar, Samsung, Tesla etc.

Armani, Banksy, Dyson, Morito, Starck etc.

Published by Wiley Capstone, May 2010
www CreativeGeniusLive com

“The New Market Leaders” by Peter Fisk

Secrets of the next business generation

10 brands, 10 leaders, 10 secrets

Apple and Obama, Alibaba and Threadless

The power of ideas, networks and people

Creative, collaborative, and connected

New values, assets, and economics

Publish date to be confirmed
www theNewMarketLeaders com
Speaking formats:

• Keynotes and host

• Seminars and masterclasses
• Customised workshops

New events :

• Marketing
M k i b by A
Applel and
d Ob
• How to think like Leonardo da Vinci
• Winning in the Digital World
• The People
p Planet Profit Programme


• Reset,
R t Rethink,
R thi k Restart
R t t
• The New Customer Agenda
• Innovation from the future back
• Einstein and Picasso do business
• Rethinking the role of marketing
• Ubuntu, the power of social networks
• The yin and yang of successful brands
• Welcome
W l tto 2012:
2012 Lif
Life after
ft ththe crisis
i i

“Marketing by Apple and Obama ...

Secrets of the new market leaders”

Becoming the creative force for change ,,,

.... how Apple market, how Nintendo think ....

.... how Samsung design, how Pixar innovate

.... how Threadless engage, how Obama won

Event keynote, seminar or workshop

“How to think like Leonardo da Vinci”

(and become a Creative Genius)

Curiosita, Sensazion, Connesionz, Sfumato,

Art e Scienza, Dimostragone, Corporalita ...

Combining foresight and insight,

man and machines, drawings and words,

ideas and experiments, wellbeing and work. Event keynote, seminar or workshop

“Winning in the digital world”

(You don’t need to be a dotcom to be digital)

Converging physical and virtual business

Engaging digital natives and immigrants

Standing out in fast and connected markets

Crowdsourcing, co-creating, collaborating

Time, location and networked marketing

Integrating physical and digital media

1-day masterclass or 2-day workshop
The People Planet Profit Programme

How can I get my team to explore the ideas of People Planet Profit and what it meansfor my business? Where do I start in applying these approaches in relevant ways for me?
How do I get my people to start thinking and acting differently? The PPP programme is an accelerated development experience for senior and middle managers. It can be tailored
to the specific issues your business, and can be delivered as a learning experience, or as a practical way to start addressing your real issues. It is typically delivered as an
executive retreat – a four day accelerated learning experience, when we will also explore the more personal challenges of leadership

i 1 1: World
W ld Changing
Ch i Session 5: Sustainable Innovation

• Making sense of the changing business world • Creative disruption and renewal, innovation and entrepreneurship
• Global challenges, shifting power, instant and connected • Future back thinking, outside in action, left and right brain people
• Balancing economic, social and environmental agendas • Ventures, incubators and rocket ships for practical innovation
• Best practices: From Air Asia to Amazon, Zara and Zopa • Best practices: Lego’s creative play and GE’s sustainable creativity
• Essential tools: Future Radar, Scenario Planning, Customer Insight • Essential tools: Creative Disruption, Sustainable Business Models

Session 2: Inspiring Purpose Session 6: Personal Wellbeing

• The enlightened business, one with a purpose beyond profits • Living, loving and thriving in the new business world
• How business can make a bigger difference to our worlds • Health and fitness, how to feel good, and how to do more
• Aligning a higher purpose with the pursuit of value creation • Confidence and courage, how to stretch and surprise yourself
• Best practices: From Camper and Cemex, to Danone and Disney • Best p
practices: From Google’s
g workstyle
y to Virgin’s
g lifestyle
• Essential tools: Purpose Definition, Corporate Brands, Storytelling • Essential tools: Body Works, Mind Works, Action Works

Session 3: Growth Strategy Session 7: Enlightened Performance

• Making better strategic choices in times of change • Delivering results, short and long-term, in crisis and in good times
• Choosing the best markets, better differentiation and business models • Value creation, value drivers and value management
• Aligning the organisation to work within strategic rules • Metrics and scorecards,, incentives and rewards.
• Best practices: GE gets imagination, whilst Tata focuses on new markets • Best practices: Toyota’s performance culture, Nokia’s contrasting approach
• Essential tools: Value Disciplines, Strategy Framework, GG Planning • Essential tools: Performance Metrics, Rewards, Value Management

Session 4: Authentic Leadership Session 8: Real Commitment

• Management and leadership, heads up or heads down • What it takes to become a new business leader
• Whyy business needs new leaders for a new world • Planning the change programme for you and your business
• Inspiring direction, discipline decisions, building teams • Milestones and workstreams, how to make change happen
• Best practices: Apple beyond Jobs, Rosso and the engine of Diesel • Best practices: Nike Considered and Unilever’s holistic approach
• Essential tools: 5C Leadership Model, Personal Effectiveness Framework • Essential tools: Impact Zoning, Leader Guide, 90 Day Plans.

Peter Fisk is joined by experts in sustainability, leadership and wellbeing - including Anthony Kleanthous and Diana Verde Nieto, Alper Utku and Selen Tamer. The PPP
programme is also delivered as a series of three separate issue and action-focused workshops for small teams of management, based around phases of discovery, design and
y This is a more consultative approach,
pp building
g on the existing
g and p
priorities, issues and ideas within yyour business.
EVENTS ... Some recent clients and locations

OVB, Oslo Nordea, Tallinn

Oriflame, Stockholm Swedbank, Tallinn

RBS, Edinburgh McCann, Riga
SVB, Stockholm
Telia Sonera, Vilnius
V d f
Vodafone, LLondon
Mars, London ITV, London T-Mobile, Warsaw

SFA, Dublin Henkel, Dusseldorf

DSM, Amsterdam Red Bull, Budapest
JTI, Montenegro OGI, Bucharest
WRC, Barcelona
Vodafone, Milan OGI, Sofia
WPP Valancia
WPP, V l i
Turkcell, Istanbul
SSA, Rome TEB, Istanbul

SIM Singapore

Nielsen, Cairo
Videos and presentations from events can be
STC, Riyadh
downloaded at Fosters, Sydney


“The Genius Lab” is a consulting process

for accelerated innovation

• Phase 1: The Ideas Factory

Insight and creativity

• Phase 2: The Design Studio

Concepts and solutions

• Phase 3: The Impact Zone

Strategy and implementation

It is a fast and collaborative,

customer-centric approach to
problem solving based around
three high impact workshops with
your cross-functional development team


Strategy and innovation consulting process

Accelerated stretching and focused


Collaborative network of experts

Example of recent project ...

Strategy for retail innovation

Communications market leader

Customer immersion, insight mapping

Segments, trends, best practices, parallels

Idea generation,
generation scenarios,
scenarios propositions

Concept design, Rapid prototyping, evaluation

Stakeholder engagement, launch planning With cross-functional team and sponsors

6 weeks, including 3 x 2 day team workshops

Example of recent project ...

European market entry strategy

Premium drinks brand

Customer immersion, existing research

Segmentation, competitive map, targeting

Idea generation,
generation concept design
design, evaluation

Proposition, messaging, packaging, channels

Brand launch and horizon plannning With in-house team of functional experts

5 weeks, including 3 x 1 day workshops
Example of recent project ...

Developing a “green
green brand”
brand strategy (2009)

Global mobile operator

Collation of existing research

Co-creation workshops with consumers

Learning from other companies

Insights, hypothesise, concepts, propositions

Strategic roadmap and integration plan

8 weeks, with collaborative team of experts

The Fast Track
Track” is an accelerated
development programme for business
leaders, market managers and others too.

Workshops are delivered by an expert

team of specialists and practitioners

Focused on your business issues ...

exploring best practices and new ideas
... inspired by the latest case studies

Programmes can be customised through

business issue analysis, capability
diagnostics and profiling.

High energy, practical and interactive,

toolkits, cases, videos, real projects.
the fast track
The Fast Track
Track” is a portfolio of what
what’ss hot,
hot what works,
works and what
what’ss next in the
world of customers, marketing, brands and innovation. It brings together the latest
techniques with real-time case studies, to catalyse new thinking and capabilities. It
can be customised to your business, and is endorsed by The Marketing Society.

Example of recent project ..., online travel business

3 brands, 12 countries, 240 marketers

12 month accelerated development program

Capability framework and individual profiling

Learning concept aligned to business needs

Marketing community with events and online

Marketing workshops, processes and tools

Example of recent project ... “Market Accelerator” action learning

Eczacibasi, leading multi-sector business

Business leaders and senior marketers

2, 3 or 5 day workshops for 15 x 20 people

Market strategy, new opportunity mapping

Customer insight, rethinking what matters

Business innovation, rethinking the rules

Value propositions, products to solutions

Marketing performance and leadership

Example of recent project ...

ITV, leading commercial broadcaster

Changing market, challenge of new media

Innovative selling, rethinking marketing

Changing world of marketing and technology

Digital media, how to compete and use it

New marketing and the new role of CMOs

Practical solutions and action planning

We also get involved in a range of new

ventures, either as expert advisors
or as strategic facilitators

This combines a consulting, training and

implementation role.
role It offers a “light
light touch”
touch to
innovative projects and start-up businesses

Current ventures include

“Brand Genius”
with Brand Finance and virtual network

“Hospitality Hub”
with the founders and technology partner

“Zoom Ventures”
with Clownish and virtual network

“Brand Genius” strategic brand consulting

Rethinking brands and brand propositions

Strategic focus and innovative solutions

More analytical and more creative

The yin and yang of brands

GeniusWorks and BrandFinance

Virtual team of expert brand consultants

Partners in 20 cities worldwide

“Hospitality Hub” professional network

Professional network for hospitality people

Bringing people together, sharing new ideas

Hotels, restaurants, brands, alumni groups

Connect, debates, ideas, suppliers, jobs

Start up business supported by GeniusWorks

Technology partnership with Viadeo

Endorsed by leading hospitality associations

Zoom Ventures
Ventures” social entrepreneurship

Focus on social and environmental issues

Incubating the best ideas and innovations

For entrepreneurs and enterprises

New business models that also do good

GeniusWorks with Clownfish
Business and sustainability experts

Sustainable innovation consulting process

Download from :

News, Blog, Events

Videos, Presentations
Articles, Extracts, Interviews

Other resources available as appropriate:

120 case studies

di off llead
d practices
50 marketing tools, strategy to brand
30 customer tools, segmenting to loyalty
20 creative tools, ideation to implementation

And access to the resources of:

S i li consulting
l i fifirms
Virtual team of expert consultants
Authors, speakers and thought leaders

E l iti insights
Exploiting i i ht from
f partners
t like
lik NNow & N
Nextt etc.

... Download reports at

CASE STUDIES ... Best and emerging practices from around the world
... downloads at

Baidu, China Tesla, USA

Ugg, Australia DSM, Holland Banyan Tree, Singapore
T Box, Turkey H i
Havianas, B il Threadless, USA
Brazil C
ti UK Genentech, USA
Live Nation, USA Tata, India Chupa Chups, Spain
Camper, Spain W Hotels, USA
I f
Infosys, India
I di Cemex Mexico
Cemex, Wholefoods USA
Lego, Denmark
Alessi, Italy
H&M, Sweden Freixinet, Spain
Smart, Switz. Voss, Norway
Samsung Korea
Samsung, Current TV, USA
G i It
Gucci, Italy
P&G, USA Jimmy Choo, UK
Pelamis, Spain Amazon, USA Mini, Germany

Umpqua, USA MoMA, USA Natura, Brazil

Garanti Turkey
Garanti, Porsche Germany
Nestle, Switz El Bulli, Spain Barbour, UK
Toyota, Japan Nokia, Finland
Stenders, Latvia Jones Soda, Canada
Air Asia. Malaysia Zopa, UK
Laika, USA
Nintendo, Japan Li & Fung, China Vom Fass, Germany
Danone, France
Pixar, USA Club Med, France
New Balance, USA
Skoda, Czech Republic
Ferrari, Italy Zipcars, USA

Peter Fisk. Strategic marketer and innovator with the

likes of Coca Cola and Microsoft, founded the Genius
Works and author of bestselling “Marketing
Works, Marketing Genius”
Genius g brand marketer and innovator,
Ruth Saunders. Strategic
with diverse experience gained with P&G and Mars,
Bev Burgess. Experienced marketing director who through to Prophet and McKinsey & Co.
specialises in business to business and technology
marketing, and people development. Shaun Smith. Customer insight and experience
g specialist,
p , author of books such as
Lori Costello. Specialist in communication strategy, “Uncommon Practice” and “See Feel Think Do”
trained with Scott Paper in USA, then ran a PR agency ,
and now a strategic consultancy Costello & Co. Martin Thomas. Communications specialist, particularly
in PR and sponsorship. Former managing director of
A th Kl
th S t i bilit and
Sustainability d innovation
i ti Cohn & Woolf, co
founder of integrated agency Nylon
specialist who is senior advisor to the WWF, and was
previously a technology-based marketing director. Jeff Wolfin. Customer service and human performance
expert, founder of Humanicity, and previously change
Magnus Lindkvist. Futurist who specialises in pattern management consultant with PA Consulting Group
recognition and invisible trends, was a brand strategist at
Differ, and is a leading participant in TED. Laurie Young. Professional services expert and
experienced marketing director, authored various books
Andy Milligan. Customer and branding specialist, led included “Scenarios in Marketing”.
Interbrand’s development
p in Asia Pacific, and wrote
“Brand it Like Beckham” and other books. ... And working in partnerships including Best Marketing,
Brand Finance, Caffeine, Clownfish, CSA, Fastleader,
InnoEurope, Marketing Society, MCT, OGI, SFB, and others.