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Regional Project Manager- Africa, Mr. Yahya Bala K. Wambai,
Representative of the UPU Director General, Mr. Antonio Caeiro
Assistant Secretary General/PAPU, Mr. Kolawole Raheem Aduloju,
Distinguished Participants and Delegates from Africa,
Colleagues from Postal Corporation of Kenya,
Ladies and Gentlemen.
It gives me pleasure to preside over this important official opening ceremony of
the Universal Postal Union Training Workshop on International Postal System,
International Financial System and Global Monitoring System. The Universal
Postal Union founded in 1874 is the second oldest International Organization and
operates as a specialized Agency of the United Nations on Postal Service matters.
The Universal Postal Union in collaboration with Pan African Postal Union has
organized and hosted this Training Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya from Tuesday
27th to Friday 30th January 2015. We feel greatly honoured and appreciate to
host the first UPU training workshop in their international calendar of events for
The objective of the workshop is to bring together Information Technology,
Operations and Quality of Service Managers as part of the Regional Development
plan for Africa for the 2013-2016 cycle and the Quality of Service, Supply Chain
and Product Development key project for the Africa Region. Focus will also be
placed on contributing towards the achievement of the objective of stimulating
the growth of designated operators through e-commerce and e-services.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Postal Corporation of Kenya was established by an Act of Parliament (PCK
Act 1998) and operates as a commercial public enterprise. The Corporations

mandate includes provision of accessible, affordable and reliable postal services
to all parts of Kenya as a public postal licensee where communication through the
post office forms part of the basic human right as is enshrined in the 1948 United
Nations Charter.
Our mission is to deliver superior financial payments, distribution and
communication solutions to our customers and create value to stakeholders. The
Post Office remains the most accessible, affordable, effective and time tested
communications platform in Kenya with a total of 623 outlets spread across the
Ladies and Gentlemen,
As you know, the Postal industry is operating in a highly competitive
environment due to liberalization, globalization and technological advancements.
All public postal licensees/ national designated operators should upgrade,
through automation, their business processes to retain their customers, define
their own market presence and remain competitive.
In this regard, before the end of next month Posta Kenya will have concluded the
implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) which we
expect to be fully operational. The system will automate end-to-end business
operations and will go a long way in improving on our effectiveness and efficiency
in all business processes. So far this ERP project has cost the Corporation USD 3
Other technological advancements include acquisition of an E-Payments Solution
that we branded Posta Pesa, in August 2013, and is enabling Posta Kenya
transact various business operations electronically. Once fully operational, the EPayments Solution will transact Agency Banking, Mobile Money Transfers, Cardbased operations, E-commerce, Online cash disbursements, E-payments for
utility bills, E-ticketing and E-Government Services. So far we have successfully
partnered with several banking institutions including Kenya Commercial Bank,
National Bank, Cooperative Bank among others.
Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Government of Kenya has developed the Huduma Services concept where
the Post Office will be a one-stop-shop concept for all public services for citizens.
So far these services are currently being offered in all the major General Post
Offices and will soon be rolled out to all 47 counties before the end of the
Financial Year 2014/15. This clearly portrays the confidence the Government has
in the Corporation to provide quality services to citizens all across the country.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since 2001, the UPU Quality of Service Fund (QSF) has been financing dozens of
projects every year in developing countries to strengthen the international mail
network. UPU is involved in many programmes, including continuous testing for
measuring the quality of service of 700 international links, the creation of
barcodes for tracking and tracing items, the setting of end-to-end delivery
standards, and the introduction of the J+5 standard (delivery on the fifth working
day after the day of posting) for 80% of international mail. The new global
monitoring system (GMS) for quality of service gives to all member countries
access to state-of-the-art technologies for monitoring and improving their quality
of service particularly on Mail products.

We are greatly honoured to host this significant UPU/PAPU training workshop

on IPS/IFS/GMS projects in Nairobi, Kenya and look forward to more interactive
benchmarking missions on the same in future. Posta Kenya has immensely
benefited through the QSF Fund to a tune of over Kshs. 100 Million which is
equivalent USD 1.112 Million for the last one decade on various developmental

With those few remarks, I take this opportunity to officially open this important
training workshop in the UPU international calendar of events and look forward
to active participation from all delegates.

Karibuni Kenya and God bless.

Thank you.