I awoke in a small, dark room to the smell of him, overwhelming me.

I was in a small bed with silk sheets though it was so dark I couldn't tell what color they were. I sat up and scanned the room for anything I could see but all I could see was a small open window across the room where Angelo was standing. He was facing me but all I could make out was his silouette in the moonlight. "Good evening love" he said sweetly "Where are we?" I coughed out with my morning voice. "We....are at my house... in my room... and you, sweetheart,......are in my bed." he said in a sly tone My mind was murky. I recalled everything that happened but it couldn't possibly be true. I am in a heavenly bed with an angel perched by a moonlit window? Yeah...right. Am I sleeping still? No way, It's all too real. I grabbed his pillow and buried my face in it to inhale his sweet scent. I have never been able to smell in my sleep before...but now I can...so I can't be sleeping. "Am I...dead?" I asked with uncontrollable enthusiasm . Angelo began to giggle like a gossiping cheer leader. "It's not a joke I am serious!" he sped across the room in a blur and was suddenly sitting on the bed next to me. "oooooookaaaayyyyy. I told you I was dead." I said in disbelief of what I had just seen him do "your not dead" "How the hell do you know? you could be dead with

me" He put his hand up by my face and caressed my brow bone with his thumb. "Well then...I am in heaven and I don't care whether I am dead or not" he whispered to me and leaned in for a kiss. I tried to resist, after all...I had seen some pretty weird things from him recently but I decided that I was dreaming. Weird things happen in dreams all the time, besides kepolo wasn't here and my angel was, how bad could it be to just enjoy it until I woke up? so I gave in. My heart tripling in speed. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. After only a second he pulled away. That's it? It's my dream and all I get is a peck? I felt like a spoiled teenager who wasn't getting what she wants. I huffed a little and then yawned. Ok I'll play along "What did you do to me at the school? Why am I so drained?" "I'll explain everything in the morning, but right now you need to sleep and so do I" Then he got up and started to walk towards the door that I could slightly see now that my eyes had adjusted. "Where are you going?" I asked in a sweet tired tone "I am going to sleep on the couch. The living room is right outside this door if you need anything just yell" He explained as he stepped out the door and closed it behind him I awoke the next morning with him sitting on the bed next to me looking deeply into my sleepy eyes "Good morning sweetheart"

"Oh hey" I said. Too unreal, it's not a dream. It can't be. I am still here. "hey darling did I wake you?" "Don't laugh but i'm kinda nervous to talk to you" I confessed "why? don't be, hunny, i'm just an everyday person in fear of his life for this worlds oblivious extinction" who talks like that? Who the hell is this guy? I thought. "ok, Who are you?" I responded in total confusion "I am different from the other people of this planet individualizing my single existence of a dying breed for I am the only and last of my kind" he responded. My mind not quite grasping it's meaning....is he speaking metaphorically? or is he telling me he is a whole new species? Either way he's gotta be crazy. Guys don't speak in metaphor's...and He has lost his mind if he thinks I'm going to believe all that stuff from last night really happened. I don't know how I got here but It is too far fetched to believe what I had seen. So i'll go with metaphor... "You make me speechless" I admitted...I didn't know what else to say. "Why do I make you speechless?" "because guys are not deep...they are shallow simple minded creatures that are only interested in cup size...so when you say things that reach deeper than skin it surprises me and I don't know what to say...I

cannot even put you in the category of guys...you are some sorta superhuman figment of my imagination....but you breathe....or at lease I think you breathe" I looked closely at him to see if he did indeed breathe. I looked, but his chest wasn't moving and there was no indication that he was breathing. suddenly face started to turn red and he gasped for air. "Not funny!!!" I said sternly. He gave me a coy smile and said "I believe I breathe, but only from the outside in, Because everyday I strive, hoping that its not my last." "I know, that involuntary breathing thing drives me crazy." I said sarcastically.This guy is unbelieveable. "But you should never be nervous to talk to me, I am just like everyone else, except I know that the world really spins in the opposite direction making everyone lose sight of what goes on" I was lost...I understood....sort of. I mean, I know what life is like. My life has not exactly been peaches and cream...until now. Angelo seemed to be speaking to my soul. My mind didn't understand fully but my heart did. "well......it's hard for me to lose sight of you." My heart confessed. I let my mind go. "And why is that?" he responded. "I......don't know" I forced my mind to respond. I looked in to his cool ice blue eyes and my heart took over, continuing with "Your magnetic.I have never felt this open. I feel like a total crazy person right now. I am a little out of my

element. I thought I was alone here, but I guess You are out here with me." "Well, I like the open mind, because with no open mind how is this world to take on the knowledge to survive this dying planet?" Who and what are you? I was dying to ask but I wasn't sure I was ready to hear the answer. so I didn't ask. "You are so......" I searched for the words "out of the box" "Yes this is me. My purpose and mean is define the walls that we call life or is it death? but yeah, this is me if no one likes it too bad I change for no one" He had shattered my walls, broke the mold I was stuck in. I was on unfamiliar ground. "But the problem is...when you find the walls and are sure that is the limit....you find someone who seems to make them evaporate" I said in complete honesty. "yes, or I find where the mouse comes in so I can see light, and knowing that there is a way out, I say to that light...take this life in flames and discretely make the floods subdue the fire." I was on such different ground than I had been yesterday...I was scared...scared I would say too much. Scared I would chase this glorious creature,whatever he may be, away. My mind took over again. I needed normal conversation before I was lost in this legend that had become my reality. "So..." I searched for something normal to ask... "What's your favorite color?" I looked deeply into his sweet eyes.

"I have two, black and ice blue like...." "your eyes" I finished his sentence before continuing "I agree, with both and don't even get me started on your eyes." "Why? What you mean by that?" He asked for it and I can no longer tell my heart to shut up "Like you don't know...Your eyes speak the words that wouldn't make any sense if you tried to say them with your mouth.They have their own calling about them." I looked deeply into his eyes that were filled with so much depth I felt like I was drowning...in his love. "They are like Gazing into a star filled sky and breathing in the beauty of it...there is so much going on that you can't explain but you don't even want to...You get happily lost and just absorb the beauty and feelings with great admiration." "Ah, I see and that is the same for you dear. Your as deep as I am. I wish I had found you a long time ago, I would not be alone." "You are not alone. There are two of us here now and I don't foretell there being anymore. Unfortunately, nowadays, to find any depth in most people you need to give them cement shoes and throw them overboard." "No, there will not be anymore but you and I, because we shall not let them destroy our heart. I will wipe them out, all of them, before I let them take you from me." OUR heart? I noticed he had said it as if we were one. Feeling it sounds right, but if I were to repeat this to anyone else I would just look like a fool. Falling for the first guy I meet. My mind was

telling me this all seems wrong, and way too fast but my heart could not resist his sweet words, my body could not shun his touch and my eyes could not leave his. I was lost. It didn't have to make sense to my mind....I didn't care if this was smart. Love is only a matter of the heart. I argued with myself before asking "What happens when you wake up and realize you have been transported to a world with nothing but insects leeching of your heart and soul...but there is one who seems to speak your language and is also trapped there with you but the bugs are so thick that the other person is just out of your reach?" "That's a good one. My body would then be used as an extension of my soul and I would reach to you. Because speaking of them I know you mean us and you would not have to worry. I would find the logic and reasoning in my heart to grab you before the last beat." "Am I that transparent?" I asked with a little giggle. "I never give up on finding the truth of ones existence and ones hearts meaning." "Bare with my cheesyness for a second, but do you believe in fate or is everything just chance?" "Chance is what you make of ones own fate, but then again, is fate chance? I see it as possibly, a new opening to another door that can hopefully lead you to that place you have sought for so long. Like for instance, that chance was my fate to give you the answer that you sought and still leave room for reason."

"What is the place that you seek?" "I seek the person who will make my existence a reality instead of a mistaken dream, I just wish I knew who..." He stared deeply into my eyes searching for the answer. "Well, you were looking in the wrong places... I think....... As if i'd be so lucky." I turned away from his hypnotic gaze and glanced back with hope in my eyes. "I think I might have mistaken my desired places, but then again, what about you? Ever think that you could have been mistaken by being here?" "Well, lets see...If I had never been where I have, and gone through what I have.... I may have never found y...." I had to correct myself I did not want to presume the sweet things he had said were meant toward me. "I may have never found..Someone.. who seems to sing to my soul. So in that fact, as of this moment, no, I don't think I wasn't supposed to be here. I think I am exactly where I needed to be at this moment." "Good, now we have time to grow knowledge of each other and feed off of each others need to survive this painful word" The sun shone so brightly through the small window forming a checker like pattern on the floor. The sheets I had been laying on were ice blue. Across the room was a dresser with japanese figurines on it. A large jade dragon sat in the center of the little budah's and dragon figurines.they were all organized perfectly atop the cherry wood dresser. His carpet was bright white shag that looked like clouds had rested there for his comfort. His walls were a

dark midnight blue with framed dragons that seemed to be made of silk in all different hues. he had a small shelf next to the bed with dozens of books stacked in alphabetical order. On top of the book case there was a samurai statue about sixteen inches high. I stood up to get a better look. It seemed to be made of metal although I did not dare to touch it. It was dressed in full armor the kind of elaborate stuff you see in the movies. It seemed to peer at me through the slits in the helmet. It was standing in an offensive position with the sword held above its head ready to strike. It was horrifyingly magnificent. "You like it?" angelo asked "It's amazing." "I have had it for years" he told me. Before I could ask where he got it from, I heard a loud high pitched beeping. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pager. he looked at it with great concentration and then pushed the button and put it back in his pocket. "You have a pager?" I giggled out "Yeah" "Why don't you have a cell phone like everyone else?" I inquired "You don't have a cell phone" he brought to my attention "well ok, everyone but me." "It's just for work, they page me when they need me to

come in." he explained "...And where do you work?" "Well....I.....I help people..." he said but I just looked at him waiting for more of an explanation than he seemed to be willing to give. Then he continued with "I think it would be better if I showed you." "Ok, then lets go." I demanded "Not now I only go in at night... but I will take you with me." he pleaded "ok." I gave in as I looked into his eyes...He seemed to be scared for some reason so I didn't push it. I sat back on the bed next to him and he scooted to the wall that the bed was against and reached up from behind me grabbing me around my waist and pulling me to him. I could feel his heartbeat against my back, matching the beat of mine, thumping slowly like we were asleep. His strong arms held me tightly as though he thought I would disappear at any moment. I took my hands and entwined my fingers with his. I laid my head against his chest and listened to his sweet breathing. This cant be real I thought again but I didn't care anymore. I didn't care what he might be, or how he did the things I had seen. It didn't matter anymore...He was mine and I was his. We laid there in silence for quite a while our bodies melting into place with one another. At one point I looked down and I couldn't tell where his hand began and mine ended. I broke the silence. "What are you thinking about?" I asked. I wanted to hear his sweet voice again.

"nothing." "Tell me....please." "you don't wanna know." "Yes I do!" I demanded "Well I am not going to tell you....not yet anyway." "Yes you are!" I said as I let his hand go and poked him in the side playfully. He twitched away from my hand. "Hey, That's not nice..." He exclaimed "I never said I was nice." I said very much like a little kid saying nanny nanny boo boo. He broke the lock his arms had me in and grabbed both my sides and began to tickle me. We wrestled around for a little bit until he had me pinned underneath him. He had me straddled...his legs on either side of my hips and both my hands were pinned above my head by his. Our eyes locked again and I started to feel defeated when I spoke up. "ow ow ow ow" He let go of me and backed up instantly "Are you ok....did I hurt you?" He asked with fear in his eyes "Nope!" I responded as I pounced on him attempting to get him into that same position. Except....with a big boom we both hit the floor. The wrestling continued as though we had never fallen. I managed to get on top of him but I am pretty sure he let me. I pinned his hands and exclaimed my

victory. "Gotcha!" He stopped the struggle altogether and just gazed into my eyes with such innocence I was getting lost in them again. "That's not fair...." I said "What?" He asked as though he didn't know what I meant. "You know exactly what I am talking about." I said playfully "No...." he explained as he quickly moved his arms out from my grip...He placed his left hand on my side and his right hand on the back of my head and spun me around. before I had even realized he had moved his hands he was on top of me gently lowering my head to the floor... ".....This is not fair" he said with a smirk. He scanned my face with his mesmerizing eyes before kissing me gently on the little dip in the center of my collar bone. I was suddenly butter in his sweet hands. I could feel the warmth emanating from his body and it set my senses on fire. I was burning all over. My teenage hormones raging like never before. He smiled and released his grip on me. Sitting up he said "We should probably get ready to go soon." My mind was cloudy. I was lost in my desires. "Go?.....where?" I mumbled "To my work...If you don't want to go I understand." he said with too much excitement in his voice. I sat up instantly, my mind cleared. "I am going! Your not going to talk me out of it, so don't even try." I exclaimed

"I wasn't going too." "Well, good" as I said that he got up and headed towards his closet, but when he opened it I realized it wasn't a closet at all. It was a bathroom. He motioned me to come over there, so I did. He showed me where the towels were and then led me to a door in the bathroom when he opened it I realized that it was a closet... a huge closet. As I entered it I realized that all my clothes were here...hung up in a little section. "How did you get my clothes?" I was a little stunned and a little freaked out. "I went to your house last night while you were sleeping." He said all proud of himself "How the hell do you know where I live?" I asked in confusion "LIVED, sweetheart. as in.... used to...I will not let you go back there. I will not let anyone hurt you again....EVER!" he said with so much care in his eyes. "I have to go back there...he will find me..." "Stop talking nonsense." He said so sure of his words "I don't want you to get hurt, Angelo I lu...like you too much." Wow...I just met him and I almost used a word I don't think I have ever used before in all my life. "Don't worry about me hunny..." He took me in his arms and hugged me tight to his chest "...as long as your here and I know your safe..." he kissed me on the forehead "...I'll

be fine." He let go of me and finished with "Take a shower and get ready to go...I am going to go get ready downstairs." He reached onto a shelf at the top of the closet and grabbed a pair of jeans, a white t shirt and a black button up. "holler if you need anything." he said as he walked out of the bathroom and closed the door behind him. I walked back into the closet and cuddled into his shirts that were hanging up breathing his smell in deeply. I was so excited to be here. I didn't feel fear anymore. I was Happy totally and completely happy. My angelo....my hero. I hopped into the shower. It was bigger than my bedroom used to be. I reached for the knob and pulled. Suddenly water was attacking me from all sides. I freaked and slammed the handle down again. as the water trickled down I realized that this was a really high tech shower. The floor was navy blue marble and the entire shower was encased in a hexagon shaped glass it looked more like a boxing ring than a shower. The glass was etched with little asian designs. Like I had seen on those folding walls at chinese restaurants.Each plate of glass was joined to the next with black steel bars and each bar had 3 holes in them, one about even with my thighs, one at my belly and the other even with my shoulders. There was a panel with at least thirty buttons on it located right by the exit to this fortress he calls a shower. I picked one at random and pressed it. Suddenly old R&B music started playing at a thousand decibels. I freaked and just started pressing random buttons to shut it off but The only thing I managed to shut off was the lights in the bathroom they slowly dimmed as lights above the shower lit up in bright l.e.d. colors forming a disco on the marble floor. I kept hitting buttons and nothing was working it just kept getting worse. A bench raised up from the floor. The lights were strobing now. I hopped out of the

shower and grabbed a towel to cover myself with I flung the door open to the bedroom to see Angelo laying in the middle of the floor in hysterics. "What the hell is wrong with your shower?" I demanded, but he was laughing so hard he couldn't breathe. "What is so funny?" I asked "Y.....You.....hahahaha....." he responded I waited silently for him to answer my questions. "You should see your face!" he laughed some more "It's not funny!" I yelled "Oh baby don't be mad...I couldn't help myself." He said trying to hide his giggle. "Well I am glad you find it funny..." I said. Now I was starting to laugh...His hysterics were contagious. "Could you just fix it please?" I asked. He got up from the floor and proceeded to the possessed shower panel. He hit like three buttons and the bench disappeared back into the floor, the lights came back on, the disco stopped and the music shut off. "Thank you....now how do I take a normal shower?" "Do you want the water from all sides?" "No, just plain old overhead shower...Thanks." He giggled at me for a second before hitting a couple buttons. "There you go." He said. I could hear laughter in his voice still. He turned the shower on and motioned for me to get in. Then he left the bathroom. I finished taking a shower and got dressed. I put on my tighter fitting jeans and a pink and purple horizontal thick striped tank top. I wanted to look attractive for him but that was the cutest thing I owned. I

wrapped the towel around my head and proceeded to the sink only to find my tooth brush there right next to what I presumed was his. I brushed my teeth, turned my head over and shook out the rest of the water I could. Then I went on a hunt for a brush. I opened his medicine cabinet. He had three different kinds of dental floss in there along with an array of body sprays, deodorant, and the normal stuff. I opened one of the drawers and there it was...a brush!! I brushed my hair, cleaned it and then put it back away. As I entered the room there was no Angelo. So, I decided to see the rest of the house. Under the cover of I am looking for him of course. I walked out into a room that looked like a living room. It had a sectional black leather sofa. The carpet was the same soft white that was in his room, except the walls were white washed. They were white with a slight tint of blue, They had what looked to be cracks all over them. I have seen this before on television...foe painting. The cracks almost looked like lightning. There was no television but one of the walls was covered in books. "Lilly!" I heard angelo yell. I proceeded down the hall to locate him. As I breached the end I came to a two way staircase The ceiling was really tall and there was a huge chandelier made of crystals. The whole wall that I was facing, was glass and the sun shone on the crystals filling both stories with little rainbows. At the bottom of the staircase was my Angelo. His hair was cut now into a short spiky mess atop his head, but it looked good. I could see alot more of his face now. He was wearing Faded blue jeans with "T" shaped holes in the knees, a white t-shirt, and a black with white pinstripes shirt. All but the first three and the last buttons were done, and he rolled up the long sleeves to just above his elbows. I cascaded down the stairs with a tight grip on the handle. I have seen this movie before I thought...The girl always falls down at the last second. To

my surprise and with great effort I did not fall. "Heya, sweetheart." he greeted me with a beautiful smile his whole body covered in little rainbows, his eyes, no longer hidden beneath hair. "You cut your hair?" I asked "Actually my mom did." he giggled out "Where is she? can I meet her?" "She left for a little while, but you live here now. There will be plenty of time to get to know my mom." "ok." I said with much disappointment. "You ready to go?" he asked "Yeah but you said you didn't go until night time." I questioned "By the time we get there it will be night" "oh..." I didn't want to ask where I didn't want to seem to nosey. If he wanted me to know he would have volunteered the information. I followed him out the door. He hit a button on his key chain and the garage door began to open. There was some sort of white s.u.v. parked inside. "I let my mom take my car...so we're going to take her's" He told me. As I approached the door he sped in front of me in that damn blur thingy he does and opened the door for me. He held out his hand and helped me into the car before kissing my hand sweetly. He got in and we were on our way. To.....wherever. We didn't talk much in the car. I was just looking out the window thinking about all of this. Wondering where he

works. Every once in a while I would look over at him to make sure he was still there and I wasn't imagining this whole thing. We exchanged lots of glances and smiles on the trip. We sang old songs together and about half way through the trip he rested his arm on the center column with his palm upwards. I took that as an invitation and placed mine inside his. The sun was disappearing behind us when we pulled into a hospital. We followed the labyrinth of signs and small one way roads to the emergency room entrance. He parked and I started to get out when he was at my door in an instant opening it for me. He led me to a small door in a dark alley like way, down the side of the building. He pulled his keys out and unlocked it. He put his left hand on the small of my back to ease me in the door. He took my hand and led me through all the stairs and turns until we came to a row of offices. We entered one to find a lady sitting at her desk. "Angelo....darling" she said as she arose from her desk and rushed over to embrace him. "oi meessed ya...'ow 'ave ya been? 'ows ya mutha?" she asked in an accent I was completely jealous of, not only that she was really young...or at least she looked maybe twenty five or thirty pushing it. She had long legs and was just as tall as he was, with very large breasts popping out of her suit vest. Her hair was a rich chocolate brown and she had piercing bright green eyes, almost as green as I was at that very moment. "My mom is fine" he said politely. I think he saw the look on my face when she hugged him. "oi bet she would be...wiff you fer a sun" she said so gracefully. If she doesn't stop looking at him like that and pretending i'm not here I'm gunna mangle this chick with my

bare hands. "This is my Lilly" He said encouraging me to shake her hand. I didn't want to but I did for him "is iss ya gulfriend?" she asked "Not ye..." Angelo started to say before I interrupted with "Yes, I am. Nice to meet you...." I looked at her waiting for a name "Dockta Don....but you 'an caw me Nikko." I didn't quite understand her name so I walked away from Angelo to inspect her licenses. There it was....Nichole A. Dawn. Got it! I hurried back to his side when I noticed her whispering something to him. Just as I got there she turned towards the door. Angelo grabbed my hand and we followed her to a small glass door. " 'iss is where I leave you." she said and then walked away. Angelo turned to me and asked. "Are you sure you want to see this?" I had no idea what he was going to show me but I had come too far to change my mind now. "Yes." I said so certain "Ok...Just promise me you won't run." Ok....now I am having doubts. "Cross my heart." I said. We entered the room and he closed the door behind us. There was a little girl, maybe six or seven years old, lying on her side sleeping soundly. She

looked dead there was no color in her face at all and her lips looked almost blue. Her breathing was speratic to say the least. She would go for a long time without breathing at all and then gasp for air. She was covered in wires and hospital braceletts. Machines were buzzing and beeping all over the place. I found a little spot to stand and I wanted to cry so bad. This little girl looked so sick. I wanted to hug her. Angelo told me to stay where I was, then he took a seat on the bed next to her. "What's wrong with her?" I asked him "She has lukemia, She is dying." he said as he glanced up at me with tears in his eyes. I began to cry as well. "How long does she have?" I wanted to know "She should already be dead." He held her hand and wept over her sleeping body. He looked like a beautiful angelic statue perched at her bedside. He looked upon her as though he were related to her. Whispering to himself...I couldn't make out the words. The little girl opened her eyes and scooted up on the bed to see us. She glanced at me and then locked her tired eyes on Angelo. His eyes flashed that purple amethyst color I thought I had seen in the dark room the day I met him, and then went back to normal. "Are you here to take me to heaven?" she asked him in the sweetest tone causing me to tear up even more. "No sweetheart, Your going to get better." He reassured her "but the doctor told my mommy I was going to die. they thought I was sleeping but I heard them."

"Oh your sneaky, huh?" "Yep....my mommy said I am going to go to haven and I get to eat ice cream all day and play with the angels." "What is your name sweetheart?" Angelo asked. I was still in tears. "Jessica" she coughed out "Jessica.... I am Angelo and this is Lilly. We are going to make you all better, ok?" he assured her "Are you an angel?" she asked He smiled and responded "I don't think so." "Well, I think you are." she was so sure of herself "Are you ready, Jessica?" "Yep..." Angelo grabbed her head Gently and kissed her forehead. His eyes turned to bright glowing green Tsavorite Garnet, silver shards swam around in his eyes.small bolts of lightning flickering like candles in them. I had seen all this before...It was real. Suddenly, Just like last time black orbs began lifting out of her body. Only there weren't a couple like with me, there were dozens. He laid her down slowly and her eyes closed. He grabbed the orbs and whispered to them again and they took off out the closed window like ghosts.

I looked at little Jessica and saw the color returning to her face. The irregular breathing was replaced and she let out the sweetest little sigh with every breath. She looked like a porcelain doll. Angelo looked at me to judge my reaction. I had so many questions, I didn't know where to start. "Let's go." he motioned towards the door, but I wanted to see her closer. I went and sat at her bedside across from Angelo and gazed at this little angel. I leaned in closer to listen to her breathing. He fixed her, cured her, saved her...whatever you want to call it. I wanted to know everything but I didn't know where to start "Let's go...before she wakes up." Angelo insisted "Why" I didn't understand why he didn't want to stay to talk to her. "We need to go before I am seen." He insisted. I leaned in and kissed her forehead. He led me out of the hospital in quite a hurry. Opening the door for me again. We began to drive. He looked shaky frightened even. So I stored my questions away for later and asked "Whats wrong?" "I'll be ok." He said and then turned up the music. I want to know everything. I love him and I don't care what he can do, or what he is. I truly love him with all that I am and all that I ever will be. So I don't know his exact birthday, or his favorite food. I don't know his hobbies or his past. To me, all that was petty. It is not what makes up love.

It is what society has said love is and it is not love at all. It is just the topping on the ice cream...without the ice cream the topping wouldn't matter. You could have all the topping in the world and it would not fulfill your want and need for ice cream. Just because two people get along on the surface it doesn't mean they are in love. When you connect with someone on the deepest level, the surface stuff can be negotiated, however if you connect with someone on the surface the depth cannot be negotiated with. The depth is what binds us, it is what makes us. It cannot be changed or bent or broken, it just is. So what if you like nachos and she likes hot dogs, as long as both your hearts meet in the middle that's all that matters. If two people have the same birthday and they both like movies and popcorn....but one want's good looks and the other just wants a good heart...does that make them compatible? I think not. I think it leaves the one who is looking for something deeper, empty and lonely and probably broken hearted in the end. With love it doesn't matter where you came from, what your favorite color is or whether or not you like hot dogs because love is definite, always flowing like electricity in an endless circle for eternity and if you are one of the lucky ones to find the one who's heart flows with yours then that's all that matters. The little stuff can be negotiated...If you are with the one who's heart flows with yours then you will be willing to eat something you don't like to make them happy and vice versa. You will listen to the most terrible shower singing and love it, You will sit for hours and watch sports with your man and cheer right along with him even if you hate it. You will stomach your others most terrible cooking with a smile on your face, because they made it for you. Whether you live in a cardboard box or a mansion, you will smile everyday of your life because they are there with you. That is what love is. Beginning to end. First to last. Alpha to omega. Now and always. If you can't sacrifice your desires

for the other then take the word love out of your mouth. I love him...I want to give him everything and I want everything from him.

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