Arriving at Kyiv (Kiev) Boryspil Airport you will pass through customs and enter through some double doors into the main terminal. Through the throngs of people you will be asked if you need help with your bags and if you need a Taxi….constantly. From our own experience with friends arriving at Boryspil the help with the bag will run you $20 USD to carry or wheel it across the street into the parking lot.or to the curbside loading area, vf bmaybe a total of 20 or 30 yards. These people are “private” hustlers. The Taxi from Boryspil to Central Kyiv will run you about $40 to $45 USD.There is also a Bus (big one, or a mini van, depends on the time of the day) that you can catch very easily right out the front terminal door off to the right.You can’t miss it.It runs approximately every 30 minutes or even less, so if it’s not there when you walk outside just wait a few minutes and you’ll see it pull up. It will have “Boryspil” and "Polit" written on the side.You can take it with your bags for about 20 Hryvnia (approx. $4) to/from the first Metro Station "Kharkivs'ka" or for 25 Hryvnia (approx. $5) to Kiev's Southern Railway Station Terminal. It is a modern and comfortable ride. There are usually Taxis waiting at the Bus’ final stop you can take to your final destination for 7-10 dollars.

Ukrainian Time is +2 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) Bus route: Central Railway Terminal Kharkivs'ka Metro Station airport. Available Time: 04:40 01:20 Time of transportation: approx. 1 hour 10 min. You can find Bus Schedules to and from Boryspil Airport (KBP) !HERE!

Ukrainian Currency is called Hryvnia (UAH), which was introduced on the 2nd of September 1996. One Hryvnia equals 100 kopiykas. There are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 Hryvnia bills Don’t change money with strangers on the street!! You will probably be tricked into losing your money and it’s ILLEGAL!!You can change money at the airport but the rate is not as good as in town. However you will need to have some local currency to get you to your Hotel. You should be able to get by changing $70 or $100 at the airport, then the bulk of your monetary needs at a local money exchange point or at the bank later in town.

Banks in Ukraine are normaly open to the Public Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. until 5 p.m., and on Fridays from 9:00 a.m. until 4 p.m. Please note however that the Cashier's will close their windows an hour earlier. They will also close for lunch from 1 p.m. until 2 p.m. ATM machines are a safer option at or near the Bank, or at large shopping centers. It's better to avoid using ATM's at the local "bazar" (market) areas or next to little street kiosks and stores.

Currency Rates (Ukrainian Finance Server)



Money Transfer If you need to transfer money to or from Ukraine, there are several International Money Transfer Companies like Western Union and MoneyGram. You can find them at many local banks or at major shopping centers and Malls.

Western Union is the largest in Ukraine and can easily be found even in smaller towns. MoneyGram rates are more affordable but it's availability is not as widespread. Your other options for sending or receiving money is to do a funds transfer by bank-wire or by Money Postal Order at the Post Office. These are cheaper options but will take more time.

Credit cards Credit Cards are widely accepted in Ukraine, however fraud and theft is organized and not uncommon. For your own benefit, we would recommend using cash for all purchases while in Ukraine and only use a Card to debit for cash at a safe location. If you do use your Credit Card, don't ever let it leave your site when handled by the seller.

Learning the Metro system will be key to enjoying all that Kyiv has to offer. It’s cheap (10 cents), safe, on time, and fairly simple to learn. We would highly recommend the translated “bi-lingual” Metro plan available on this site as nearly all signs here will be in Ukrainian or Russian only.

Hiring a translator/assistant can be money well spent especially on your first day in Kyiv if you are a bit concerned about making your way around on your own. It can also save you the embarrassment at your favorite restaurant of having to revert to animal noises in a last gasp attempt to explain exactly what cut of meat you are talking about! OR, you might prefer the "non-human" variety . Check it out here: English-RussianUkrainian Electronic Talking DictionaryIf you should decide to hire a translator we will be happy to help you. See more in Services.

Having a Mobile Phone in Kyiv can also be a bargain for the first time traveler, taking advantage of our “English helpline”. With just the push of a button a translation, or directions, or perhaps just “calling you a Taxi” are available through our bi-lingual operators. This service can truly save you a lot of money and grief. We will be happy to provide you with the details of this very helpful service.

Having a Security Belt while traveling might be wise :)

Information Booths in Kyiv (Kiev) can be found throughout the city. For example, you'll see them on Peremohy Square, near by Teatral'na Metro Station, on Artema street opposite Kievs'ka Rus' cinema, and a lot of other places. You'll be able to find there a detailed map of Kiev, sightseeing places with a short historical review in English and Ukrainian. Very useful information indeed.

Taxis in Kyiv are cheap.The most you should pay for a trip across town is 35 to 50 Hryvnia ($7 to $10 USD). The problem with Taxis are their drivers' lack of foreign language skills. Agree on the price beforehand or your Taxi fare will skyrocket.

Water in Ukraine It's not recommended to drink tap water unless you boil it. The better choice will be to just buy bottled water for drinking. You should be aware however that some bottled water from the smaller Kiosks can be counterfeit. The brand

BonAqua or Morshins'ka seems to be the best bet as far as getting the genuine product. Water Wells (byuvyet) are located throughout Kiev and are popular especially with the Seniors of the City. They are usually built in a park like setting with several old style hand pumps to accommodate whoever may want to fill up from their favorite Aquifer. Information concerning each Well is posted onsight.

Tipping in Ukraine Tipping used to be non-existant. In recent years the introduction of modern restaurants and entertainment establishments with thier Western clientele have changed all that. Today you can expect to tip in an average Ukrainian establishment between 5 and 10 percent. In the more upscale enviornments tipping will be more in line with western standards. Sometimes it's included in the bill. Drivers are normaly not tipped, unless you feel he deserves it, then it's greatly appreciated.


Myths and Truths about Russia
New: on President Putin, Privatization, and Khodorkovsky...

Sometimes we hear and see so many striking, odd and new things about Russia on TV or in newspapers or from the people we meet, that I think I'm missing something! Really, it turns out I live at such a dangerous place flooded with mafiosi, catastrophes, bombings happening all the time, with deadly cold winters, demolished economy, depressed people that I'm really surprised I'm still alive and living here. The point is that all those things about Russia are either not true or very much exaggerated.
Myth: RUSSIA IS FULL OF MAFIA AND IT'S DANGEROUS HERE! Truth: Really, many people think that Russia is some place filled with Mafia and it's so dangerous to come here. Well, there is Mafia, but the wild west nineties are left in the 20th century. Nowadays it's like any place in the world and Russia is not more dangerous than anywhere else. The Mafiosi spend all their time making business, the gangs spend all their time dealing with each other, so you certainly will not experience any of that. Also there's so much police on the streets of Moscow it seems like the safest place in the world. Myth: IT'S A REAL HASSLE TO GET TO RUSSIA: TOO MUCH TIME AND PAPERWORK. Truth: If you know how it's done then it's no problem. All the paperwork you need are your passport and an invitation from Russia. It's easy now to get the invitation, and you don't need to book a hotel for the whole period of your stay. The invitations can be made through hotels/hostels (which will ask you to book one night), or travel agencies (which will ask only your money), and the price in both cases will be $25-$35 US for an invitation. The invitation can be sent to you by fax. After you received the invitaiton, you just need to bring it to Russian consulate to get your visa. A Russian visa costs around $50-$60 US (for this price it's ready in 7-14 days), and if you pay more it takes only one day to process. See more about invitation, Russian visa and registration in our Russian Visa section. Now, some people say it's too long and expensive to get here, but if you travel to Eastern Europe, Russia is really close and not exspensive to get to. A return flight to Moscow from most European capitals costs $350 US, and if you're on a tight budget, you can get one of those EasyJet or RyanAir flights from London or Berlin to Riga (Latvia) or Tallin (Estonia), and then get a bus or a train to Russia for $10-$25 US. If you want to know more about these and other better options to get to (and from) Russia, check out our Transportation section. Myth: THE ECONOMY IS DESTRUCTED AND RUSSIA IS A POOR COUNTRY WITH NO FUTURE :-( Truth: Well, it's not quite true, though many people think so and they have their reasons. The economy is rising now, becoming more and more independent and stable, but unfortunately there's a temptation to do it at the cost of heavy industries (like oil & gas, resources etc.) which turns Russia into a country, that sells resources only. At the same time Russia tries to keep up with the latest technological advances, and to improve the side of the economy that workes especially for people. It can be seen: I traveled around Europe a lot and to my mind the quality of services in Russia is among the best. Almost all shops are opened 24 hours here, there are currency exchanges on every step (even in smaller towns), cell phone providers offer much more attractive and less expensive deals. Russia is becoming very capitalist and consumer-friendly. Also, the government is starting to understand that it's there not to suck money, but to help people and the country, but there's a high level of corrution and a high dumb-head factor still. At the same time the increasing gap between poor and rich people intensifies social tension in society; there are broken down towns and villages (with dead industries); there are lost

people not required in the new system and having nothing to do - therefore drunkenness, narcotics and crimes; low paid old people are really just trying to survive; low salaries in stateemployment result in bribes to customs, police...The good side is that there are more and more people who adapt to the new system, and who understand that they depend not on the government (like in old Soviet times), but on themselves now, and what can be seen and felt now is that the people are changing, their attitude is changing, they understand that only by acting themselves will they achieve something, they look quite optimistic to the future and that means everything is going to be all right. There are young people who want to change how things are and people are trying to do something to make their life better. It works, there are more and more "middle class" people. But the problem with poor, old and "lost" people remains. Myth: THE WINTER IS SO COLD HERE! Truth: It's not very cold, though sometimes it might be quite freezing. But if you have warm clothes, you'll be ok. Generally, the lowest is minus 10 or 15 Celsius in the winter, though it might sometimes (rarely) go as low as minus 25 or 30, but even that is not very cold, because it's not humid. And the true thing about Russian winter is that it's very beautiful, that is right. I like it! Myth: MANY RUSSIANS ARE RACISTS, AREN'T THEY? Truth: Russians are not racists Just don't hurt anybody's patriotic feelings. Anyway, Russians are more often than not very open and generous to the foreigners. Myth: RUSSIANS ARE DRINKING MUCH TOO MUCH... Truth: Maybe, but after ages of driking they have a strong immune against alchohol, so they don't become drunk too fast. Also vodka is considered to be the best thing to warm oneself up with in winter. And, in fact, I have the same stereotype about .. uhm... British. Do they really drink as much beer every day as they say? Seriously, alchoholism is a big problem in Russia, especially among older people. they decided to escape their problems through drinking. Because of that, families are unhappy, many people are unemployed, people don't want to build something new, but want to drift into the 'careless' state of mind and not to do anything. Myth: PUTIN IS A NEW TSAR AND YOUR COUNTRY HAS DICTATORSHIP REGIME AND NO DEMOCRATIC FREEDOMS. Truth: Putin is just a very popular politician in Russia and he acts accordingly. Many people in Russia truly believe that we need centralized government, because the country is too big and loose, because there are too many changes that need to be done very fast, and that there's no time for demagogism anymore.. So, the elected president is the person who used to be a director of former KGB (now FSB) and he has nothing to hide, because he actions are approved by the majority. Perhaps, if you are in big business you will feel it, otherwise - it seems the same as anywhere else. Myth: PRIVATIZATION Truth: It's a myth. During the privatization in the 90s every single Russian person (even children) got a "piece" of the country in the form of a voucher. Most of them didn't have anything else. So, a director (who was not paying them any salary) told them: "you'll get your salary, but you need to give me the voucher you have".It's like you are invited to a casino and you are given a chip. But you don't have any money. Then the manager comes up to you and tells you not to risk and just give you your chip and get 10 bucks instead. The same thing happened in Russia: the vouchers (or shares) accummulated in the hands of directors who were then selling it to big players. The big players would make their stakes and only 1% survived and now own the majority of production in Russia. The people who sold their vouchers stayed where they started and that's why there's a lot of social tension in Russia nowadays. At least one positive thing is that the middle class is now forming in our country, so the gap is

not that huge anymore. But this little story explains why so many people approve that even such an intelligent and charming man as Yukos' former Khodorkovsky is made into criminal. What they don't want to understand though is that the "casino managers", those who gave them the chips first place, and they themselves are responsible, too. Comment (received 10/09/02 Sure, some things may be a little run down and old, but nothing serious. The first time I went to my wife's flat, I was a little shocked at the crumbling appearance of the building, but once inside her family's flat things were bright and new! Oh, I noticed many new buildings being built. The trains can be quite shocking to a spoiled westerner...broken windows, Soviet-era green rust-stained paintjobs, very hard wooden benches(no comfy unholstered seats), and a nonending succession of salespeople hawking their wares in each car. The first time I rode the train, a man came into the car, opened a case, took out a large kitchen knife, and began yelling at the crowd. Not knowing Russian, I thought the guy was going to freak and do a "Jason" (Friday 13th, if anybody remembers or cares), but my wife assured me he was just selling knives.Capitalism is alive and well in Russia...there are an incredible number of small kiosks selling anything you need. I went into a brand new Walmart-style superstore, but everything was overpriced. And ahhh, the joy of drinking a beer, anywhere anytime! Think you have to wait until you get home to savor a cold one? Naww, just buy a Baltika or six and crack them open on the metro and drink! And if you're a vodka lover, every store seems to have a selection of at least 20 different vodkas...I thought it was tasteless...why so many brands wonder? Oh, the metro is like most others...not much fun but gets you from A to B. It's difficult not to look like a foreigner, but it seems that a black leather jacket and black trousers and shoes might help you fit in(for the guys). Never had a problem with streetcrime, although I'm a fairly big guy. I did hear about an elderly American couple who were accosted by pickpockets... nothing serious though. A baseball cap seems to be a sure way to stick out...didn't notice many at all. Lots of McCrap restaurants if you like that shit, but I prefer to do my own cooking. Basic food staples are quite cheap comparatively)...dollars will go a long way in Russia. Russian people are great! Very hospitable(if you know them). Always ready to celebrate anything with a bottle of wine or cognac. Great conversationalists! Like to have fun! Some can resent foreigners a bit, but usually only the asshole tourists. If you're decent to them and don't brag too much about your country and certainly don't put down Russia, you'll make friends easily. I don't where our image of the stern, unemotional Russian came from during the 80's and before, but they're anything but! I noticed that on buses and metros and any kind of public transport, people are very quiet and don't talk much. I think a few Russian men resent western men being with Russian women, but I've only experienced it once, and he was completely drunk. "Look, a Russian woman with a foreign man!" Yeah buddy, so what? All in all, I like Russia and Russians very much! I just wish I could speak the language. "I LOVE RUSSIA. I recently returned from teaching English in Moscow for 5 months and I absolutely loved it. I lived with a Russian host family. The Russians that I met there have been some of the most thoughtful, wonderful, and kind people with the biggest hearts that I have ever met. I am fascinated with Russia. This past summer I have taken some Russian language classes, and this January I am planning on returning to Moscow to be a head teacher for the same program. Thanks so much for your site. It is really helpful! RUSSIA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!" Comment MAFIAS: Everyone there agreed that a good part of business was ran "underground". Meaning, mafias. It may also seem suspicious how so many russians in Moscow came to be SO FUCKING RICH. However, you will not have to deal with any mafia people, unless you're trying to open a business there! As a tourist, we never came across any. Don't worry about this. There are more mafias elsewhere and the mafia level is not

proportional to the security in the streets. For example, the YAKUSA is the world's largest mafia and it is based in Japan, supposedly a very safe country. ECONOMY: Central Moscow seems richer than Mayfair. I've never seen so many Mercedez in my life, there are more S500s in Moscow than in Berlin! BMWs, Jaguars... The women are exquisitely dressed up and the luxury is imminent in Tverskaya St. The rest of the city is not that rich, but to say DEVASTATED is unpardonable. St. Petersburg is not so posh, but Nevsky Prospect seems to have a bustling economy. Plus, why do would you car about the economy if you are just travelling? It should not be a drawback. Peru is venerated by tourists and people are starving here. DANGERS: When I asked the lady at the reception if the area around the hotel was safe, she laughed, almost indignated. Central Moscow (where you will ussually be because there is not much to see in the suburbs) is VERY SAFE. Plus, there are policemen EVERYWHERE. The Moscow police is only paralleled by the NYC police and that is a proven fact. I cannot speak for the suburbs, but most of it is residential areas which are tranquile. Perhaps you would like to avoid the metro late at night... I took the metro at 10:30pm and it was very peaceful though, and there were policemen in the station. Plus, YOU DO NOT WANT TO OVERLOOK THE METRO STATIONS.They are lavishly decorated with marble. Ubbelievable. They even have statues inside. And most of them are IMPECABLE, not a trace of graffiti or anything of the kind. The best examples are perhaps ARBATSKAYA St. and BYELORUSKAYA St. VISA: You will need an INVITATION and around $40. Nothing else. The invitation, if you are travelling with a tour is free. If travelling independently you will need to buy one from some agency. You can buy one from this page, or from lots of other reliable ones. Try yahoo and you will find quite a few. Sometimes your hotel can send you one. If you are travelling to a hostel or youth hostel, you'll have to buy one from them. . With this invitation, our passport and $45, we got our visa in 3 days. Not difficult at all. YET, if you are a US or UK citizen, the process is different. I met an American who said visas for them IS a hastle - as is a tourist visa for a Russian to go to the US. Another UK guy said he was denied the russian visa BOTH IN LONDON AND IN AMSTERDAM. Registering your visa is no problem at all. It takes about 2 hours and your hotel will do that for you. You see, it sounds difficult, but its just paperwork. ***Some policemen will try to tell you that you need to register your visa in every city you go to. BULLSHIT. That's just an excuse for bribery. They tried to trick us into that like 3 times. We told them politely that we knew the regulations and that "Russian Council in our country said only 1 stamp". They'll know fair amount of english. Do not take it personal, its just underpaid ordinary people. CATASROPPHEES AND BOMBINGS. It is a fact that Chechen Rebels have carried out a fair number of bombings in Moscow. The theatre hijack last year is another example. I certainly have no idea how you can prevent any of these. I guess its just bad luck. Its not much more of a problem than in Ireland or Spain or the US... just that in big, Russian proportions. Yet there has never been something nearly as striking as September 11th if you want a comparison with the understood civilized-world. WINTER: It does seem to get dead cold in January or February, around minus 15, minus 20. I was in March though, and neither in Moscow nor St. Petersburg were we lower than minus 2, which is quite bearable. Those astonishing temperatures are ussually recorded at night, while you'll sleeping or partying like a mad-man in some hot disco. St. Petersburg has a warmer cimate for the closeness to the ocean.

RACISM: This is the most delicate issue. Russians are racist, and for this you must blame the diversity of the country. We were so frightened of the Skin Heads that instead of going to a youth hostel in a not so centric area, we went to HOTEL ROSSIYA. (Please, don't go to this hotel, it sucks. It has the less friendly staff I've ever seen and it is a rip-off and urrrrrgh, though if you want a better location try booking a bed in the Kremlin or next to Lenin!). For a good review of the skin-head

problem try www.exile.ru, the page of a semi-underground newspaper which is the closest to the truth. The skin-head problem is basically teenagers (some as young as 13) who believe the neo-nazi shit of a bunch of grown-ups. Some of the beatings (and even shootings) are done at random metro stations at random hours, but the huge majority are pre-planned massacres on poor immigrant communities and lots of them after football matches. We did not read one single attack on a tourist. I am a white peruvian, but to those skins everything but arian or slav is black. Our experience in Moscow was totally different however. Everywhere we went there was someone darker, more asian or more arab than us. It is a 5 millions people city, it is damn cosmopolitan!! We never saw any kind of harassment. I don't know what happened. One article read a declaration from a gov. official saying: "Boys will be boys". What a pity. Having met no harassment at all in Moscow, we felt very relaxed in St. Petersburg, and we had 10 times more fun. Nevertheless, policemen are on the look for dark/arab people for the chechen rebel threat, and if you look arab like me, you'll have to loose some minutes showing your passport to officers. Bear this in mind, that if poeple are suspicious of foreigns is because chechens and mid-east rebels have represented a threat to them in the past. The most extraordinary thing was when we went to MetroClub the women at the door noticed we were foreigners and asked where we were from. We said "Peru" and she either understood that, or "Beirut", and said "Oh no, terrorists. Please leave". You must also understand that russian youth dress up for everything like there's no tomorrow and we looked just like we were, backpackers who hadn't worn clean clothes in a week. However, the last night before leaving for Helsinki, we spoke to latin people at a club, who said they knew people who had had their brains smashed by skins. When we asked them what you could do to prevent a skin-head attack, they just said "its a question of luck". I guess we had real good luck, then. DRINKING: Yes, they drink a lot. Does it bother you?? Just tag along and drink, drink and drink. It seems that if you are russian and you want to get from point A to point B, you do it with a beer in your hand. Vodka is getting out of fashion it seems, and beer is quite cheap and its legal to drink it any where you want. I really hope this was helpful. Head to Russia for the time of your life, but do not expect river-side cafàs or Italy, expect a plush kingdom that lived communism for 74 years and is not experiencing one of the most fierest capitalist economies histories has seen. And the most beautiful women too."





I saw some of the best works for art in the Hermitage and the most beautiful metros. Everyone has a mobile phone AND clear reception everywhere unlike California. And the myth that motivated me to come to Russia, other than my intellectual curiousity: THE WOMEN. Yes, many of the women I saw, young and middle aged, were beautiful! The club scene was fun, young gorgeous women! But they certainly were more interested in partying. Got many friendly smiles but saw no motivation to overcome the language barrier. For dating, it's more fun to go where you speak the language. But if you are looking for a life partner, I found a gorgeous, intelligent, kind, humble and caring woman who can cook the best food! And with flights costing $500 round trip, nice flats for less than $100/night, good food for $5 or less, friendly people, and was not required to walk nearly naked through every airport security gate, it was a great vacation for someone from the beautiful but insanely expensive San Francisco Bay Area! "


Young Russian Women – "Devushkas" – Who Are They?
Russian women are said to be 'the most beautiful women in the world'. Many of them have almond eyes. They are tall and thin with long legs; most of them are blond, and they have pink cheeks in Winter. They like to reveal their beautiful bodies as you will be able to witness if you go to Russia in summer or visit a night club. As stupid as these generalizations may sound, they are mostly true. It is much harder to describe the character of a "typical" young Russian woman, because it depends so much on subculture she comes from. It may be easier just to point out some inherently "Russian" traits, which may explain some of the unexpected behavior you will get. A typical Russian woman seems like she knows what she's doing and affirms herself. Russian women, especially young women, are quite pushy in everyday life. Perhaps the fact that you have to be a "fighter" in Russia to succeed make this side of their character come out more often. But it doesn't mean they are straightforward and independent in a relationship. For example, it's considered a bad tone for a woman to come up to a man as the "old-school" morals are still quite strong. Flirting often becomes a game where you are expected to make the first moves. If you have a Russian girlfriend, she will expect you to nurture her, to accompany her everywhere, to open a door for her, to pay her bills, in short, to be very courteous – a real gentleman. On the other side, she will be happy to help you push through a long queue, win an argument with a policeman about your outdated visa registration, drink more vodka at one night than you did during the last 3 months, and hit you hard if you behave bad. Russian girls want to succeed in life, but they are very romantic. They will plunge into relationship without having a second thought if they feel like it. They will spend all day walking around aimlessly holding your hand even if they have an important exam to take the next morning. They will go to the end of the world to stay with their lover. They will expect much of you, but will give even more in return. Don't expect the practicality you may find in the West. According to statistics (2005) only 25% of women in Russia use contraceptives. The most common way to avoid pregnancy (> 50%) is abortion. AIDS and STDs are on the rise. Russian girls in general are very lax about protection when having sex, so think about it unless you want to plunge together. Some people ask why so many Russian girls are looking to meet a man from the West. First of all, it's not true any longer. Ten years ago when the economic conditions were really bad, some women saw it as a way out of poverty and daily struggle. But nowadays life is better and people want to stay in their own country. Some women also have this belief that Western men are much more gentle, attentive and amiable with women than Russian men. So if you manage to demonstrate these qualities, you have chances.Russian Middle-Aged

Women–"Zhenshchiny"–How Are They?
Middle aged women are very different in Russia. Some of them are very intellegent and well educated and have a nice life and a strong family, some are very miserable and poor. During the period of big changes in Russia in the 90s, people had to adapt to a new way of life. The generation that was born in the 50s or 60s faced the biggest challenge perhaps. There was one kind of life before and suddenly they had to change... it was like having two completely different lives. Middle aged women don't seem as provoking as the young women are, even though they also wear outstanding clothes, transparent tops, short dresses. There is a contrast between the women who follow the latest western fashion and the ones still wearing clothes as in the eighties. For example, the ladies working in Sheremetyevo international airport in Moscow, wearing khaki uniforms are particularly funny as they didn't change them since Soviet times.Most of middle class women live in Soviet flats in the cities with their family, and sometimes with their parents or parents in law. They don't travel often, except for going to their family datcha, or little wooden country house (if they have one). They spend time there in the Summer, close to nature, growing

10 vegetables, making hand crafts, swimming, looking after their children. Many Russian middle aged women go camping with their families, they're used to conditions not as comfortable as in the West. Women working in cities can be very stressed and shouting for nothing. Some women still have the 'Soviet style of working' e.g. they don't care about being polite, or about selling more or less, because anyway they get paid the same. It changes slowly and workers are trained to do services in a more kind way. But still if you ever phone for train times for example, you're likely to have the phone hooked on your ear before you had a chance to ask your second request. In villages the ambience being generaly much more calm, the temperament of ladies is calmer too.


Old Women in Russia – "Babushkas" – Who Are They?
The old ladies are very noticeable in Russia, they're called 'Babushkas'. You can't come to Russia without meeting them, as they seem to spend their days outside. They join together for a chat on the benches in front of their homes, or they walk their dog in the parks. Because they are in every public place, they contribute to making the cities feel safe, even in the evening. In the West, the grannies are often seen as feeble and afraid of crossing the street alone, or getting stolen their handbag. In Russia, Babushkas manage by themselves and make themselves respected. They often tell people off in the metro, fight their way to get a seat in a crowded bus, pass in front of the others in the lines at the bank. They grew up during the hard times of the war and never miss a chance to remind people about that.Most of them live still with their children and grandchildren, homes being expensive in big cities. They take care of their grandchildren, and sometimes work also for other families as nannies or home-help. They get a very low State pension (1500 R =$50 US per month), so they often find small jobs, which will let them earn a bit more. Some Babushkas choose to do government jobs in public places, which let them earn something like twice more than if they were only on their pension. So you will see them keeping the metro, sitting in the museums, cleaning the railways.. And some Babushkas find other ways of making money. -- For example, they wait for travelers arriving at railway stations in St Pete, and propose them to live at their apartment. Sometimes they are honest nice grannies who let you sleep in their cozy Soviet flat, sometimes they give you a false set of keys and when you get to the flat, it seems to be the wrong door, but the Babushka is already far away with your money.. -- In big cities, many Babushkas grow vegetables in their garden outside of the city, and sell them in the streets or next to Metro stations. In Summer, they sell fresh stuff like cucumbers, parsley, berries and in Winter: jarred mushrooms, cucumbers, tomatoes, jams. -- On the transsiberian stops, a lot of Babushkas come and sell to the travelers: warm home-baked cakes filled with potatoes or cabbage, special sweet waffles, bags of tomatoes and boiled potatoes, smoked or salted Baikal fish... It can be very tasty.In Moscow, on weekends, they dress up well and meet in Izmailovski Park for dancing and singing parties. Old men 'Dedushkas' play accordion, and Babushkas sing and dance traditional Russian songs. It's worth to go and see how they party outdoors in the park. To know more and listen to some recordings see our report at Russian Folk Music

Russian Brides or How to Marry a Russian Woman
In the 90s Russia became popular not only as a new "unexplored" travel destination, but also as a place to find a "perfect" wife (not a husband, unfortunately for Russian men..) It's not a secret that some male travelers who come to Russia are also interested in finding a woman, or that a lot of Russian women are not against marrying an interesting foreign man. There are many reasons for that: Russian women are considered to be very attractive, and foreign men have an image (among many Russian women) of being intelligent, wealthy, and interesting partners. It can be quite a good thing in itself: there are many examples of people who found each other and lived happily after... However, a huge demand from both sides gave a rise to a new "Russian brides" industry that is gaining

12 popularity, and a lot of individuals found many dishonest ways of making money out of bringing people together. So, if you want to find a partner abroad, you should be really aware: there are a lot of opportunities, but also there's a lot of scam. DISCLAIMER. We wrote this text in order to help you understand what all this new international "marriage race" is about, and how to make your way through all the haze, if you decide to. The information on this page tends to be more about Russian women for foreign men, than about Russian men (after all, this section is called "Women in Russia"), however, it might be interesting for western women as well. Finally, we apologize, but when writing about such a matter, generalizations are unavoidable... It should be pointed out that here we talk not about all Russian women, but only about the women, who deliberately engaged into looking for a foreign husband (either through the internet or newspaper ads or by attending parties etc.). Generally, the women who decide to find a foreign husband can be very different and can have completely different motivations. Some women are sincerely looking for a partner to create a family together, some women just want to have fun, others want to make money. So, the following classification might be helpful • "Family-Oriented" Woman. She is looking for a sincere relationship and wants to create a real stable family with a husband who will love her, understand her, and care about her. Usually, she's about 25 to 50 years old. She would like to have a safe enviroment for her family and - partially - this makes her look for the future husband abroad, because it is considered that a foreigner can have a much more stable situation (socially and financially), than a Russian. Perhaps, she had already had a husband, but the first marriage didn't work out very well... She doesnt necessarily want to leave home country, usually, the main criteria is wellbeing of the future family, the place is not so important. • "Russian Lover". She's not family oriented, but she's open and she wants to have nice time and to find an interesting man to spend time with. It doesn't matter if he's a foreigner or not, the main thing is that he's pretty, charming, and interesting to talk with. A man might have a lot of nice time with such a woman, and perhaps, it would be an ideal introduction for an interesting relationship, that could maybe grow into something more serious in the future... The only problem is that this kind of women do not usually look for a husband deliberately. There's more chance to meet them accidentally or at a party. • "Russian Blonde". This is a special kind of woman. When she was a young (17-20) pretty woman, she met a handsome "new Russian" with a lot of money, and fell in love with him and with the ambiance of success around him. She got used to indulge all her needs and to get what she wanted. However, their "new Russian" man was letting himself too much: having so much money, power, and charisma, he was getting with many other women. At one moment, the "blonde" had enough of being just "one of many", and broke the relationship with her rich friend. However, such a "beautiful girl" shouldn't be alone, so she's settled to find a worthy substitute to her old friend, who will worship only her, and will let her indulge into her old habits. She will most likely not want to leave Russia, because it is very important for her to be able to show the new husband to her girlfriends and to be seen. • "Russophobiac". She despises Russia and Russians, so her main goal is to emigrate. Usually, her first and main condition is to be able to live abroad, and deep

13 inside she doesn't care about the relationship. If necessary, she will be a slave to her future husband, only to be able to leave Russia. • "Money Maker". This is a dangerous type. Her main goal is to make money, so a long-term relationship is not on her agenda. The most important is to get a regular allowance from the future husband. Usually, this kind of people come from poor families and are not able to do anything by themselves. However, some of them are just "players": they get pleasure in sucking out the money, and then dissappearing. There were a lot of cases, when a woman like this would engage into writing over the internet with a foreign man, and then at one moment ask some money to buy a plane ticket to be able to meet. So, a naive "husband" would send his "future wife" a check for $1000 US and never hear about her again... In general, a man can either use one of many marriage agencies' services or start looking for a future wife on his own. Usually, the search starts from writing a personal ad about yourself, which is intended for women. This ad can later be placed in special publications (offline and online), sent directly to women, or submitted to a marriage agency, which will distribute the information among its women-subscribers. • Traditional Marriage Agencies. There are a lot of marriage agencies in the world that offer introduction services. In most cases, these agencies have a database of women who want to find a foreign husband and a database of men who want to find a wife from another country. The marriage agencies make money by selling entries from these databases to men and women, who want to find a partner. However, usually, it is men paying to have their data submitted to the database, or to have access to some data from the "women" database.
HOW TO FIND A BRIDE? Pro: a possibility of making a sample from this database based on such criteria as age, occupation, interests -- it makes it easier to find a kind of person you're looking for. Contra: This approach seems quite general and time-consuming. Even if the database is quite comprehensive, it will never give a complete representation of a person. Also, the woman doesn't choose the man at all. Also, there's a high possibility that the woman was already contacted by many men, which lessens your chances. Also, the women who submit their profiles to marriage agencies are marriage-oriented by default, so there's a risk of getting into a "Money Maker" or a "Russophobic"...

• Internet Marriage Agencies. Generally, they employ the same concept as traditional ones, except that they use internet. It allows easier access to their databases, online search on various criterias, and makes the services more versatile and less expensive. It's better to find the agency, which operates its own database -many marriage agencies just buy databases of other marriage agencies and these databases become outdated and old...
What services do they offer: (a) Submitting your data to marriage agencies (about $50 US per month); (b) Listing your ad in a special catalogue, which is then distributed among interested women (about $150 US); (c) Ads in Russian newspapers and magazines (the price depends); (d) Selling e-mail, postal addresses and phone numbers of women from the database (about $10 US for one address); (e) E-mail forwarding. Many ladies don't have an e-mail access, so you submit your e-mail, it is printed out and forwarded to the lady you're writing to. (usually it costs $5 US for a letter). Things to be aware about: (a) There's much scam on the internet related to "marriage business", be aware about it, choose only reputable agencies or the ones, that were recommended to you by a person who had his own positive experience at a specific agency. (b) E-mail forwarding is a big business: most of the ladies don't have internet access, so the agencies make money out of it: every letter costs $5. Ask the lady you're writing with if the email is her personal, and if it is not, ask for a post address or phone number.

(c) Sometimes, it's not even real women writing the letters, but agents (there were cases like this in Russia). So one should always be aware of it. The best way to check is to ask for a post address (no P.O. boxes) and a home phone number and check personally. (d) Never send money. If you need to meet, better buy a plane ticket for yourself and come to Russia. What agencies to use: There's a myriad of different agencies and it's hard to recommend something, but the most popular internet marriage agencies that have Russian women's profiles in their databases are: (please, note, we do not recommend these agencies, just give information about them) - Foreign Affair -- one of the biggest introduction agencies, it is based in Arizona, USA. Has databases of emails ($9 US for an address, $95 US for more than 20), offers a 3-month ad placement in a catalogue, magazines, newspapers ($145 US), has open access to profiles. Accepts credit cards. - Elena's Models -- a quote from their site: "specializes in introducing Russian and Eastern European women of models quality who seek contacts with western men with the purpose of future marriage". Based in South Africa. Has online profiles, sells e-mail addresses ($9 US per one), does ad listing in special publications, e-mail forwarding, submitting data to marriage agencies. - A Pretty Woman -- a US based small dating agency, features profiles on Russian women only. - Bride.Ru -- a Russian based introduction agency. Features online profiles, sells e-mails and phone numbers of Russian marriage-minded women for $20 US for about 1800 addresses.

• Internet Dating Sites. These kind of sites are not marriage agencies. They are free both for men and women who want to find a partner. Usually, a person submits his / her profile and a photograph to a searchable database. Once the profile is in the database, everybody can have access to it. A good thing about this service is that it's free and opened to everybody, however, it is not targeted specially to marriageminded people. To be able to present yourself to Russian women, it's better to use Russian dating sites. Most of them are in Russian language, however, if you have a Russian-speaking friend, it's very much worth to try to place an ad in Russian there or surf through the existing ads. Among the most popular Russian dating sites are:
Omen.Ru A popular Russian entertainment portal, dating section. Dating.Ru Another Russian dating portal - Aslanova.Ru - Personal ads posted by Russian girls from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, and other Russian cities. Careful: there are some erotics links inside. The site is fully in Russian, but you can click through to get to e-mails.

Placing Your Own Ad. Doing things yourself, you bypass all kinds of intermediaries. The best thing to do is to put a personal ad in a newspaper or a magazine which is published in Russia. You might do it in English, but to increase your chances, you can try to find a Russian friend, who'll translate your ad for you. The only problem with that is that your ad will be most probably targeted to people from Moscow and St. Petersburg only. It'll be hard to put a personal ad in a newspaper or a magazine issued in a provincial Russian town. In that case, the best is to find special publications for marriage-minded women and to place an ad there, or use the services of introduction agencies. Anyway, here's a list of some Russian publications, which might be interesting for placing an ad in:
- The Moscow Times (http://www.themoscowtimes.com) -- a daily English-language newspaper published in Moscow. Very popular among expats and middle-class educated Moscovitans. There's a classified section, where you can put a personal for about $10$20 US. - The St. Petersburg Times (http://www.sptimes.ru) -- a daily English-language newspaper, a twin of the Moscow Times, published in St. Petersburg. - The Russian Journal (http://www.russianjournal.ru) -- a daily and weekly English-language

newspaper. - Afisha Magazine (http://www.afisha.ru) -- a very popular Moscow listings publication in Russian language, features culture, arts, what's on listings, cinema and more. A kind of TimeOut Magazine for Moscow. Features "Personals" section in classified. Popular among young people, people, who want to be "in fashion", Moscow intelligentsia.

Introduction to Marriage in Russia. The most important thing if you marry in Russia is the documents (of course, apart from your mutual willingness to marry each other). Surprisingly, this time it's not Russian bureaucracy needing them, but a native country of the foreign husband or wife. Two Russians who want to marry in Russia, need to come to any ZAGS (an organization that registers all marriages, births, and deaths in Russia) only with their passports, where they have a propiska (registration). They will fill in an application form and have a date booked after a 30-day waiting period. When one of the future spouses is a foreigner, ZAGS is required to act according to international agreements, that is, require additional documents that are needed by the embassy of the foreigner's native country. Below we describe the process in detail. Generally, you'll need to stay in Russia at least for 2 months to be able to get all the documents needed and to book a wedding date, alternatively, you'll need to come at least twice for a couple of weeks. In all, you'll go through about 6 organisations and spend about 12 hours waiting in queues. The process should cost not more than $120 US for everything. WHAT DOCUMENTS ARE NEEDED TO MARRY IN RUSSIA? For a Russian person: a Russian passport with permanent registration ("propiska") at the place of marriage (e.g. Moscow) or temporary registration (made in UVIR). For a foreigner: a Russian visa (any kind – tourist, business, private, student), a passport, a marital status paper from the embassy (also called "Certificate de Marriage" in France or "Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage" in England). The first page of the foreigner's passport (where the personal information is) should be translated into Russian and should have a Russian notarial proof (stamped and signed). If the passport is translated in the foreigner's embassy, a consul should sign the translation, so that it's legitimate. If you make a translation with notarial proof through a translation bureau, it'll cost about 450 R ($15 US) and takes about 2 working days. The marital status paper can be obtained through the embassy or through your local authorities (Superintendent Registar's Office in England). In case you do it through your local authorities (outside Russia) the notice of marriage will be given in the area of your usual residence and if in the period of 14 to 21 days (depending on the country) there's no objections to it, the Certificate of No Impediment will be issued. The Certificate should be then legalized by attaching a Foreign and Commonwealth Office certificate, also called "Apostille". In England, "Apostille" can be obtained at the Legalisation Office, Foreign and

16 Commonwealth Office at Old Admiralty Building, Whitehall, London, SW 1A 2LG (Phone: +44 (0) 20 7008 1111, Fax: +44 (0) 20 7008 1010). The Certificate of No Impediment is valid for 3 months after the day of the issue (for English citizens) and for 12 month after the day of the issue (for French citizens). In case you do it through your embassy (in Russia), you should apply at your embassy for the marital status paper. (See the addresses and contacts of embassies in the Moscow Guide / Practicalities section). The embassy will issue a 'publication' at the place of your usual residence and if during a 14 to 21 day period (varies for different countries) nobody objects to this 'publication' then the embassy issues the needed paper. Add another week for the embassy to send this publication to your country. French embassy doesn't charge anything for the Certificate, English embassy asks 35 pounds for this. This paper should be signed by the embassy and then it should be legalized by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Consulate department. It usually takes about 5 working days for the MFA to legalize the certificate and costs about 120 R ($4 US). So, in all it'll take you at least 1 month to get the legalized Certificate. If you were married before, you'll need another paper from your embassy. Contact them for further information. The Certificate of No Impediment validity depends on the country-issuer: 3 months for England, 12 months for France. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consulate Department address is: Moscow, Neopalimovski pereulok, #6 (metro Smolenskaya). Open: 10.00-17.00 (lunch break 13.00-15.00), closed Sat & Sun. It's important that some embassies will require some documents (in addition to your passport) to be able to issue the Certificate. For example, a French embassy requires a Birth Certificate of your future spouse and a testimony of the future spouse saying he / she sincerely wants to marry (can be made in any Notary office, costs about 120 R ($4 US), takes about 10 minutes). Both papers should be translated in French and apostilled. The translation with notarial proof usually takes about 2 working days and costs about 450 R ($15 US) for 1 document. The translation with notarial proof can be made, for example, in "Tolmach" translation bureau: Moscow, Zemlyanoy Val St., #58/23, office 1 (in the courtyard), metro: Kurskaya. Telephone / fax: +7 095 915-5784, email: maschino@aha.ru. Open: 10.00 to 18.00 Mon to Fri. Apostilles should be put on the translated copies of original documents, and can be made at the Russian Federation Ministry of Justice located at Moscow, Novy Arbat St., 21 (a tower), 2rd floor, room 310. Open: Mon-Fri 9.30-12.00 (receives doc's), 12.00-13.00 (gives out the doc's). It costs 50 R ($1.6 US) for 1 document to be apostilled and usually takes about 3 days. So, to summarize what has been said above, here's a helpful table:
Step: 1. Document: The Russian spouse's passport with registration (propiska or How to make it: Already exists. Time: 0 Price: 0

temporary registration). 2. The foreigner's visa, passport, A translation bureau, which 2 w. days 450 R a copy of the first page of the can make a translation and a ($15) passport, translated and notary notary will take care of it. proved. For Certificate of No A translation bureau, which Impediment: the Russian can make a translation and spouse's Certificate of Birth notary proof. translated and notary prooved. 2 w. days 450 R ($15)



Testimony of a future spouse and Notary office and translation 10 mins its translation. bureau + 2 w. days Apostille of the translated and notary prooved copy of the Birth Certificate and Testimony (Russian spouse) Ministry of Justice 3 w. days.

120 R ($4) + 300 R ($10) 50 R ($1.6) for 1 doc free to $50


6. 7.

The Certificate of No Impediment Your embassy In case you were married before, another paper is needed (contact your embassy): Total (before you applied to ZAGS):

21 to 30 days

same as up to $50 above up to 35 days up to $97

What is the Process: 1) Future spouses should come to a 'consulation' in ZAGS #4 that processes the international marriages. Its address is Moscow, Butyrskaya st., #17 (metro Savelovskaya), phone number: 285-1960. Open: 9.00 to 14.00 and 15.00 to 18.00 except sunday and monday. No prior booking is required. It's not necessary to come together, one of the future spouses may come. 2) The ZAGS official (speaks Russian only) will give all the information about the papers needed, and also provide a bank account number, where the wedding registration fee of 100 R ($3.3 US) should be transfered (through any SberBank office -- there's one just next to ZAGS, Savelovskaya metro). 3) The future spouses should prepare all the documents needed (Russian passport with registration, Russian visa, foreign passport translated and notary proved, certificate of no impediment to marriage), and pay the registration fee of 100 R. This fee can only be paid through SberBank bank and the receipt should be bought along with the documents to ZAGS. 4) When all the documents are prepared and the fee is paid, the future sposes bring the documents and fee receipt to ZAGS. If all the documents are all right, they will be given an application form, where they need to fill in their personal data. This application form is an official request to process the wedding and should be signed by the both spouses. 5) When the application form is filled in, the spouses bring the application form to a ZAGS inspector, who book a wedding day for them.

18 6) By Russian laws the wedding should take place between 32 and 60 days after the application form is handled to ZAGS. So, somewhere between 32 and 60 days after the application is handled, a ZAGS official will book a wedding. This 32-day waiting period can be shortened only in cases of emergency (see below how you can shorten this waiting period). 7) Between 32 and 60 days from the application date, the wedding takes place. 8) In the day of wedding the spouses will be given an Government Wedding Certificate. They will also be given an address of the government office, which can stamp this certificate with 'Apostille' stamp (Central ZAGS Archive). This stamp gives this certificate international legitimacy (not only in Russia) and will be the proof of the marriage in the country of the foreigner-spouse. 9) For all questions of getting each others' nationalities or permissions of stay, a Russian spouse require the embassy of the country where the other spouse is from, and a 'foreign' spouse should inquire in UVIR. How to Get Around the 32-day Waiting Period. You may need this if you have a tourist visa that is valid only for up to one month or don't have time to wait. The easiest way is on the day of your wedding date booking to ask the official, who received your papers, to book an earlier date. You can say that your visa is expiring and that you won't be able to come back to Russia soon. As a proof of this, you should have a copy of your Russian visa ready and a copy of your plane ticket. You will be then sent to the director of ZAGS (directly) and after a short explanatory conversation, be asked to write a detailed claim expaining why you want your wedding date to be earlier than 32 days (say about your visa etc.). Directly after this the director will read it (it should be in Russian, of course) and if she's satisfied, she'll book an earlier date for you. You'll be given an appointment. To increase your chances, don't book any ceremonies, just the simpliest possible form. But even if you were refused -- don't worry. The certificate to no impediment is valid for at least 3 months, so you can always book a later date and come back to Russia especially for wedding. The way described above worked with us (because it was true), but might also not work. If you don't want to talk to the director of ZAGS and don't want to come to Russia 2 times, here's what you can do: 1) One of the spouses should come to a consulatation to ZAGS and obtain an application form saying that the other spouse is abroad at the moment and can not come. 2) This application form should be send to the other spouse abroad. 3) The spouse who's abroad should fill in this application form on his side and sign it at the presence of a representative of a Russian consulate. Russian consulate should sign and stamp the application form on the reverse side to proof that their representative saw the person signing the paper.

19 4) After that, the spouse who's abroad should get a marital status paper (Certificate to No Impediment). This paper can be obtained in a townhall (France) or your local Superintendent Registar (UK). After the initial publication and a waiting period (about 21 days) this paper will be issued. It should be legalized with Apostille stamp. 5) The ZAGS application (proved by Russian consulate), the marital status paper should be sent to Russia to the future Russian spouse. He / she should fill in her part of an application form. He / she should bring the marital status paper of a foreign spouse to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consualte Department to legalize it there. After these documents are ready the future Russian spouse can bring all these papers (along with a fee payment receipt) to ZAGS and book a wedding date. [see the explanation of the process and information on the documents needed] 6) The foreign spouse should come for the wedding in Russia, not forget to translate his / her passport in Russian, and put a notarial proof on this translation. What to Do After the Marriage? After you marry and spend you first night, you'll need to take care of a few more formalities. You will already have a Russian Marriage Certificate, however, you need to make it legal abroad. In order to do that, you need to put Apostille on it (yes, another one). To get it, you should go to Malaya Kharitonievskaya St., #10 in Moscow (ZAGS Central Archive), metro Krasnye Vorota or Chistye Prudy, phone: 923-7089, open: 10.00 to 18.00 mon-fri. You'll queue for about 1 hour and then will have your documents checked. If everything is allright, they will give you their bank account where you should transfer apostille fee (about 100 R - $3.3). One of you can go to SberBank office directly after (located about 15 mins walk) and pay the fee. When you come back with the transfer proof (kvitanstiya), the Archive will accept your documents and in 3-7 w. days they'll be ready. You'll only need to bring them to your embassy, to have your marriage certificate recognized internationally. In any case, ALWAYS contact your embassy and local authorities to get the directions on how you should act in order to marry. The information here is useful, but may not apply to everybody, so check beforehand. What do You Think? If you have any questions, additions or corrections to this section and want to share your experience, please, fill in the form below (you may leave your contacts as well):
Comment (posted 25/10/02): " I married a Russian woman in Finland and was very surprised by how easy and cheap it was. The marriage was free, and the notarization of the document was just eight euros. The waiting period is just seven days!!! You must bring official documents from your home countries proving that you are single and able to be married, and if they are not in Finnish or English, they must be accompanied by notarized translations. When we applied to get married, one of the clerks spoke to the other in Finnish, and I distinctly heard her say "Las Vegas" to the other. I suppose she might have been saying how Helsinki may become the "Las Vegas" of Europe, with such easily performed weddings.

I cannot stress enough how EASY and CHEAP it was. Of course, Finland itself is not cheap to visit, but there are a few quite affordable hotels in the city(Hotelli Ava, Fenno, Arthur, etc). And lastly, bring your own beer!!!!! Finnish beer doesn't impress me very much." Answer: Thank you for the valuable information. Are you sure that this marriage is valid both in Russia and in your country? Or you needed some other paperwork to legalize it? Comment (posted 23/11/02): "Hello, I am a Russian girl married with a European. Marriage in Russia is NOT complicated. Do you know, that to marry in Spain, for example, you need the same documents (they are similar in every country if you marry a foreigner) + more documents and there is a JUDGE who decide, can you marry this person or not. This takes about 3 months. In Russia, only YOU decide about your marriage. Also, some consulates do not need APOSTILLE and some Zags do not ask a notary certification of passport translation. Also, you can write an Application for Zags (in Russian) already in Russian Consulate in your country, they have this special form there." Comments (posted 31/12/02): "Thank you very much for saving anyone else all the trouble of running around and repeating the "burning hoops of fire perfomance" to be married in Moscow. Well done. BRT : ' )" Comment (posted 14/01/03): "Are there any Belgians who have gotten married not so long ago with a Russian woman in Russia? Please contact me, I need some advice. michael.smith@pandora.be Greetings!" New: Comment (posted 29/02/03): "Can an American and Russian marry legally without going to Moscow. I plan to move to Siberia very soon on a work visa. My future husband and I would like our marriage in Siberia, as it can be quite costly fying back and forth to Moscow. I desperatly need advise. Thank you all. You can email me at gattie@msn.com" Answer: You should inquire it in the local ZAGS in the town where you're going to marry. I think it should be possible, of course. Ask your Russian friend to inquire in Siberia. Comment (posted 14/02/03): "this is a very helpful information! a question: if i am russian citizen but not from moscow, can i marry my canadian fiance in my native town, or i have to proceed it in moscow? any help would be appreciated, mailto chivesa@hotmail.com" Answer: Hello. You should contact your local city ZAGS and ask them if they can process your marriage. If they say they can't, you should do it in Moscow, but Moscow ZAGS will need you to be registered in Moscow over the date of your marriage. I think you can surely marry in your native town, though. If it's not possible, maybe it's better to do it in Canada. (Dmitri) Comment (received 5/03/03): "My situation is extremely complicated and I was hoing that maybe you coul ffer some advie. I am a German national living in England, and I plan to move to Russisin he summer an marry a Russian national. I seem to be going to and fr between the German embassy and the Russian, and no one seems to kno exactly what I need to do. Any advice?" Answer: Ok, just get any visa (tourist, business, private, or whatever), come to Russia, and apply in ZAGS for marriage (see above what papers are needed and how to do it). If you would like to apply for a permit of stay in Russia (or nationality), it is really complicated, and you're better off coming to your wife (or even living in Russia) on a long-term business or private visa. So, everything is simple,no? Comment (posted 12/03/03): "I disagree with the advice to the German National do it all in England before you go, you need the following. 1) Copy of the last page of your passport

2) Certificate of no Impediment, (you can get this in the UK as an EC citizen) 3) Copy divorce certificate if divorced 4) Application for marriage MUST BE HANDWRITTEN (your fiancee can get the wording for this from the ZAGS for you. or leave a note and I'll email it to you. Take ALL documents to a Notary Public (not a solicitor or Commissioner of Oaths) and have them notarised. Send ALL documents to the FCO legalistaion section and have an apostile attached. (see above) Send ALL documents to the Russian Embassy and have them officially translated and stamped. You can then courier the documents to Moscow and your fiancee can book a date for the wedding well in advance of your travelling to Moscow. Much easier than doing anything in Moscow which merely costs you many $ and much hassle." Comment (posted 30/03/03): " I disagree with the advice given to the German national. The local ZAKS (Russian Standesamt) will most likely require the certificate of no impediment (Ehefaehigkeitszeugnis) certified by the GERMAN embassy in Russia. It has obtained accoring to the German and not the UK rules. To obtain such a certificate, you need to contact the German Embassy in the UK. Most likely, they will request additional paperwork from your spouse, such as birth certificate and the proof of her marital status. The latter is very hard to get in Russia, so please consult both your embassy and your future spouse to determine what can constitute such proof. In Germany, it is often suggested that such proof is issued by the local ZAKS. However, most ZAKS's in Russia do not know anything about it and do not issue anything of this kind. In some cases, it is possible that a sworn statement before the notary public from your future spouse (or her parents) is sufficient. In any case, have your future spouse contact the local ZAKS and find out what you will need. In Moscow there is only one ZAKS that performs wedding ceremonies involving non-Russian citizens: ZAKS number 4 (or wedding palace number 4??). In St.Petersburg, s/he would have to go to the Cental ZAKS responsible for weddings with foreign citizens (Tavricheskaya 39, phone 271-39-85). You can also check http://www.wedhelper.com/russia/heiraten.shtml to find out some general information. Good luck. P.S. If you are lucky, her/his ZAKS will only require the proof of your marital status (in Germany it would be Meldebescheinigung confirming also that you are not married, I do not know where to get this in the UK)." Question (received 27/04/03): " Do all ZAGS require the famous "certificate of non impediment" .Do I really have to wait 2-3 weeks in order to get this certificate ? I'am divorced since one month in Belgium and I want to marry my russian fiancee in Russia AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. How can I make the administrative procedures les time-consuming ? Thank you for your ideas and answers." Answers: Yes, all ZAGS require the certificate and it is even longer you will have to wait. The thing is that some ZAGS will be more "flexible" than others, if you choose to talk personally to the director, if you know what I mean... Just don't offer the money straight away! :-) Question (31/05/03): "Hi, I'm mexican and my girlfriend is in Kamchatka (but I don't think she has the permanent registration or "Propiska", because she originally was born in Kazakhstan and then she changed nationality and got her russian passport in Chelyabinsk). We want to get married, but it's almost impossible to bring her into Mexico without getting married outside first. Some people have suggested Cyprus as a quick place for marriage, but it's quite far from Kamchatka and we'd rather not travel and spend so much (because I also need to prove solvency before I can bring her to Mexico, so we need the fastest and cheapest possible way). Any suggestions? WE would really appreciate any help. Please e-mail: aldoaldo@mexico.com " Comment (16/06/03): "Hi Chaps I have met a really nice Russian lady after 2 previous unsuitables. I arranged to met her in Cyprus in December 02 and she visited me in England in February 03 (I got her a 6 month multi visit visa). Met her again in April 03 in Cyprus for another holiday and she is coming over

on 23 June for 5 weeks. Everything is good but I have heard such horror stories about getting married in Russia, that I am thinking of getting married in Cyprus. There are alot of Russian people in Cyprus and the weather is guaranteed. HAS ANYONE GOT EXPERIENCE OF MARRYING OUTSIDE RUSSIA AND THE PROCESS OF GETTING THE FORMALTIES DONE AFTERWARDS. MY EMAIL IS mahesh@safestart.org.uk I used a specialist agency for the tourist visa and I can advise on the arrangments/experience of meeting a russian lady for a holiday in cyprus if anyone needs help." "Forgot to mention in my last note that this is a VERY USEFUL SITE. I have used a specialist agency but it costs alot of money. This site is FREE and very helpful. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Mahesh" Question (22/06/03): "My question is, if I am a U.S. Citizen and marry a man in russia. If I die, who receives the money, the people i listed in my will in America or will he? Please respond." Answer: To avoid any misunderstanding, I advise you to translate your American will to Russian (through a certified translator in Russia) and get a notary proof on this letter. Comment (9/01/04): "Dear Way to Russia,I'm Italaian and I intend to marry a Russian citizen, we filled the application form c/o the Rostov-Don ZAGS, and we booked the wedding after 30 days (10 of january 2004), unfurtunately we need to postpone the date of 2 months on 10 april 2004. Are my documents right translated and legalizated yet valid for ZAGS or I need to repeat all procedure from the start. Thanks a lot Marco" Answer: Dear Marco, usually the documents are valid for 6 months (depends), so you should be OK. Question (21/01/04): "does anyone have any answers to how i do a marraige to a russian woman, i am from the USA. she says marry in her country then again in the USA. I have been told, i needed to go to her first. and meet and show proof of being together. then do papers for a fiance visa to come to USA. good for 90 days. if we marry , then she can stay. if not, she goes home. i have read all the post in here.and find it very confusing. i have never been over seas, and that alone scares me!! but all in all, im under the impression even after applying for her visa, it will take months? could use some advice. thank you. PS. i am writting this in simple form, so i hope someone can see what i mean. lowgear48@direcway.com"


Ukrainian Etiquette (Following these rules).
• If invited into a family home, it is traditional to bring a gift. A bottle of

wine, a cake, chocolates or a bouquet of flowers is customary. If there is a child in the house, it is appropriate to provide him/her with a small gift as well. • Do not shake hands across the threshold of a door. It is considered bad luck. • When shaking hands, take off your gloves. • In Ukraine it is not a custom to shake hands with a woman. Kissing her hand will make you very gallant. • Be prepared to remove your shoes upon entering a home. To keep apartments clean, most hosts will provide you with a pair of slippers. • On public transportation, give up your seat to mothers with children, the elderly, or the infirm. • At the entrance of upscale restaurants, expect that your coat, briefcase or baggage will be checked. • Be sure to have business cards printed in Ukrainian on one side and English on the other. • When eating dinner at someone's home, casual dress is accepted. • If you bring flowers, make sure it is an uneven number (even are for funerals) of flowers. • Be ready to give toasts at dinner, for guests are often asked to do so. • Offer to share your snacks and cigarettes with those around you. • Be prepared to accept all food and drink offered you when visiting friends. • Ukrainians are known for their generosity when it comes to feeding others. Turning down food may be considered rude. • For business, dress should be conservative. Men should not take off their jackets unless asked to do so. • In Orthodox churches women wear scarves or hats, and men take off their hats. • Don't put your thumb between your first two fingers - this is a very rude gesture. Common advice for tourists to Odessa Ukraine It is understandable that arriving to an unknown country a person could feel himself lost and maybe even unsafe in different situations. Actually Odessa is very similar to many other larger cities of the World. Odessa has about 1.5 million residents in the city and in the surrounding areas. You can be safe here if you follow common rules of behavior that are similar for all cities. 1. Don't walk along dark streets in the late night; 2. Don't visit apartments of people that you just met; 3. Don't go with with anyone you just met far from where you are at the moment; 4. Don't get into cars of unknown people who invite you to do this; 5. Don't invite people that you just met to the apartment; 6. Don't provide your address to strangers;

7. Always be aware of your surroundings and where you are; 8. Don't walk around late at night after a good night of drinking; 9. Don't leave your hotel or apartment with out a cell phone and our contact info as you will never know when you might need some help; But if you still feel uncomfortable, someone from our staff can be with you any time you need it. Our staff, interpreters and drivers are helpful and become caring and supportive friends. You can always feel safe any time you are with them here in Odessa Ukraine. Can I use my credit card in Ukraine? Yes, however, we recommend that you bring a combination of cash and credit cards. Visa and MasterCard are accepted at many restaurants, but not at all. Discover and American Express credit card and Traveler Cheques are not recommended. If needed, cash advances (often with a 3-5% fee) are available at many hotels, banks and currency exchanges. But keep a few things in mind: 1. In general, Ukraine operates as a "cash economy". In most situations you will be expected to pay for goods and services in local currency, not with dollars or credit cards. However there are many currency exchange offices available. It is easy to exchange dollars for hyrivnas (UAH). 2. The banking situation had been unstable in both Russia and Ukraine. In 1998, the August banking crisis hit with no warning, making credit cards useless overnight. Don't get caught short! Always have $ 300-500 cash in reserve, in case your credit cards suddenly don't work. 3. Travelers Checks are for security and are not convenient! Unlike in the States and many European cities, there are a very limited numbers of places to cash traveler's checks. There is a fee for cashing traveler's checks. It can take several hours. 4. We recommend wearing a money belt and bringing mostly cash. Of course, it's completely up to you. 5. We also want to remind you to also check with the Ukraine Embassy on how much cash you are allowed to bring into the Ukraine as if you go over that Limit you can and will loss that cash at customs before you leave the airport. What will the weather be like in Odessa Ukraine? It depends on the time of year that you travel, but generally the weather and temperatures in Odessa will be about the same as many cities in Europe. In both spring and autumn, you will need to bring some warm clothes. Expect daytime temperatures to be in the mid 50s-60s, and the night temperatures to drop into the low 40s or even 30s on occasion. In wintertime, the coldest days hover around 32. However, snowfall is minimal so heavy snow boots are not needed. Summertime weather is usually fantastic, with daytime temperatures in the upper / mid 80s to lower 70s, and night time temperatures in the mid 70s. What kind of clothing should I bring? Weather considerations aside, be yourself and be comfortable. Bring a mixture of both casual clothes for daytime and clothes you would normally wear out on

a date. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to dress, so relax and wear what you want. What kind of electricity do they have in Ukraine? Electricity in Ukraine is 220 Volts, 50 Hz AC. You will need an Eastern European plug adapter (with round pins) to plug into electric sockets. Adapter kits can be purchased at Radio Shack, Wal-Mart, K-Mart and luggage stores. American electrical appliances will also require a "step down" converter that adjusts the electricity from Ukraine's 220V down to 110V. Note: Most new video camera Battery Chargers and laptop computer adapters can be plugged into 220V or 110V sockets. Consult your Operating Manual for details for your camera and computer model. Luggage Check with the airlines since many are modifying their baggage allowances. NOTE: We recommend that your carry-on bag contain a full change of dress clothing and toiletries. In the unlikely event that your check-in luggage doesn't arrive with you, you will need clothes for your first contacts. Occasionally, one of our clients has a problem with his luggage arriving late. This is normal for all international airlines, and luggage is usually delivered within the following 24 hours. If this happens, we will work to expedite the return of your luggage. If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Info@odessarents.com and we hope you will enjoy your trip to Odessa and we look forward to meeting.

Things to do in Odessa
GO-KART RACING Club "Hobby" Address: Shevchenko park Telephone: 728-72-05 e-mail:info@hobby-kart.com.ua www.hobby-kart.com.ua opening hours 11.00 - 22.00 Prices new carts CRG Spitfire 10 min - 70 grn. 5 min - 40 grn. old carts MsKart 10min - 60 grn. 5 min - 35 grn. ODESSA ZOO Address: Odessa, Novoshchepniy St 25 (close to Privoz Market) Telephone: 0482 251473 Visiting Hours 9.00-20.00 in Summer 9.00-17.00 in Winter THE DOLPHINARIUM Dolphinarium "Nemo" Address: Lanzheron beach Telephone: (048) 787-20-10, (0482) 35-24-44 Website: http://www.delfinariy.od.ua Performances - Tue-Fri - 12.00, 15.00, 18.00 Sat, Sun - 12.00, 15.00, 18.00 Monday - Closed Ticket Prices Weekdays - children - 20 grn. adult - 30 grn. Weekend - children - 30 grn. adult - 40 grn.

Children up to 5 y.o. - free admission night show - 60 grn. A BOAT TRIP Various boat trips are available from a trip down to Arcadia and back, to a trip on a luxury cruiser down to the Crimea. Prices vary from $50 per hour to $150 and even higher depending on the size of the boat. Cruises Cruise off the coast of Odessa in a 14 meter Yacht with capacity for 8 passengers plus 3 crew members.Price is approx $80 per hour incl (for the boat).Departures are from Otrada Yacht club.Duration of the trips is by arrangement.Food is not included in the price.Availability is between 1st May and end of October. A trip from Odessa to Yalta and finishing in Simferopol in the Crimea.Titled "Unknown Crimea" the trip takes in Balaklava and Cape Faros,a total of 380 miles and lasting some 7 days.Price is approx $1200 one way. Available between the 1st May and end of October. Vessels are typically between 8 and 12 meters long and 2 and 4 meters wide. Crew members normally number 2. Passenger capacity varies between 5 and 10 persons. Further information: Katamaran Tour company Address: 9b Fontanskaya Doroga St Telephone: +380 48 7178740 E-Mail: office@katamarantour.com Website: www.katamarantour.com A trip across the Black Sea to Istanbul.Typical itinerary is to depart Odessa Seaport at 19.00.Cabaret and Disco are part of the entertainment available on board the Caledonia.Day two en route to destination.Day three arrive 09.00 at Istanbul.This and day four spent enjoying the city.The vessel returns on day five and arrives back in Odessa between 13.00 and 14.00 on day six.Availability is all year round.Fares are around $207 Second Class return and $538 First Class return.On board meals are included. "Caledonia" Departure from Odessa - Saturday, 18.00 Arive Istanbul - Monday, 08.00 Depart from Istanbul - Tue, 00.00 Arrive Odessa - Thu, 12.00 "Yuzhnaya Palmira" Departure from Odessa - Mondays, 16.00 Arrive Istanbul - Tue, 16.30 Depart Istanbul - Fri, 10.00 Arrive Odessa - Sat, 11.30 Further Information: Ukr ferry Head Office Address: 4a, Sabanskiy lane, Odessa, 65014, Ukraine Telephone: +380(482)344-059 Fax: +380(482)348-297; 348-108 Telex: 732124 FERRY UX Inmarsat-C: (581)492558010 e-mail: ukf@ukrferry.com Website: www.ukrferry.com

Museums in Odessa

Fine Arts Museum The Odessa Fine Arts Museum houses one of the largest collections of Russian, Ukrainian and Soviet masterpieces in the Ukraine. The collections of the Museum boast magnificent and artistically unique works of great masters reflecting the development of national art from icon-painting of the 15th-18th centuries to contemporary painting, graphic art, sculpture, and decorative and applied art. 5-A Sofievskaya Street Odessa, Ukraine 65026 Telephone: (8-0482) 238-462, 238-272 Fax: (8-0482) 238-393 http://museum.odessa.net/fineartsmuseum Hours: 11.00 to 18.00 Odessa State Literary Museum Is located in former palace of Princes Gagarin. In original registration the style XIX centuries with modernity design is synthesized. The interesting exhibits tell about a literary heritage of Odessa. 2 Lastochkina Street Odessa, Ukraine 65026 Telephone: (8-048) 722 - 0002, 722 - 4201, 731 - 4685 http://museum.odessa.net/litmuseum Hours: 10.00 to 18.00 Day-off: Monday Odessa Archeological Museum of National Academy of Science of Ukraine The oldest in Odessa and has 170 exhibits from time Paleolithic up to a middle ages, the rare coins and ornaments are stored in a gold pantry of a museum.. 4 Langeronovskaya Street Odessa, Ukraine 65026 Tel / fax: (8-048) 722 - 6302, 220 - 171 www.archeology.farlep.odessa.ua Hours: 11.00 to 18.00 Day-off: Monday Odessa Museum of the Western and Eastern Arts Is located in a building being monument of architecture. The exposition is shared on departments of antique, western and east art. At a museum the exhibition of foreign applied art works. 9 Pushkinskaya Street Odessa, Ukraine 65000 Telephone / fax: (8-048) 722 - 4815, 246 - 746 Hours: 10.30 to 18.00 Day - off: Wednesday Wax Works Museum They have about twenty-six wax sculptures of a very historic people of Odessa, such as Second Ekaterina, A.S.Pushkin and others. 4 Rishelievskaya Street Odessa, Ukraine 65026 Telephone: (8-048) 722 - 3436 Hours: 08.30 to 22.00 K. G. Paustovskogo Museum Paustovskiy was living in Odessa since 1919 till 1922. You will learn how he lived in war times. After getting to know his life story, you will know why he is famous and why people talk about him as he is a very interesting historical person. You can see documents and newspapers articles about him. 6 Chernomorskaya Street Odessa, Ukraine 65014

Telephone: (8-048) 722 - 8447, 731 - 4597 Hours: 10.00 to 17.00 N. K. Rerich House-Museum This is cultural center where you can see a lot of pictures of Rerich pupils. But we also organize concerts and excursions. 47, room 2 Bolshaya Arnautskaya Street Odessa, Ukraine 65012 www.odessa-roerich-house.od.ua A.S.Pushkin Literary Memorial Museum You can see the hotel where Pushkin lived for a month and Visit our museum about Pushkin's life. 13 Pushkinskaya Street Odessa, Ukraine 65000 Telephone: (8-0482) 251 034, 251 - 134, 227 - 453 Email: Pushkin@ukr.net Hours: 10.00 to 17.00 Museum of Rare books of the Odessa National University of I. I. Mechnikov 24 Preobrazhenskaya Street Odessa, Ukraine Telephone: (8-0482) 348 011, 347 789 Hours: 12.00 to 17.00 Military Historical Museum of the Southern Order of the Red Flag of Command 2 Pirogovskaya Street Odessa, Ukraine Telephone: (8-0482) 298 - 125, 298 - 730 Hours: 10.00 to 17.00 (also in accordance with clients' requests) Municipal Museum of the Private Collections of A. V. Bleshunov The only museum in Ukraine with a collection of A.V. Bleshunov. Sometimes there are exhibitions of other famous artists of Ukraine. 19 Polskaya Street Odessa, Ukraine 65014 Telephone: (8-0482) 221081, 250 453 http://museum-collections.odessa.ua/ Hours: 10.00 to 18.00 Zoological Museum of the Odessa National University of I. I. Mechnicov Is the biggest museum and the most famous in Ukraine. You can see a skeleton of a whale which is more than 100 years old. And many other things you can see in our museum. 2 Shampanskiy Lane Odessa, Ukraine 65058 Telephone: (8-0482) 684 547 Hours: 10.30 to 18.00 Mineralogical Museum of the Odessa National University of I. I. Mechnikov 2 Shampanskiy Lane Odessa, Ukraine 65058 Telephone: (8-048) 746 - 5713 Hours: 09.00 to 15.00 Paleontological Museum of the Odessa National University of I. I. Mechnikov 2 Dvoryanskaya Street Odessa, Ukraine Telephone: (8-0482) 230 - 208 www.onu.edu.ua


Odessa Museum of Local Lore 4 Gavannaya Street Odessa, Ukraine 65026 Telephone: (8-0482) 255 202, 228 - 490 Hours: 10.00 to 17.00 Show room of Odessa History and Local Lore Museum 24 ?A Lanzheronovskaya Street Odessa, Ukraine Telephone: (8-0482) 224 867 Hours: 10.00 to 17.00 Museum of the De - Volaan of Odessa Sea Port Our guides will tell you the history of Odessa?s Sea Port, past and present. 2 Lanzheronovskiy Slope Odessa, Ukraine 65026 Telephone: (8-048) 729 - 3857 Hours: 10.00 to 17.00 Migdal Shorashim. Museum of the History of Jews of Odessa 66 Nezhinskaya Street Odessa, Ukraine Telephone: (8-048) 728 9743 Hours: 13.00 to 19.00, Sunday: 11.00 to 17.00 Hellenic Foundation for Culture 16 -20 Krasniy Lane Odessa, Ukraine Telephone: (8-0482) 357 136, 357 - 137, 357 - 138 Fax: (8-0482) 346 640 E mail: hfc@hfcodessa.org / www.hfcodessa.org Odessa Scientists? House Museum See interesting pictures and other things of very famous scientist's. 4 Sabaneev Bridge Street Odessa, Ukraine 65026 Telephone: (8-0482)236 - 191, 236 - 096 Hours: 09.00 to 18.00 (also according with clients 'requests) Odessa Regional Center of Ukrainian Culture, Show room ? Ukrainian Riches? 24 A Lanjeronovskaya Street Odessa, Ukraine Telephone: (8-0482) 221 013, 760 1926 (8-048) 711 7850 (Show room) Hours: 10.00 to 17.00 Botanic Garden of the Odessa National University of I. I. Mechnicov 48 / 50 Frantsuzskiy Boulevard and 87 Frantsuzskiy Boulevard (the 2nd Botanic garden) Odessa, Ukraine Telephone: (8-0482) 639 276 Hours: 10.00 to 16.00 Heroic Odessa Defense Memorial Memorial was opened in 1975, by political leaders of Odessa. When you come, we can organize you not very long exhibition and tell you about Odessa some interesting historic moments in war time. 150 Dacha Kovalevskogo Street Odessa, Ukraine 65038 Telephone: (8-0482) 401 833, 444 - 527 Hours: 10.00 to 17.00 Odessa Opera House - 2nd most beautiful opera house in Europe The Opera House is one of the best in Europe, goes after Vienna Opera House from architecture standpoint. Exquisite inside decor in the style of Viennese baroque blended with elements of the Italian

Renaissance and French rococo, sculptural groups taken from Greek mythology, the stucco moldings and guilt friezes combined with the red velvet of the seats and boxes ? all this tends to create a special atmosphere. There is a viewing platform on the roof of this tremendous building from which the whole city could be observed. Address: 1 Tchaikovsry Street Information by phone: 780-15-09 (Ticket Office) 725-24-08 Information on line http://www.opera-ballet.tm.odessa.ua/ Odessa State Regional Musical Comedy Theatre by name M. Vodyanoy Address: 3 Panteleymonovskaya Street. Ticket Office Telephone: 25-09-24 Russian Drama Theatre by name Ivanov Address: 48 Grecheskaya Street Theatre Office Telephone: 22-72-50 Ticket Office Telephone: 22-45-04 Odessa Regional Puppet Theatre Address: 15, Paster Street Telephone: 23-72-93 or 23-20-58 Odessa theatre of young spectator in name N. Ostrovskiy Address 50, Grecheskaya Street Visitors room Telephone: 22-27-58 Ticket Office Telephone: 22-48-51 Ukrainian musical - drama theatre by name Vasilko Address 15, Paster Street Telephone: 23-53-18 Ticket Office Telephone: 23-89-77 Central theatre cash department" (Tickets sales for all theaters) Address 28, Preobrazhenskaya Street Telephone: 22-02-95 Odessa Movie Theaters / Cinemas Odessa Movie Theater / Cinema Address: 1/3, Gorkiy Street Telephone: 26-59-58 or 26-59-87 Vimpel Movie Theater / Cinema Address; 31 Admiralskiy prospectus. Telephone: 68-44-79 or 68-2218 The house of the officer?s southern operative command Address: 7/9, Pirogovskaya Street. Telephone: 29-89-84 Zvezdniy Movie Theater / Cinema Address: 60-a, Geroev Stalingrada Street Recorded Message: 55-3127 Ticket Office: 55-31-16 Zolotoy Duk Movie Theater / Cinema Address: 11-e, Academician Glushko prospectus Telephone: 45-98-33 or 45-98-34 Starostin Movie Theater / Cinema Address: 26, Academician Vorob"eV Street Telephone: 733-91-45 Moscow Movie Theater / Cinema Address: 4-a, Varnenskaya Street Telephone: 66-61-79 or 66-61-59

Rodina Movie Theater / Cinema Address: 104, Mechnikov Street Recorded Message: 37-17-17 Ticket Office: 34-62-51 Serp I molot Movie Theater / Cinema Address: 28 Stepovaya Street Telephone: 733-97-50 Kino ? Utochkino Movie Theater / Cinema Address: 22 Deribasovskaya Street Recorded message: 37-70-71 Ticket Office Telephone: 37-28-72

Odessa Beaches
There are hundreds of beaches available for you enjoyment in the Odessa Area. Each is distinct and has its own character. Below is a mini guide to Odessa's main beaches: ARCADIAThe Biggest of all Odessa's beaches ? Arcadia. Is a 15 minute cab ride from the city center and brings you to the largest and most developed beach in Odessa. The main entrance is clearly labeled by two pillars with a sign that reads Arcadia. Behind the sign is a long, shaded boulevard which boasts dozens of entertainment options ranging from karaoke while on a horse to go cart riding. Along this path, you will also notice dozens of cafes, restaurants and kiosks. After about a 200 meter walk you will see a nightclub Ibiza which sits slights before the entrance to the beach. From here you can choose to either go downstairs onto the main Arcadia beach or take a left or a right and choose numerous surrounding stretches of sand that all fall within Arcadia's premises. It is our personal recommendation to walk left until you see large water slides. Here is a full serviced part of Odessa's Arcadia beach, which offers umbrellas and lying chairs for a fee. There is a bar on this part of the beach, soft music and waiter service. Changing rooms and showers are all included with the price. Other activities you can do on this beach range from Jet Skiing to relaxing massages from wondering masseuses. OTRADA Steep walk downhill is required to access most of Odessa beaches. However, this is not the case with Odessa's Otrada which is known for its Soviet Time constructed cable cars. Save yourself the walk and take one of these cable cars down to the water. Enjoy the beautiful view of coast from atop of the ride. Careful exiting the cars, as they were not built with safety as number one priority. Otrada consists of numerous beaches ? almost all of which are fully equipped with bars, waiter service, changing rooms, showers, kid play rooms and various

other facilities. Take a walk along the water and see which beach appeals to you most. Some of the more popular beaches here are Riviera and Treasure Island. Both are fully equipped and for a small fee you will gain entrance which includes a beach chair and access to all the facilities. It is also possible to gain free access; however, you may not be able to use all the facilities on that basis. This is one of our personal favorite beaches of Odessa. Here you can also try out Wind Surfing or Jet Skiing. Numerous places along Otrada's waters will rent these out as in most other Odessa's beaches. LANZHERON (Park Schevchenko)Lanzheron is a popular Odessa beach among the locals and tourists alike. Located next to Park Schevchenko, one can enjoy the greenery of the park and take a dip in the warm black sea at the same time. This is the closest beach from Odessa's historical City center it's about a 15 minute walk from the Opera House. Lanzheron stretches over many different beaches, each with its own unique Odessa flavor. Some are fully equipped while others were left alone in their natural state. There are even numerous water slides available for your entertainment along the water, just in case you get bored while in Odessa. If you get bored, you can visit a large newly built Dolphinarium which will also allow you to either watch a show or swim with the dolphins (certain hours). Other popular entertainment options include Jet Ski Rentals, speed boat rides and various other water related activities. Lanzheron is located parallel to park Schevchenko. CHKALOVO Named after the famous Russian test pilot, this sanatorium has gained notorious reputation that the Soviet Hero never could have predicted. It has for some time been the official nude beach in Odessa. While there are others, this one is located close to the center and usually has a significant presence of beach goers. While both nude and clothed patrons can have equal fun at this Odessa beach be prepared to see most of the male visitors fully nude. While hawkers should not rush to see, given it is in the norm for most girls at Odessa beaches to be topless. Sanatorium located on the premises of the beach is also something one may consider if looking for a quiet Soviet Style Hotel experience by the Black Sea.

LUZANOVKA Odessa's Luzanovka is one of the more 'genuine' beaches in the sense that it does not offer the quality and array of services that most central Odessa beaches such as Arcadia and Lanzheron do. While this can be seen in negative light, consider that this Odessa beach is intended for the large population concentration located at an Odessa area called 'Poselek Kotovskovo'. While Luzanovka has a number of quality restaurants

and nightclubs do not expect to receive Western quality service or to find many English speakers as the tourist are virtually entirely absent from this area. However, if looking for a different feel from one of Odessa's less developed beach fronts, this may just be the perfect option. Located just fifteen minutes away from City center, makes it easy to get there Taxi or public transportation. CHAIKA (10th Fontana) This Odessa beach, which is located just south of Arcadia, is a standard beach offering various facilities, and small cafes alongside. Most beaches offer surprisingly good food options along with full bar services.
Aplication form for permanent residence in Ukraine (English version)

Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Consular Division Zeestraat 78, 2518 AD Den Haag

Посольство України в Королівстві Нідерланди Консульський відділ

Request for entry into Ukraine for Photo Authorized Permanent Residence /Passportsize/ ________________________________________________________________________ _________ Last Name___________________________________________________________________ _____ All other last names Previously used, if any ______________________________________________________________ First and middle names, maiden name, father's first name for patronymic _____________________________________________________ Citizenship _______________________________________________________________________ Date of birth (month, day, year) _______________________ Sex ____________________________ Place of birth (city, state, country)_____________________________________________________


Marital status (single, married, divorced, widowed) _______________________________________ If married, state the full mane and citizenship of your wife/husband and legal dependents ________________________________________________________________________ _________ Full names, including patronymic, place and date of birth of each person accompanying you (A QUESTIONNAIRE must be completed by each adult individual) ________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________ _________ Education, including all diplomas obtained, date of issuance, name and address of educational institution or school, major field of study ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ _________ Employment history for the 7 last years, including name and address of employer, your title and job responsibilities ____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________ _________ Where and with whom you will be residing in Ukraine, including the residence owner's full name and patronymic, address of the residence owner, if different from above ________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________ _________ Do you have sufficient funds to live in Ukraine? Do you intend to obtain financial assistance? Who will provide such assistance? _____________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________ _________


Do you have any relatives in Ukraine? If so, please state their names, addresses and relationship to you, using a separate sheet of paper, if necessary _________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________ _________ Have you ever visited Ukraine? If so, state where, when and for what purpose ________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________ _________ In which countries have you lived for more than half a year? State where, when and for what purpose ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Have you ever been deported from any country? If so, please state which country, date of your deportation and the reason thereof, using a separate sheet of paper ____________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ _________ Have you ever been arrested or convicted of any felony, crime or misdemeanor, even if you were later guilty? If so, give a full explanation of the nature of such arrest or conviction, using a separate sheet of paper _____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ _________ Do you have or have you ever had an infection disease which is dangerous to society or to your physical of psychological well being? Do you use or have you ever used narcotics or illegal substances? ________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________ _________ "I hereby certify that I have read arid understand all the questions in this questionnaire and have replied truthfully to each such question. I understand that any untruthful or incomplete answer to any question in this questionnaire shall be grounds for the refusal "or the revocation of a grant of permanent residence and the right to enter Ukraine. I understand that, regardless of visa availability, I may be denied entrance to Ukraine at the border entry point if there is any such reason for so doing".


Date of completion of Questionnaire _________________ Signature _______________________ Your home address _________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Passport or other identification that duly substitutes the passport №: __________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

Name Map 10th of April Square (10 Апреля Площадь) Information Armeiskaya (Армейская) on the square Artilleryskaya 10th of April (10-го Апреля) 1 (Артиллерийская) 25th Chapayevskoye (25-й Astashkina (Асташкина) 1, 4 Чапаевской дивизии) Aviatsionnaya A (Авиационная) Azarova Vitse-Admirala Admiralsky Ave 10, 29 (Азарова Вице(Адмиральский проспект) 11 адмирала ) Agronomicheskaya B (Агрономическая) Akademeka Filatova Babelya (Бабеля) (Академика Филатова) Akademeka Garkavogo Babushkina (Академика Гаркавого) (Бабушкина) Bagritskogo Akademeka Glushko Ave. (Багрицкого) Origin of (Академика Глушко проспект) name Akademeka Koroleva Baikalskaya (Академика Королева) (Байкальская) Akademeka Kurchatova Balkovskaya 1 (Академика Курчатова) (Балковская) Akademeka Pankratova Baltskaya (БалТская) (Академика Панкратовой) Akademeka Saxarov Banny (Банный) 4 (Академика Сахарова) Akademeka Vorobyova Bashtannaya (Академика Воробьева) (Баштанная) Akademeka Yoridicheskaya Basseinaya (Бассейная) 8, 9 (Академика Юридическая)

Akademeka Zabolotnogo (Академика Заболотного) Aleksandrovsky Ave. 5 (Александровский проспект) Alekseevskaya Square 8 (Алексеевская Площадь) Amundsena 1st (Амундсена 1ый переулок) Amundsena 2nd (Амундсена 2-ой переулок) Amursky 1st (Амурский 1-ый переулок) Amursky 2nd (Амурский 2-ой переулок) Amursky 3rd (Амурский З-ий переулок) Amursky 4th (Амурский 4-ый переулок) Ahmatovoi (Ахматовой) Aprelskaya (Апрельская) Arhitektorskaya (Архитекторская) Arkadysky (Аркадийский переулок) Ch Chaikovskovo (Чайковского переулок)[1] Chapaeva (Чапаева) Chehova (Чехова переулок) Chernomorskaya (Черноморская) Chernomorskovo Kazachestva (Черноморского казачества) Chernyahovskovo (Черняховского) Chernehshevskovo (Чернышевского) Chubaevskaya (Чубаевская) D Dacha Kovalevskovo (Дача Ковалевского) Dachnaya (Дачная) 9

Basseiny (Бассейный) Bazarnaya (Базарная) Behtereva (Бехтерева)

9 4, 5, 6

Belniskovo (Белинского) 6, 10 Berezovaya (Березовая) Blagoeva (Благоева) Bogatova (Богатова) Bogdana Khmelnytsko (Богдана Хмельницького) Origin of name 4

Bogdanova (Богданова) 1 Bolgarskaya 8 (Болгарская) Bolshaya Arnautskaya 4, 5, (Большая Арнаутская) 6 Bondareva (Бондарева) Borodinskaya (Бородинская) Botanichesky (Ботанический переулок) Botanichesky Sad (Ботанический сад ) Bogenko (Боженко) Bratev Achkanoveh (Братьев Ачкановых)

7, 11 Breusa (Бреуса) Brigadnaya (Бригадная) 29, 30 8 Bugaevskaya (Бугаевская) Bunina (Бунина) 2, 5, 6

E Efimova (Ефимова) Ekaterininskaya (Екатерининская) 2, 3, 5

Ekaterininskaya Ploshat (Екатерининская 2, 3 Площадь) Ekonomichesky (Экономический переулок) Elisavetgradsky (Елисаветградский) Елисаветинская (Elisavetinskaya) Eniseyskaya (Енисейская) Evreyskaya (Еврейская) 2, 3 Efimova (Ефимова) 3, 6 1 Ekaterininskaya 2, 3, (Екатерининская) 5 Ekaterininskaya Ploshat (Екатерининская 2, 3 Площадь) Ekonomichesky (Экономический переулок) Elisavetgradsky (Елисаветградский) Елисаветинская (Elisavetinskaya) Eniseyskaya (Енисейская) Evreyskaya (Еврейская) H

Dachny (Дачный переулок) Dalnevostochnaya (Дальневосточная) Dalnitskaya (Дальницкая) Degtyarnaya (Дегтярная) Dekabristov (Декабристов) Derevyanko (Деревянко) Deribasovskaya (Дерибасовская) Devolanovsky Decent (Деволановский спуск) Didrihsona (Дидрихсона) Dmitriya Donskovo (Дмитрия Донского) Dnepropetrovskaya Doroga (Днепропетровская дорога) Dobrovolskaya (Добровольского) Dokovaya (Доковая) Dolgaya (Долгая) Dyukovsky Park (Парк Дюковский) Dovgenko (Довженко)

Harkovskaya (Харьковская) Hersonsky Square Dvoryanskaya (Дворянская) 1, 2 (Сквер Херсонский) Doomskaya Square (Думская Himicheskaya 3 Площадь) (Химическая) Hvoiny (Хвойный Dyukovskaya (Дюковская) переулок) F Flotskaya (Флотская) Fontanskaya Doroga (Фонтанская дорога) Frantsuzsky Blvd. (Французский Бульвар) 29 10, 11 I Ilfa e Petrova (Ильфа и Петрова) Ilicha Park (Парк Ильича) Ippodromny (Ипподромный переулок)

Iskusstv Blvd. (Искусств 2 Бульвар) Ispanskaya (Испанская) Italyansky Blvd. (Итальянский Бульвар) Italian Ivana Franko (Ивана Франко) Izvestkovaya (Известковая) K 2 Kachalova (Качалова) Kamanina (Каманина) Kanatnaya (Канатная) Kanatny (Канатный переулок) Karantinny Decent (Карантинный спуск) Karetny (Каретный) 3, 6, 10

G Gararinskoe Plato (plateau) (Гагаринское Плато) Gagarina Ave. (Гагарина проспект) Gaidara (Гайдара) Garntsa (Гарнца) Garshina (Гаршина переулок) Gastello (Гастелло) Gavannaya (Гаванная) Gazovy (Газовый переулок) Generala Bocharova (Генерала Бочарова) Generala Petrova (Генерала Петрова) Generala Shvygina (Генерала Швыгина) Generala Tsvetaeva (Генерала Цветаева) Generala Vatutina (Генерала 4 Ватутина) Genuezkaya (Генуэзская) Geranevaya (Гераневая) Geroev Stalingrada (Героев Сталинграда) Geroev-Pogranichnikov (Героев-Пограничников) Gimnazicheskaya (Гимназическая) Gogolya (Гоголя) Golovkovskaya (Головковская) Goncharova (Гончарова) Gorizontalnaya (Горизонтальная) Gorkogo Park (Парк Горького) Gorsad (Горсад) Gospitalny (Госпитальный 10, переулок) 11 Gradonachalnitskaya 1 (Градоначальницкая) Granatnaya (Гранатная) 2

3 1, 4

Kapitana Kuznetsova (Капитана Кузнецова) Karantinnaya (Карантинная) Kartamyshevskaya (Картамышевская) Name Map Kaspysky (Каспийский переулок) Kedrovy (Кедровый переулок) Kibalchicha (Кибальчича) Kirpichnozavodskaya (Кирпичнозаводская) Kirpichny (Кирпичный 11 переулок) Kishinevskaya (Кишиневская) Kitoboinaya (Китобойная) Klenovaya (Кленовая) Klimenko (Клименко) Klubnichny (Клубничный переулок) Knyageskaya 1 (Княжеская) Knyagesky (Княжеский) 1

Grecheskaya (Греческая)[2] Grecheskaya Square (Греческая Площадь)[2] Grushevskogo (Грушевского) Gvardeyskaya (Гвардейская) Komarova (Комарова) Kominterna (Коминтерна) Komitetskaya (Комитетская) Kompozitora Glinki (Композитора Глинки) Kompozitora Nishchinskovo (Композитора Нищинского) Kondrashina (Кондрашина) Konnaya (Конная) Konstitutsy Square (Конституции Площадь) Kontr-Admirala Lunina (Контрадмирала Лунина) Korolenko (Короленко) Korovitskovo (Коровицкого) Korsakova (Корсакова) Kosmonavtov (Космонавтов) Kostandy (Костанди) Kosvennaya (Косвенная) Kotsyubinskovo (Коцюбинского) Kovalevskovo (Ковалевского) Krainyaya (Крайняя) Krapivnitskovo (Крапивницкого) Krasnoslobodskaya (Краснослободская) Krasnoslobodskoy (Краснослободской) Krasnova (Краснова) 2 4 Koblevskaya (Коблевская) Kolhoznaya (Колхозная) Kolontaevskaya (Колонтаевская) Koltsevaya (Кольцевая) Leningradskaya 4 (Ленинградская) Leninskogo Komsomola Park (Парк Ленинского Комсомола) Lermontovsky (Лермонтовский переулок) Letny (Летний переулок) 1 Levadnaya (Левадная)

2, 3 2

1, 2

Levanevskovo (Леваневского) 1, 2 Levitana (Левитана) Lidersovsky Blvd. (Лидерсовский Бульвар) Limannaya (Лиманная) Literaturnaya (Литературная) Litovskaya (Литовская) L-Ta Shmidta (Л-Та ШмидТа) Lva Tolstogo Square (Льва Толстого 4 Площадь) Lva Tolstovo (Льва 1, 2, Толстого) 4 Lvovskaya (Львовская) Lutskaya (Луцкая) Luzanovka (Лузановка) Lvovsky (Львовский переулок) Lyadova (Лядова) Lyapunova (Ляпунова 1, 2 переулок) Lustdorfskaya Doroga (Lustdorfskoy) (Люстдорфская дорога) (Люстдорфской) Lyuteransky

(Лютеранский переулок) M Machtovaya (Мачтовая) Magistralnaya (Магистральная) Mahachkalinskaya (Махачкалинская) Makarenko (Макаренко) Makarova (Макарова)

Krasny (Красный переулок) Krasny Zor (Красных Зорь) Krav-tsova (Кравцова) Krehlova (Крылова) Krehmskaya (Крымская) Krenkelya (Кренкеля переулок) Kuibesheva (Куйбышева) Kulikovo Pole Square (Куликово поле Площадь)


Makovaya (Маковая) Makovy (Маковый переулок) Malanova (Маланова Kuprina (Куприна) переулок) Kurortny (Курортный Malaya Arnautskaya переулок) (Малая Арнаутская) Malovskogo Kutuzova (Кутузова) (Маловского) Manezhnaya Kuznechnaya (Кузнечная) 1, 4 (Манежная) [Manegnaya] L Manezhny (Манежный) Lanzheronovskaya Marazlievskaya 2, 3 (Ланжероновская) (Маразлиевская) Lanzheronovskaya Stairs Marinesko (Маринеско 3 (Ланжероновская спуск) спуск) Marselskaya Lavochnaya (Лавочная) (Марсельская) Marshala Govorova Lazareva (Лазарева) (Маршала Говорова) Marshala Malinovskogo Lehzy Chaikinoi (Лизы (Маршала Чайкиной) Малиновского) Nezavisimosty Square Marshala Zhukova Ave. (Независимости (Маршала Жукова проспект ) Площадь) Nezhdanovoi Marshrutnaya (Маршрутная) (Неждановой) Mary Demchenko (Марии Nezhinskaya Демченко) (Нежинская) Maryenskaya (Мариинская) Nikitina (Никитина) Nikolaevskaya Doroga Masterskaya (Мастерская) (Николаевская дорога) Matrossky (Матросский спуск) 1 Novatorov (Новаторов) Matrosova Aleksandra (Матросова Александра Novoya (Новая) переулок) Matrosova Slobodka Novikova (Новикова) (Матросова Слободко


1 4 3, 6

1, 2, 5

переулок) Novobazarnaya (Новобазарная) Novoberegovaya Matyushenko (Матюшенко) (Новобереговая) Mayachny (Маячный Novoselskovo переулок) (Новосельского) Mayakovskovo (Маяковского Novoshchepnoi Ryad 2 переулок) Mayakovskiy (Новощепной ряд) Mechnikova (Мечникова) 1, 4 O Melnitskaya (Мельницкая) Obilnaya (Обильная) Obnorskogo Mihailovskaya (Михайловская) (Обнорского) Observatorny Mihailovskaya Square (Обсерваторный (Михайловская Площадь) переулок) Milnichnaya (Мельничная) Odariya (Одария) Minskaya (Минская) Odesskaya (Одесская) Ofitserskaya Mitrakova (Митракова) 1 (Офицерская) Mizikevicha (Сквер Okrugnaya (Окружная) Мизикевича) Oktyabrskoi Revolyutsy Moiseenko (Сквер Моисеенко) (Октябрьской революции ) Olgievskaya Morskaya (Морская) 11 (Ольгиевская) Olgievsky (Ольгиевский Morskoy (Морской переулок) спуск) Mukachevsky (Мукачевский 10, Onegskaya (Онежская) переулок) 11 Myasoedovskaya Onilovoy (Ониловой 4 (Мясоедовская) переулок) N Orehovaya (Ореховая) Nahimova (Нахимова 3 Osipova (Осипова) переулок) Nakhimova Ostrovskogo Naklonnaya (Наклонная) (Островского) Nechipurenko (Нечипуренко Otradnaya (Отрадная) переулок) Ovidiopolskaya Nedelina (Неделина) (Овидиопольская) Ovragny (Овражный Nekrasova (Некрасова) 2 переулок) Nerubaiskaya (Нерубайская) P Neskuchnaya (Нескучная) Palubnaya (Палубная) Nezavisimosty Square Panteleimonovskaya (Независимости Площадь) (Пантелеймоновская) Nezhdanovoi (Неждановой) Parkovaya (Парковая) 1, 2, Passionary Nezhinskaya (Нежинская) 5 (Пассионарии) Matsievskoi (Мациевской)

1 1

10, 11

Nikitina (Никитина) Nikolaevskaya Doroga (Николаевская дорога) Novatorov (Новаторов) Novoya (Новая) Novikova (Новикова) Novobazarnaya (Новобазарная) Novoberegovaya (Новобереговая) Novoselskovo (Новосельского) Novoshchepnoi Ryad (Новощепной ряд) O Obilnaya (Обильная) Obnorskogo (Обнорского) Observatorny (Обсерваторный переулок) Odariya (Одария) Odesskaya (Одесская) Ofitserskaya (Офицерская) Okrugnaya (Окружная) Oktyabrskoi Revolyutsy (Октябрьской революции ) Olgievskaya (Ольгиевская) Olgievsky (Ольгиевский спуск) Onegskaya (Онежская) Onilovoy (Ониловой переулок) Orehovaya (Ореховая) Osipova (Осипова) Ostrovskogo (Островского) Otradnaya (Отрадная) Ovidiopolskaya (Овидиопольская) Ovragny (Овражный 1 1 Pastera (Пастера) Patrioticheskaya (Патриотическая) Paustovskovo (Паустовского) Pedagogicheskaya (Педагогическая) Pedagogichesky (Педагогический переулок) Patrioticheskaya (Патриотическая) Paustovskovo (Паустовского) Pedagogicheskaya (Педагогическая) Pedagogichesky (Педагогический переулок) Peresehpskaya (Пересыпская) Pestelya (Пестеля) Petrashevskogo (Петрашевского) Pionerskaya (Пионерская) Pirogovskaya (Пироговская) Pirogovskiy (Пироговский) Pishonovskaya (Пишоновская) Pishonovsky (Пишоновский) Planetnaya (Планетная) Platanovaya (Платановая) Plehguna (Плыгуна) Plieva (Плиева) Pobedeh Park (Парк Победы) Pochtovaya (Почтовая) Polskaya (Польская) 3, 6 Polsky (Польский спуск) Poltavskaya (Полтавская) Poselkovaya (Поселковая) Name Map 1, 2

1 1

10, 11

переулок) P Palubnaya (Палубная) Panteleimonovskaya (Пантелеймоновская) Parkovaya (Парковая) Posmitnovo (Посмитного) Pravdeh (Правды) Preobrazhenskaya (Преображенская) Primorskaya (Приморская)

2, 5 2, 3

Passionary (Пассионарии) Pastera (Пастера) 1, 2 Schorsa (Щорса) Primorskaya 6 (Приморская) Marine passenger terminal Sechenova (Сеченова 3 1 (Morskoy Vokzal / Морской переулок) вокзал) Primorsky Blvd. (Приморский 2, 3 Segedskaya (Сегедская) Бульвар) Privokzalnaya Square Selskaya (Сельская) (Привокзальная Площадь) Selskohozya-ystveneighy Privoznaya (Привозная) (Сельскохозяйственный ) Profsoyuznaya Semaforny (Профсоюзная) (Семафорный) Prohorovskaya Seminarskaya 4 (Прохоровская) (Семинарская) Serednny Square Proletarskaya (Пролетарская) (Серединный Сквер) Promehshlennaya Sergeya Yadova (Сергея (Промышленная) Ядова) Protsenko (Проценко) Serova (Серова) 3, 5, Shampansky Pushkinskaya (Пушкинская) 6 (Шампанский переулок) Shchegoleva Pyatnitskovo (Пятницкого) (Щеголева) R Shchepkina (Щепкина) 2 Shchepnoy (Щепной Rachkova (Рачкова) переулок) Shiryaevskiy Radostnaya (Радостная) (Ширяевский) Shevchenko Park (Парк Radugnaya (Радужная) Шевченко) Raskidailovskaya Shevchenko Avenue 4 (Раскидайловская) (Шевченко проспект) Rassveta (Рассвета) Shirshova (Ширшова) Ravenstva (Равенства Shishkina (Шишкина) переулок) Razdolnaya (Раздольная) Shklyaruka (Шклярука) Shmidta Leitenanta Razumovskaya (Разумовская) (Шмидта Лейтенанта) Shota Rustavely (Шота Rekordnaya (Рекордная) Руставели)

Respublikanckaya (Республиканская) Rishelevskaya (Ришельевская) Rizovskaya (Ризовская) Romana Karmena (Романа Кармена переулок) Romashkovaya (Ромашковая) Rehbachya (Рыбачья) S Sabaniyev Most (Сабанеев мост) Sabansky Street (Сабанский переулок)[3] Sadikovskaya (Садиковская) Sadovaya (Садовая)[4] Sadovskogo (Садовского) Sadovy (Садовый переулок) Sakko (Сакко) Saksaganskogo (Саксаганского) Saltehkova-Shchedrina (Салтыкова-Щедрина) Samoletnaya (Самолетная) Sanatorny (Санаторный переулок) Sashi Horoshenko (Саши Хорошенко ) Starokony (Староконный) Staroportofrankovskaya (Старопортофранковская) Starosennaya Ploshat (Square) (Старосенная Площадь) 2 6 Shturvalnaya (Штурвальная) 3, 5 Shuhevicha (Шухевича) 1, 4 Skidanovsky (Скидановский спуск) Skladskaya (Складская) Skvortsova (Скворцова) Slepneva (Слепнева переулок) Slobodskaya (Слободская) Sobornoy (Соборной) 1

Sobornaya Square (Соборная Площадь) Sofi Perovskoi (Софьи Перовской ) Sofievskaya 1, 2 2 (Софиевская) Sokolovskoi (Соколовской) Solnechnaya (Солнечная) Sortirovochnaya (Сортировочная) Sofetskaya (Софиевская) Soyuzny (Союзный переулок) Spartakovskaya (Спартаковская) Spartakovsky (Спартаковский переулок) Spiridonovskaya 2, 5 (Спиридоновская) Sportivny (Спортивный) 11 Srednefontanskaya 1, 4 (Среднефонтанская) Srednyaya (Средняя) 4

Stelmaha (Стельмаха) Stepovaya (Степовая) Stolbovaya (Столбовая) Stroganova (Строганова)

Staro bazarny Park (Сквер Старобазарный) U Uchenicheskaya (Ученическая) Udelny (Удельный 10, переулок) 11 Uritskovo (Урицкого)

Sudostroitelnaya (Судостроительная) Surikova (Сурикова) Svobodeh Ave. (Свободы проспект) T Tamozhennaya Square (Таможенная Площадь) Tankernaya (Танкерная) 3 Usatovskaya (Усатовская) Uspenskaya (Успенская) Utesova (Утесова) Orgin 4 of name 10, Uyutnaya (Уютная) 11 V

Vakulenchuka (Вакуленчука спуск) Valihovsky Tankistov (Танкистов) (Валиховский) Tekstilshchikov Vanny (Ванный (Текстильщиков) переулок) Tenistaya (Тенистая) Vantsetti (Ванцетти) Varnenskaya Tereshkovoi (Терешковой) (Варненская) Tihaya (Тихая) Vasnetsova (Васнецова) Vatmansky Timiryazeva (Тимирязева) 9 (Ватманский) Tiraspolskaya Vavilova (Вавилова (Тираспольская) переулок) Tiraspolskaya Square Vehsoky (Высокий (Тираспольская Площадь) переулок) Vehstavochnaya Tirasspusk (Тирасспуск) (Выставочная) Akedemika Velyamsa Tolbuhina (Толбухина) (Академика Вильямса) Tolbuhina Square (Толбухина Very Figner (Веры Площадь) Фигнер) Very Holonoy (Веры Topolskogo (Топольского) Холодной) Vera Inber (Вера Инбер) Torgovaya (Торговая) 1, 2 More information on Inber Transportnaya (Транспортная) Vesennyaya (Весенняя) Veteranov Truda Troitskaya (Троицкая) (Ветеранов труда) Vetrogonnaya Trudovaya (Трудовая) (Ветрогонная) Tserkovnaya (Церковная) Vilyamsa (Вильямса) Tsvetochny (Цветочный Vishnevy (Вишневый переулок) переулок) Tulskaya (Тульская) Vitebskaya (Витебская) Turgeneva (Тургенева) Yasnaya (Ясная) Yubileinaya Turistskaya (Туристская) (Юбилейная) Vitse-Admirala Azarova (Вице- 10, Yunnatov (Юннатов) адмирала Азарова) 11 Vitse-Admirala Zhukova (ВицеYuriya Oleshy (Юрия 3, 6

адмирала Жукова ) Vodoprovodnaya (Водопроводная) Vodoprovodny (Водопроводный) Voenny (Военный спуск) Volodarskovo (Володарского) Volzhsky (Волжский переулок) Vorontsovsky (Воронцовский 2 переулок) Voznesensky (Вознесенский переулок) Y Yakira (Якира) Yanvaskovo Vosstaniya (Январского восстания) Yashi Gordienko (Яши Гордиенко) Yasinovskogo (Ясиновского) 2 Олеши) Yugnaya (Южная) Z Zankovetskoy (Заньковецкой) Zaporogskaya (Запорожская) Zaslavskovo (Заславского) Zatonskovo (Затонского) Zelyonaya (Зеленая) Zhelyabova (Желябова) Zholio Kyury (Жолио Кюри) Zhukovskovo (Жуковского) Zolotoy Bereg (Золотой берег ) Zoo (Зоопарк) Zooparkovaya (Зоопарковая) Zorinskaya (Зоринская)


Soviet names for streets Soviet name (English) 50-letiya USSR Square 9th Yanvarya Square Soviet name (Russian) 50-летия СССР пл. 9-го Января сквер Post-independence name Nezavisimosty Square (Независимости Площадь) Starosennaya Ploshat (Square) (Старосенная Площадь) Kuprina (Куприна) Dacha Kovalevskovo (Дача Ковалевского) Konnaya (Конная)

Akademicheskaya Street Академическая ул. Amundsena Street Artema Street AvdeevaChernomorskovo Street Baranova Street Bebelya Street Bezeighmyanny Lane Амундсена ул. Артема ул.

Авдеева-Черноморского Plieva ул. (Плиева) Баранова ул. Бебеля ул. Безымянный Knyageskaya (Княжеская) Evreyskaya (Еврейская) Ippodromny (Ипподромный переулок)

Bolgarskaya (Болгарская) Kuznechnaya (Кузнечная) Lustdorfskaya Doroga (Люстдорфская дорога) Uspenskaya (Успенская) Panteleimonovskaya (Пантелеймоновская) Bolshaya Arnautskaya (Большая Арнаутская) Uspenskaya (Успенская) Akademeka Glushko Ave. (Академика Глушко проспект ) Lidersovsky Blvd. (Лидерсовский Бульвар) Kolontaevskaya (Коллонтаевская) Nezhinskaya (Нежинская) Balkovskaya (Балковская) Seminarskaya (Семинарская) Polskaya (Польская) Akademeka Garkavogo (Академика Гаркавого) Spiridonovskaya (Спиридоновская) Pochtovaya (Почтовая) Gavannaya (Гаванная) Prohorovskaya (Прохоровская) Prohorovskaya Ploshat (Square) (Прохоровская Площадь) Mihailovskaya (Михайловская) Gimnazicheskaya (Гимназическая) Bugaevskaya (Бугаевская)

Budennovo Street Cheluskintsev Street Chernomorskaya Road Chicherina Street Chigikova Street Chkalova Street Degotya Vladimira Lane Dimitrova Avenue

Буденного ул. Челюскинцев ул. Черноморская дорога Чичерина ул. Чижикова ул. Чкалова ул. Деготя Владимира пер. Димитрова просп.

Dzerginskovo Boulevard Дзержинского бульвар Dzerginskovo Street Frantsa Meringa Street Frunze Street Gamarnika Street Garibaldi Street Gitomirskaya Street Gorkovo Street Gukovskovo Street Halturina Street Hvorostina Lane Hvorostina Square Industrialnaya Street Inostrannoy Kollegii Street Instrumentalnaya Street Дзержинского ул. Франца Меринга ул. Фрунзе ул. Гамарника ул. Гарибальди ул. Житомирская ул. Горького ул. Жуковского ул. Халтурина ул. Хворостина пер. Хворостина сквер Индустриальная ул. Иностранной Коллегии ул. Инструментальная ул.

Dalnitskaya (Дальницкая) Golovkovskaya (Головковская) Polsky (Польский спуск) Grecheskaya (Греческая) Ekaterininskaya (Екатерининская) Staro bazarny Park (Сквер Старобазарный ) Bazarnaya (Базарная) Lyuteransky (Лютеранский переулок) Staroportofrankovskaya (Старопортофранковская) Iskusstv Blvd. (Искусств Бульвар) Marinesko (Маринеско спуск) Sofievskaya (Софиевская) Nikolaevskaya Doroga (Николаевская дорога) Vorontsovsky (Воронцовский переулок) Torgovaya (Торговая) Langeronovskaya spusk (decent--stairs) (Ланжероновская спуск) Langeronovskaya (Ланжероновская) Pobedeh Park (Парк Победы) Rishelevskaya (Ришельевская) Armeiskaya (Армейская) Marshala Gukova Ave. (Маршала Жукова проспект ) Odariya (Одария) Karantinny

Ivanova Street Kalinina Street

Иванова ул. Калинина ул.

Kanguna Decent / Stairs Кангуна спуск Karla Libknehta Street Карла Либкнехта ул.

Karla Marksa Street (Karl Карла Маркса ул. Marx) Kirova Square Kirova Street Klareigh Tsetkin Street Komsomolskaya Street Кирова сквер Кирова ул. Клары Цеткин ул. Комсомольская ул.

Komsomolsky Boulevard Комсомольский бульвар Korolenko Decent / Stairs Короленко спуск Korolenko Street Kotovskovo Road Krasnoflotsky Lane Krasnoy Gvardii Street Lastochkina Decent / Stairs Lastochkina Street Lenina Park Lenina Street Leninskovo Batalona Street Leninskoy «Iskreigh» Street (Name of newspaper) Lesnaya Street Короленко ул. Котовского дорога Краснофлотский пер. Красной Гвардии ул. Ласточкина спуск Ласточкина ул. Ленина парк Ленина ул. Ленинского Батальона ул. Ленинской «Искры» ул. Лесная ул.

Lizoguba Decent / Stairs Лизогуба спуск

(Карантинный спуск) Lizoguba Street Lizoguba Street (from the building numbers 1 - 13) Lopatto Street Mendeleeva Lane Menginskovo Street Mira Avenue Mizikevicha Street Moiseenko Street Moskovskaya Street Nagornaya Street Narimana Narimanova Lane Nikolaevskaya Road Nikolaya Gefta Street Oktyabrskoy Revolutsii Square Ordgonikidze Street Osipenko Street Ostrovidova Street Patrisa Lumumbeigh Avenue Pavlova Akademika Street Perekopskoy divizii Street Лизогуба ул. Лизогуба ул. (№ 1 - № 13) Лопатто ул. Менделеева пер. Менжинского ул. Мира просп. Мизикевича ул. Моисеенко ул. Московская ул. Нагорная ул. Наримана Нариманова пер. Николаевская дорога Николая Гефта ул. Vehsoky (Высокий переулок) Yuriya Oleshy (Юрия Олеши ) Grecheskaya (Греческая) Sabaniyev Most (Сабанеев мост) Stelmaha (Стельмаха) Aleksandrovsky Ave. (Александровский проспект) Stepovaya (Степовая) Melnitskaya (Мельницкая) Chernomorskovo Kazachestva (Черноморского казачества) Dyukovskaya (Дюковская) Valihovsky (Валиховский) Yugnaya (Южная) Chernomorskaya (Черноморская)

Октябрьской Революции Kulikovo Pole Square пл. (Куликово поле Площадь) Орджоникидзе ул. Осипенко ул. Островидова ул. Патриса Лумумбы просп. Павлова Академика ул. Перекопской дивизии ул. Razumovskaya (Разумовская) Srednyaya (Средняя) Novoselskovo (Новосельского) Admiralsky Ave (Адмиралский проспект) Olgievskaya (Ольгиевская) Fontanskaya Doroga (Фонтанская дорога)

Perekopskoy Pobedeigh Gradonachalnitskaya Перекопской Победы ул. Street (Градоначальницкая) Petra Velikovo Street Pobedeigh Park Петра Великого ул. Победы парк Dvoryanskaya (Дворянская) Dyukovskaya sad

(Дюковская Сад) Podbelskovo Street Polyarnikov Square Potemkintsev Square Proletarsky 1st Lane Proletarsky Boulevard Pugachevsky 1st Lane Pugachevsky 2nd Lane Raskovoy Marineigh Street Rozeigh Luksemburg Street Selsovetskaya Street Selsovetsky Lane Sevastopolskaya Street Подбельского ул. Полярников пл. Потемкинцев пл. Пролетарский 1-ый пер. Пролетарский бульвар Пугачевский 1-ый пер. Пугачевский 2-ой пер. Расковой Марины ул. Розы Люксембург ул. Сельсоветская ул. Сельсоветский пер. Севастопольская ул. Koblevskaya (Коблевская) Mihailovskaya (Михайловская) Ekaterininskaya Ploshat (Екатерининская Площадь) Romana Karmena (Романа Кармена переулок) Frantsuzsky Blvd. (Французский Бульвар) Razumovskaya 1 (Разумовская 1) Razumovskaya 2 (Разумовская 2) Kartamyshevskaya (Картамышевская) Bunina (Бунина) Chubaevskaya (Чубаевская) Chubaevskaya (Чубаевская) Rizovskaya (Ризовская) Myasoedovskaya (Мясоедовская) Sobornaya Square (Соборная Площадь) Preobrazhenskaya (Преображенская) Degtyarnaya (Дегтярная) Raskidailovskaya (Раскидайловская) Sabansky street (Сабанский переулок) Primorskaya (Приморская) Kanatnaya (Канатная) Udelny (Удельный переулок) Italyansky Blvd. (Итальянский Бульвар) Observatorny (Обсерваторный переулок)

Sholom-Aleyhema Street Шолом-Алейхема ул. Sovetskoy Armii Square Sovetskoy Army Street Sovetskoy Militsii Street Stanislavskovo Street Suvorova Lane Suvorova Street Sverdlova Street Telmana Lane (Primorsky Region) Tomasa Street Советской Армии пл. Советской Армии ул. Советской Милиции ул. Станиславского ул. Суворова пер. Суворова ул. Свердлова ул. Тельмана пер. (Приморский р-н) Томаса ул.

Ton Deighk Thana Street Тон Дык Тхана ул.

Sergeya Yadova (Сергея Ядова) Stroganova (Строганова) Ahmatovoi (Ахматовой) Devolanovsky Spusk (Деволановский спуск) Tamogennaya Square (Таможенная Площадь) Kosvennaya (Косвенная) Babelya (Бабеля) Kompozitora Nishchinskovo (Композитора Нищинского ) Malaya Arnautskaya (Малая Арнаутская) Matsievskoi (Мациевской)

Ubileynaya Street Udarnikov Street Ukrainskaya Street Vakulenchuka Decent / Stairs Vakulenchuka Square Vegera Street Vinogradnaya Street Voroshilova Street Vorovskovo Street Voykova Decent / Stairs

Юбилейная ул. Ударников ул. Украинская ул. Вакуленчука спуск Вакуленчука пл. Вегера ул. Виноградная ул. (Ilichovsky Region) Ворошилова ул. Воровского ул. Войкова спуск

Yanvarskovo Vosstaniya Square Yanvarskovo Vosstaniya Square Yaroslavskovo Street Yaroslavl Zagubanskovo Ivana Street Zemlyachki Street

Январского Восстания пл. Январского Восстания сквер Ярославского ул. Загубанского Ивана ул. Землячки ул.

Alekseevskaya Square (Алексеевская Площадь) Serednny Square (Серединный Сквер) Troitskaya (Троицкая) Komitetskaya (Комитетская) Ispanskaya (Испанская)



1 Childrens' Palace Vorontsov Palace Including Information on Primorsky Boulevard 2 Building with an optical illusion

6 Semi-circular buildings

7 Maritime Palace

3 Valentin Glushko Bronze bust also West Primorsky Blvd

8 Londonskaya Hotel

4 Duke de Richelieu Monument

9 Pushkin's bust

5 Primorsky Stairs

10 Mayor's office

The mayor's office was built from 1829 to 1834, designed by Franz Karlowicz Boffo in Russian classic style. Formerly this square was called the Birzjevaya because this building housed Odessa's first stock exchange. From 1871-1873 the architect Franz Osipovich Morandi (Франциск [Франц Осипович] Моранди) redesigned the office. Formerly the building had two wings at either end of the central part, forming an open courtyard. It was separated from the square by a double line of Corinthian columns. Later this courtyard was closed in by a wall to create a grand entrance hall, which can still be seen in the entrance. Later another wing facing the sea was added. When the stock exchange was moved in 1899 to the location of today's philharmonic theater, the city authorities used this building. The square was renamed Doomskaya (city council). On January 14th, 1918, the Soviet revolution proclaimed victory in this building.[1]
MAYORS OFFICE, Domskaya square 1,

The Childrens' Palace is the flashing "1" on the top map.

55 The Vorontsov's Palace is a 19th century palace and colonnade in Odessa, Ukraine, at the end of the Primorsky Boulevard pedestrian walkway. The buildings were built between 1827 to 1830 by the Sardinian architect Franz Karlowicz Boffo for Prince Mikhail S. Vorontsov, one of the governor-generals of the Odessa region. Vorontsov chose to build his city palace on the spot where the former governor general Richelieu's humble house had once stood. Vorontsov was so impressed with Boffo's work, that he contracted Boffo to design the Potemkin Stairs

Building with an optical illusion
Vorontsovsky 4 (Воронцовский переулок 4) At the children's palace, walk just south of Primorsky Blvd (Приморский Бульвар). The Building with an optical illusion is the flashing "2" on the top map. Walking along the short street Vorontsovsky (Воронцовский переулок), pay close attention to with balconies on the right. Slowly walk along the of traffic) keeping your eyes on the building. When certain point, where you mind tells you that you perpendicular-connecting wall of the building, there perpendicular wall. The building appears to be only a ard/meter wide the red building street (mindful you reach a should see the is no

Valentin Glushko bust


Glushko was considered "the father of Soviet rockets", and twice Hero of Socialist Labor. Glushko played a vital role in the early Soviet space program. He invented fuel space rockets and founded a jet engine factory. Glushko was born and spent his childhood in Odessa.

The monument was sculpted by A. A. Kovalev. On the monument is inscribed:
Valentin Petrovich Glushko For exceptional achievements in development of air rockets, in creation and successful launching of the first in the world spaceship "Vostok" with man onboard, the Presidium of the Supreme Council of USSR by its Decree dated 17 June 1961 has been awarded the second Golden Medal "Sickle and Hammer" to Valentin Petrovich Glushko

Duke de Richelieu Monument He was the governor of
Odessa between 1803-1814.

During his governership, the first educational systems were established and the first museum was built (the Archeology Museum).

In order to make the downtown area more attractive, in 1811 the duc arranged for its illumination by two hundred street lights. Richelieu was not unmindful that the theater attracted rich Polish landlords into the city. Those who came to play might stay to trade.[2] Richelieu also laid out the wide boulevard at the very edge of the promontory overlooking the sea, todays Primorsky Boulevard. The great merchants allegedly raised loud protests, as their houses now had to be built far back from the promontory's edge; they could no longer view with satisfaction their ships coming into port. But the citizenry as a whole was given ready access to a splendid view over sea and harbor.[Richelieu felt planting trees was important for Odessa. Trees would offer protection against sun and wind, reduce dust, and give the city a little of the qualities of an oasis, arising out of the treeless steppe. A Frenchman, the Chevalier de Rosset, is supposed to have planted Odessa's first tree, a poplar near the quarantine. Potemkin Stairs The Potemkin Stairs ( Ukrainian: Потьомкінські сходи, Pot’omkins’ki Skhоdy, Russian: Потёмкинская лестница) is a giant stairway in Odessa, Ukraine. The stairs are considered a formal entrance into the city from the direction of the sea and are the best known symbol of Odessa.[1] The stairs were originally known as the Boulevard steps, the Giant Staircase,[2] or the Richelieu steps.[3] The top step is 12.5 meters (41 feet) wide, and the lowest step is 21.7 meters (70.8 feet) wide. The staircase is 27 meters high, and extends for 142 meters, but it gives the illusion of greater length.[4][5][6] The stairs were so well designed that they create an optical illusion. A person looking down the stairs sees only the landings, and the steps are invisible, but a person looking up sees only steps, and the landings are invisible. Semi-circular buildingsWest / Right Building Standing with your back to the sea, the building on the right (West), Primorsky Boulevard 7 (Приморский Бульвар), was built in 1828. It housed the first public library in Southern Ukraine in 1898, the Gorky Science library, which is now located at Pastera 13 (Пастера) . During Soviet times it housed an organization dealing with foreign trade. Today it holds a private shipping firm and lawyer's offices


MONUMENTS NEAR PRIMORSKY BOULEVARD Maritime Palace Built in 1829-1830, along with Primorsky Boulevard 8, the Maritime Palace was also designed by Franz Karlowicz Boffo. Alexander I of Russia (Александр I Павлович / Aleksandr I Pavlovich) mistress, a Countess Maria Antonovna Naryshkina (Мария Антоновна Нарышкина) had an illegitimate daughter together with Alexander named Sophia Naryshkina (София Нарышкина). Sofia was very weak and had very poor health. Because of Odessa's mild climate, Maria moved to Odessa with her daughter and Alexander had this palace built for them. During the Soviet revolution, it was the headquarters of the commander of the Soviet forces, RumcherodDuring World War Two it was damaged in air raids, but it was rebuilt between 1949-1951. In 1924 it was converted into the Maritime palace


Londonskaya Hotel Primorsky Blvd. 11 (Приморский Бульвар) Built in 1893 by the architect Yuri Dmitrenko. During the Soviet Union it was owned by Intourist. The facade is early Italian Renaissance style. The hotel has three vertical projections and balconies on the two top stories. The windows of the upper stories have arrow-shaped frames. The entrance hall is decorated with double lonic columns of red marble with gilded capitals. A white marble staircase leads to the upper floors. The staircase banister is decorated with bronze sculptures Pushkin's bust The monument was sculpted by Janna Polonskaya and the architect A. Vasilyev. Polonskaya's sculpture is a very close likeness of Pushkin. The monument was finished in 1888, a year after the 50th anniversary of the poet's death. The bronze bust stands on a big rectangular pedestal of gray granite. in the upper portion it has a star and a lyre (stringed instrument) as a symbol of Pushkin's poetic talent and inspiration. On the wreath of the lyre are the date's of Pushkin's southern exile 1820-1824. It has the inscription: "To A. S. Pushkin, from the citizens of Odessa" It is rumored by Odessites today that the authorities were still angry with Pushkin's affair with the Governor's wife, and refused to build the monument. The people of Odessa loved Pushkin so much that they then collected the money without any help from the authorities. On the other side of the monument is the date 1888, the date of the monuments unveiling. Below the monument are fountains that shoot from the mouths of bronze fish into iron basins on the granite base


Odessa Sea Portn front of the terminal building is The Golden Child monument, sculpted by Ernst Neizvestny and unveiled on May 9, 1995. The monument symbolizes mother earth giving birth to a strong and healthy child. Russian:

Воронцовский маяк In the port is the famous red and white 27.1 meters (89 feet) high Vorontsov Lighthouse. The lighthouse is built with iron tubing and lead gaskets. It has a one-million watt signal light which has a Morse code call signal of three dashes the first letter is "O" which stands for Odessa. When there is fog or a severe storm, the lighthouse also sounds a foghorn.[1][2] The Vorontsov Lighthouse is connected with the port's shoreline by a long stone causeway , called the Quarantine (Karantinny) and Road (Reidovy) jetty. Both jetties protect the port from the high seas coming from the South. The port is protected on the east by breakwaters, huge concrete ramparts, built on rocks, rising above the water. The port has extensive breakwaters and moles to protect ships while in port The first lighthouse in Odessa was opened on 6 December 1827, not in the present place but at Big Fountain cape. [3][4] There is a story that the building was initiated because of a tragedy. A landowner made a bonfire on the seacoast. The skipper of a passing trade ship mistook the fire for a lighthouse and directed his boat to the coast. The boat ran aground and one of the sailors was killed. The landowner felt incredibly guilty about the tragedy and gave his land to a monastery, on the one condition that a lighthouse would be built there.[4] The first stationary lighthouse on the pier, was wooden, it was established in 1845 on the extremity of Karantinny (quarantine) pier on the initiative of well known Russian naval commander, original discoverer of Antarctica, Admiral Mikhail Lazareva.[3] In 1863 a cast iron tower was built, which was reconstructed into 1888.[3] The lighthouse was blown up on 15 September, 1941, by Odessians to depirve Fascist artillerymen in Chabanke of using the lighthouse to help them aim for the port. The Karantinny

(quarantine) pier was also badly damaged.[3] The lighthouse was rebuilt between 1950-1953 Yacht Club Yacht Club Russian: TCF yacht Club/ Morskoy Klub, Teh, Tseh, F / Морской Клуб, ТЦФ Primorskaya 6 (Приморская) Marine passenger terminal ( Morskoy Vokzal / (Морской Вокзал)) Tel/fax: 729-43-35 This $5 million new yacht club was built in May 1999 by the Odessa Port Authority, a wholly government-owned company. In 2000 a road and over pass connecting the port with the city was completed. This overpass allows frieght trucks to go straight to the Odessa Sea Trade Port


Opera Theater


Cathedral Park Lutheran Church, Sadovaya and Pastera Streets Deribasovskaya str On a bench sits the monument of Leonid Osipovich Utesov, a famous Odessa jazz singer and bench, and and take a

songwriter. He sits on a many tourists sit down picture together.


Ekaterininskaya Square, Sabaniyev Bridge and Gogolya Street
1 Katherine Monument 6 Old Odessa

2 Katherine the Great Fresco

7 Atlantes

3 Scientist's Club& Odessa's many "dry" bridges

8 Gogolya's oldestbuilding & Gogolya Street

5 Shah's palace

Preobrazhenskaya Street
1 Marshal Rodion Malinovsky Bust & Economic University

2 Grekova art school

3 Odessa University Science Library

4 Peter and Gavrik Monument

5 Vera Kholodnaya Monument

6 Saint Uspensky Cathedral

Pushkinskaya Street
1 Pushkinskaya Street 5 Pushkin museum

2 Literary Museum courtyard

6 Philharmonic theater

3 Port museum

7 Heart of Pushkinskaya

4 Industrial Port

8 Odessa's mall & Orthodox Cathedral

9 Aleksandrovsky Ave 10 Ekaterininskaya Street


Pushkinskaya Street

Russian: Пушкинская

This street was once known as Italyanskaya Street (Italian). It was so named because many artists and architects from Italy lived on the street. In Pushkin wrote: The tongue of Golden Italy Rings out on this gay street . In 1880 it was renamed after Pushkin. yellow brick road Next to the yellow brick road and in front of the maritime museum, is a strange monument to the 10th anniversary of Ukraine's independence. This monument once had the following golden words below a Ukrainian trident and above the white columns: 24-08-1991 to 24-08-2001 10 years of Ukrainian independence

Privoz market
Russian: Привоз Privoznaya 14 (Привозная) Tel: 224179 www.odessaprivoz.narod.ru Meaning "to bring" in Russian, Privoz Market is one of the largest farmer's markets/bazaars in the world. Although rows are devoted to construction materials, household goods, and clothes, the Privoz Market is predominately a food bazaar.
History In the early nineteenth century (1827) wares were sold from the back of horse driven carts. Like today, Privoz had the cheapest and freshest food in the city.

Privoz adjoined the Stary (old) bazaar (also called the Volny (free) market) the first bazaar in Odessa. Gradually more buildings were constructed as the city grew. In the 1940's zoo animals were moved from the Odessa zoo to Simferopol. Four year old elephant Murza (Мурза) escaped. He ran to the fruit section of the Privoz market and ate several apples, pulled out pickled cucumbers from a barrel, tasted some frsh cabbage, and regaled himself to dried fruits. He was caught and returned to his fellow zoo animals. A popular Russian comedy film, "The Stripped Trip" was inspired by this incident What to buy in Privoz Organically grown, incredibly large, fresh produce (if in season) can be found at this market at fairly low prices. The

68 fresh fruits in vegetables are wonderful. In the summer, depending on what is on season, the berries, plumbs, peaches, snap peas and tomatoes are worth a try. You can also find moist and sweet dried apricots, raisons, and prunes. Beware of the smoked prune, which is a bitter and acquired taste. Ask to try the berries and dried fruits before you purchase. In addition to the fresh produce, the dairy building (facing Ekaterininskaya Street) offers a large variety of amazing temptations. Among the many cheeses to try, brynza (брынза) (soft feta-like cheese) and the Georgian salugony (Салугуни) are a definite must. Ask to sample the cheese before you buy. The west side of the dairy building has excellent, rich Daily life in the bazaarcakes for under 30 Hyrvnia. If you want something to compliment your cheese in a sandwich, the dairy building is also home to the sausage vendors. For the more adventurous, you can also buy the traditional Ukrainian salo (Сало), or pig lard. Though the meat house might be worth a quick glance, it is probably not a good idea to buy meat at Privoz unless you have an experienced local with you. Payment is in cash only. The bazaar is open roughly from 6 am - 5 pm. Beware of pickpockets In the summer many farming families travel from small villages and sleep along Privoznaya street (Привозная) until their produce has been completely sold. (Watermelon farmers sometimes actually sleep on their produce) These farmers will sell fresh produce 24 hours a day. What is amazing about Odessa is how in many ways it is more capitalist than even America. Because of lax business licensing laws and easily bribed police, more people possess their own business than in America, even if this business may only be a few packs of cigarettes, resting on a cardboard box and turned over bucket. Privoz area is dangerous at night, one of the worst areas of the city. The most squalid and depressing scenes are found along Privoznaya Boulevard (Привозная) after dark. Many drunks and drug addicts are passed out along the street. Large groups of stray dogs fight each other and rummage through the immense amount of trash, completely ignoring human beings. Fights outside of bars are common, with several men beating one person, and drunken boyfriends beating their intoxicated wives. Odessites usually look on indifferently, and pass by as if they saw nothing Privoz Second Hand Market Around 23 Panteleimonovskaya (Пантелеймоновская) Southwest corner Panteleimonovskaya (Пантелеймоновская) and Vodoprovodnaya (Водопроводная) Large white building, second floor, entrance on exterior of the southeast side of large building. This second hand market takes up the entire second floor of a large building. Of particular entrance are the hundreds of used leather jackets.

Rodina Movie Theater (Родина)
Mechnikova 104 (Мечникова) Tel: 34-62-51 37-1717 www.rodina.odessa.net

69 Formerly a public lecture hall, built in 1891-1894 by the architect Y. Dmitrienko (Ю. Дмитриенко). The building is strict renaissance style, with a large hall, corridors along the lateral sides and a very spacious entrance hall. Today it houses the Rodina theater, with two screens which can seat up to 700 people. Pantelegevsky Male Monastery

Palais de Justice and Pantelimon Church (as seen from the train station. Photo from between 1890 and 1900, now available at the Library of Congress, Originally from the from the Detroit Publishing Company 1905. Russian: Свято-Пантелеевский Мужской Монастырь

Soviet emblem on facadeSoviet sickle and hammer on facade of Panteleimonovskaya 21 (Пантелеймоновская Andryvcka Podvore Orthodox Church Panteleimonovskaya 60 (Пантелеймоновская)

World War Two Tractor tank
Razumovskaya 13 (Разумовская) (Six blocks west of Cossack / Staro bazarny Square (Сквер Старобазарный), small park, Eridinskiy square (еридинський сквер) next to Razumovskaya 13) Located in a small park is a Tractor Tank from World War Two. During the 73-day Nazi siege of Odessa, industrial workers sheathed ordinary tractors in ship steel, mounted machine guns on them and sent them into battle. Many of the same workers who built these tanks, rode them into combat. It had a terrible clatter when storming enemy positions, usually causing a panic among Nazi troops. Odessites began to call it the "scare tank". The name stuck, so that even in official documents it was referred to as the "scare tank". The plaque on this monument reads: Odessa Tank - NI (Na Ispug ) (To Scare) Workers of the plant "Yanvarets" - to the battle-front 1941


Shevchenko Boulevard Area

2 Shevchenko Avenue 1 Pirogovskaya 3 Olimpiyets Sport & Odessa National Street & Dr. Palace and Statue of Pirogov Monument Polytechnic Lenin University

4 Pobedeh Park

5 10th of April Square

6 Monument at school 7 Abduction of Europe 8 Musical Comedy 56 & 69th Fighter (Europa) monument & Theater & Dolphin Plane Air Regiment Mary Magdaliny Monument Monument Orthodox Church


Frantsuzsky Boulevard Area

Russian: Французский Бульвар Cobblestone Frantsuzsky boulevard is the most beautiful street in Odessa. The street was originally named Malofountainskaya but in 1902, to honor the visit of France's Nikoli the Second, the street was renamed Frantsuzsky Blvd. After the Soviet Revolution the cottages and summer houses of the wealthy Odessites were seized and the entire area was converted into a large health resort with numerous sanatoriums.

Location: Map 10 & right side of Map 11


1Sport Stadium, Military Museum & Alexandra Neskovo Orthodox Church

2 John Kronshtadskovo Russian Orthodox 3 Otrada beach entryway and Church cable cars

4 Odessa Film Studio

5 Filatov Research Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy

7 Church of 6 Pioneer Children Sacred Martyrs Monument & Adriana and Champagne Nataly, Factory Botanical Gardens, Eternally unfinished hotel


Shevchenko Park

1 Taras Shevchenko Monument

2 Perished sailors and ships monument & Fortress wall ruins

3 Black Sea Stadium

4 Afghanistan War memorial, Alexander Monument, & Observatory

5 Alley of Glory and Former pioneer house 6 Sights around Shevchenko Park

7 More sights around Shevchenko Park


Interesting sites near Odessa
From 2odessa.com The most comprehensive guide to Odessa, Ukraine

1 Monastery

2 Vilkovo and the Danube Biosphere Reserve

3 Seventh-Kilometer Bazaar

4 Catacombs

5 Belgorod Dnestrovsky & BelgorodDnestrovsky Fortress

6 Heroic defense of Odessa Memorial Park

T.G.Shevchenko central culture and recreation park was originally called Alexander's park in honor of emperor Alexander II. It was founded in 1840. It borders with Marazliyevskaya and Uspenskaya streets and Lidersovskiy boulevard. Zhukovskiy, Gogol, Ostrovskiy, Dostoyevskiy, Chekhov, Akhmatova were strolling around this park... Pushkin met the artillery battery officers in its former location. Th mound with the Alexander's column (near Black sea port and navigation authority) is partly situated oin the Turkish Khadjibey and Odessa fortress former location. The Russian Empire first aerostates were launched from here. The Green teater, which remembers the voices of Utyosov, raykin, Tarapun'ka and Shtepsel, Pyekha, Vodyanoy, was built in the park. In 1936 the City Central Stadium was built here, and in 1954 the park was renamed into Shevchenko park.

The Alley of glory with the graves of the ones having liberated Odessa from the Nazi, he monument to the Unknown Sailor with the eternal flame burning, the monument to Shevchenko (from Marazliyevskaya str. side), the obelisk of the warriors of Afghanistan are also located here.. The countless ways will lead you directly towards the sea, to "Langerone" beach. Here, the famous Health Route (only for pedestrians from 2006) begins. It stretches along Odessa seashore up to the very Arcadia (one of the best places to rest in Odessa). A dolphin center is situated on the "Langerone" beach. How to get to Shevchenko park? Tram № 28

Trolleybus № 3

Shuttle mini bus

Shuttle mini buses №№ 203, 233, 193

______________________________________________ _____________________________ Preobrazhenskiy park 2CE 65007, Odessa Director Green theaters, "Preobrazhenski city, GORUNOVA platforms and sports y" CRP Novoshchepnyi Svetlana grounds ("Illyich" CRP”) ryad str., 27 Vladimirovnaів construction and +3 (80482) 22- на opening, 09-66; +3 entertainment (80482) 25-85programs preparing 44 an carrying out, different amusements installing, inventory hire. Preobrazhenskiy park (former Illyich park) was opened in May 1937 and was built on the First Christian cemetery former location. But still it is the historical part of the city. The park borders with Moldavanka distrisct and Privoz. The park area is approximately 13 ha, 8 of which are occupied with the green zone, and 4.6 – with the constructions, sports grounds and alleys. Odessa zoo is situated rather close to the park. Luna-Park entertainment park is situated in Preobrazhenskiy park. Kid entry ticket costs 5 UAH, grown-up one costs 10 UAH. The most popular kid amusements are “the Cock”, “The Turtles”, “The Ring”, the most popular grown-ups ones are the “Cyclone” circle amusement, the auto amusements and the Bomber.

In the quality season, Luna-park attracts a lot of people, being both the Odessa citizens and the city visitors. One can have a decent bite here. An, what is important, there are toilets here. One can get to Preobrazhenskiy park this way: Tram № 28, 5, 10, 11

Trolleybus № 8; 3

Shuttle mini bus

Shuttle mini buses №№ 208, 198, 127, 240, 250

______________________________________________ ________________________________

Gorky culture and recreation park 3CE „Gorky 65065, Odessa Director Green theaters, platforms and CRP” city, CHEBONENK sports grounds Cosmonauts str., O construction and opening, 17a Viktor entertainment programs +3 (80482) 66- Petrovich preparing an carrying out, 30-87 different amusements f.+3 installing, (80482) 749-71inventory hire. 66 Gorky culture and recreation park Gorky culture and recreation park green zone laying begun in 1961 with the help of city green zone trust and the city community. The park itself was founded in 1973. There are over 6000 trees on its territory. There are also monuments to Gorky and the victims of the Nazi here. In the park, one can visit “Moscow” movie house and different amusements. The park is situated along Cosmonauts’ street and the streets of Tereshkova, Varnenskaya and General Petrov. One can get there this way:

Trolleybus № 9

Shuttle mini bus

Shuttle mini buses №№ 191, 208, 232

__________________________________________________________ _________________________________________

4CE "Duke CRP"

65085, Odessa city, Raskidaylovskaya str., 56

Director TSVETKOV Yevgeny Georgiyevi ch

Green theaters, platforms and sports grounds construction and opening, entertainment programs preparing an carrying out, different amusements

_________________________________________________________ _________________________________________

5CE 65033, Odessa Director „Leninsky city, SOKOLOVA Komsomol" CRP Melnitskaya, Irena 32b Yevgenyev +3 (80482) na 732-61-98

Green theaters, platforms and sports grounds construction and opening, entertainment programs preparing an carrying out, different amusements installing, inventory hire.


________________________________________________________ _______________________________________ Victory park 6. Victory park The victory park, which is situated on Shevchenko avenue, has a beautiful pond with fountains. When one comes along the small bridge near this pond, he could feel the drops of water on his face. And this really helps a lot when it’s hot. Some time ago, the zoo was planned to be built here. But the place appeared to be unsatisfactory, and only the name of the street behind the park was left – the Zoo street. There are also playgrounds and sand play grounds for the kids, different flowers and trees in the park. And, if one is lucky enough, one has a chance to see a little squirrel nibbling nuts.

If one crosses the road down the 10th April square, there are the names of the World War I heroes written on the stella in the center of the square
One can get to Victory park this way: Tram № 5

Trolleybus № 7, 11, 9, 10 Shuttle mini buses №№ 193, 194, 195, 198, 9

Shuttle mini bus

_________________________________________________ _____________________________________ Odessa botanic garden 7. Odessa Botanic garden is situated on the French boulevard, 48/50. This is Odessa National I.I.Metschnikov University garden. It’s hard to imagine, but there was no trees at all in Odessa 200 years ago. In 1820, in Langerone’s times, a Botanic Garden to become the ancestor of Ukraine’s steppe regions parks was founded behind Kulikovo field in order to create a blooming city out of a golden and green steppe ocean. The first tree in the garden was planted by Alexander Langerone, and when Pushkin came to Odessa, it was already shady enough.

At the time being, there are over 3000 species of different age “living” at 16 ha area of Odessa National University Botanic Garden of French blvd. And the “population” increases each year. In the park, one can study the origin of the trees with the help of the small tables nearby. There are a lot of them. For over 190 years, a magnificent collection has been gathered and delivered here from the different corners of the world. Starting from April, 10, Odessa Botanic Garden will be ready to meet all the visitors willing to come. There are excursions available in the park, but one can visit the park by himself alone. Monday is a holiday in the park. One can get to the Botanic garden this way: Tram № 5 Shuttle mini buses №№ 193, 194, 195, 115

Shuttle mini bus


Documents needed for purchasing real estate in Ukraine
Any foreigner may purchase real estate in Ukraine regardless of residential status or visa type. Foreigners may buy any real estate other than non-privatized property and agricultural lands, however, almost all foreign investors are interested in

residential real estate. Just a few documents are needed to transfer residential property in Ukraine: • • passport Ukraine taxpayer identification code certificate; this can be obtained in Kiev (find out how to do this here), or a representative (for example, uaproperty.com) can do this for you with your passport and a power of attorney if buyer is married and comes to Ukraine without his or her spouse: copy of marriage certificate, copy of spouse's passport, and notarized copy of spouse's consent to buy property in Ukraine

Ukrainian property can be bought through some real estate agencies without the buyer's physical presence. However, for obvious reasons almost all buyers of expensive property prefer to make the deal in person. Getting money into Ukraine to buy property. Opening a bank account Up to $15,000 USD may be brought into Ukraine without special documents (until recently it was $10,000). Most foreign property buyers open a bank account in Ukraine and transfer money from abroad. Then money can either be transferred to the seller's bank account or taken out in cash. Opening a bank account in Ukraine is easy and requires these documents: • • • passport taxpayer code certificate proof of foreign origin of money (if foreigner puts cash in account after opening); a custom's declaration from entering Ukraine, a bank receipt from exchanging cash or travelers checks, or a bank receipt from receiving cash with a credit or debit card

A good bank to open an account in is PrivatBank. In addition to an easy account opening procedure they have and hundreds of branches across Ukraine and have a convenient Internet transfer system that allows you to transfer money to your account online. Other banks are starting to catch up with PrivatBank in online banking, too. Costs incurred while acquiring Ukrainian real estate When buying real estate a 1% tax is paid on the sales amount and another 1% is paid to the Ukraine Pension Fund. Buyers and sellers settle on who is to pay these fees and state this in the sales agreement. Real estate agencies typically charge 3-5% of the property price for their services. Finally, buyers may buy an insurance policy on the property for 1% from their real estate agency.

Real estate investors are closely watching politics and the upcoming 2006 parliamentary election in Ukraine. There has been talk of implementing a property appreciation tax of 13% for residents and 26% for nonresidents, effective at time of sale, which could significantly affect the market. This tax would be paid on the difference between the price the property was originally acquired for and the price it was sold for. Real estate improvement and maintenance costs In most cases foreign buyers immediately renovate their newly acquired residential property, typically spending $10-15 thousand USD on repairs and construction. Some real estate agencies offer construction overseeing services. uaproperty.com, for example, charges 6% of construction costs for their services. In order to build new structures on property acquired, all real estate owners must obtain a building permit. Many locals and foreigners opt to pay building firms (usually around $500 or more) to do the whole process for them — from drawing up architectural plans to standing in line in all the government offices that put their stamps of approval on the plans. Property maintenance costs in Ukraine are generally very low. Utilities usually amount to $15-30 per month for an average apartment, and there are no property taxes (other than the tax paid when selling real estate). Foreign owners of real estate in Ukraine often install security systems, especially if they are not renting out their property. Property that is consistently rented out usually requires periodic repair, which may add up to 5-20% of rent. Renting out property in Ukraine Typical rental prices in Ukrainian cities are usually 5-10% of the property value per year, or 0.8% per month. In other words, an apartment that would currently sell for $40,000 USD would probably cost $160-320 per month to rent (closer to the middle of this range would be most typical). Many real estate agencies offer rental and property care services, allowing foreigners owners to not have to worry about their property at all. Owners can agree to pick up rent from the agency periodically or have the money deposited to their Ukrainian bank account. Taxes on property rent

Money earned from renting out real estate is taxable in Ukraine. If owners are not Ukrainian tax residents, they must pay 26% on earnings from real estate rental — twice the rate of 13% (flat tax on income) for residents. Owners of higher-end apartments or multiple properties may find it worthwhile to register as private entrepreneurs and pay a fixed monthly tax instead of percentage-based income taxes on money earned from rent. This standard tax of around $40 USD does not change for any level of income related to entrepreneurial activities that amounts to less than 500 thousand UAH (nearly $100,000) per year.

Foreigners can also create a Ukrainian firm that will be a tax resident of Ukraine. This firm will pay different kinds of taxes on earnings and, in addition, will be able to legally acquire non-privatized and agricultural land which non-residents are not able to acquire by law. After land has been privatized and developed, ownership may be transferred to the foreign owner through legal means. Money that can be proved to having been legally earned in Ukraine may be transported or transferred out of the country with the necessary documentation. However, most foreigners prefer to leave their earnings in a Ukrainian bank and use it inside Ukraine.

Trams and Trolley Bus
Privoz bus station Pay when entering Public city transport operates from 6 am to 1 am. Trams and trolley buses tend to be crammed tight with people but are a cheap way of traveling around Odessa (Only 50 kopeck in the city). Often you have to stand. You purchase tickets from the conductor. Insist on a ticket, because sometimes the conductor does not issue a ticket and pockets the money. If you are caught without a ticket, you will be fined around 10-20 Hryvnia. Trams and trolley buses have fixed stops only. On the streets below Grecheskaya Ploshat (Square) (Греческая Площадь) along Aleksandrovsky Ave is the main transport hub in the center.
• •

Trolley bus 5 from the train station goes to Arcadia Beach (last stop). Trolley bus 9 from Grecheskaya Ploshat travels to one street east of the Train station

BY BUS Kiev-Odessa on Avtolux 57 Hryvnia
Odessa Central - Bus Station
The Central Bus Station is for national travel, not local travel. Buses leave from the central bus station at Kolontaevskaya 58 (Коллонтаевская) (Telephone: 32-56-93) Avtolux and national buses leave from this station. Οdessa Ukraine Taxis and "Gypsy taxis" You can order a taxi at the following numbers:

080 10-55 Vokat (Вокат) 10-13 10-33 Ogonek (Огонек) 10-10 Radio (радио) 070 Aozt (Аозт)

83 The most inexpensive and convenient way to travel around Odessa is in taxis. Taxis are cheap for Russian or Ukrainian speaking passengers. Of course, if you don't speak the language the price goes up immediately. There actually is no reason to call a taxi. In Odessa almost every car you see on the road is your own personal taxi. Called "gypsy taxis", every taxi ride costs a fraction of a dollar. If you can get over the embarrassment of fumbling over Russian to tell the taxi driver where to go, you can travel around the city in comfort. Go to a busy street, put your hand out, palm facing down, and within seconds a car will stop (usually a Lada, but Mercedes and other high end cars sometimes stop also). Negotiate your price before you get in the car. If you cannot agree on a price with the driver, close the door and wait a few seconds for the next gypsy taxi. Often the driver will reconsider and agree on your price Prices for Gypsy taxis and normal taxis. Prices for gypsy taxis in the center between Staroportofrankovskaya (Старопортофранковская), the train station, and the port, for locals is never more than 7 Hryvnia, and it is usually 5. A foreigner shouldn't pay more than 10 Hryvnia. Remember, it is a "buyers market".In gypsy taxis prices from the center to the Arcadia area for locals is 10 Hryvnia. Never pay more than 15.Throughout all of Odessa never pay more than 25 Hryvnia for a gypsy taxi. In the night time prices increase in one and a half to two times.
Tips for taxis
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Never take a taxi at the train station or bus station, they are very expensive. Walk a few feet to the street and hail a taxi there. Don't get into a car having more than one passenger. Refuse to continue to stay in the car if the driver attempts to pick up someone else. A volunteer here in Odessa was robbed and severely beaten after a man picked up someone else who actually was his accomplice. Agree on a price beforehand. There are no meters in the taxis themselves. It is advisable to always carry lower denomination notes for taxis. If the driver does not have change, it is okay to go to a store or kiosk and get change while the driver waits outside. Pay the taxi driver ONLY after you have arrived. Most seat belts in cars don't work or have been removed. Taxi drivers will tell you do not a seat belt here. Insist if this is important too you TRAIN Buying a ticket in Odessa A passport is required for all train ticket purchases. The person does not have to be physically present to be issued a ticket (i.e. one person can take another person's passport to the train station to purchase tickets) In Odessa, Tickets within Ukraine are purchased in the first room to the right of the entrance.


International tickets are purchased in a newly remodeled room on the west side of the train station ("?" on the map), there are two ways to find it: As you enter the train station, turn right, in the second newly remodeled room, turn left down a corridor, walking past a pharmacy on your left. The double doors are directly in front of you. The ticket counter for international tickets is in the back of the room, cashier 5 "Мiжароднi Каси".

The second entrance is from the outside. As you walk into the main entrance of the train station, turn right, in the next room, go left and outside to the train platforms. Outside, go through the first door on the right into a hallway, the double doors are down the hallway and on the left. The ticket counter for international tickets is in the back of the room, cashier 5 "Мiжароднi Каси".

Advanced tickets are also purchased in this room. For a shorter wait in line, tickets within Ukraine can be purchased in the same room as for International tickets for a small charge of around 5 Hryvnia per ticket. Four Classes of Train Travel Train wagons (cars) have four classes: First-class wagon Has three names: Luks (люкс) spalny vag-on (спальни вагон) The abbreviation S.V. (es veh/CB) First class wagons have two people per compartment, better quality bedding, reading lamps, tablecloths, often air conditioning, and better furnishings. Not all trains have first class. Second-class wagon, kupeigh (купе) First class wagons have four people per compartment. Two people sleep below and two people sleep above. They are similar to first class cars but more run-down. Be warned: second class wagons usually have a group of intoxicated men who are noisy all evening. Third-class wagons, plats-kart (плацкарт) Third-class wagons have no closed compartments. An open hallway runs the length of the wagon with four beds on one side, and two beds on the other side, parallel with the hallway. Traveling in third class is the best way to socialize and meet new people.

Fourth-class wagons, obshey vagon (обшей вагон) Fourth-class wagons are only available on limited routes, they have only seating and no beds. In the second and third class wagons, it is usually best to ask for the bottom bunk. The bottom bunk has the advantage of being able to sleep directly above your luggage in a bottom bunk and not having to struggle to climb out of bed. Although some women feel safer on the top bunk. You can ask for the bottom bunk by saying: Ya Hachu nejznu-yu polku (Я хочу нижнюю полку). Because of the noise through out the night from people going to smoke and use the toilet, the worst place in the wagon is near the bathrooms, on either end of the wagon. Ukrainians know this, and these tickets are usually sold very last. Before leaving the train station, check to make sure your ticket is correct. Train Ticket Odessa tickets forms are in both Russian and Ukrainian. The ticket is printed in Ukrainian. Ukrainian train tickets are ridiculously complex, filled with a lot of numbers you don't need, and so complex that even most Ukrainians do not understand. TICKET HERE Packing for the train Bring the following:
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Toilet paper (usually not available in the toilets) Food and beverages for entire trip. Food vendors who travel from wagon to wagon are becoming more common on train rides, but are still rare. Many Ukrainians bring sandals because the floors of the toilets are usually wet. Toiletry supplies Comfortable clothing to sleep in. Reading materials Money belt or pouch

Catching the train Allow about 30 minutes before the train departs to find your platform and wagon. Trains are usually punctual. Numbers for the cars/wagons are listed in either the first or last window of the each car. You must show your ticket to the conductor at the foot of the stairs. Occasionally he will ask to see your passport. Be careful to watch your items in the wagon before the train leaves. On the train Shortly after departing the train station, the conductor will come into your compartment and ask for your ticket. She will usually tear a small part of the ticket and then put the ticket in a pouch. She will then collect money for sheets. Sheets cost around 5-10 Hryvnia. After collecting all of the money and tickets, the conductor will return with your sheets. Sheets have a top sheet, bottom sheet, pillowcase, and towel. You then make the bed with the mattress and pillow that is already in the

compartment. First class already has the bed made for you. If a blanket is not available, you can ask for one. Often the conductor will return and suggest tea, available for less than a Hryvnia. Windows are usually sealed shut permanently. Occasionally the conductor can open the windows with a special key. Toilet facilities Because the waste from the toilet drops directly on the tracks, the toilet is usually locked for the first and last 15-30 minutes of the journey. The toilets are also often locked when approaching most train stops and will remain locked for 5 to 10 minutes after stopping. Most wagons have two toilets on each end. Toilets are often dirty, and by the end of a journey the floors are wet with water. The sink's on-switch is located below the spout. To turn on the faucet, press the lever upward towards the spout. Etiquette
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Share your food and beverages with others. Leave the compartment if people of the opposite sex are changing. Ukrainians are very persistent when the want you to drink with them. But if you do not feel comfortable drinking, don't. Safety Tips Lock the door below the handle. Some compartments have a metal flap, located near the top of the door. When you lower this flap, it makes it nearly impossible to open the door from the outside. Use a money belt or pouch under your clothes and keep your passport, money, and credit cards with you at all times. If you feel uncomfortable in a compartment, do not hesitate to ask the conductor to move you. International Travel When traveling to a neighboring country, the train usually stops for up to an hour on both sides of the border. Often you will be singled out as a rich foreigner by being harassed to purchase unneeded health insurance (when entering Ukraine) or asked to pay a bribe (when leaving and entering Ukraine and Moldavia). When leaving and entering the CIS the train wheels are switched to a different track size. [The different track size was intentional, it was set up to prevent invasions by railway.] ] Wakeup Call The conductor will usually knock on your door around an hour before arrival. Usually the conductor offers tea again. Fold up your mattress, pillow, and blanket and return the sheets to the conductor' compartment, located in the front of the wagon, next to the toilet. Train Schedule for Odessa, Ukraine Train schedules change extensively from one year to a next, so these schedules should be seen as a rough guide only. Many trains may pass through the town that you want to travel to. For example the Moscow train which passes through Kiev. When buying a ticket the rail station cashiers usually do not give this information

unless asked. Delnitskaya 15-25

General View

Dalnitskaya Area

Dalnitskaya 15-25, Odessa 65000, Ukraine

Tairova district


Flight to Odessa Ukraine Odessa International Airport Tel: 006 (twenty-four hour reference line) 22-23-00 (Airline ticket information) 39-35-49 225-00-52 265-81-14 221-35-59 (customs) Fax: 264-19-79 (customs) http://www.airport.od.ua/ (In Russian--Use this translation program, or alternatively, babelfish)Open 24 hours Odessa Ukraine Airport The most frequent air connections with other countries goes through Kiev. Tickets to Ukraine are also cheaper through Kiev (often around $200-$400 cheaper). It is possible to fly into Kiev and then take a bus or the train to Odessa (See bus and train section). Sam Russian: Сам, Osipova 26 (Осипова), Tel/fax: 21-08-88 Email: sam@farlep.net, www.sam.ua

Sam Partner Agencies
Red Star travel (Sam partner agency) 9705 Sand Point Way NE Seattle Washington 98115 USA Tel: 206-522-59-95 Fax: 206-522-62-95 Email: romanl@redstarintl.com 27 Henshaw Street, Oldham, Lancashire,OL1 1NH, UK Tel: 0161-652-5050 Fax: 0161-633-0825 Email: bob@bobsopeltravel.demon.co.uk Bob Sopel

Flights between Ukrainian cities There are flights available between all major cities in Ukraine. Ticket information can be acquired by calling the airport.

89 Prices from Odessa are as follows (2002 prices): Kiev (DAILY) (roundtrip / return) 190 Hryvnia Ukraine National Airlines and Aerosvit Donetsk Lugansk Lviv Rovna Simferopol Uzjgorod Airlines with offices in Odessa The following airlines have offices in Odessa or in Odessa airport (if not indicated otherwise): 37-98-00 Aerosvit 65-22-71 49-97-15 (fax/tel) 66-70-51 all-ods@aua.com 49-00-80 (fax) 49-00-79 (tickets) www.aua.com.ua 66-70-51 (tickets) www.uia.ukrpack.net 731-28-28 (tickets) (for Ukraine 22-72-61 International) (Londonskaya hotel www.ukraineoffice) international.com 72-72-69 (Londonskaya fax) 731-28-80 www.lot.com (Polish airlines) 731-28-95 25-23-82 Sobornaya Square 24 (Соборная Площадь) -aew@te.net.ua 180 Hryvnia 180 Hryvnia 180 Hryvnia 200 Hryvnia 150 Hryvnia 220 Hryvnia

Austrian Airlines


Odessa Airlines

90 37-70-57 64-18-94 39-39-37 Pushkinskaya 22 Turkish Airlines (Пушкинская) 34-79-06 34-79-07 34-79-08 34-79-04(fax) Day Mon Thurs Sat 30 Povitroflotsky (Kiev) (044) 245-98-72 Fights from the airport There are two agencies that arrange flights at the airport: Intellect Service Tel: 42-93-10 39-32-72 Fax: 42-93-00 Email: intelect-service@eurocom.od.ua

Transaero (Трансаеро)


Airport 49-01-00 64-19-80 66-60-48 49-00-90 (fax) Istanbul-Odessa 9 am -10:25 pm 4:20 pm- 5:45 pm 9 am -10:25 pm --

Ukraine National Airlines

Yuna-interservis (Юна-интерсервис) Schorsa 2 (Щорса) Tel: 66-51-97 66-01-55 25-22-46 (at the Krasnaya hotel) 65-81-86 (airport number) Open 8 am - 7 pm

Bus service from the airport Public city bus 129 travels to and from the airport, see Bus.

There are two regional bus services from the Kiev airport: Polit 296-7367 and Avto Lux.


Transportation in Kyiv and Ukraine:
Public transportation is well developed in Ukraine. Ukraine is connected to European and Asian cities via an extensive network of railways and roads. You can reach just about any desired destination by train, bus, or by air. A passport is not required to purchase your train or bus tickets now, but only if you are travelling internationally. In the recent years you wouldn't be able to get your train tickets without your passport. Even a copy wouldn't work.

Getting to Ukraine: By air:
There are two airports in Kyiv: Boryspil (KBP) (see how to get to Boryspil in our travel tips) and Zhulyany (IEV). (see how to get to Zhulyany here)

Airport information system The Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) Phone: (+380 44) 490 47 77 Lost&found office Phone: (+380 44) 281 74 98 (+380 44) 281 75 39 Airport's hotel "Boryspil" Reservation, information Phone: (+380 44) 281 71 05 (+380 44) 281 79 53 Most International flights operate to and from Boryspil International Airport in Kiev. It is located about 40km (25mi) South-East of the city centre. VIP-services Phone: (+380 44) 281 71 54 (+380 44) 281 77 39 http://www.borispil.kiev.ua/eng/ There are also airports in these cities: Dnipropetrovs'k (phone: +38 0562 395209; ticket booking: +38 0562 34 11 34 / 39 55 07), Donets'k (phone: +38 0622 51 53 22; ticket booking: +38 0622 57 44 22), Odesa (phone: +38 0482 39 33 12; ticket booking: +38 0482 22 34 56), Simferopol (phone: +38 0652 29 55 16),

L'viv (phone: +38 0322 69 21 12; ticket booking: +38 0322 69 23 99), Kharkiv (phone: +38 0572 51 64 08; ticket booking: +38 0572 21 84 41), and Zaporizhzhya (phone: +38 0612 64 42 27 / 64 25 65). Odesa's airport is about 12km (7mi) south-west of downtown. The airport in Lviv, about 8km (5mi) west of the city centre.


Exchanging money

Few stores and restaurants accept traveler's checks or credit cards, though the number is steadily increasing every year. Travelers should bring foreign currency, either US dollars (more widely accepted) or Euros. Exchange kiosks also accept Russian Rubles. EDITORS NOTE: Many other photos need to be done, below The number of currency exchange kiosks Ab-man Val-yat (Обман Валот) in Odessa is immense. The exchange rate is suspiciously the same throughout the city. If traveling through Kiev to get to Odessa, it is advised to exchange money in Kiev, as the exchange rate is usually much lower in Odessa. Exchanging kiosks at bus stations, airports and train stations often offer a worse exchange rate. Exchange kiosks often give a receipt for money exchanged. Exchange kiosks that do not automatically give a receipt will give a receipt if asked. Exchange rates by law are always posted above the kiosk window with an official Ukrainian stamp (Ukrainians have a passionate infatuation with "official" stamps) There is never any extra commission charge for exchanging money.

Getting a better exchange rate
Currency exchange kiosks / Ob-man Val-yat (Обман Валот) that do not have a post board on the street or simply say "Работа"(working), or that do not have a post board, have better exchange rates. Many of the shops on Sadovaya (Садовая) sometimes have non-posted better rates than the rest of Odessa. Refan, a small store at Preobrazhenskaya 46 (Преображенская) near to Centralnaya (центральная) hotel also sometimes has a better exchange rate. Refan is open 10am - 7 pm Monday - Saturday and 11 am - 6 pm on Sunday.

NEVER exchange money with someone on the street, the number of scams with these transactions are huge. Counterfeit money is very common problem in Ukraine.


Get a better exchange rate for a risk
Grecheskaya Ploshat (Square) (Греческая Площадь) Book Bazaar: The book and CD bazaar on Aleksandrovsky Ave has many vendors with huge fistfuls of rubber banded Hryvnia. These vendors exchange money at a much more favorable rate (around 10 kopecks better on the dollar). Though technically illegal, like many things in Ukraine, it is not enforced. The police turn a blind eye because the moneychangers pay regular bribes. Unless you are able to spot counterfeit money or are with a native Ukrainian who knows how to spot counterfeit money, do not risk exchanging money at the bazaar. If you do decide to exchange money at the bazaar, Valery, at stall 28 is an honest money exchanger. Banks hours Bank hours tend to be from 10 am to 3 pm, often with a one hour lunch. Banks are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

ATMs There are dozens of ATMs located around the center of Odessa. Many are located in hotels and restaurants. Many ATMs give both Dollars and Hryvnia. The average service charge for using an ATM is between $6-$12, in addition to your home bank service charge. Strangely, service charges vary widely at different ATMs owned by the same company. The cheapest ATM we have found is the Prevat Bank (Приват Ванк) ATM, inside the Galeria Vop-on-tsov Restaurant/Bar (Бар-Галерея Воронцов) Deribasovskaya 24 (Дерибасовская), for $6 service charge. Travelers Checks and American Express Londonskaya (Лондонская) Primorsky Boulevard 11 (Приморский Бульвар) Tel: 37-14-51 Londonskaya hotel accepts both American Express and Thomas Cook Traveler's checks, the service charge is 2-3%. Sending and recieving money

94 Western Union 800-325-6000 www.westernunion.com The number of Ukrainians that live abroad has skyrocketed since the fall of the Soviet Union. This can be seen in the number of Western Union offices throughout Ukraine, because many family members abroad have family that have stayed behind in Ukraine. Cash may be directly transferred to or from Western Union to an office outside of Ukraine. Most US and major European cities have a Western Union office. The commission charge for using Western Union, paid for by the sender, is often very expensive. See examples of some of the prices below. Within Ukraine (from a Ukraine location to another Ukraine location) a customer may transfer Hryvnia, which is significantly cheaper, than transferring dollars. Locations are listed below. Post Office money transfers in Ukraine: Post office money transfers within Ukraine are available at all post offices. Fill out a special form, listing recipient's name, address, and telephone. The service charge in nominal. Transfers are in Hryvnia only. Money transfers take less than a week to arrive.

The basic unit of currency in Ukraine is the Hryvnia. The Ukrainian Hryvnia is divided into 100 kopecks Coins come in denominations of 1,2,5,10,25, and 50 kopecks. Though most Odessites seldom use the 1 For photos of all major and 2 kopeck, prices are usually rounded up to reflect last 10 years, click here. this.
Photo showing the different sizes of the Kopecks Photo from Uazone.net currency of the

Banks come in denominations of 1,2,5,10,20,50,100, and 200. The 200 Hryvnia bill is rare. The Hryvnia was introduced in September of 1996. The actual bills were printed in 1991-92 but was not introduced until mid 1996 because of high rates of inflation and a general lack of stability. Prior to the Hryvnia, Ukraine was using "Coupon" as the national currency, which was just a stage in transition from Soviet Ruble to Ukrainian Hryvnia. Because of hyperinflation the bills became so useless that some Ukrainians used them as toilet paper. In 1996 a new design was developed with watermarks and a metal strip on each bill. Currently, both kinds of bills are used, but the old currency is being phased out by the newer currency--similar to the policy the United States now has for its newer bills. Please note: It is advisable to always carry lower denomination notes for taxis.

95 Many shops never have enough small change, and will often ask customers for change. Many grocery stores ("store" is "magazine" in Russian) offer small candy or gum in lieu of exact change.


Counterfeit money There is an immense problem of counterfeit money in Ukraine. A good rule of thumb is to always accept only newer larger bills (10's and 20's) since they are harder to counterfeit. After a sale, any business or kiosk will trade older bills for newer ones if asked. Newer Ukrainian bills have several features to assure that they are not counterfeit: The portraits, emblems, and some inscriptions are printed in relief, and can be felt with the fingers. This is especially prominent on the 50 Hryvnia gold seal. • Embedded in every note is a metal strip, which says the denomination, this is especially prominent on the 20 Hryvnia bill. • The bills are printed on special paper with portrait watermarks. These portraits can be seen when put against the light. (this can be forged though) • The writing on the bills changes if you hold the money at different angles.

Also pay careful attention that you are not given torn or heavily worn money, especially dollars, because many businesses will not accept this.


Admiralsky Avenue 1 (Адмиралский проспект) Akademeka Glushko Avenue 17 (Академика Глушко проспект ) Akademeka Koroleva 120 (Академика Королева) Deribasovskaya 13 (Дерибасовская) Deribasovskaya 14 (Дерибасовская) Deribasovskaya 16 (Дерибасовская) Deribasovskaya 24 (Дерибасовская) (lowest exchange rate) big_star.gif Deribasovskaya 25 (Дерибасовская) Dobrovolskaya 72 (Добровольского) Dobrovolskaya 112 (Добровольского) Ekaterininskaya 15/17 (Екатерининская) Generala Bocharova 30 (Генерала Бочарова) Generala Bocharova 53 (Генерала Бочарова) Genuesskaya 1 (Генуэзская) Kanatnaya 112 (Канатная) Mayakovskava 7 (Маяковского) Nikolaevskaya Doroga 299 (Николаевская дорога) Photo Shop Fotomagazine (Фотомагазин) Prevat Bank (Приват Ванк) Le-Gion (Легион) Grocery Store Uni-versam (Универсам) Prevat Bank (Приват Ванк) Grocery Store Uni-versam (Универсам) Prevat Bank (Приват Ванк) Irish Pub (under stairs) (Ирландский паб) Prevat Bank (Приват Ванк) UkrExim Bank ATM (Corner Deribasovskaya and Ekaterininskaya) Morskoy Transportny (Морський Транспортнйи) Galeria Vop-on-tsov Restaurant/Bar (Бар-Галерея Воронцов) Prevat Bank (Приват Ванк) Uker Bank (Укр банк) Zveozdy (stars) Movie Theater (Кинотеатр "Звездный") Prevat Bank (Приват Ванк) Severnehye Ryenok "Northern Bazaar" (северный рынок) Nadra Bank (Надра Банк) Club Pee-lot (Pee-lot Клуб) Prevat Bank (Приват Ванк) Photoshop Kodak Express (Фотомагазин "Кодак Экспресс") Prevat Bank (Приват Ванк) Arlekino (Арлекино) Grocery Store Uni-versam (Универсам) Prevat Bank (Приват Ванк) Chas Peak Bar (Бар "час Пик") Prevat Bank (Приват Ванк) Nadra Bank (Надра Банк) Nadra Bank (Надра Банк) Luzanovsky (Лузановский) Grocery Store Uni-versam (Универсам) Prevat Bank (Приват Ванк)

Seventh-Kilometer Bazaar 7-й км Промрырок Prevat Bank (Приват Ванк) Ovidiopolskaya (Овидиопольская) Odariya 1 (Одария) Polskaya 13 (Польская) Primorsky 11 (Приморский Бульвар) Kimpinski Hotel Primorskaya 6 (Приморская) Primorskaya 6 (Приморская) Rekordnaya 23 (Рекордная) Nadra Bank (Надра Банк) (Bowling Club) Боулинг клуб Prevat Bank (Приват Ванк) Londonskaya (Лондонская) hotel; Prevat Bank (Приват Ванк) Nadra Bank (Надра Банк) Passenger Terminal of the Odessa Sea Port Prevat Bank (Приват Ванк) Grocery Store Uni-versam (Универсам)

Prevat Bank (Приват Ванк) Semaforny 4 (Семафорный) Troitskaya 50 (Троицкая) Varnenskaya 2 (Варненская) "In Srednefontanskoy" ("На Среднефонтанской") Prevat Bank (Приват Ванк) "Ogapt" (Огапт) Nadra Bank (Надра Банк) Grocery Store Uni-versam (Универсам) Prevat Bank (Приват Ванк)

List of Banks To withdraw money on a MasterCard or Visa (American Express is not accepted throughout Odessa), or: • if you forgot your ATM card number or • want a normally 3% flat finance charge on Visa or MasterCard Bankcards, many of Odessa's banks offer cash withdrawal.

Not all bank branches offer this service so it is better to call ahead. This service is also available at Londonskaya (Лондонская) Hotel Primorsky Boulevard 11 (Приморский Бульвар), 24 hours a day, with a 3% service charge. Listed here are some of Odessa's banks: Name Address, head Telephone Email and/or web page: office Sadovaya 10 26-78-11 (Садовая) 30-51-01 odbnk@odtel.net

Aval (Аваль) Odessa bank Knyazjeskaya (Одесса 32 (Княжеская) Банк) Nadra Kosmonavtov Bank 36 (Надра (Космонавтов) Банк) Morskoy Transportn y bank Rishelevskaya (Морской 28 Транспор (Ришельевская) тный Банк) Ukrsots Bank Primorskaya 49 (Укрсоц (Приморская) Банк) Imex bank Shevchenko (Имэксба Avenue 8a нк) (Шевченко


Office@unt.Odessa.ua www.nadra.com.ua


office@mtb.com.ua www.mtb.com.ua

22-45-27 68-49-00

upca@usb.odessa.ua www.usb.odessa.ua usb.com.ua imexnet@imex.Odessa.net www.imex.odessa.net

проспект) Western Union Western Union prices and offices/kiosks in Odessa This list is from the web page. This lists only Western Union offices in the immediate center. More offices are available on the Western Union web page: www.westernunion.com Amount Transferred Up to $50 $50-$100 $100-$200 $200-$300 Service charge $13 $15 $22 $29 Amount Transferred $300-$400 $400-$500 $1000-$1500 $2000-$2500 Service charge $34 $40 $75 $110

Bank locations Location Bank

Aval Bank Airport Central Oschadbank Bazarnaya Street 17 (Базарная) Ukrainian Financial Group Bazarnaya Street 64 (Базарная) Bolshaya Arnautskaya, 92/94 Fui Bank (Большая Арнаутская) Oschadbank Bunina Street 40 (Бунина) Ukrainian Financial Group Deribasovskaya Street 10 (Дерибасовская) Oschadbank Dobrovolskogo Avenue 056 Pravex-Bank Ekaterininskaya 4 (Екатерининская) Ekaterininskaya Street 31/33 (Екатерининская) Ukrainian Financial Group MTB Ekaterininskaya Street,7 (Екатерининская) Aval Bank Ekaterininskaya Street 7 (Екатерининская) Ukrainian Financial Group Filatova Street 4 Ukrainian Financial Group Filatova Street 124 Fontanskaya Doroga Street 33 (Фонтанская Ukrainian Financial Group дорога) Fontanskaya Doroga Street 2, Ukrainian Financial Group apartment 2 (Фонтанская дорога) Frantsuzsky Blvd, 10 Pivdenniy Bank (Французский Бульвар) Frantsuzsky Blvd, 49/51 Ukrainian Financial Group (Французский Бульвар) Premierbank Grecheskaya Street 15 (Греческая) Ukrainian Financial Group Grecheskaya Street 36 (Греческая) Ukrainian Financial Group Malinovskogo Street 16-A Primorskaya Street 6 (Приморская) Aval Bank [Morvokzal] Imexbank Pushkinskaya Street 72 (Пушкинская)

101 Rishelevskaya Street 12 (Ришельевская) Sadovaya Street,10 (Садовая) Shevchenko Avenue 8-A (Шевченко проспект) Sofievskaya Street, 32 (Софиевская) Oschadbank Aval Bank Imexbank Aval Bank

Mirage casino Slot machines in the underground walkway to the train station • Gabriela (габриелла) In the Londonskaya (Лондонская) hotel Primorsky Blvd. 11 (Приморский Бульвар) tel: 255365 255301 Tel/fax: 255352 email: gabriela@mail.od.ua • Mirage (Мираж) Preobrazhenskaya 36 (Преображенская) tel: 220310 fax: 347795 Combination bar, discotheque, and casino. • Rishele (ришелье) Bunina 15 (Бунина) tel: 217316 217318 • Royal Flush (Royyal flesh, Рояль Флеш) Tiraspolskaya 1 (Тираспольская) tel: 222766 257108

Copy Center Copiers in Odessa are easy to find, but the quality of copies varies widely. Many photo shops have photocopiers. The price of a copy is 1525 kopeck. Two full service copy centers are located on Grecheskaya Ploshat (square) (Греческая Площадь) (below). Both do color copies, bindings, etc. Unfortunately, both tend to sometimes have rude employees. There is no self-service copy centers in all of Ukraine that we are aware of. The word for copy in Russian is similar to the company copier "Xerox" kseraks (ксерокс). • Akvarium (Аквариум) Grecheskaya Ploshat (square) 5 (Греческая Площадь). Tel: 7150345

Also burn CDs for 12 to 15 Hryvnia.

102 Antique shops

Hobbie (Хобби) Bunina 35 (Бунина 35) tel: 200636 Daily 11 am to 6 pm Small antique shop includes glassware, dishes, and religious icons.

Kollectsoner (Коллекцинер) Deribasovskaya 10 (Дерибасовская 10) tel: 265563 Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm Sunday 11am to 5pm Antique coins, money from around the word, some stamps, second room has antique furniture, pictures, and items for the home. Automobile rental Russian: Автомобили Аренда / Прокат This car rental agencies rents to foreigners:

Udzjiniya Travel (Юджиния Тревел) Primorskaya 6 (Приморская) marine passenger terminal ( Morskoy Vokzal / Морской вокзал) Tel: 218581, 224047 Rishelevskaya 23 (Ришельевская) Tel: 218583 Cheapest rental is $75 one day

Barber Shops / Beauty Saloons Russian: парикмахерская (Parikmaherckaya) Prices for barber shops and beauty saloons average 8 to 25 Hryvnia. Many hotels also have beauty salons. Manicures are around 10 to 20 Hryvnia. These are just three of hundreds around the city:

Dariya (Дария) Basement, next to monastery. Panteleimonovskaya 64 (Пантелеймоновская 64) Tel: 650420 Open 9 am to 7 pm


Parikmaherckaya (парикмахерская) Pastera 73 (Пастера 73) (Just west of the Deribasovskaya park/ Gorsaud [Горсад])

"Перукарня" Hair salon


Open 8 am to 7 pm; daily

Lavlina (Лавлiна) Zjukovskovo 16 (Жуковского 16) Corner of Pushkinskaya (Пушкинская) Open 8 am (Might have moved. In that space there is now a chinese massage parlor.)

Addresses of some of the other Beauty Saloons in the center:
• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Bazarnaya 70 (Базарная 70) Bazarnaya 71 (Базарная 71) Bunina 2 (Бунина 2) Ekaterininskaya 20 (Екатерининская 20) Kanatnaya 66 (Канатная 66) Preobrazhenskaya 45 (Преображенская 45) Pushkinskaya 55 (Пушкинская 55) Rishelevskaya 12 (Ришельевская 12) Rishelevskaya 48 (Ришельевская 48) Rishelevskaya 58 (Ришельевская 58) Rishelevskaya 59 (Ришельевская 59) Rishelevskaya 63 (Ришельевская 63) Troitskaya 52 (Троицкая 52) Zjukovskovo 4 (Жуковского 4)

Bazaars / Markets
Russian: базар, Reighnok / рынок, Listed in the yellow pages as: Рынки Продовольственные И Вещевые There are several bazaars throughout Odessa, some specializing in particular products. Here is a list of some of the bazaars in the center, and two specialty bazaars:

Malinovsky Reighnok (Малиновский Рынок) Marshala Malinovskovo 40 (Маршала Малиновского) South Odessa, actually near 100 Marshala Malinovskogo Tel: 490303 Furniture and building/construction material bazaar

Novy Reighnok (Новый Рынок) or New Market / Bazaar Sadovaya 24 (Садовая) (Official address: Torgovaya 26 [Торговая 26] Sadovaya (Садовая) and Torgovaya (Торговая) streets) Tel: 236972, 238124 • Privoz Market (Привоз) Privoznaya 14 (Привозная) Tel: 224179 www.odessaprivoz.narod.ru Meaning "to bring" in Russian, Privoz Market is one of the largest farmer's markets/bazaars in the world.

• Starokonny Reighnok (Староконный Рынок, "old horse market")

Kosvennaya 19 (Косвенная) Next to Leningradskaya (Ленинградская) street, Just north of Razumovskaya (Разумовская) street Two blocks north of the Central bus station. Tel: 7323386, 7117534 Animal/Pet Bazaar, weekends best Marshutka 133, 198, 208t Catch all three Marshutka's from Bolshaya Arnautskaya (Большая Арнаутская) street in the center Photos of the Pet Bazaar
• 7 Kilometers Bazaar

(Авангард Овидиопольскай дорога 7й км)
• Radio bazaar (Радиоринок, Радио ринок)

Odariya 7 (Одария) Just north of the Kotoskova Bridge, to the east. Electrical equipment bazaar
• www.yellowpages.com.od.ua lists 21 bazaars Google translation

(In Russian--Use this translation program, or alternatively, babelfish)

Books, Second Hand
Russian: букинистический отдел (Bukinistichesky Otdel)(букинистический is Russian for Second hand secondhand bookseller)

Deribasovskaya 27 (Дерибасовская) (Just South of Deribasovskaya, towards Grecheskaya square, same building as Dom Kenegy bookstore) Tel: 224106 Monday to Saturday 10 am to 7 pm, Sunday 11:30 am to 7 pm

Antique books and secondhand book store (large majority Russian). Next door is the medical bookstore. Next door to the medical bookstore is a another small bookstore.

Secondhand book bazaar in Kulikovo Pole Square(Куликово поле Площадь), "Lenin Park" On the north side of the park, near the train station McDonalds (Макдоналдс) Running along the sidewalk a couple of dozen entrepreneurs have created a secondhand book bazaar. Occasionally good picture books and more seldom, English books can be found here.

Magazine Vendor in front of train station Mcdonalds

Business Cards Russian: Политрафическе Услуги / Визитки


Novoselskogo 110

(Новосельского 110) (West of Preobrazhenskaya) (Преображенская), basement Pushkinskaya 75 (Пушкинская 75) Around the corner of Pushkinskaya (Пушкинская), on Malaya Arnautskaya (Малая Арнаутская ), basement Discount Stores Dollar Stores Hryvnia stores Everything for 3 Hryvnia & Everything for 3 Hryvnia store Everything for 10 Hryvnia store on 10th of April Square square English and translation services

Odessa's oldest English club Pushkinskaya 34 #1 (Пушкинская) See English club#Address and meeting times

British Council Odessa www.britishcouncil.org.ua

Evrokniga (Еврокнига) Sobarnaya 6 office 1 (Соборная пл. 6 офис 1) eurokniga.odessa.ua The oldest English bookstore in Odessa. Large selection of textbooks and nonfiction.[1]

The Bookshop Preobrazhenskaya 35 (Преображенская) Open 9 am to 7 pm The Book Shop has moved, they are no longer on Grecheskaya Ploshat. They have a lot of everything, including videos for rent and second hand books.

Kiev Post English newspaper published in Kiev. Which focuses predominantly on Ukrainian politics. (Free copies are available at the following restaurants: Mario, Buffalo 99 and Fat Mozes)

Orfey (Орфей) Ekaterininskaya 22 (Екатерининская) www.orfey.kiev.ua 7287684 Orfey also has a very modest English books section. However, they have some reasonably priced literature and textbooks.

Odessa Language Study Centre Previously Oxford College Kanatnaya 56 (Канатная) English Video Library Teaches Russian to foreigners.

Center Video (Центр Видео) Zjukovskovo 38 (Жуковского) Sells English language videos with Russian subtitles

English Translators As of the summer of 2002, the average wage for a translator / interpreter was $5 an hour.

The best way to find a translator is contact us and we will get you in contact with competent and very professional translators which I have personally worked with in the past.
• • • •

A second option is to go to the English club every Friday. Other translators:

Dr. Sergey P. Yelizarov Assistant Professor, Odessa Institute of Agriculture Available to do genealogical work in Ukraine. Is also available as a guide. Flower Shops Russian for flower: цветы

Tel: 689024

The cheapest priced flowers are from the various street peddlers found on Deribasovskaya, Preobrazhenskaya (Преображенская) and the underground walkway stairs near the train stations. The price for one rose is usually 12 to 15 Hr., but in February and March (on account of woman's day and valentine's day) the prices can double. (2002 prices)

Tsvetochny Passage [Flower passage] (Цветочный пассаж) Preobrazhenskaya 25 (Преображенская 25) On the front of the building is a large rose with the word Gallereya (Галерея ), below it. Tel: 7294858, 7294884 Open 24 hours Checked: 20 March 2007 odessa.ua website. This large glass modern flower shop, resembling a green house, was opened in 2001 after the new church construction across the street overtook the old dilapidated flower shop. It also has a couple of expensive souvenir shops.
• Arheedeya (Архидея)

Staro bazarny Park (Сквер Старобазарный) (Intersection of Bazarnaya [Базарная] and Aleksandrovsky Ave. [Александровский] South West of Cossack statue) Tel: 379122 Open 24 hours, employees claim this is the largest flower shop in Odessa
• Flower shop

Starosennaya Ploshat (Square) (Старосенная Площадь) (Across the street from the train station, west side) Tel: 346677 Open 9 am to 9 pm

• Krashy Kvity (Крашi Квiти)

Admiralsky Ave 1 (Адмиралский проспект 1) Fontanskaya Doroga Station 5 (Фонтанская дорога) Lingerie Shop

Miledi Sharm (Мiледi Шарм) Troitskaya 60 (Троицкая 60) Tel: 7144050, 7144060 Open 10 am to 8 pm Maps
• Dom Kenegy

Deribasovskaya 27 (Дерибасовская 27) Second floor Tel: 227450 10 am to 6 pm, lunch 1 pm to 2 pm, Closed all holidays Marriage Agencies A convenient way to meet some of Odessa's most beautiful women.

Premier Gogolya 12 (Гоголя) Tel: 548846 premieragency.hypermart.net/

UA BEST Lazareva 59 (Лазарева) office 1 Tel: 7145093 www.uabest.com

Ukrainian Princess Dobrovolskaya 70 (Добровольского) office 241 www.ukrainianprincess.com

Mobile telephones Golden Telecom VitseAdmirala Zhukova 3/7 (Вицеадмирала Жукова) (Address to subscribe to network and purchase phones and accessories) Open: Monday Friday 10:00 a.m. 7:00 p.m., Saturday 11: 00 a.m. 4:00 p.m.,Sunday closed Tel:7385015, 7385065 (different locations than listed address) gsm.goldentele.com

Kyivstar Osipova 25 (Осипова) Tel: 7770777,348442 (fax also) www.kyivstar.net wap.kyivstar.net

108 UMC Bunina 3 (Бунина) Tel: 342757 Line 4 (Fax also)

You can send text messages to all three of these firm's mobile phone company by the Internet from: www.tm.odessa.ua There is: a pull down box for the provider, a text box for the telephone number (minus the three digit long distant numbers, which are the first three numbers), and a space for your message. • Click okay after you have written the message.
• •

Movie Theaters Russian: Кинотеатр Ever wondered what it is like to see Julie Roberts speak flawless Russian? Odessa's movie theaters have all of the modern convinces of their western counterparts. The Russian translation in these movies is excellent. The large majority of films are American. "Odessa" theater occasionally has Russian or Ukrainian films. Reserved seating is the norm, usually with three price structures, usually between 1530 Hr. Ushers will guide you to your seats and will watch to make sure that you

109 stay in your assigned place. To avoid neck aches and getting sick, do not buy seats in the first two rows.

Rodina (Родина) Mechnikova 104 (Мечникова) Tel: 346251, 371717 www.rodina.odessa.net Location: 10 minute walk west from train station Formerly a public lecture hall, built in 18911894 by the architect Y. Dmitrienko. The building is strict renaissance style, with a large hall, corridors along the lateral sides and a very spacious entrance hall. Today it houses the Rodina theater, with two screens which can seat up to 700 people. Utochkeno Deribasovskaya 22 (Дерибасовская) Tel: 372872, 377071 www.kino.odessa.ua www.utochkino.odessa.ua Location: center Odesa (Одеса) 1/3 Spiridonovskaya (Спиридоновская) Tel: 262827, 265987 Location: center

Outside center
Theaters outside of center *Zvezdneighy (Звёздный ) Geroev Stalingrada 60a (Героев Сталинграда) Tel: 7162162,553116 For more listings of movie theaters refer to "Кинотеатры" See phone books on how to purchase these yellow pages or access them online.


Kyiv Post, Movie theater business sees growth amid rising demand Alisa Sheremetyeva, commercial director for the Odessa Kino cinema network, said that the appearance of about five new movie theaters a year in major cities is the best indicator of the industry’s growth. She said that with the number of cinema screens increasing, competition will also increase, while the ticket price falls. Sheremetyeva said that, at present, the number of people wanting to go to the movies is increasing faster than the number of new movie theaters being constructed to accommodate them. According to Sheremetyeva, Odessa Kino’s first modern cinema was reconstructed from a Soviet-era movie theater in Odessa and opened its doors in 1999. She said that the company presently operates a network of six cinemas in Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk and Kyiv. According to Sheremetyeva, the average visitor to an Odessa Kino cinema is aged 18 to 34 and earns a high income. Among the main factors holding up the development of the movie theater industry in Ukraine, she said, is the lack of control over the proliferation of pirated movie videos before the movies premiere on the big screen, which cuts substantially into a movie’s box office draws. [2]


Phone books
Called "golden pages" in Ukraine, an invaluable source of information for anyone staying in Odessa for any extended period of time.

Mercury Club Ukraine Bazarnaya 63 (Базарная) 7th floor, 701 Tel/Fax: 7288388, 344004 o www.mercury.odessa.ua/?phones_list o English yellow pages directory o www.yellowpages.com.od.ua o www.mercury.odessa.ua/
(In Russian--Use this translation program, or alternatively, babelfish)

This is the most comprehensive phone book of the two, completely in Russian. Also includes, train schedules, Route taxi routes, and map. In the back is an index of all companies by name, and an internet address section. The book is 25 Hr. It can often be bought at the book bazaar at Grecheskaya Ploshat (square) (Греческая Площадь), many book stores, and some kiosks.
• Exodus

Selskohozyaystveneighy 2 (Сельскохозяйственный) o www.exodus.odessa.ua (In Russian--Use this translation program, or alternatively, babelfish) Tel: 287878, 287288, 346019 (tel/fax) Office in located in a gymnasium on the second floor. Take the stairs and to the right. Phone book is free with a business card. Russian studies
• Odessa Language Study Centre [1][2], 56 Kanatna, According to Google, this site

may harm your computer. • Odessa National University

• Ziegler & Partner GmbH, Switzerland

www.studyrussian.com/odessa/russian_course.html • AMBergh Education, Sweden www.russian-inrussia.com/english/odessa/courses.asp • Rusedu Language Travel www.languageschoolsguide.com/listingsp3.cfm/listing/40215 Souvenir shops

Bamboo Bunina 42 (Бунина 42) Tel: 379380 Fax: 7286255 12 pm to 8 pm daily

Visa and MasterCard accepted Dozens of African pieces, Oriental murals, huge vases, and model ships

Estet Holl (Эстет Халл) Bolshaya Arnautskaya 47 (Большая Арнаутская 47) Tel: 373165 Open 9 am to 9 pm Beautiful and elegant large marble sculptures

Pushkinskaya 1 (Пушкинская 1) Tel: 429384, 242176 There is not much to this tiny shop. Many of the items can be bought in the park on Deribasovskaya (Дерибасовская). Though the shop does have a couple of Odessa tourist T-shirts.

VerMeer Ekaterininskaya 12 (Екатерининская 12) Tel: 251338 Beautiful gallery, of particular interest is the porcelain dolls and large marble sculptures. Unfortunately staffed by snobbish and uptight employees.

Odessa Souvenirs (Odessky Soveneriegh/Одесские Сувениры) Rishelevskaya 42 (Ришельевская 42) Tel: 373713 This combination office supply and souvenir shop has reasonably priced unique glass globes with Odessa theme figurines inside. It also has other souvenirs and greeting cards which are reasonably priced.

De Ribas (Де Рибас) Deribasovskaya 18 (Дерибасовская 18) tel: 496887 Master Card and Visa An expensive souvenir shop, the stairway to the second floor is flanked with two knights in armor. This shop has porcelain figurines, swords, model ships, framed photos, and pewter figurines.

Sharm (Шарм) Ekaterininskaya 9 (Екатерининская 9) Tel: 258562 MasterCard and Visa Crowded antique store with jewelry, old paintings, religious icons, and porcelain figures.

Tsvetochny Passazh (Цветочный пассаж) Preobrazhenskaya 25 (Преображенская 25) (On the front of the building is a large rose with the word Gallereya (Галерея ), below it.) Tel: 7294858, 7294884 In addition to being the central flower shop, it has two expensive souvenir shops. • Valenciya (Валенсия) Ekaterininskaya 36 (Екатерининская 36) Tel: 219427 Open 10 am to 8 pm

Master Card and Visa Crystal, ceramic, and porcelain figurines, very expensive shop.
• Yuvelirneighy (Ювелирный)

Preobrazhenskaya 32 (Преображенская 32) Tel: 225177 Tel/Fax: 223038 This renovated shop, formerly the building where Pushkin worked, carries ceramics, vases, paintings, and jewelry Kopeks Photos and information of less common coins can be found on the bank of Ukraine website. All kopek/kopeck photos from www.bank.gov.ua Photo showing the different sizes of the Kopecks Photo from Uazone.net

There is a trident (coat of arms of Ukraine) on the back of each coin. The trident is framed on both sides with two oak leaves and two sheaves of wheat. Ukraine is above the coat of arms, and the year of the coin being minted is beneath the trident.

Fifty kopeks






Post Office
Odessa Ukraine Post offices Normally open 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday Also open Saturday Odessa post offices usually wrap packages, have money transfers within Ukraine, have copiers, and even run the national Lotto. Letters in Ukraine can be registered. When the person receives the letter a notification will be delivered to you when it is received. International letters can be sent from any office or dropped in any of the blue boxes around the city. You can send international packages only in the Central post office on Sadova 10, located in the side foyer of the Ukertelekom building. The central post office will wrap your packages for you for just a couple of Hyrvnia. They are very particular and sometimes strange about the different regulations that they have. Because of long lines and a shortage of staff, expect to spend at least a half-hour in this post office. Stamps with envelopes are 60 kopeck. (2002 prices) Stamps with envelopes and postcards up to 20 grams to Europe and overseas are 3.70 Hr.
Odessa Ukraine Post office addresses in center Central post office Sadovaya 10 (Садовая) Office for international items is to the right of the entrance Airport (Аэропорт) Bazarnaya 74 (Базарная) Ekaterininskaya 14 (Екатерининская) One block west from opera theater Gagarina Ave. 16/2 (Гагарина проспект) Kanatnaya 37 (Канатная) Kanatnaya 77 (Канатная) Kanatnaya 83 (Канатная) Panteleimonovskaya 64 (Пантелеймоновская) Preobrazhenskaya 62 (Преображенская) Preobrazhenskaya 83 (Преображенская) 26-64-34 26-67-83 22-75-24 No 54 25-93-40 22-53-30 No 11 22-40-43 22-42-72 No 26 22-50-39 No 39 24-88-89 22-24-52 No 14 22-52-53 No 12 22-24-62 No 107 22-62-91 No 23 22-44-33 No 45 25-04-80 No 7 22-09-42

Primorskaya 6 (Приморская) Marine passenger terminal ( Morskoy Vokzal / Морской вокзал) Shevchenko Avenue 21 (Шевченко проспект) Shevchenko Avenue 3 (Шевченко проспект) Shevchenko Avenue 4 (Шевченко проспект)

No 27 729-46-29 No 58 63-67-50 No 66 55-01-41 No 32 28-04-81

Express Courier Services Chernomorskovo Kazachestva 54 (Черноморского казачества) DHL Gagarina Ave. 25 (Гагарина проспект) Chernoye More (Black Sea) Hotel Federal Express Rishelevskaya 59 (Ришельевская) (FEDEX) Primorskaya 6 (Приморская) Marine passenger terminal ( Morskoy Vokzal / Морской вокзал) Pony Express Primorskaya 11/13 (Приморская) Office 15 Rishelevskaya 64 (Ришельевская)

Central post office Ekaterininskaya 14 74-11-111 (Екатерининская) 20-01-50 Fax: 20-09-50 Email: dhl@tm.odessa.ua www.dhl.com.ua 37-80-81 728-85-31 Tel/Fax: 728-85-41 Email: fedex-curier@farlep.net 729-44-57 www.ponyexpress.com.ua 728-63-98 49-68-95 Tel/Fax: 22-00-15 Email: tnt@te.net.ua www.tnt.odessa.ua 25-59-96 Tel/Fax: 777-07-17 Tel/Fax: 34-48-59 Email: ups-ods@te.net.ua

TNT Global Express

UPS United Parcel Service, In Ukraine called: Юкрейниен Onilovoy 16 (Ониловой переулок) Парсел Сервис (Ukreinen Parcel Servic) Internet Cafes

Every month a new internet cafe seems to open in Odessa. Internet growth seems only outpaced by restaurant growth. Included here is a small portion of the Internet cafes in Odessa. Internet Planet is highly Recommended. Connections in some cafes are very good, and the rates are cheap, 3 Hr - 6 Hr an hour. Most cafes allow smoking. With poor ventilation they tend to be very smoky.A traveler to Odessa can quickly recognize the cheaper internet cafes by the numbers of teens and pre-teens loudly, usually very loudy, playing computer games, usually shooting games similar to CounterStrike.

Internet Cards for laptops If you have a laptop computer, many Kiosks and computer stores sell Internet cards. These cards may then be used from any telephone. It is Recommended that you know how to format your modem well if you decide to purchase one of these cards. Internet Card competition is strong with a wide variety of choices. Price usually averages around 7 Hr an hour. If you have a good telephone, the internet connection itself connection is usually good. Recommended Internet card company is TeNet. (www.te.net.ua): 2 hours 15 Hr 10 hours 50 Hr 30 hours 110 Hr 100 Hours 300 Hr Avoid Ukertelekom Internet cards. A convenient location(s) where you can purchase Internet cards is at:
• Many mobile phone businesses • Computer Land computer shop at Pushkinskaya 64 (Пушкинская)

(next door to 64 internet cafe, listed below, computer wrapped in a globe above the door) Open 9am - 7pm • Komputereigh Компьютеры Computer shop Bolshaya Arnautskaya 47 (Большая Арнаутская) tid.com.ua closed Sundays Open 9am - 6 pm • Raduga (Радуга) Computer shop Preobrazhenskaya 49/51 (Преображенская) tid.com.ua closed Sundays Open 9am - 6 pm • Vse dlya Ofica (Все для Офиса) Computer shop Zjukovskovo 36 (Жуковского) tid.com.ua closed Sundays Open 9am - 6 pm Internet Cafes Internet Planet Internet Planet (Планета Интернет) Neo Internet Cafe Rishelevskaya 58 (Ришельевская 58) Web page: www.neoclub.net, www.neo-club.net Telephone: 7242177, 217860, 375475 Cost per hour: 6 Hr Connection speed: Cable, fast Open: 24 hours Smoking: Yes often very smoky, Club has non-smoking VIP section (2 rooms) with excellent ventilation shafts (8 Hr hour) Number of coputers: 20+ International telephone via computer available (for more information, see international phone calls section), VIP section, Bar, public toilet and telephone at entrance, In basement eXe Image:Big star.gif (For price) eXe Malaya Arnautskaya 119 (Малая Арнаутская 119) (Far east end


of Malaya Arnautskaya) Telephone: 222241 Cost per hour: 3 Hr, 1.50 after 12 am Connection speed: Dial up speed Open: 24 hours Smoking: No Number of computers: 10 (Expanding) [edit] Submarina Submarina (Субмарина) Preobrazhenskaya 49/51 (Преображенская 49/51) (Located North of Saint Uspensky Cathederal [blue church] basement) Web page: www.submarine.od.ua Telephone: 377197 Cost per hour: 4 Hr Connection speed: Dial up speed Open: 8 am - 9pm Smoking: Yes Number of computers: 10+ Bar Haker Haker (Хакер) Evreyskaya 57 (Еврейская 57) (corner of Preobrazhenskaya and Evreiskaya, basement) Telephone: 377802, 260680 Cost per hour: Around 4 - 5 Hr Connection speed: Dial up speed, on slow side Open: Smoking: No Number of computers: 10 + "64" "64" Pushkinskaya 64 (Пушкинская 64) (1 1/2 blocks from train station, with Inferno, it is the closest internet cafe to train station) Telephone: 7293390 Cost per hour: Around 5 Hr Connection speed: Dial up speed, on slow side Open: Closed 11 pm Smoking: No Number of computers: 20 + (Fewer attached to internet) Very noisy game room, a lot of kids, internet cafe is in other room Public toilet Internet Club Internet Club (Iнтер_нет.Клуб)


Rishelevskaya 67 (Ришельевская 67) Telephone: 218579 Cost per hour: 3 Hr Connection speed: Cable Open: 24 hours Smoking: No Number of computers: Less than 10 Basement club, very crowded small NetCenter NetCenter (Нет Центр) Ekaterininskaya 75 (Екатерининская 75) Telephone: 743-51-29, 728-84-66, 728-84-66 (Fax) Cost per hour: Around 5 Hr Connection speed: Dial up speed, slow Open: Smoking: Yes Number of computers: 10+ Bar, Pentium 4 computers


X25 Club X25 Club Gavannaya 7 (Гаванная 7) (1 block North of Deribasovskaya (Дерибасовская)) Telephone: 260888 (telephone used for internet) Cost per hour: 4 Hr Connection speed: Dial up speed, speed varies Open: 24 hours Smoking: Yes Number of computers: Less than 10 Basement InferNo InferNo Kanatnaya 79 (Канатная 79) (1 block East of train station, on Panteleimonovskaya street (Пантелеймоновская), across the street from Palladium discotheque, basement ) Telephone: No telephone, used for internet Cost per hour: 2 Hr Connection speed: Dial up speed, speed varies Open: 24 hours Smoking: No Number of computers: Less than 10 Bright red interior, A person quickly understand where this club gets it's name, with little ventilation it gets very hot. Other clubs in center Other internet clubs in center, not reviewed

Angar 18 Ангар 18 Bolshaya Arnautskaya 52 Большая Арнаутская 52 Telephone: 343646, 344922 Website: www.angar18.od.ua Club Nuke Интернет-Клуб Nuke, Preobrazhenskaya 11 Преображенская 11 Telephone: 7109486

Internet Club Интернет-Клуб Preobrazhenskaya 14 Преображенская 14 Telephone: 7772286 Garage Гараж Kanatnaya 102 Канатная 102 Telephone: 373821 X-Box Ekaterininskaya 6 Екатерининская 6 Telephone: 7269886 Vip-Net, Переговорный Пункт Sadovaya 14 Садовая 14 Telephone: 7280294

Diskaveri Дискавери Bazarnaya 69 Базарная 69 Telephone: 375647 Favorit Фаворит Канатная 97 Kanatnaya 97 Telephone: 321677


Premorsky Region Russian: Приморский район (Southeast of train station) Satellite Satellite (Сателлит) 6 Matrosova Aleksandra (Матросова Александра переулок 6) (West of the Polytech University McDonalds, 5 minute walk South of train station) Telephone: 222876 Cost per hour: Around 3 - 4 Hr Connection speed: Dial up speed Open: 24 hours Smoking: Yes, very heavily Number of computers: 10 + Big college student hang out, usually full on weekends, often have fresh pastries at bar CD burner Navigator / Matritza Navigator / Matritza Computer Cafe (Навигатор, Матрица) Shevchenko Avenue 11 (Шевченко проспект 11) (South of the Polytech University McDonalds, 2 1/2 blocks) Telephone: 346822 Cost per hour: Around 4 - 5 Hr Connection speed: Dial up speed, normal Open: Smoking: No Number of computers: 10+ Next Next Maryenskaya 7 (Мариинская 7) Telephone: 373008 Cost per hour: 5 Hr Connection speed: Video channel 128 kb/sec Open: Smoking: No Number of computers: 10+ Formerly named the Cactus club, this spacious club tries to have an ultra modern, futuristic feel with tin foil on the ceilings Diver Diver (Дайвер №1) Shevchenko 1 A (Шевченко 1 А) (Polytech University Internet club back of university building, first drive way east of Shevchenko on Seminarskaya (Семинарская)) Telephone: 288869 Cost per hour: 2 - 3 Hr Connection speed: Cable connection Open: 24 hr


Smoking: No Number of computers: 10 to 20 There are always a lot of kids playing Counter strike in this cafe. Cafes to avoid Cafes to avoid because of rude and/or deceitful cashiers:

Z-club Preobrazhenskaya 47 (Преображенская 47), nearby is Submarine internet cafe (above)
• • •

Arena (Арена) Preobrazhenskaya 28 (Преображенская 28 ) Matrix Grecheskaya 1 (Греческая 1)

Odessos (Одессос) 33 Bunina (Бунина 33), (corner of Bunina (Бунина) and Alexanderovsky (Александровский проспект))

Irish Pub (See Restaurants) also has one computer with internet access, but the price is incredibly expensive Odessa Ukraine Police Minority, non-white visitors to Ukraine, will probably be hassled several times by the police. The police will ask for a visa. Often they will want a bribe. You are not expected nor required to pay a bribe to the police, though they may take you to the police station. Always carry your passport and visa. If you are white and you see the police on the street, stop speaking a foreign language as you pass, and the police will almost always leave you alone. Police stations in the center (Милиция, Полиция) Evreyskaya 12 Evreyskaya 14 (Еврейская) (Еврейская) 28-20-25 22-05-48 22-45-42 22-40-79 28-78-68 22-71-17

Grecheskaya 42 (Греческая) Kanatnaya 101B (Канатная) Osipova 23 (Осипова) Preobrazhenskaya 44 (Преображенская)

Crime Ukrainian crime is low by American and English standards. Most crimes involve petty crime such as pick-pocketing and money scams. Keep in mind these points:
• NEVER exchange your money with someone on the street. Watch out for staged

fights. • While you are watching the fight someone else is stealing your money.

• A new scam involves a person 'dropping' some money on the street. Another

'passerby' sees the money and asks the victim if they want to split the money. Another person comes along and claims to be the police and demands a bribe. • Thieves use razor blades to open purses and backpacks. • Be wary of large groups of children and gypsies.

Often areas of heightened criminal activity are: train stations, bazaars, airports, large public gatherings, and casinos and nightclubs. If you are in trouble and there are people who are near that may help, yell "pojzar" (fire) to attract attention. General Health Advice For most visitors to Ukraine, stomach upsets is the greatest health risk. It is a good idea to pack a first aid kit. Include some oral dehydration salts in your kit: these will help replace lost minerals if you suffer from diarrhea. Pack prescription medications. In the summer, there are mosquitoes in Odessa, but not in significant numbers. Allergies Odessa is an incredibly green city. There are tens of thousands of trees. One old Odessa guide from 1976 said there were 15 square meters (18 square yards) of greenery per person (whatever this might mean). But in late June and July, particularly on Rishelevskaya (Ришельевская) the pollen from trees is so bad, even those that have never had problems with pollen before may have difficulties with breathing and eyesight. Walking Pitfalls in Odessa Open man hole cover on Frantsuzsky Blvd.Roads and sidewalks in Odessa are in horrendous and sometimes dangerous conditions. Always walk with care and watch where you are going. One American volunteer recently broke her ankle in a hole in the street. Desperate individuals will sometimes steal then sell manhole covers for scrap metal. In the past few years, it is the latest vogue for businesses to replace the concrete outside of their establishment with fancy bricks. They look nice, but are incredibly slick when it is wet. Many buildings in Ukraine are literally falling apart. Be aware of old building masonry and balconies. Several years ago two people were killed from falling masonry while talking on a pay phone on Shevchenko Street (Шевченко) in Kiev. Every year the newspapers report a pedestrian being injured from falling masonry. It does not take long to recognize that Odessa is a pedestrian city. At night the number of people walking throughout the city helps a person feel much safer walking the streets. But Odessites are often impatient when crossing streets and will rarely wait for the cross light to change. They will often cross the street halfway and wait in the middle for passing cars. Because of this and the vast number of pedestrians, cars tend not to stop or even slow down to allow pedestrians the right of way. Never assume that a car will give you the right of way, even on a crosswalk. Recently, the Canadian Ambassador was hit and walking across the street in Kiev.

Vaccinations Hepatitis A, tetanus, TB, immunization Recommended. Stomach Upsets Mild diarrhea is the most common problem in Ukraine. Swimming in Odessa Odessa water is heavily polluted. As a visitor will notice, this doesn't seem to bother less health consciousness Ukrainians. Do not drink the water Odessa water should never be drank unless it is boiled. Tea and coffee are safe as long as the water has been boiled. Bottled water is available throughout the city. Though most water is mineral water with gas. If you want mineral water without gas ask for "Voda bez gaza" (Вода без газа) Do not drink the free water at the parks. You'll see Ukrainians filling their plastic bottles. You

will get sick if you drink this. They can drink it because their bodies are accustomed to it. See Deep water wells Avoid kiosk meat.


"Apteka" Pharmacy in Russian Russian:

It is strongly suggested to take a translator when visiting the pharmacy. Ukrainian pharmacies rarely carry international brand-name medicines. No doctor's prescription is needed to purchase medicines, which are tightly controlled in Western countries. When a person is sick Odessites tend to try to be helpful and may offer prescription equivalent medication. Be wary what advice and medication you take. Many pharmacies in the city are open 24 hours, but orders can only be made late in the night through a small window. In the night, calls ahead to find out if the below pharmacies are open 24 hours. Often the cashier is sleeping so you must knock many times to be heard. Listed here are some of the pharmacies in the center. Like most schools, hospitals, and stores in the former Soviet Union, many of these pharmacies have only numbers. Name Meditsina (Медицина) L Teh Keh (ЛТК) Address Bunina 29 (Бунина) Deribasovskaya 7 (Дерибасовская) Telephone 22-62-81 49-65-00 24-95-93 22-27-70 26-88-29 34-91-28 22-24-87

Informpolicerpic (Информполисерис) Ekaterininskaya 23 (Екатерининская) 21-87-72 Apteka 6 (Children's) Apteka 38 Apteka 30 San (Сан) Apteka 15 Ekaterininskaya 8/10 (Екатерининская)

Ekaterininskaya 80 (Екатерининская) 22-10-16 Evreyskaya 58 (Еврейская) Grecheskaya 33 (Греческая) Kanatnaya 51 (Канатная)

Apteka 2 Elena (Елена) Medikoteka (Медикотека) Gelen (Гелен) Irina e Ko (Ирина и Ко) Apteka 247 Apteka 27 Apteka 252 Apteka 12 Apteka 17 Apteka 300 Pastera 22 (Пастера) Pastera 9 (Пастера) 23-54-78 23-24-46

Preobrazhenskaya 18 (Преображенская) 714-42-74 Preobrazhenskaya 27 (Преображенская) 25-75-86 Preobrazhenskaya 33 (Преображенская) 37-79-93 Preobrazhenskaya 61 (Преображенская) 22-63-23 Preobrazhenskaya 77 (Преображенская) 22-20-18 Preobrazhenskaya 85 Pushkinskaya 61 (Пушкинская) Rishelevskaya 11 a (Ришельевская) Rishelevskaya 32 (Ришельевская) 26-68-40 22-66-22 22-24-05 22-72-33 25-40-74 22-09-12


Ukraine Subway / Metro System

Kiev (Kyiv) Metro (Subway System) - Short review and interesting facts. Kiev (Kyiv) Metro system remains the fastest, the most convenient and affordable network that covers most, but not all, of the city. Metro Map (click on the image to enlarge)

Metro Tokens.

Payments: Metro Tokens or Passes; Metro Tokens cost 0.50 Hryvna. You can buy them in each Metro Station at the "Kassa"(Cashier) or from a wall mounted dispenser, usually located near the "Kassa", which excepts one or two Hryvnya bills. Passes are available at each Metro Station at the "Kassa". You can purchase a monthly pass from the 22nd of each month until the 10th of the following month. Half month passes are also available from the 15th until the 2nd of each month.

Passes available: Metro Pass --- 25 hryvna and 12 hryvna (half month) Metro/Bus --- 33 hryvna and 17 hryvna (half month) Metro/Tram --- 33 hryvna and 17 hryvna (half month) Metro/Trolleybus --- 33 hryvna and 17 hryvna (half month) Metro/Bus/Tram/Trolleybus --- 57 hryvna and 29 hryvna (half month) Note: Passes do not include Marshrutkas and Minibuses.

Click on the image to enlarge

* New forms of Metro payments are expected soon. We will keep you informed. Kyiv Metro was opened in the fall of 1960. Construction spanned eleven years, from 1949 to 1960. The first line was tagged "the red line", namely Sviatoshyns'ko-Brovars'ka.

At present there are 3 operating lines in the Kyiv Subway System. The total length is about 62 km. There are 44 Metro Stations along with 3 points of interchange, where you can change from one line to another. There are approximately 613 metro wagons and 111 escalators.

Click on the image to enlarge

Working Hours: 6 a.m. (minus 25 min.) - 12 midnight (+ 25 min.) Official Kyiv Metro website (available only in Ukrainian and Russian) Dnipropetrovs'k Metro (Subway System) Metro Map (click on the image to enlarge)

Opened in December 1995 There are 6 Metro Stations. Total length: 7,8 km Working Hours: 5:30 am - 11 pm Running Intervals: 7-17 mins. Token cost: 0.60 Hryvna

Kharkiv Metro (Subway System) Metro Map (click on the image to Opened in August 1975 Amount of the Metro Stations: 28

enlarge) Total length: 35,0 km Number of wagons: 323 Working Hours: 5:30 am - 12 midnight Token cost: 0.50 Hryvna

Kryvyi Rih Metro (Metrotram) There is one station, Vovnopriadilna, that was built but is currently not opened due to the absence of passenger traffic in the area. There are two routes: Kiltseva-Maidan Pratsi, and Kiltseva-Zarichna with a branch at Zhovtneva. In perspective if the city was to grow further and at one point overcome one million residents all of the Metrotram infrastructure can be converted into a full metro system. Metro Map (from Opened in 1986 wikipedia) (click on There are 11 Metro Stations (4 of which are located the image to enlarge) underground) Total length: 17,7 km (6.8 km of which are fully underground) Token cost: 0.60 Hryvna

Metrotram Tokens Holidays in Ukraine: Ukrainians love their numerous holidays and love to "celebrate" those holidays in grandeous fashion. It's not uncommon for Westerners to be taken aback at just how many "days of note" they observe, and the amount of fireworks and revelry that goes along with them, not to mention the vast amount of spirits consumed. Ukraines history that included Paganism and later Christianity can be attributed to the evolution of many of her current holidays and festivities. If you plan on visiting the Ukraine for its grand holiday celebrations, consider timeshare rentals in the area. But plan early, while business is continuing to develop quickly here, finding timeshares can be difficult. If you see an owner willing to sell timeshares here, make an offer to rent and try it before you decide whether to buy. Most resorts are located in Kiev and Crimea so start your search there. You may also want to consider other countries in the area and make different parts of the Ukraine the focus of a day trip. Here's a good sampling of the Ukrainian holidays.

State holidays (banks will close) 1 January - New Year's Day is one the most favorite of all holidays in Ukraine. As in Western countries on Christmas Eve, Ukrainians give "New Year" presents, Children receive their presents under the New Year Tree on the morning of the 1st of January. Traditionally just prior to midnight there's a Presidential speech broadcast nationally. When the clock strikes Midnight, people pop open thier champaign bottles and raise a toast. With the first glass they congratulate each other as the clock strikes 12 times and fireworks fill the sky. The week before the New Year is a busy one with shopping, parties at work, decorating pine and fir-trees, and cooking the years most delicious meals. The main folk heroes of this holiday are Father Frost (Did Moroz) and his granddaughter "Sniguron'ka" (The Snow Girl). The tradition of predicting fortunes on this night is very popular among young people. A peculiar tradition includes writing down on a piece of paper your wish for the coming year, then dropping it in to your champagne and drinking it as the clock stikes twelve times. Another "fun" folk tradition pacticed mainly in the villages on New Year night is for the unmarried girls to go outside and throw one of thier boots over the Hosts' fence. Whichever way the toe of the boot ends up pointing indicates where the future husband will come from. Nearly all businesses remain closed from December 31st to January 8th. 7 January - Orthodox Christmas The period from the 7th until the 14th of January is Saint Christmas week. During this week people go from one house to another, singing songs and wishing good wishes to health, prosperity, etc. and just having a good time. Most usually are dressed in folksy or carnival type costumes. Such activity is called "Kolyaduvannya" and "Schedruvannya". The songs are called "kolyadky" and "schedrivky". When somebody is singing these songs and greeting you, as a rule you should give them sweets or food or drinks or whatever you have as a token of appreciation. . It is believed that everything that the people have sung in their Kolyadka and Schedrivka will come true. Also during the new year holidays, up to the 14th of January it is common for kids (and sometimes adults-in the villages) to go from one house to another wishing the owner of the house new year wishes, new happiness, health, etc. All those wishes are usually said in rhymes and with the spreading of seeds, such as wheat or other grains. This shows a wish of prosperity for the house. This practice is called "Posivannya". Some token, usualy food, drink, sweets, or money, is usualy given in return. HOTELS

Hotel "Arkadia" is located on the Black Sea shore, about 500 meters from the famous "Arcadia" beach.


Address: 24, Genuezskaya Street, Odessa, 65009 Tel: +38 048 738-09-29 Prices: $$ Hotel "Tsentralna" Address: 40, Preobrazhens'ka Street, Odessa, Ukraine Tel: +38 048 726-84-06 Prices: $$ Hotel "Passage" Address: 34, Preobrazhens'ka Street, Odessa, Ukraine Tel: +38 048 22-48-49 Prices: $$



Three Stars ***
Hotel "Valentina" How to get to the Hotel Valentina: From the airport: bus, mini van #129 From the railway station: bus, #129, 235, 207, 209, minivan #193, 194, 195, 198, tram #5, trolleybus #5, 7, 9


Address: 2 Kurortnyi Per., Odessa 65009, Ukraine Tel.: +038 (0482) 63-25-87, +038 (0482) 60-89-18 Fax: +038 (0482) 68-15-42 Email: hotval@ukr.net or hotel_valentina@ukr.net Prices: $37 - $100 Web-Site (in Russian)


Location: Center 5 Deribassovskaya Дерибасовская 5 Telephone: 210-399, 210-155 E-mail address: hotelcont@utel.net.ua Web page: www.continental-hotel.com.ua/en/ Fax: 210-550


Location: Center 13 Deribassovskaya Дерибасовская 13 Telephone: 356-800 Web page: www.odessapassage.com/frapolli

Kolyba (Колыба)

Location: Southern Arcadia Fontanskaya Doroga 32-B (Фонтанская дорога 32-B) Telephone: 34-89-06 34-89-05 E-mail address: kolyba@tm.odessa.ua

134 Price minimum: $60 single Price maximum: $120 luxury, single 15 Credit card: Fax: 34-89-06 (12 meter) (2 TVs: cable television) (Showers in all of the rooms)

(Yes parking one day 10 Hr)

Krasnaya (Красная)

Location: Center (philharmonic theater) Pushkinskaya 15 1066/17.jpg (Пушкинская 15) Telephone: 22-72-20 (reception) 25-85-20 (service bureau) E-mail address: redlond@paco.net Web page: www.londred.com Price minimum: Single $119, double $141 includes breakfast Price maximum: -72 Credit card: Fax: 25-53-09 (25-43-05) in Russia but immigrated to Odessa in 1878

Londonskaya (Лондонская)

Location: Center Primorsky Boulevard 11 (Приморский Бульвар 11) Telephone: 21-05-10 E-mail address: londred@londred.com Web page: www.londred.com Price minimum: Summer rates: single: $149 double: $180 Winter rates: single: $128 double: $166 Price maximum: single: $297, double: $391 54 Credit card: Fax: 21-04-31 (Small pool) (Weekdays 12 hour laundry service) (16 programs including BBC)

Marrion Маррион

Location: Dmitriy Donskoiy 7 Дмитрия Донского 7 Telephone: 777-2222 E-mail:marrion@eurocom.od.ua Web page: marrion.com.ua/?&lng=eng -Morskoy Morskoy Location: Khrustalny 1 Хрустальный 1 Telephone: 339090 Web page: www.morskoy.com/eng/index.html 54


Mozart (Моцарт)

Location: Center (opera theater) LanzheroNovskaya 13 (Ланжероновская 13) Telephone: 37-89-00 37-93-94 37-69-00 E-mail address: themozarthotel@paco.net victoriya@paco.net Price minimum: $130 Price maximum: $300 25 (expanding to 40) Credit card: (Yes, 75 channels) Mozart is a new hotel across the street from the Odessa opera theater. The rooms are luxuriant and spacious, with Austrian furniture in every suite. Staff service is superb. Between Mozart and Londonskaya, the other four star hotel in Odessa, Mozart is Recommended

Odessa Kempinski Odessa (Кемпински)

Location: Center (port)

6 Primorskaya Приморская 6 Telephone: 729-48-08 E-mail address: hotel@kempinski-odessa.com.ua Web page: www.kempinski.com Price minimum: Summer rates: single: $205 double $235 Winter rates: single: $185 double $215 Price maximum: Summer & winter: $1250 158 Credit card: Fax: 729-48-88 2 floors

OK Odessa (ОК Одеса)

Location: Arcadia Genuesskaya 5 (Генуэзская 5) Telephone: 63-94-34 Price minimum: $16 single with shower $30 double Price maximum: $48 super (Luxury always has hot water) about 120 Fax: 63-86-75 (Bathtub only in luxury and above) pm to 12am) (Hot water from 7 to 11 am and 7 Location: center

Oktyabrskaya (October) (Октявроская)

Kanatnaya 31 (Канатная 31) Telephone: 22-38-74 28-06-60 E-mail address: oktyabrskaya@odessaglobe.com Price minimum: $75 single $80 double Price maximum: $120 luxury, single $140 luxury, double +breakfast 53 café, Bar, Public Aircondition, Elevator, Refrigerator, cable TV

136 Credit card: Fax: 22-84-94 2 (Café)

(Yes, cable television) Key

(Only luxury has bathtubs)

Air conditioning in all rooms Air conditioning in some rooms Air conditioning in public area Air railway tickets Baby sitting Bar Bath Beach Beauty parlor Billiards Bowling Business centre 24 hours a day Business centre limited service Casino Change bed linen daily, all rooms Conference room available Connecting rooms No hot water Currency exchange Dry cleaning service Elevator Fitness center, gym Gift shop Guarded parking Hair dryer in all rooms Handicapped accessible room Hotel located in recreation area Indoor sport yard Indoor swimming pool Indoor tennis court Internet access in all rooms Internet access in some rooms Internet access in business center

Iron in all rooms Iron in some rooms Laundry service Luggage service Massage Minibar refrigerator in all rooms Newspapers Night club disco Non-smoking rooms Outdoor swimming pool Outdoor tennis court Pay tv in all rooms Pets accepted Pharmacy Phone in all rooms Rent a car Restaurant Room service 24 hours a day Room service limited service Safe deposit box at reception Safe deposit box, all rooms Safe deposit box, some rooms Satellite TV in all rooms Sauna Taxi American express Mastercard Visa English level (10 the best) Number of rooms Television in most or all rooms


Soviet service 0 to 10, 10 being the worst, See Valentina hotel as an example.
Gvardeiskaya 63 (Next to Aqua Park) 59-10-04 Food Seafood / European $$$ $

Andijon Genyeskaya 24A
60-57-72 Food: Uzbekistani. Make sure to try the various Kebabs cooked in authentic Uzbek style

Ekaterininskaya Sq 1 777-03-39 Food European and people watching

Ekaterininskaya 1 372-920 Food: Mexican. Located right near the Opera Theater.$$$

Deribasovskaya 22 726-15-68 Food European Elegant and fantastic food $$$ Odessa Dolphinarium Nemo Lanzheron Beach 200-300UAH (048)-787-20-10 CHKALOVO Tel: 41-75-57 (Sanatorium) CHAIKA (10th Fontana) Tel:

Aqua Park Tel: 22-21-29 60 UAH for 3 hours of fun

Banks ATM machines all over Odessa Ukraine. Arts Museum 40$ Aqua Park $40 Catacombs 40 Translators 10/H Drink beer 0,7 - 1 USD

Airport Pickup20$ Train Pickup 15$ Tour City 49$ Opera 40$ Horse Riding 40 for

2 hours Eat is very cheap (under 2 USD) Ukrainians

Ekateriniskaya 23 724-01-25 Food Italian $$$

Grecheskaya 25 728-78-38Food European $$$

Dive Gorsad 5 (City Garden)
71-33-39 Food European Fantastic people watching spot

Gaidara 17 715-26-00 Food: Seafood European$$

Park Shevchenko 735-38-73 Food Ukrainian $$$ Odessa Zoo Tel: 34-47-74 (City Center - Next to Privoz) only 5 UAH Odessa Casinos Tel: El dorado (21 Ekaterininskaya) El dorado Mandarin. over 30 casinos Bar/Club Info 13th Fontana Station Tel 612-84-82 Hours 11pm – Last.
Payment Cash Only

Trams and trolley -buses are very cheap (50 kopiyok one travel p.p. - nearly 0.10 USD ). Buses and minibuses costs 1.00-2.00 UAH nearly 0.20-0.40 USD.

SleepZirka Hotel Uspenskaya ☎380487222343, fax38048724011), Check


out 12. $25 ΠΡΕΣΒΕΙΑ MARIUPOL ΦΡΑΓΚΙΣΚΟΣ ΚΟΣΤΕΛΛΕΝΟΣ Lenin str 9 tel (380629)345384 332492 09.00-16.00

Ukrainian Lakomka
Deribasovskaya 17 Ukrainian Food 248-512 authentic Ukrai

Arkadia Plaza
1 Posmitniy Street 18-54-72 Food: European

Dejavue Le Meir
Troitskaya 50 37-75-74 Food: European. retro walls covered with anything to WWII.

Ekaterininskaya 12 737-21-73 Food: European $$ Don’t miss

7 Gavannaya St 37-69-46 Food Ukrainian dishes served fantastic, centrally located BEACHES ARKADIA Tel: 746-60-10 OTRADA Tel: 22-21-29 LANZHERON Tel: 21-78-41 (Park Schevchenko) a 15 minute walk from the Opera corner of Ekaterininskaya / Lanzeronovskaya Tel 784-02-03 Restaurant Hours: 2pm – 1am Club 8pm – last
Pay: Visa Master Card

ΠΡΕΣΒΕΙΑ Οδησού Δημήτρης Μοσχόπουλος Preobrazenska 32 (konta Gretskaya) (+380487) 860570, 860503, 860007 E-mail grconodessa@paco.vet






Odessa Ukraine hours of operation Museums have different varied hours of operation, refer to the museum section for specific museums. Government offices tend to be closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Post offices are closed on Sundays. Many stores and offices are open from 9 - 10 am to 4 - 5 pm and close for lunch for one hour around 2 pm. Posted work hours are often misleading because employees often will want to close 15 minutes early. Telephone and International Calling Fax and Telegraphs Faxes and telegraphs can be done at the Central post office Sadovaya 10 (Садовая). Telephone number: 26-27-89 Also many of the hotels in Odessa offer this service.


Important Odessa numbers
Important telephone numbers: Fire 1 Police 2 Ambulance 3 Bus Station 4 Train Station 5 Odessa Airport 6 Sea Port 22-32-11 Taxi service 80 Directory Assistance/ 09 or Telephone Directory Time 496-369 81

Public Telephones
Public telephones and most telephones are administered by the state monopoly Ukertelekom. Ukertelekom has been fighting and successfully resisting Ukrainian legislation to break up its monopoly for several years. This is unfortunate because Ukertelekom's service is horrendous. This can easily be seen by the public telephones. The public telephones are in horrible disrepair and often broken more than they work. Ukrainian's telephone system is pulse dialing instead of touch-tone. If it is difficult to dial a number, it sometimes helps to wait until the entire number's "pulse" is complete before entering the next number. A busy signal is the same sound as an incorrectly dialed number. There are two types of phones: On rare occasions you will find special coin operated telephones, such as near the train station, at the airport, Arcadia beach, and at two locations on Grecheskaya Ploshat (Square) (Греческая Площадь), but the have mostly been replaced by card telephones. To use these phones, dial the number, and only when you hear the phone click, insert a 25 kopeck piece. UTEL phones are located in a handful of restaurants and the port. These phones are used to call internationally or in other Ukrainian cities. Cards are sold at the counter. IMPORTANT: UTEL phone cards cannot be used on normal, Ukertelekom phones and Ukertelekom phonecards cannot be used on UTEL phones. (For more on UTEL phones, see "UTEL" below)


Public Telephone Phone Cards
Ukrainian: Телефонна карта Ukertelekom ( Укертелеком ) Public Telephone phone cards can be purchased at many kiosks throughout Odessa. 2002 prices:
• • • •

The 90 minute card is usually around 7 Hr. The 120 minute card is around 8 Hr. The 180 minute card is around 11 Hr The rarer 240 minute card is around 16 Hr

24 hour operator assistance: English 8-192

Mobile phones & internl calls
University students. In the past 6 years mobile phone ownership in Odessa has skyrocketed. Most young adults have a cell phone. Try www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/dialing.html Calling mobile telephone and different cities within Ukraine or CIS countries


Remember: only blue public telephones will allow you to call long distance. Dial 8 Wait for the dial tone Dial the number. All area codes in Ukraine start with a zero, most, but not all mobile telephones also start with a zero. (Some mobile phones have local telephone numbers, not long distant numbers, which charges the mobile owner the a higher amount for every call) Example: To make a call to Moscow, it is necessary to dial:

8-095-XXX-XX-XX, where 095 city code for Moscow XXX-XX-XX local number
International phone calls
There are several options available to call internationally. To dial internationally from a normal home, hotel, or office phone: Dial 8 Wait for the dial tone Then 10 Then the country code [#codes (See list of country codes)] Then the area code Then the local number For example: To make a call to San Francisco, it is necessary to dial:

8-10-1-415-XXX-XX-XX, where 1 US country code 415 San Francisco City Code XXX-XX-XX local number
Calling Ukraine from Abroad
Dial 011-380 Then the city code (the first 0 is deleted) Then the local number


Calling Odessa
Odessa has two area codes, 0482 and 048(7). Any 7 digit Odessa number that starts with a "7", dial only 048, then the local number which starts with "7". Otherwise, dial 0482, then the number.

Options for international calls

Via the internet:
Two 24-hour Internet cafes, Internet Planet and Mouse Club [Internet_Cafes.htm (See Internet clubs)] offer a cheap way through a computer to call internationally. The connection is not ideal. Often you can not talk simultaneously. Calls to America cost about $0.60 every 5 minutes. Occasionally you must wait to use one of the two phones at Internet Planet (especially between 6-10 pm). The telephone attendant at Mouse Club often goes home at around 10 pm. The best time to call at both clubs is early morning (keep in mind the time difference, "Ukrainian time difference" box). In the early evening the two telephones at Internet Planet is usually incredibly busy, so you must wait. Long distance phone centers These businesses typically have several wooden telephone booths. Calls can be made within Ukraine or worldwide. These businesses are located at: Akademeka Koroleva. 72 (Академика Королева) (Across the street, South of McDonalds) Balkovskaya 54 (Балковская) 22-67-49 Ekaterininskaya 14 (Екатерининская) Grecheskaya Ploshat (Square) 14 (Греческая Площадь) (Southwest side) Kanatnaya 83 (Канатная) 22-61-68 Nezhinskaya 44 (Нежинская) Preobrazhenskaya 62 (Преображенская) [Open 8am - 7 pm lunch from 1pm - 2pm] Rishelevskaya 26 (Ришельевская) Sadovaya 10 (Садовая) Central post office 731-50-05 Train Station You pay the cashier for the call, the cashier will then tell you which booth number to use. The phone will automatically disconnect when the set time runs out. If you do not use all of the money for the call, you can ask the cashier for a refund on the unused money.

Rate for Summer of 2002 for Central post office Sadovaya 10 (Садовая) telephone center: Eastern Europe Central Europe Western Europe Allo (Алло) telephone card Price: around 27 Hr for $5 / 5 units Many Kiosks and business that sell internet and telephone cards also sell an "Allo" telephone card. Allo telephone cards can be used from any non-rotary telephone to call internationally. UTEL phone booths www.utel.com.ua UTEL phones are located in a handful of restaurants and the port. These phones are used to call internationally or in other Ukrainian cities. Cards are sold at the counter. These phone cards cannot be used on normal, Ukertelekom phones. the base of Kimpinksi hotel) (Дерибасовская) $0.50 minute $0.79 minute $1.22 minute

Utel phone

• Passenger Terminal of the Odessa Sea Port Primorskaya 6 (Приморская) (Building at

• Galeria Vop-on-tsov Restaurant/Bar (Бар-Галерея Воронцов) Deribasovskaya 24

• Irish Pub, Deribasovskaya 13 (Дерибасовская) • Greenwich cafe Bunina 21 (Бунина) (up the hill, west of the opera theater)

AT&T collect (To the USA and Canada only) To dial collect, dial 8-100-11 then area code and phone number. Definitely only for emergencies, because one minute is $15, each additional minute is $4.

City and Country Codes Regions and cities in Ukraine: First dial 8 then: (internationally, do not dial the "1") Cherkassy Chernihiv Chernivsti Dnipropetrovsk Donetsk Ivano-Frankivsk Harkiv Herson Hmelnytsky Kiovograd Kyiv Jztomyr (Zhtomyr) Luhansk Lutsk Lviv Mykolayiv Odessa Poltava Rivne Sevastopol Sumy Ternopil Ujzgorod Vinnytsya Zaporijzznya Zhtomyr (Jztomyr) 472 0462, 04622 0372, 03722 056, 0562 062, 0622 034, 0342, 03422 572 552 0382, 03822 522 44 0412, 04122 642 3322 322 512 0482, 0487 0532, 05322 0362, 03622 692 542 0352, 03522 0312, 03122 432 0612, 06122 0412, 04122 International Calls (8-10) International telephone assistance (079) Country Australia Austria Belgium Bulgaria Canada Croatia Cyprus Czechia Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Luxembourg Malta Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom USA Yugoslavia Odessa Phone books and yellow pages Code 61 43 32 359 1 385 357 420 45 358 33 49 30 36 353 39 352 356 31 64 47 48 351 40 421 386 34 46 41 90 44 1

Simferopol (Crimea) 0652, 06522



Portable booth for cell phone cards for several companies, found across the city Portable booth

Portable booth near 10th of April Square Phone in front of Victoria Hotel.

Phone near the entrance of the cable cars

A Ukrainian visa for entering Ukraine is required for citizens of most countries. Visas are issued by Ukrainian Consulates. It is impossible to obtain a Ukrainian visa at airports or Customs' Offices on the border. Ukraine is now considerably more tourist friendly. Visas are easier to obtain. The compulsory medical insurance requirement has been waived (although on the Polish border the officials still try to get tourists on trains to buy the insurance), and the Soviet-era registration requirements have ceased. Because of the changing and confusing nature of visa requirements, detailed requirements are not listed here, refer to the below addresses, web pages, and telephone numbers for more information. Visa applications can be downloaded on the computer. Consulates celebrate all Ukrainian holidays and the holidays of the country they are located in. Many younger Ukrainians have taken several years of English but very few can speak it. Many older Ukrainians have taken German in school. The national language of Ukraine is Ukrainian, but the large majority of Odessites speak Russian. In the Ukrainian language, Odessa is spelled with one s, while in the Russian Language it is spelled with two. But unlike the nationalistic city to the west, Lviv (or Lvov in Russian) Odessites are not very concerned how it is spelled, the languages comfortable co-exist in this cosmopolitan city. All official documents are in Ukrainian, but the population reads, writes and speaks in Russian, with a unique Odessite dialect. Russian is very similar to Ukrainian (Similar to how Portuguese is too Spanish), but most Odessites do not know the language. Russian Alphabet and pronunciation Unlike English, Ninety percent of Russian words are phonetic, what you see is how it sounds, with none of the confusing spelling of English. (The big excption to this is the Russian "O" which has two different sounds) Art Galleries
• Maritime Gallery

Primorskaya 6 (Приморская) (in the port, near Kimpinksi hotel and St. Myckola's church) tel: 7293309 1070 square meters of art. 6 Hr entrance fee.

• Odessa Organization of National Artist's Union of Ukraine

Ekaterininskaya 18 (Екатерининская) Tel: 224897 Open 11 am to 7 pm Closed Sunday Visa MasterCard accepted.

COFEE SHOPS – CAFÉ –COFE Kavos Recommended Location in the city: Center Russian: Кавос Address: Preobrazhenskaya 17 Преображенская 17 Telephone: 7315203 Opening hours: 9 am - 12 pm Credit Cards: No Coffee Shop Location in the city: Center Russian: Address: Pastera 73 Пастера 73 Telephone: 344365 Opening hours: 9 am - 11 pm Credit Cards: No Conveintly located near the Deribasovskaya park/Gor-saud (Горсад) Price range: 6-14 Hr Coffee Bean Recommended Location in the city: Center Russian: Кофе-Бин Address: Troiskaya 52 [Checked: 12 May 2008 in Odessa Yellow pages Credit Cards: Троицкая 52] (Near Aleksandrovsky Ave. [Александровский проспект]) Telephone: 344365

Coffee Bean is the closest thing to a neighborhood coffee house in Odessa. Locals and patrons of and staff from the neighboring hair salon congregate here to drink freshly ground and brewed coffee and to nibble on a selection of middle-eastern sweets. The atmosphere is air-conditioned and international, with interesting world music playing in the background. You can buy cappuccinos and lattes for around 6 Hryvnia, or take home some freshly ground beans from around the world for about 7 Hryvnia for 100 grams. Mako Cafe Location in the city: Center Russian: Address: Preobrazhenskaya 25 Преображенская 25 Telephone: Opening hours: 9am - 11 pm Credit Cards: No Summer Coffee shop behind the Vera Kholodnaya Monument and next to the Tsvetochny Passage (Цветочный пассаж) flower shop.

Sunset Coffee Location in the city: Center Address: Ekaterininskaya Ploshat 9 Екатерининская 9 Telephone: 378208, 8-067-738-23-13

Yellow page coffee and tea shop listings Bekker Russian: Беккер Rishelevskaya 12 Ришельевская 12 V/V Russian: В/В Ismail St. Измаил Ул. 1 Sadovaya Садовая 1 Milan Russian: Милaн 5th Stantsiya(Stop) Bolshovo Fontana 5-я Cтaнция Бoльшoгo Фoнтaнa Mir Coffee Russian: Мир Кофе Grecheskaya 1, Suite 31 Греческая 1,Офис 31 Mustafaevy Russian: Мустафаевы 90 Bazarnaya Базарная 90 Night Coffee Magazine Russian: Ночhоe Kaфe Maгaзиhа Fontanskaya Road 39 Фонтанская Дорога 39 Odespischekombinat Russian: Одеспищекомбинат Bugaevskaya 3 Бугаевская 3





































Survival Russian
The official way to write several letters in Russian is often different from how the letters actually sound. This guide has tried to write these letters in English more as these letters really sound: In this guide to Survival Russian, we have also tried to make the English transcript of Russian words easier to pronounce at a quick glance. The "ah" and "oo" are used only with word groups that may be recognized as English words and out of habit pronounced incorrectly. For example, the last syllable "at" in the Russian word for 11 is pronounced "aht" not like the English word "at". Many buildings, menus, and signs use cursive Russian, of particular note: The cursive T looks like a small "m" The cursive П looks like a small "n" The cursive Д looks like a small "g"

184 Russian Letter Аа Бб Вв Гг Дд Ее Ёё Жж Зз Ии Йй Кк Лл Мм Нн Оо Пп Рр Сс Тт Уу Фф Хх Чч Шш Щщ Ъъ Ьь Ыы Ээ Юю Яя Written in text as A or ah b V g d Ye or e yo zj z hard E y or i k l m n o p r s t u f h ts sh shch --eigh eh U or u ya Equivalent Sound in English A in father B as in boy V as in Very G as in get D as in Dot Ye in yes Yaw in yonder S in measure Z in zero I in machine hard E Ee in see C in cat L in light M in match N in night Two sounds: O in nor Also A as in spa P in please R in rich Often rolled like Spanish "R" S in say T in Tell OO in boot F in Food Scottish 'loch' Guttural sound deep in throat Ts in cats Sh in shoe Shch in fresh cheese, posh china No sound No sound Softens the preceding consonant. Eigh in weigh No real English equivalent. E in men You Ya in yard

How this guide writes russian sounds The official way to write several letters in Russian is often different from how the letters actually sound. This guide has tried to write these letters in English more as these letters really sound:

185 Russian letter Official English equivalent English equivalent in this guide Ж zh Zj Х kh H Ы e Eigh In this guide to Survival Russian, we have also tried to make the English transcript of Russian words easier to pronounce at a quick glance. English transcript A ah E i oo U Pronounced hard A ah Hard E Hard I hard U English equivalent A in Ate Ought or Not E in Eat I as is China oo as is boo U as in you

The "ah" and "oo" are used only with word groups that may be recognized as English words and out of habit pronounced incorrectly. For example, the last syllable "at" in the Russian word for 11 is pronounced "aht" not like the English word "at". Many buildings, menus, and signs use cursive Russian, of particular note: The cursive T looks like a small "m" The cursive П looks like a small "n" The cursive Д looks like a small "g" Καλημερα κυριε Καλημερα κυρια, Καλημερα δεσποινις Πως είστε? Πολύ καλά ευχαριστώ Θα ήθελα να σας ρωτησω Μπορούσατε Πιστεύετε αλήθεια Αυτή τη γνώμη Ευχαριστώ Με συγχωρειτε, συγνωμη Σας είμαι πολύ υποχρεωμένος Παρακαλω δεχτειτε τις ευχές μου Όλα είναι θαυμασια Ωραιος Σας εφερα μια επιστολή Αντίο θα σας ειμαι υπόχρεως Πότε θα εχω την ευχαρίστηση να σας Ντόμπρυι ντιέν γκασπαντίν Ντομπρυι ντιεν γκασποζά Ντόμπρυι ντιέν μπαρύσνια Κακ ντιελά? Ότσεν χαρασό, σπασιμπα Παζελάλ μπυ βας σπράσιτ Μαγκλί Βιερούγιετε πράβντα Ετα μιένιε Σπασίμπα Πραστίτε μνιέ Για ναμ οτσεν αμπιαζάν Πρασού πριμίτε μοι παζελάνια Φσιο τσουντιέσνα Χαρασόγια Πρινασού πισμό Ντασφιντανια γκασπαντιν για βαμ οτσεν αμπιεζαν Καγκντά μπούντου ιμέτ ουνταβόλστβιε απιατ βας

186 ξαναδω? Ευχαρίστως Παρακαλώ Ευχαριστω Μου αρεσει Παρακαλώ σερβίρετε Παρακαλώ φέρτε μου Παρακαλώ συστηστε μου Παρακαλώ εξηγηστε μου Παρακαλώ πειτε μου Που μπορω να βρω Ένα καλό ξενοδοχείο Ευχαριστω παρα πολύ Αυτό είναι πολύ ευγενικο Εκ μερους σας Ορίστε, ευχαριστω πολύ Που είναι το δωματιο Παρακαλω δωστε μου το κλειδι Εχω επιστολή Παρακαλώ φωναξτε ένα ταξι Παρακαλώ κάντε λογαριασμο Μου αρεσει η μουσική Θα ευχαριστηθω πολύ Αντιο μεχρι το βραδυ Μπορω να διαλέξω Με συγχωρείτε, μπορώ Ευχαριστώ πολύ Σας παρακαλώ δείξτε μου τη τράπεζα Παρακαλώ εποιμάστε μου Που περιπου είναι το κέτρο της πόλεως Τι μπορει να δει κανεις στη Οδησσό Τι κτιριο είναι εκείνο Που στεκονται τα λεοφωρεια για Σου ευχομαι χρονια καλα, χρονια πολλά Εισαι αγγελος, ο δικός μου αγγελος Δώστε μου παρακαλώ ένα Καλό απογευμα Αννα Πως εισαι? ουβίντετ Σουνταβόλστβιεμ Πρασού Σπασίμπα Μνιε νραβίτσια Πρασού παντάιτε Πρασού πρινασίτε

Γκνιέ μαγκού ναιτί Χαρασόγου γκαστινίτσου Οτσεν σπασίμπα Ετα ότσεν βιέζλιβα Σβασέι σταρανύ Παζάλουιτε, οτσεν σπασίμπα Γκνιέ κόμνατα Πρασού νταιτε μοι κλιουτς Ιμεγιου πισμό Πρασού παζαβίτε τακσί Πρασού ζντιελάιτε μοι στσιότ Μνιέ νραβίτσια μουζνα Για μπούντου ότσεν ράτ Ντασφιντάνιε ντα βετσερα. Χατσού βυμπράτ Ιζβιτίτε, μαγκού Μπαλσόγιε σπασίμπα Πρασού πακαζίτε μνιέ μπάνκα Πρασού πριγκατόφτε Ανά πριμπιλιζιτελνα φτσέντρε γκόραντα Στο μοζνα βιντέτ Οδεσσα γκόραντε Στο έτα ζα ζντάνιε? Γκνιέ σταγιάτ αφτομπούσυ ντλιά… Για βαμ ζιλάγιου χαρασο λιετ, μνογκα λιέτ Τυ ανγκέλι, μοι αγγέλι Ντάιτε παζάλουστα αντιν Ντομπρυι αμπιεντα Αννα Κακ ντιελά


187 Πέστε μου παρακαλώ που είναι το ανθοπωλείο Θα ηθελα παρακαλω τριαντάφυλλα Ένα μπουκετο Κάθε ημερα σ αυτή τη διεύθυνση Πόσο κοστιζει Eπιτέλους Anna face to face Εχεις πολύ ωραιο προσωπο, Πολύ ωραια ματια Πιο ωραια από φωτογραφίες Με κάνεις πολύ χαρούμενο Ετσι είναι τα πραγματα Μπορουμε να αφησουμε αποσκευες Σε ένα ξενοδοχείο Ρωτησε με ότι σκέφτεσαι Ξερω δεν είναι νορμαλ ότι συμβαινει Ξερω τι σκεφτεσαι αυτό δεν είναι δυνατο Αλλα συμβαίνει Γιατι αξιζει πολύ καλο καοι στους 2 Δεν ειμαστε συνιθυσμένοι Η οικογενειας μου Αρχιζει από εδώ. Δες αυτό το δαχτυλιδι Μιλησε μου για τη δικη σου Μέσα στα ματια σου βλεπω Πολύ αρμονικη γυναικα Πολύ καλη ψυχη Γατα και τιγρη Θελω να εισαι η καλύτερη μου φιλη Παντα κατ αρχήν αληθεια μεταξυ μας Δεν θελω Βarbie Θελω εξυπνη, διπλωματικη γυναίκα Δεν θελω γυναικα για κουζινα Σκαζίτε παζάλουστα γκντιέ ναχοντιτσια μαγκαζίν Πρασού χατσού ροσα Ατνο ροσα μπουκέτ Καζντυι ντιέν ετα αντρές Σκόλκα στοιτ? Νακάνετς Αννα βιντιμ τυ μπλίσκα Ιμέγιες μνόγκο πρικράσνα λίτσο Ι μνογκο πρικρασνα γλάζα Μνογκο μνογκο οτ φοτογραφιγια Αναστ. Νε βιέρουγιτ για, τυ, ζντιές. Τακίε ντιελά Μαγκού μοι μπαγκάζ Χαρασό γκαστινίτσου Ζναιο ετο νε νορμαλ Ζναιο τυ βερούγιετε, έτο νεβαζμόζνα Παταμού στοιτ μνογκο χαρασο για ι τύ Για ι τύ νε νορμαλ Μόι φαμίλια νατιναγέτσια ζντιεσ Πρασού βιντιτε ετο Γκαβαρίτε πρασου τβοι φαμιλια Βιντιμ τβοι γλαζα Μνογο harmony ζενα Μνογκο χαρασο Cat I tigr Χατσου τυ μοι μνογο μνογο χαρασό ωτρούγκι Χατσου σνατσάλα πραβντα ιο ι τυ Νε χατσού Μπάρμπι Χατσου smart clever intelligent diplomatic ζενα Νε χατσου ζενα ντλιά γιεντού

188 Θελω γυναίκα συντροφο Πως θα παμε ξενοδοχειο μου? Εχεις αυτοκίνητο Εγω 2 citroen Mercedes Που θελεις να πάμε Τι είναι αυτό το μέρος? Πως παμε εκεί Κοντα στη θάλασσα? Μπορω να σας προσφερω ένα καφέ? Ναι, Δέχομαι ευχαρίστως Πραγματικά, αυτό είναι δυνατόν Εγω Ελλαδα εσυ Ουκρανια Μαγεια Πήρα ένα αεροπλανο Ηρθα εδώ, υπέροχη ιδεα Μην εκπλήσεστε Ειμαι βεβαιος ξερεται ότι εχετε Αυτό που αληθινά θέλετε Η γνωμη μου είναι ότι βλέπω Μια πολύ καλη γυναικα Πολύ καλό φίλο Για πολύ καλή οικογενεια Και δουλειά παντα με διασκέδαση Γυναικα για ασταματητη διασκεδαση Adventure party για χαρασο Οι άλλες γυναικες δεν μπορούσαν Χατσου ζενα παρτνερ. Κακ παιτι μοι γκαστινιτσου? Ιμέγιες car? Iμεγιου ντβα, citroen , Mercedes Γκντιέ χοτσετε παιτι? Στο ετα ζα μιέστο? Κακ παιτι τουντά? Μπλίσκα μάρε? Μαγκού πριεντλόζιτ βαμ ατνό κόφε Ντα σουνταβολστβιεμ πρίμου Πραβντα έτο βαζμόζνα Ια γκρέκ, τυ ουκράινε, Ματζικ Ατνο αεραπλάνε Παιτι ζντιές, χαρασόγια idea Nε ουντιβλιάγετε Για ουβέρεν, ζναγιετε, τυ ιμέγιετε, Στο τυ πράβντα χατσού Μοι μιένιε, για βιντιμ ζντιές Ατνα μνογκο χαρασό ζένα Μνογκο χαρασό ντρούγκι Ντλιά χαρασό φαμίλια Ι ντιελά ι fun, adventure, joy. Zena ntlia non stop party Adventure party για χαρασο Πρε ζενα ντρουγκι νε μογκου αντιος

Useful Russian phrases
English Welcome Hello Русский (Russian) Добро пожаловать (Dobro požalovat') Здравствуйте Привет (Зкшмуе)

Алло (Alló) - on phone How are you? Как дела? (Kak dela) Как поживаешь (Kak požyivaješ) Как поживаете (Kak požyvajete) Спасибо, хорошо. А у вас? Spasiba, horošo. A u vas? Сколько лет, сколько зим! (Skol'ko let/zim) Как тебя зовут? Kak teb'a zovut? Как вас зовут? Kak Vas zovut? Меня зовут...Menia zovut Panayotic Oткуда вы? Otkuda vy? Oткуда ты? Otkuda ty? Я из ... Ja iz Athens / Greece Очень приятно Očen' prijatno Приятно познакомится Prijatno poznakomitsa Доброе утро Dobroe utro Добрый день Dobryj dien Добрый вечер Dobryj večer Спокойной ночи Spokojnoj noči До свидания Удачи! Do svidanija

thanks I'm fine, And you? Long time no see What's your name? My name is ... Where are you from? I'm from ...

Pleased to meet you Good morning Good afternoon Good evening Good night Goodbye Good luck Good health! Have a nice day Bon appetit


Будем здоровы! Budem zdorovy Хорошего Дня Xarošego Dnja Приятного аппетита! (Prijatnogo appetita) Счастливого пути (Sčastlivogo puti) Я не понимаю

Bon voyage I don't understand

(Ya ne ponimaju) Вы не могли бы говоpить помедленнее! Vy ne mogli by govorit’ Please speak more slowly pomedlennee Помедленнее пожалуйста? Pomedlennee požalujsta? Please write it down Запишите, пожалуйста Zapišite, požalujsta Вы говорите по-русски? Do you speak Russian? Yes, a little Мн пщмщкшеу зщ-кгыылш Ты говориш по-русски, Ty govoriš po-russki Да, немного Da, nemnogo How do you say ... in Russian? Как сказать ... по-русски? Kak ty skazat' (my warmest wishes) po-russki? Извините! Izvinite Сколько это стоит? Skol'ko eto stoit? Простите! Prastite Спасибо Spasibo Огpомное спасибо Ogromnoe spasibo Большое спасибо Bol'šoe spasibo Благодарю вас Blagodarju vas Не за что Ne za čto Пожалуйста Požalujsta

Excuse me

How much is this?


Thank you


Where's the toilet? Где туалет? Gde tualet? Этот мужчина платит за всё This gentleman/lady will pay for everything (Etot mužčina platit za vsë) Эта дама платит за всё (Eta dama platit za vsë) Would you like to dance with me? I love you Хотите потанцевать (Xotite potancevat) Я тебя люблю Ja teb'a l'ubl'u Выздоравливай(те) Get well soon (Vyzdoravlivaj(te)) Поправляйся / Поправляйтесь (Popravljajsja / Popravljajtes) Leave me alone! Help! Fire! Stop! Call the police! Оставьте меня в покое! (Ostav'te menja v pokoe) Помогите! (Pomogite!) Пожар! (Požar!) Стой! (Stoj!) Позвоните в милицию! (Pozvonite v militsiju) С Рождеством Христовым и С наступающим Новым Годом (Ы Кщžвуыемщь Лркшыещмнь ш Ы тфыегзфнгščшь Тщмнь Пщвщь)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Христос воскресе (Xristos voskrese) Happy Easter Christ resurrected воистину воскресе (voistinu voskrese) – reply Happy Birthday С днем рождения (S dniom roždenija) Один язык недостаточно One language is never enough (Odin jazyk nedostatočno) Знать один язык недостаточно (Znatʼ odin jazyk nedostatočno)

Знать один язык - это недостаточно (Znatʼ odin jazyk - eto nedostatočno) My hovercraft is full of eels Моё судно на воздушной подушке полно угрей (Moio sudno na vozdušnoy poduške polno ugrey)

Greetings Hello! (formal) / Здравствуйте [Zd`rastvuyte] (formal)

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