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Advanced Autoclaves & Sterilizers

The most comprehensive range of Fully-automatic & Semi-automatic

Vertical / Horizontal / Portable Autoclaves & Sterilizers
for R & D Centres in:


Health care

Dental Hospitals

Pharmaceutical companies

Food and Water Management

Industrial microbiology


Fully Automatic series Semi Automatic Series Double Wall Autoclave with vacuum Gas cum Electric Autoclaves

Front Loading Flash Sterilizer Semi Automatic Portable Steam Sterilizer Horizontal Sterilizer

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Pedal Free System

Pedal Free system in Vertical Autoclaves is introduced for the first time in India. This system enables you to lift the lid very easily and safely. It also reduces the loading height. This allows the user to lift the lid by only 3 to 4 mm

Other Unique plus points of fully automatic autoclave

Flexible Load Sensor Fully Automatic Autoclaves are provided with a very unique Flexible Load Sensor which enables the user to place the load sensor anywhere in the chain. This can be placed in the Flask, Petridish, Linen or any load. This enables the user to track if the desired temperature is achieved in the load or not Micro Processor Controller The unique microprocessor temperature controller provides facility to program the cycle with a feather-touch panel

Unique features contd… Option of fast cooling and slow cooling Our Fully Automatic Autoclave provides the user option to select fast cooling or slow cooling depending on the load configuration Robustly Built Chamber Our Autoclaves are robustly built with latest welding technique which gives you much higher working pressure and test pressure than any other autoclave in its category Robustly built chamber is capable of giving you working pressure of 20 psi and test pressure of 30 psi. Silicon gasket Our autoclaves are provided with a high quality food-grade silicon gasket which ensures longer durability sealing under the pressure

Laboratory Autoclaves (Fully Automatic Series)

Fully Automatic - GMP compliant series
Models: FA – 35 / FA – 52 / FA – 111 / FA –178

Used in: Microbiology laboratories / Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology / R & D / Drug Discovery Media temperature controlled timing with flexible sensor            Unique Pedal Free design Lower working height Precise control with microprocessors User settable multi-program setting Flexible load sensor Data logging of 2 sensors Automatic purging / venting Low water level protection Cooling can be either fast or slow Self-diagnostic errors display IO / OQ /PQ documentation

Laboratory Autoclaves (Semi Automatic Series)

Laboratory Autoclaves (Semi Automatic Series)
Models: SA – 35 / SA – 52 / SA – 111 / SA –178

Used in: Pharmaceutical / Food / Water / Microbiology Laboratories / Biotechnology R & D and Drug Discovery

India’s first Pedal Free series
 Microprocessor based PID controller with dual display for temp. & time  Unique Pedal Free Design  Reduced loading height  No hinge or shaking lids  Fully SS 304 construction  30 psi models also available

Double Wall Autoclave with vacuum

Double Wall Autoclave with vacuum
Models: DW – 35 / DW – 75 / DW – 111 / DW –35V / DW – 75V / DW – 111V

Used in: All Hospitals / R & D centers and Microbiology Laboratories

India’s first Pedal Free series
 Top-end model for sterilization of all critical applications with exact reproducibility  Unique double-wall design  Heavy duty jacket  Fully automatic operation  Microprocessor based PID controller with dual display for temperature and time  Pre and post vacuum available  Excellent performance in drying  Reduced loading height

Gas cum Electric Autoclaves operating on LPG with vacuum

Gas cum Electric Autoclaves operating on LPG with vacuum
Model: GA 35 / GA 75

Saves upto 50% energy cost as compared to electricity

India’s first Pedal Free series
 First time in India  Energy efficient LPG operated autoclave  Big advantage where electricity is a major problem  Steam generated by LPG / electricity  Vacuum drying available

Portable Steam Sterilizer (Semi Automatic)

Portable Steam Sterilizer (Semi Automatic)
Models: PA 06 / PA 12 / PA 21 / PA 21S
Used in: Opthalmic / Dental clinics / Day care centers / R&D centers / Laboratories etc.

 SS Seamless diepressed deep drawn chamber  Microprocessor based PID controller with dual display for temperature & time  Fully SS construction  Dual safety valves

Unique Additional Features
 Microprocessor digital temperature controller cum timer  Over-heat auto shut-down at 1350 C dual display  Unique shape heater of outer SS tubing  Food grade silicon rubber gasket for better durability  Specially designed for optimum chamber usage  Calibrated temperature cum pressure gauge  Colour coded monitoring gauge  SS safety valve  Vacuum breaker to remove air-pockets in the chamber

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Front Loading Flash Sterilizer

Front Loading Flash Sterilizer
Model: FL 17
Used in: Opthalmic / Dental clinics / Day care centers / R&D centers / Microbiology Laboratories etc  Table-top Front Loading autoclave
 Fully automatic microprocessor based control  Sterilisation chamber made up of thick SS sheet. Tested for high pressure  Digital time both for wet and dry cycles  Autodrain of water to reservoir tank and also condensation of steam  Alarm after the total command is completed  Cycle time 10-15 minutes

Horizontal Sterilizer

Horizontal Sterilizer
Models: Rectangular / Cylindrical / STD / HPHV Used in: large sterilizer for Hospitals / Laboratories / R&D Laboratories / CSSD departments

 GMP compliant  Semi-automatic operation  Pressure switch control  High pressure, high vacuum option  Low water level cut-off  On-line validation option Models subject to change without notice

The most comprehensive range of
Fully / Semi automatic Vertical / Horizontal / Portable Autoclaves & Sterilizers

for use in
R & D Centres in…
Microbiology Laboratories / Pharmaceutical Companies / Biotechnology / Drug Discovery / Food & Water Management / Opthalmic Centers / Dental Clinics / Day Care Centers / large sterilizer for hospitals and CSSD departments CONTACT …

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