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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Public Works and Highways

Zardonyx Street, Taculing, Bacolod City



The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) thru its Bids and Awards
Committee (BAC), Bacolod City District Engineering Office, is inviting Services/Labor (Pakyaw)
Group to apply for eligibility & to bid for the furnishing of labor for the preparation of
Parcellary Survey and subdivision plan for the Implementation of CP.RI.2.4: BacolodKabankalan (Bacolod-Bago Section) under National Road Improvement and Management
Program, Phase II (NRIMP-2), Bacolod City Section.
Work Description

Detailed survey and mapping



Unit Cost

130 lots


Establishment of horizontal ground controls

Traverse survey based on the Second Order Accuracy
Research work of Affected lots/real properties
Monumenting/Placing of permanent reference points

Parcellary Survey Plans

The Plan (A-1 size mylar) shall consist of the following:
1. Cover sheet
2. Location Plan showing the adjoining Barangays, vicinity map, general notes,
direction of meridian, technical description of all controlling points,
legends/symbols, index map;
3. Plotted in grid coordinate system;
4. Right-of-way limit
5. Match line stationing in every sheet of plan
6. Name of Barangay to be traversed/affected
7. Technical descriptions of monuments/reference points
8. Land classification (residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial)
9. Stationing at every 100 meters interval
10. All corners shall be indicated by small circle with their respective number
11. Name, license number, date and place of issuance, signature and seal of
Geodetic Engineer
12. Date of Survey
13. Waiver drafted in every sheet of plans
14. Name of signatories/approving officials in every sheet of plan
15. Indicate per sheet in tabular form the following:
- Name of Claimant/s or owner/s of lots with corresponding not no. and lot
areas (remaining & affected) in square meter.
- Technical description and tie lines of all lots affected by the ROW
- Names of affected lot owners, the area of lot affected and area of lot

Subdivision Plans

All subdivision plans drawn in suitable scale and shall be prepared in a

standard LMS Form. This plan shall be compiled together with the
computation of the technical descriptions of the lot. The subdivision plan
shall be presented following the format specified by the Lands
Management Services (LMS), DENR together with other survey returns to
be approved by the said agency to be used for land registration purposes.
The subdivision plans shall be signed/certified for conformity by the Head
of the Implementing Office or District Engineer concerned prior to
submission to the LMS, DENR for approval.

Other Related Documents


Lot data computation of affected lots

The lot data computation that shall delineate the affected area from the
mother lot shall be prepared on prescribed LMB Forms.

Miscellaneous Data
This shall include all research materials and documents pertaining to the
affected lots such as certified true copies of OCT/TCT, technical
description of the lot, tax declaration of real property and approved
subdivision plans in LNSB Form.

Note: (including tools)

Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) = P2,340,000.00
Contract Duration: 45 Calendar Days

Pre-construction Activities


1. Issuance of the Application to undertake

Sept 2-23, 2013
Work by Pakyaw/Services System and Bid Proposal
2. Pre-bid Conference

September 9, 2013

3. Submission of Application & Bid Proposal

September 23, 2013, on

or before 10:00AM
September 23, 2013 at 10:01 AM

4. Opening of Bids

The Implementing Agency reserves the right to reject any or all bids, waive any minor
defects therein, and accept the offer most advantageous to the government.

BAC Chairman
Date of Posting: September 2-8, 2013