MEDICAL TOURISM INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS FORTIS HOSPITALS The Medical Value that we bring to our services is because the

Fortis Healthcare team of expert doctors, mostly western trained, is supported by highly skilled nursing professionals, technicians, and aided by state-of-the-art medical equipment at their command. At Fortis Healthcare, we recognize that international patients have special needs and requirements and desire real medical value when they travel to India. To provide a highly specialized and dedicated service, we have created the Fortis Healthcare international Patients Service Centre at New Delhi, India. Various medical specialties offered to our International patients are: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Cardiology Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery Orthopaedics Orthopaedic Surgery (Total Hip/Knee Replacements, Joint Replacements) Plastic Surgery Cosmetic Surgery Bariatric Surgery (Gastric By Pass Surgery, Gastric Banding etc) Gynaecology & Obstetrics General Sugery Minimal Invasive Surgery Neurology & Neuro Surgery Nephrology (Dialysis) Paediatrics & Paediatric Surgery Pulmonology Renal Sciences (Renal Transplantation) ENT Opthalmology (Eye) Psychiatry

For you, this means a menu of seamless services that will make your treatment and trip hassle-free, i.e. from greeting you at the airport, to your registration & discharge, and even organizing the ground handling of any post-treatment travel. After all, taking care of guests is an ageless Indian tradition.

WHY FORTIS HOSPITALS Fortis healthcare limited: a new world of patient care: Forged with passion and compassion Fortis Healthcare Limited (FHL) is an enterprise from the promoters of Ranbaxy, a global giant and India’s largest pharmaceutical company. In a short span of time since inception of our first hospital in 2001, the Fortis Healthcare network has grown today to 13 Hospitals with a bed capacity of around 1893 beds establishing itself as one of the largest private healthcare delivery Companies in India. Our hospitals include multi-speciality hospitals and ‘Centres of Excellence” providing tertiary and quaternary healthcare in key speciality areas like: Cardiac care Orthopaedics Neurosciences Renal Care Pulmonology & Thoracic surgery Diabetic care Cosmetic surgery & many more We have skilled doctors dedicated to quality patient care. Our IT infrastructure has been recognized as among the best in the healthcare delivery industry. We were named” Best IT User” for “Infrastructure in Healthcare” at the 2005 NASSCOM India IT User Awards. Our laboratory services are internationally recognized, run by SRLRanbaxy- India's first CAP (College of American Pathologists) and NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) accredited laboratory. The Fortis-Escorts hospital network- a recent amalgam- has an extensive cardiac program, performing more than 6,000 Open Heart surgeries, 5000 angioplasties and 16,000 angiographies in the last fiscal year. Fortis Healthcare mohali is the region’s leading multi-speciality hospital, with a superspeciality in Heart. Bringing breakthrough technologies to the operating room, the hospital is setting the highest International standards in as many as 26 Medical specialities. All efforts are geared to giving patients the highest degree of skill, worldclass cardiac care and comfort. The hospital, which was awarded the Best Design Award by the American Institute of Architecture in 1999, has the following facilities: A Multi-speciality Medical Centre with day care facilities. NABL certified path lab.

State of art blood bank. State of Art Operation Theatres with laminar flow with shadow less lighting A 24 hours Emergency Ambulance service. A dedicated Emergency & Trauma centre Mohali's only 24hr Chemist Shop Fortis Hospital Noida, near Delhi, is a Centre of Excellence for Orthopaedics and Neurosciences with a focus on Cardiac Sciences, Minimally Invasive Surgeries and Oncology. It also provides tertiary treatment in key specialities such as: Renal Sciences, Genito-urinary diseases, gastrointestinal diseases as well as many other disciplines. The second mega hub hospital, in the Fortis Healthcare group, focuses on the special needs of patients and their families. The hospital has been designed and developed to deliver patient care with maximum ease and effectiveness. Fortis Healthcare flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital is a 158 bed hospital in Vasant Kunj, South Delhi, 20 minutes from international Airport. The hospital is a Centre of Excellence for: • • • • • • • • • Cardiac Sciences Renal Sciences Diabetology Pulmonology and Thoracic Sciences while being a specialty center for: Joint Replacement Genito-urinary Hi end Cosmetic Surgery Dental and other multispecialities.

Fortis Healthcare la Femme, New Delhi, a “boutique” style 50 bed facility in the heart of the city, focuses on women’s health, maternity care and and Cosmetic Surgery. An exclusive women’s hospital, Fortis Healthcare la femme offers a wide range of services catering to a woman’s health needs – for all major ailments and conditions she may be afflicted with. The span from adolescence to post menopause, therefore, provides a much-needed continuum of care for all her healthcare concerns. The Key medical specialities at Fortis Healthcare la Femme are:
• • • Obstetrics Gynaecology Neonatology

• •

Cosmetic Surgery– performed by the only active member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons in India. General and Laparoscopic Surgery

The hospital projects state of the art infrastructure and patient friendly ambience. What differentiates Fortis Healthcare Limited is its strict adherence to best international clinical protocols in Patient Handling, Operation Theaters, ICU Management and Emergency Care- they are modern patient-centric hospitals facilities: Larger-than- average bed-to-floorspace ratio in all our patient rooms The 1:1 nurse-patient ratio in our ICUs and ICCUs We have assembled the finest medical talents- physicians, surgeons, caring nurses, technicians and hospital staff. The skills of many of our doctors and management professionals have been enriched with international experience. In order to provide International Patients with the highest level of service quality from arrival to departure in India with seamless registration and discharge at the hospital, with an element of warmth, we have created the Fortis Healthcare international Patient Service Centre at New Delhi. We have experienced patients walking through our doors from across the globe – Middle East, CIS, UK and US to name a few. Select hospitals within the Group are empanelled by top International Insurance Companies like CIGNA, Aetna, HTH Worldwide, World Access International from USA besides BUPA, GMC and Vanbreda. With the burgeoning Fortis Healthcare network, patients at any Fortis hospital become beneficiaries of an enriched wealth of interactive medical expertise and a reassuringly consistent quality of medical treatment – medical excellence that is enhance through compassionate care ……. the Fortisway.

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