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NOTE: This poem was

written by Rizal was
almost at the age of fifteen
and a student at the Ateneo
not long before he
graduated. It may be noted
that the Jesuits held to a
strong relationship
between education and
faith, the ratio studiorum.
-- rly

Through Religion,
Education gains renown,

Tempestuous Boreas [The

north wind -- rly], who
fiercely wields

Woe to the impious mind

that blindly spurning

His power until he proudly

sends her down

The sapient teachings of

Religion, this

Into the deep abysses of

the angered sea.

Unpolluted fountainhead

As the sprout, growing

from the pompous vine,
Proudly offers us its
honeyed clusters
While the generous and
freshning waters

As the climbing ivy over

lofty elm

As heavens dew the

meadow feeds and
So that blooming flowers
all the earth
Embroider in the days of
spring; so also
If Religion holy nourishes

Of celestial virtue give

new life

Education with its

doctrines, she

To Education true,

Shall walk in joy and


On it warmth and light;

because of them

Toward the Good, and

everywhere bestrew

The vine smells sweet and

gives delicious fruit.

The fragrant and luxuriant

fruits of Virtue.

The ivy would impotent

and friendless wither;

Without Religion,
Human Education

19 April 1876.

So is Education to Religion

Is like unto a vessel struck

by winds

Creeps tortuously, together

the adornment
Of the verdant plain,
Each other and together
But should the kindly elm
refuse its aid

By spiritual alliance firmly


Which, sore beset, is of its

helm deprived
By the roaring blows and
buffets of the dread


As I read Dr. Rizals writing about Education and Religion, with metaphorical and
artistic way by using words that represents nature, and these words ignite my
imagination, it was like in a dream, where Education is the tree and Religion is the
ground, working together to create a new seed, with Educations branches waving in the
air, with her leaves riding the wind and as the rain falls down, each leaves that fell to the
ground became a new seed. As I have read from Rizals point of view, every man/ child/
student has two aspects that he should find within the university he chooses and viceversa, each university should provide complete Intellectual aspect, Moral aspect and
Spiritual aspect.
From the first stanza, my own interpretation is that, Rizal points out that one does
not stand firmly if the other is not present. Education as the ivy, and Religion as the elm
tree, that Religion refined and purified what Education reveals, Religion limits the
Educations scope and if ever Religion stopped limiting Education, Education would be
pointless. From the second stanza, it was fruits being made by a tree, if it would be seen
as a person, it would be a person which is morally correct, intelligent and God-fearing.
From the third stanza, where in, if a person lacks Spiritual stability and Moral orientation,
his intellect can be easily shaken down by culture and society. And lastly, if Religion
continually supports Education, then each student and/or professor will have complete
moral, spiritual and intellectual aspect.
If I would reflect on Rizals thoughts and apply it to what the society is now, if
each citizen, had a complete spiritual, moral and intellect, the nation would be better.