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The Pictorialist

February 2015
Newsletter of the Photo Pictorialists of Milwaukee
Established 1904
Affiliated with the Photographic Society of America
Wisconsin Area Camera Clubs Organization
And the Wisconsin Print Circuit
Richard Yehl, President; Kathy Braun, Vice President: Dixie Lowin, Treasurer
Bert Hartinger, Secretary-Editor; Webmaster; Sandra Weber
Meetings are held the first Thursday of each month, from September thru May, except for Jan. 8, Mar. 19, and
Apr. 9, at 7pm, in the Luther Manor Conference Room, 4545 N. 92nd St., Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
February 5 Program
Our January 8 meeting was called off because of
very cold weather (this is Wisconsin). So we are
starting 2015 with the same terrific program as
listed in the January newsletter. It is a slideshow of
John and Dixie Lowin photographs taken in Africa.
Some of the old timers in the club have seen these
pictures, and will want to see them again. For the
new members of the club seeing them for the first
time will be a real treat, not to be missed.
If time allows, there will be a discussion about
improving vacation and travel photography. Send
Sandra Weber one such digital image, or bring it to
the meeting on a memory stick.

priced at only $8.00. Jones is a nature, travel and

wildlife photographer, a Canon Explorer of Light.
The seminar will be held March 21, from 9am to 1
pm, at the Mequon Nature Preserve, 8200 W.
County Line Road. Go to the WACCO website to
get the entry form. At only $8.00 this is a bargain.
Club Outings and Photo Opportunities
On January 31 there will be an outing to Lake
Geneva to take in the United States National Snow
Sculpting Competition. The winning sculptures will
be announced at 3pm in the Riviera Ballroom just
across the street from where the carvings will be.
From 11am to 4pm the Ballroom will have music, a
magic show, and light refreshments.

Here are some other photo opportunities.
A group show of photographs, selected from the
large show which was exhibited in the Milwaukee
City Hall, has been hung in the LM Welcome
Center. There were about ninety photos in that
show, enough for two more displays at Luther
Adam Jones Seminar March 21
WACCO is sponsoring a seminar featuring Adam
Jones, a Canon Explorer of Light. It is bargain

The Grohmann Museum at MSOE, 100 N.

Broadway, is free to anyone with a Milwaukee
County library card. The Zoo is free Jan. 3 and Feb.
7. The Public Museum is free the first Thursday of
each month to Milwaukee County residents. The
Milwaukee Art Museum is free the first Thursday of
the month. he Domes are free from 9 to noon on
Mondays to Milwaukee County residents. The
popular model train show runs from Jan. 17 to
March 15. And see our web site.

If you hurry, there is time to see and photograph a

wonderful exhibit at Villa Terrace, by Jennifer
Angus. She is an entomologist from UW-Madison,
and her art work consists of insects in beautiful
colorful arrangements. Dont worry, the bugs are all
dead. The show runs thru Feb. 7.
Treat Schedule
February 5 Richard Yehl
March 19 John and Sandra Weber
April 9 Pauline Beck
May 7 Competition night bring snacks to share
Beetle Art

Richard working on the Welcome Center exhibit

and then
photographing it.

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