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means there has not been

development in Rivers
Bayelsa states.

President Jonathan, who spoke during the presidential
rally of the Peoples Democratic Party at the Adokiye
Amiesimaka Stadium in Igwuruta-Ali, Ikwerre Local
Government of Rivers State, however, promised to
develop the South-South region if elected for a second
term in office.
The President was reacting to the criticism by
Amaechi, who is also the Director-General of the All
Organisation, that he (Jonathan) had not done
anything for Rivers and Bayelsa states.
Describing Amaechis statement as a challenge,
Jonathan admitted that though he had not allocated
more development to his people, the situation was an
indication that he (Jonathan) meant well for the
He pointed out that he accepted Amaechis challenge,
but would do something for the South-South states
when he is re-elected,
The President said, What I want to tell you and the
rest of the country is that the director-general of the
APC presidential campaign organisation, when he was
in Yenagoa and when he was in Port Harcourt,
mentioned clearly that the President had done nothing
for the two states.
Dont worry. It is good news because people are
saying that I concentrated development in the SouthSouth. Bayelsa State was part of Rivers State. Then, if
I dont concentrate development in this state, that


The DG (Amaechi) is telling

Nigerians that I have not done this.
That means that I am a transparent
person. I did not allocate positions to
my people. The DG would have been
very first person to expose me to the rest of the world;
not just Nigeria. He would have taken me to America,
to South Africa, to France, to UK, but that shows
clearly that we mean well for this country.
In our development, every part of Nigeria must be
carried along. You will agree with me that when we
looked at the university education, and we insisted that
look, the Federal Government must make sure that all
Nigerian youths must have opportunity for university
We did not divide North or South; we made sure that
all the states that had no federal university got a
federal university. I am not going to comment on
development in Rivers State and Bayelsa states. I can
reassure you that just work with us; vote for us on
February 14, for me and Sambo and on February 28,
for Wike and Ipalibo. Since we have been challenged
that we have not done anything, we will do something.
Earlier, the PDP governorship candidate in the state,
Chief Nyesom Wike, had expressed confidence that
the party would win the February 2015 presidential and
governorship elections.
Calling on the people of the state to vote for the PDP,
Wike, who was formally presented with his partys flag,
criticised Amaechi for his (Amaechi) refusal to approve
the application by the state PDP for the usage of the
Adokiye Amiesimaka Stadium.
In her remarked, the Presidents wife, Patience,
boasted that the PDP would get over 2.4 million votes
in Rivers State, adding that such a feat would be an
improvement on the 2 million votes won by the party in

Mrs. Jonathan said that only the PDP had done a lot in
the area of women empowerment, maintaining that the
women had been able to manage the economy of the