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and Willy discuss Evils of Homosexuality

2015 January 27 SLC, Utah

Yesterday, within an hour after the church's press conference to announce its "support of
LGBT nondiscrimination legislation," a TBM "friend" on Facebook named "Brigham"
posted the following rant. I tried to have an honest conversation with him, but I noticed
later in the day that Brigham had deleted all of my comments, showing his unwillingness
to continue an open discussion by the use of censorship, similar to how the church itself
acts today.
Admittedly, Brigham (late 40s white male Utahn) is somewhat of an extremist, but other
"normal" TBM friends were chirping in between comments in strong support of Brigham. I
deleted all but one chirp for brevity.
It is nut job priesthood leaders in the church like Brigham that helped me to decide to
keep my children away from the Primary and Sunday School programs.
-- Willy Foraday

Brigham: What in the world is our church doing today. You cannot mix with the beast
without becoming tainted by it's habits! Sodom and Gamorah or even the fall of Rome
due to its issues with the weakening of the human race through the coupling of man on
man or women on women are prime examples of what happens when society becomes so
disillusioned and corrupted and filthy. We are made in God's image. We are all spirit
children of Him and our Heavenly Mother, who is so little talked about, not because of her
nonexistence, but because if we so spurned her in name and deed as we do God, our
condemnation would be swift and sure. Knowing that we have celestial parents and that
in pureness of spirit, take after them in all ways, then we know for sure that the
abomination and disinigration of the human body and spirit into Homosexual pairing is of
Satan. He is the one who rules the world now. He is the one who tries to say that
homosexuality is okay, that they are born that way or that chemicals caused them to be
that way. He will try to make every evil and corrupt thing, which is an abomination in the
sight of God, normal. And it causes a great fear in my heart, when those whom I have
chosen to lead me in truth and righteousness, change their minds and hearts and their
policies, like unto the wife of Lot, when she turned her head once again to the evil that
had become familiar, and was turned into a pillar. There are those people amongst the

homosexual community who have tried to say that this is physically impossible and that
this part of history was written to belittle people who were just living their lives. That is
how Satan sneaks up on you. He doesn't do it all at once. It would be too easy to recognize
and rebuke. But after Satan can get governments and world churches to subscribe in small
or large ways to the retardation of that natural process of God, and it's combined purity,
the fall that is sure to come is hastened as is the just promise of God. God has said that he
will look on sin with no degree of mercy. Myself and my family will not change our
understanding of God for any perversion that tries to succeed in His place. These words
came to me by the spirit after reading the words in the Holy Scriptures about these
subjects and the prayer that followed. Any idea of me, by others who think I am casting
judgment on others not like me, may be viewed however they want to, however, the
words I have stated come directly from the scriptures that we have been so taught to read
daily and to seek a spiritual understanding of; we are to accept immoral and corrupt
behavior with the least degree of acceptance. God's will be done, however, He has told us
that it is okay to look on this type of behavior with no acceptance. Corruption of the soul,
body, and honor, is still just that, Corruption. Here, nearing the end of my life, the
blessings of the Spirit have finally given me the understanding that helped me rise above
that which I was, to that which I am today. It is only by the strength and power of God that
this is possible. Forgiveness is available for all those who repent. That means that
corruption can be forgiven after a person changes their ways which are untoward in the
Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no other who can relieve this burden. And it is laughable,
albeit, ironically and very disturbingly that there are those on earth who help Satan by
collaboration and bending those values which are the only true salvation that we have.

TBM Johnny: Boy are you going to blow some minds. I am glad someone tells the truth.

Brigham: Go ahead and share it. Having had more than my share of sins in my life and
having to come to a reckoning of them and a whole lot that I didn't do, I know full well the
extent of Satans reach. He cannot win in the end, nor will his minions or those who accept
any degree of filthiness of body as a societal norm. Then the beast automatically becomes
the norm. You cannot accept a part of their philosiphy or allow it, or justify any of their
needs, without bending to their will. You bend to the will of Satan even a little, and your
skirmish just became a full scale battle that didn't need to be fought in the first place, had
the direction of ones life been as firm as the rock of Christ's Gospel.

Brigham: I am as Paul, who was Saul. I know of the wickedness of the world. I know of the
lies and deciet, which Satan tries to spread, and he gets men and women to do his bidding
in small, seemingly inconsequential increments, using people who have the power to
make a difference to cause society to allow or justify that which is wicked. He makes them
think that he can't be fought against, making the absolute; resolute. This is not to be, only
for a short time and then Christ will come again. He will not look on Homosexuality with
any degree of allowance then, why would He do it now.

Willy: Your essay reminds me of many speeches, almost word for word, that several LDS
prophets and apostles gave many years ago about the priesthood being held by satan's
representatives on earth, the people of non-white skin, and how the acceptance of them
and the mixing of white blood with that of the Africans, Asians, Jews, and Native
Americans will surely be the day that the church bids farewell to the holy priesthood and
the church be destroyed.
But, I have to differ with you on this one. I think this is one of the small steps that the
church has recently taken to ensure its survival. The day will come when people of all
races, sexes, and sexual orientation are accepted by the church as equals.
"Revelation came at this time because conditions and people have changed. It's a different
world than it was 20 or 25 years ago. The world is ready for it." --Spencer W. Kimball, after
removing the restrictions on the priesthood to all races.

Brigham: You will never convince me that homosexuality is normal. The world is ready for
many things which are not good for the people in it. Intellectuals or those who profess to
be, try anything that they can to spurn that which is supposed to help us lead cleaner and
better lives, for that which gives them the most noteriety and financial gain. Every nation
as a whole knows that it is wrong, yet their actions in the matter do not speak it. They
want to do what is popular, instead of what is right. Our God, the one that we all worship,
having different names in different countries, does not condone this. He never has and
when a society becomes as sick and degenerated morally as this one has, history shows us
from the beginning of time, that destruction will soon follow. If you think I am talking
nonesense, just remember this conversation in ten years. Throughout history, when
countries became so weak by giving in to the lusts of the world, thus disinegrating their

moral strengths and fortitude, other peoples were allowed by God to wipe them out. Do
you think that people like Obama, racist, bigot even against the half of him that isn't black
are going to strengthen the country or weaken it from the allowance, acceptance, and
adherance to those orinciples of a corrupted moral view. I say this. When we as a people
look on grievous sin such as this with the least degree of acceptance, our freedom in this
world is soon at an end.

Willy: Once again, your second essay is quite similar to speeches given by prophets and
apostles of past that were warning of the downfall of human civilization as we know it if
the white race accepts those of darker skin as normal and as equals. There is no doubt in
my mind that our world is stronger, better, and more united and free today than it ever
has been, especially in societies that have done what is morally right and have gone
against those prophetical warnings of what was once wrong and accepted all races as
You and I have both crossed the line of interracial marriage, something that was also once
a grievous sin, and I commend you for taking a moral stand against something that is
wrong even though the church continues to discourage it. Now that the problem of racism
is partially behind us, it is time to move on to the next challenge and be equally accepting
of the status, rights and privileges of women and homosexuals in the church. For obvious
reasons, the church is very slow in doing this, but it is making positive progress.

Brigham: I was just having a conversation with someone on the phone. He is a doctor and
wanted to clarify something with me in the support of Homosexuals. I'm not even sure
what he was trying to prove to me, by saying that homosexuals have helped the medical
world a lot. I asked him in return to the moral question, what the percentages are of
people who have diied from aids. A very small percentage was from dirty blood
transfusions. Another small amount was habitual drug/needles users, but the largest
amount of people by not even reasonable comparison, was homosexuals. I know that
there are varying views of where and how this sickness started, but it seems pretty plain
to see that the moral differences seem to count for a lot. I would just view it as one of the
condemnations that God allows to happen to people who divert themselves from what
they know in their hearts is wrong. I know that many a person who knows that they are
wrong, will argue at any length to try and convince another of their rightness, and failing
in that, they will always try and use corrupt law makers where they themselves fail to get

others to imbibe the imbicilic nature of the lie. They cannot, however, rewrite the truth of
history, the truth of the sickness.

Brigham: It is all about choice and free will. There is not one of us that is born the way we
are going to be tomorrow. That is chosen and or learned. And that is an unalterable
scientific fact. Homosexuals choose freely the life that they lead. The lie, is that they don't.
I wasn't born one. Nor would I ever choose that for me. Knowing that I have that devine
right and privilege, also lets me know that everyone of us do; at least all of us that are
raised in a home with a mother and a father. I can't even imagine the pressure that a child
reared in a homosexual home must feel by people who are just forcing their way of
choosing on others. It would be like a mental kidnapping. You'd never really know the

Brigham: By the way Willy, interracial marriage with a woman is still that, with a woman.
And it has never been discouraged to marry a woman, no matter what tribe or people she
came from, except by a few racist radicals (Willys note: Brigham deleted this racist
radicals exception after reading my reply to this point). From the point of Breeding, that
is the way to make a people or animals better. But no matter if you are talking about
animals or people, it should always be between male and female.

Willy: Brigham, you are correct. "Breeding" should always be between male and female.
However, many marriages are entered into for purposes other than "breeding". Marriages
for the purposes of human companionship and expression of love are more common than
marriages for the purpose of "breeding".
You are also correct that interracial marriage has only been discouraged by "racist
radicals." Unfortunately, several of these "racist radicals" were prophets and apostles in
the church.
From the more extreme end, there have been at least two prophets who taught that it is
better for people in interracial marriages to die or be killed (and there are even blessings
for killing them) after committing such a sin.
Another modern prophet has taken a softer approach by teaching that he and the
apostles unanimously discourage interracial marriage although they no longer believe it is

a sin. This teaching is still included in the most recent printed edition of the Aaronic
Priesthood lesson manual.
By the way Brigham, I admire your passion for writing. Keep up the good work. Now, back
to the original subject, when you are ready, I challenge you to take the same level of
passion and spend an afternoon over lunch with a gay couple to learn if their reason for
wanting to be married is any different than that of yours and your wonderful wife. If you
go into the conversation with an open heart and mind, I believe your way of thinking will
quickly be changed.

(A few hours later all of Willys comments in the thread were deleted by Brigham.)