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Sites about Jyotish

Here you will find a list of the finest Jyotish, Vedic Astrology, sites world-wide.
If you have a Jyotish or Vedic Astrology site you can request an exchange by sending a mail to
VEDIC ASTROLOGY: CONSULTATIONS AND COURSES IN THE UK AND IRELAND This is the site of Steve Hubball, teacher of Dirah
Academy UK and Eire. It has great articles about Vedic yagyas, Jaimini astrology and other subjects.

THE SCIENCE OF ONENESS: Advaita, non duality and

science The website of my book about the relationship between non duality and science.
FULCRUM PILATES Pilates classes and sessions in Tucson, Arizona, USA.
SELBST ERKENNTNIS Site in German about how to know yourself at a deep level using Numerology, Kabbalah and Vedic Astrology
FIND AN ASTROLOGER At you can search for and connect with the best astrologers in the world. Browse
astrologer profiles, read and post reviews about your readings, and set up astrology readings based on your interests and needs.
SWATI PRAKASH Site of Swati Prakash. She is a Tarot and past life healer living in Mumbai, India.

ASTRALHARMONY The astrological healing services offered on this website are designed to create unity and well-being; in essence,
to create Astral Harmony.
MODERN VEDIC ASTROLOGY Interesting site about Neo Vedic Astrology in the news and different subjects like financial astrology,
relationships and relocation.
CLICK HERE FOR PLANETARY MANTRAS AND A MEDITATION PROGRAM This is a meditation program that has planetary mantras in
written form and as sound files. It also includes instructions on how to use the mantras and how to meditate. I highly recommend
this product ($ 19.99).
This helps you to overcome the problems that have to do with afflicted planets.
STARWORLDNEWS Learn about the astrological background of what is in the news.
ASTROLOGY GIFTS AND MORE This is the site of Patricia Hostetter-Lopez on which you can see beautiful astrology gifts and other
JUPITERSWEB Great site of Sandy Crowther which contains information about Vedic Astrology, Mahabote, Magi Astrology and KP
Stellar Astrology.
ANCIENT INDIAN ASTROLOGY Site from Veno with information about consultations, readings, courses and articles.
MICHAEL TAFT This site contains great information about Jyotish, eclipses and many other things. This is also the place to be if you
are interested in a list of tantra sites.
JAMES BRAHA This is the site of James Braha, the man who brought Vedic Astrology to the West. Here you can find information
about his books and services and Jyotish. I highly recommend his books.
Live Astrology Readings from Astro*Live*Link Consult expert professional astrologers for a reading over the telephone from
anywhere in the world. Advice on your horoscope, future, love, compatibility or money.
GARY GOMES, CRYSTAL EXPECTATIONS This is the site of Crystal Expectations, a fine spiritual bookshop in the Boston,
Massachusets, area. Gary is also the teacher for Dirah Academy USA North East.
LIVE ASTROLOGY READINGS FROM ASTRO*LIVE*LINK Consult expert professional astrologers for a reading over the telephone
from anywhere in the world. Advice on your horoscope, future, love, compatibility or money.
BAVA This is the site of the British Association of Vedic Astrologers. Information about upcoming events. Also information on the
yearly congress they organize with famous speakers. This is the only organization of Vedic Astrologers in Europe.
PLANETARY GEMS This is the site of a company specialized in the disrtribution of fine Jyotish gems and talismans.
YANTRAS AND BOOKS This is a link to a German online store where they sell high quality yantras, which are low priced. Also you
will find a fine selection of high quality Vedic astrological books here. The site is in the German language.
VEDIC ASTRO The site of the great Jyotish magazine Vedic Astro, the Magazine of Dr. Charak from India.
GEMSTONE TALISMANS Astral Gemstone Talismans,The Ultimate in Personalized Planetary Jewelry, Numbered & Certified Fine
Gems Talismans created by Richard Shaw Brown since 1975
PLANETARY GEMOLOGISTS The site of the Planetary Gemologists Association (PGA).
KEPLER SOFTWARE/AVALON COLLEGE This is the site of the great program Kepler software. Right now it is mainly a Western
program but more and more Vedic features are entered into the program. The program contains great lessons in Western Astrology
which are provided by Avalon College. The site also contains a free Western Astrology program and explanation of the background
of Astrology.
OSFA Astrological institute that gives readings, consultations and courses.
SOULHEALING Here you find Vedic tutorials on nakshatras, prasna, the Iyer predictive method, A full and organized Tutorial in
Western Astrology, information about astrological software, beautiful photos of each of the planets, plus a very detailed description
of the planet.
CVA Looking for Vedic astrologers and teachers in the USA and Canada? The CVA button will take you to the site of the American
Council of Vedic Astrology.
IIPA This is the website the International Institute of Predictive Astrology of which I am a member. Here you will find great
information about Vedic Astrology based on Systems Approach.
WESSEX ASTROLOGER For the finest astrologybooks click on the green button (Wessex Astrologer, United Kingdom).


If you want an easy to use Western program that is low in price and has everything you need I can highly recommend the above
program. It includes transits, progressions, different chart formats (can be printed in pdf format), many house systems, personal
interpretative reports, compatibility analysis and much more.
It also has the possibility to make Western style charts using Lahiri ayanamsha.


ASTROLOGY AND SELF DEVELOPMENT - Courses Western astrology by Dirah Academy
CLASSICLEGENDSBOOKS Books of karmic astrologer Martin Schulman
WWW.ASTRO.COM - The international website for Astrology. Get your Personal Daily Horoscope and a wide selection of free
ASTROLOGY WEEKLY Astrology articles and information updated weekly. The articles on this site are of an outstanding quality and
recommended for serious astrologers.
DAILY HOROSCOPES gives you the most insightful, accurate and provocative
ASTROLOGY ON THE WEB Astrology and relationships, horoscopes, compatibility, analysis and fascinating articles.
ASTROLOGY SHOP ONLINE home to a unique range of personal horoscopes by Liz Greene, Rob Hand and other top astrologers plus
news, articles, moon calendars, books, video and the Astrology Shop (Covent Garden), London.
EQUINOX ASTROLOGY features the unique Equinox range of personal horoscopes, year forecasts, child profiles, compatibility written
by astrologer Robert Currey plus the Equinox Lunar Phase Calendar
ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY .Find out how moving can change your life with a color A*C*G world map & 3 location analysis by
legendary astrologer & AstroCartoGraphy pioneer, Jim Lewis.
ASTROSTART ASTROLOGY AstroStar offers free weekly horoscopes (love, astro lotto, general), twin soul info and message board,
New Age music, discount books, conferences, oracles, and more.
ASTROLOGY FOR THE SOUL This site contains a lot of information which is interesting for beginning and advanced astrologers.
CALENDAR - This is the site of Nancy Baumgarten where you can gain information about an Orbital Calendar which shows the
interconnections of Sun, Earth, Moon and planets to our yearly cycles.
ASTROSEARCH A search engine about astrology.
HOROSCOPE X-FILES An astrological research and software site.

Information about astrologers all over the world.

ASTROLOGY BY ADZE MiXXe Free astrology and horoscopes by AdZe MiXXe. Daily horoscope, astrology guide, compatibility
readings, celebrity horoscopes
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